Ring Maiden - The Meaning

About a decade ago, Prophet Elisabeth Elijah refused to sell out AmightyWind Ministries and to lay down the message of the Marriage Supper of the Lamb for a very lucrative offer from a very famous ministry [LINKS COMING…].

She refused to compromise with satan.

About half a year later, she heard YAHUVEH say for the first time, “You are MY Ring-maiden” in the midnight hour between April 4th & 5th—this was during the Passover season, and the night immediately following Prophet Elisabeth’s birthday.

Since then, YAH has used this term several times in the Prophecies. But what does it mean? It’s a spiritual role. Here is just a short summary of some of what we understand so far, an excerpt from Secrets of the HOLY SPIRIT (RUACH HA KODESH) 2nd Edition:

Ringmaiden is a unique term YAH has created that describes the prophetic role unique to Apostle & Prophet Elisabeth.

Firstly, the English word “ring” has multiple meanings that YAH sometimes uses simultaneously as a pun, but often is lost in translation:

1. a sound, such as the “ring” of a bell, phone or alarm,

“[The Bride] will awaken to this Cry I shall “ring” forth from this Ringmaiden of MINE” (Prophecy 76). “You hear MY “ring” and you answered MY call” (Prophecy 119);

2. a band or circle,

“I AM now speaking through this Ringmaiden of MINE, who is ordained to be a Prophet to the nations, so this warning will “ring around” [sound and/or circle/circulate around] this world (Prophecy 79, I YAHUVEH, Say, “People You are Missing the Point!” Sabbath Prophecy);

3. a finger ornament, such as

  • a wedding ring, “MY Ringmaiden Elisabeth already wears a spiritual wedding ‘ring.’ She will know who I have given these ‘rings’ to. Each of MY Bride will wear a unique wedding ‘ring,’ which is a reflection of the price they paid to become MY Bride. No two ‘rings’ will be alike.” (Prophecy 76)
  • or a signet ring (Gen 41:39-44; Est 8:2), which was used in ancient times as a king’s personal seal i.e. the person who wore the unique signet ring had the King’s authority, especially regarding documents or messages sealed with the emblem or crest of royalty that was impressed using the ring onto clay or wax etc (Rev 5:1) as a form of authentication. YAH uses HIS Ring-maiden as a kind of signet ring (Hag 2:21-23). [See Prophecy excerpt below.]

“Ring-maiden,” in English, is also reminiscent of terms used for attendants of a wedding procession and party, such as “Ring-bearer.” In modern Western weddings, this is usually an young boy, but in ancient times this role was more like the “Best Man.” Likewise “Ring-maiden” also appears to be a role somewhat similar to today’s “Maid of Honor.”
In the Ancient Jewish wedding, all these were simply called shushvinim (Aramaic for friends i.e. of the Groom, as John described Jn 3:29).

The task of announcing the arrival of the Groom to the Bride (Matt 25:6) belong to one of these—as Ring-maiden, especially as described in Prophecy 76, Elisabeth’s role is to help prepare for the wedding, especially in regards to preparing the Bride (although she is also part of the Bride), wedding invitations (proclaiming the Gospel of YAHUSHUA), announcing the ceremony’s start and acting as a witness. She also helps administer before and during the ceremony.

Apart from all this, YAH has given “Ring-maiden” more meaning, such as described in this Prophetic Word (Asian Spark Shall Become a HOLY ANOINTED WILDFIRE!):

The name “Ringmaiden” has more definition—it cannot just be defined with a few words.

And one of the blessings I have given you as MY Ringmaiden, is to proclaim the Good News: the good news [of the Gospel, but also good news] in the form of invitations and marriages, of births, of encouragement, of victory!

And these are but a few…