The Bride of YAHUSHUA Is Already Changing!

This message and intercessory prayer came forth with MUCH Heavenly Tongues of the HOLY SPIRIT.


Elisheva [speaking in tongues]
Speak forth, Father. Speak forth the word You have. This is March 18th
And I guess...ahh...tomorrow, right? Is supposed to be how long Saddam has.

[frequently speaking in tongues during recording of message]

But only yesterday Father said all delay had ended. So I started entering into praise and worship. And just singing songs of praise to Him. Although the news is full of frightful things.

So Daddy God YAHUVEH, we just ask in the name of YAHUSHUA. I know that I’ve been in labor with that new word, Father God, for some time. I know, Father God YAHUVEH, tonight, Father God, You said as a woman knows when she is about ready to give birth, Father, I know that word, Prophecy 71 is about to come forth.

Your people long for that word. So I ask, Heavenly Father God YAHUVEH, in the name of YAHUSHUA, Father God, to speak forth this word, if it be thy timing for the birth of this new word to come forth. And we cover it ahead of time with the shed blood of YAHUSHUA. I rebuke and I bind the spirit of fear away from me in the name of YAHUSHUA HaMashiach. We rebuke and bind you Satan and the spirit of fear. Anything that would hinder this word from coming forth.

We rebuke and bind any and all deceiving spirits away from me in the name of YAHUSHUA HaMashiach. Only the word of YAHUVEH will come forth me in the name of YAHUSHUA HaMashiach. When it is time to give birth to this new word. So if it’s time to give birth to it, then I ask right now, in the name of YAHUSHUA, would You please speak it forth.

For your glory, YAHUVEH.

Thank you for the honor of being used as Your spokes person once again.

Father God YAHUVEH, You’re telling us to move, Father God, and yet, Father God YAHUVEH, we just ask in the name of YAHUSHUA...where do You want us to go? Father God YAHUVEH, we just found out tonight, Father God, the parts have already been shipped as of today and before the end of the week, they’ll be here. Thank You, and praise You, Daddy God YAHUVEH for this. But we thank You, we praise You that we will have the money to be able to pay for this, Father, when it gets here. For right now, the finances are falling short. We’re told to move, Daddy God YAHUVEH...yet we don’t know where to move.

So Daddy God YAHUVEH, we just ask for wisdom. For nearly six months now, Father, where we are living, from the first night that we moved in, You told us we were going to be out before war starts. But tomorrow, Father God, even tonight, Father God, war could come to America. So we cry out, Abba Father. Please, Daddy God YAHUVEH, if you would please honor us, Abba Father, in the name of YAHUSHUA HaMashiach and speak forth a word this night.

Lead and guide and anoint my beloved husband to know where to take his family, just as you did with Joseph. For all of our partners in this ministry, Father, thank You and praise You for leading them and guiding them and they’ll not be in harm’s way. They will hear your voice clearly.

Thank You and praise You, Father God YAHUVEH, for what I have written has got the anointing. We ask in the name of YAHUSHUA enough people will raise up and they will support this ministry that speaks forth Your word, and calls them into repentance and holiness and obedience.

Thank You Father God YAHUVEH in the name of YAHUSHUA, Father. For a woman named Debora who has now put five times nearly in a row, Father God, on her credit card. A woman who is not wealthy in this world’s eyes. Where she doesn’t even have a husband to stand by her side. But she has You, YAHUVEH and YAHUSHUA.

So Daddy God YAHUVEH, if it be Thy will, would You speak forth a message? Will You give birth to this prophetic word that is locked up like fire in my bones, in the name of YAHUSHUA? Will You comfort your baby’s bride, chosen ones and elect, for I can feel it all over the world, Father God. They are waiting in anticipation for Prophecy 71. Forgive me when I think it’s a relief, Father. For persecution comes with every word. It’s like a woman when she’s giving birth. And she welcomes the baby, but she dreads the pain.

I’m ready, Father God, to give birth to that word that You’ve been giving me bits and pieces like labor pains. Today, Daddy God YAHUVEH, as we were praying under the anointing, anointing so strong we could barely take our hands from each other’s as they were clasped. You gave my beloved husband a vision. As I was praying for protection against all the things that are to come...the biological warfare, the chemical warfare, the weapons of warfare. Not only for us, but for all our partners, all our brothers and sisters around the world. And You gave him a vision, and my beloved husband said he saw us walking through this, through an area that had biological or chemical warfare and it was not touching us and people were amazed and they started following us, for they that truly, YAHUVEH, You were with us and protecting us.

Father God YAHUVEH, I ask in the name of YAHUSHUA, NOW, Father God, that all of our bodies will be changed and DNA will be changed, that our bodies will be changed, in a moment, in a twinkling of an eye. To give us those glorified bodies that we won’t even have to die. That your bride will be in her garments, spotless and white, and that we will be counted worthy to be called Your bride. You know all of those that desire You, that do their best to obey You and walk holy before You, who do not only just drink of the milk of the word but they chomp on the meat of the word.

Oh, Daddy God YAHUVEH, those of us who travail and pain as we see what is about to happen. I just want to pound my fist into a wall. I want to scream, I want to yell, I want to cry. What good does it do to prophesize, what good does it do to warn? How few listen, how few care! And the evil ones still go on with their agenda. Even when they know this is the war to end all wars.

Truly we are a Jonah in the midst of a Ninaveh, but the Ninaveh will not, Father, repent, so what good does it do to tell Your prophets, "Speak forth and warn"? Words all been in vain except for the few who listen. The rest mock or they shrug their shoulders and they don’t care.

So, Daddy God YAHUVEH, we come boldly before Your throne of Grace, in the name of YAHUSHUA HaMashiach. This is the name that we address You when we pray, for alone we are not worthy, our names are not worthy if we did not come through the blood, the name of Your son YAHUSHUA HaMashiach. We wear not our robes of righteousness, for our robes are as filthy rags. But we wear the robes of the righteousness of Your son YAHUSHUA. And again we cry out and we say, "Have mercy!" Not only on America but on all the nations of the world, where our brothers and sisters in YAHUSHUA are. Even as Your tears stream down my face, I really know in the spirit it is too late. For we have leaders of the different nations...and they have sold us to the highest bidder. It is not the people that have called forth this war. It is the governments of the nations we live under. It is not the people who the Iraqis that are our enemies. It is not the people of Russia. Or China. Or North Korea. Or Germany. Or France. It is not the people. IT IS THE LEADERS OF THE GOVERNMENTS THAT SELL THE PEOPLE! THEY USE THE PEOPLE TO KILL ONE ANOTHER FOR THEIR OWN GLORY! And this is the way it has always been.

So this evening we cry out to You, Abba Father. Comfort Your babies. Comfort Your bride, your chosen ones and elect, for I pray not out of fear but we pray out of faith. But all we want to do, Daddy, is hear Your voice this day.

I ask, Father, we ask, my husband and I ask, Father that so exceedingly and abundantly bless every single partner, Father God, that has sewed a financial seed into this ministry, Father, for they put action behind their prayers and they sacrifice, Father. And we ask, Father God YAHUVEH, in the name of YAHUSHUA HaMashiach that You will protect them and feed them and shelter them that they will never thirst. And right now, Father God, their DNA is changing, Father God, and when the horrible things come to pass, Father God, they too will walk through the biological or chemical weapons of warfare and the bullets will bounce off of them, Father, for they truly will be in a glorified body, Father, for our bodies shall change in a moment, in a twinkling of an eye, Father.

We thank You, we praise you for this right now, Father, that the angels of the most high YAHUVEH and YAHUSHUA are guarding and protecting us and legions upon legions of legions of legions of LEGIONS are coming forth to protect Your children. And they will take their wings and they will cover the people that you are going to protect, and the gases will not touch them, and the plagues will not touch them. For this is the vision You are giving me now, Father.

We stand on Your word, Abba Father, that no weapon formed against us shall prosper (Isaiah 54:17). We stand on Your word, Father God YAHUVEH. When the enemy comes in like a flood, You will raise up a standard against them (Isaiah 59:19). We stand on Your word, Father God YAHUVEH. That the plans You have for us are for good and not for evil. Your word cannot return back to You void. It must to that which it is accomplished to do. We stand of Psalm 91. We hide under the shelter of Your wings until the angel of death and plagues and biological and chemical warfare pass over. We hide under the shelter of Your wings.

Turn their own bullets against them, turn their own weapons against them, let the gases fly back in their own faces and that of their loved ones, we pray, But let not Your children be harmed, just like in the days of the children of Israel were not harmed when the plagues came. It was your enemies that were harmed. For the blood is on the door posts...and the lamb is YAHUSHUA! And we cry out this evening, and we ask for the prophets and the apostles to raise up and to join us and all those who belong to you YAHWAH and YAHUSHUA, to join us in the spiritual realm right now. You are calling them to their knees. And all over the world right now they are joining in this prayer. For You, Ruach HaKodesh, You are calling them to this prayer and together our voices, this shouting in the spiritual realm, and saying, "Satan, you are defeated, in the name of YAHUSHUA, by the blood of YAHUSHUA. Father, it is written, Your children will not be disappointed. We cry out for the babies, the bride, the chosen ones and elect, Protect those that are Yours! Let us not have to rely on a gas mask, it only gives oxygen for a short time...but change our lungs! Change our DNA! Change us now, Father God YAHUVEH. In Your name, YAHUSHUA HaMashiach, we pray.

Change us where we’ll be able to walk through walls. Change us where we’ll neither third nor hunger or be cold or hot. Give us a body like you did YAHUSHUA HaMashiach when He rose again. This is the time, this is the hour we are to pray. Change us, Almighty Father God YAHUVEH. Change us so Your Shkhinah Glory will shine forth out of Your children’s faces. And let the heathen see what happens when we are blessed as these. For our brothers and sisters that around the world in prisons. For those that are being tortured even as we pray. We thank You that they do not feel the pain. We thank You for opening the cell doors. We thank you for sending the earth that quakes. Do whatever it takes. But turn the weapons back on the evil ones. For we ask this not in our name but in Your Son.

We pray not out of fear, for our faith in You is greater than any fear. For You protect those that are Yours. We cry out to You, YAHUVEH, the God that we worship, love and adore. Father, when the enemy troops come in, your children are going to be totally invisible. The enemies will walk right by and we will be INVISIBLE to their eyes! For we rely on no weapon of warfare to protect us...we rely on You, YAHUVEH! We rely on You, YAHUSHUA! We rely on the anointing of the Ruach HaKodesh. We rely on Your word that cannot return back to you void. You are a Father God YAHUVEH that cannot lie. We say, "Come, YAHUSHUA, come! Come gather in Your bride!" Let not death touch us. Let not the plagues touch us. Let not the prisons imprison us. Let not the famines nor droughts harm us. Let us not go without shelter. Let not the cold harm our flesh or the heat boil our flesh, for we belong to You, YAHUVEH. We have been sent down to earth to do Your will. We are only travelers passing through. Our sole desire is to return back to You. Our homes are not here on earth. Our home is waiting for us in Heaven.

But let us accomplish that which You have send us to do. Help us, Father God YAHUVEH to lead souls to YAHUSHUA so they can reach You. Change our DNA this day! Change our loves, we pray, where these evil things cannot harm us, where plagues cannot come upon us, where death cannot touch us. Change our DNA this day, we pray. Before it’s too late. Let what my husband’s seen in that vision truly come to pass. For we will be in a glorified, holy body, and NOTHING in this world will be able to harm us.

Bless every person, Father God, who is taking your warnings and told others no matter how others have scoffed and mocked. And let our loved ones, Father, who don’t call you Father, who refuse to speak in the name of YAHUSHUA see these things happen, and let them fall on their knees. The friends and acquaintances who refuse now to believe. So they can say truly, "You are children of YAHUVEH." Separate the sheep from the goats this day, we pray, even in a more mighty way. Bless everyone that has stood out against this war. For even the heathens know it is wrong. Even those who serve another god know it is wrong. For truly this is the war, when it says World War III that will usher in the unholy three. But this will be the war that will usher in the coming of our YAHUSHUA HaMashiach.

Father God YAHUVEH, I have prayed the way the Holy Spirit has had me pray. If there’s anything You want to say, we are silent before You. Please speak to Your children if it’s Your timing, for I am pent up with Your word and still You have not spoken. Help us to reach the bride. LET THE BRIDE COME FORTH! Let the 144.000 contact us. For now is the time.

In the parable of the ten virgins, your bride were all together. Bring us together, Almighty YAHUVEH! Show us how to find them. Show them how to find us. Let the anointing of the Ruach HaKodesh lead them to us.

Is there anything You want to say, Father? You are so silent this night. I feel Your grief. Your tears roll down my cheeks. And still you are silent. I have praised and sang worship to You as the Ruach HaKodesh has commanded me to do, and still you are silent. Yes, Daddy, I showed You that, for You speak to me in that still, small voice and You tell me once again to warn the people of what you showed me, a house the world is sitting on, a powder keg. We will warn them, Daddy. But You’re telling me not to tell the people the fear, instead have faith. That this powder keg will not blow up in their face.

Daddy God YAHUVEH, we will obey. Is there anything else, Father God YAHUVEH? Oh, Daddy God YAHUVEH, see us. See us weep and see us travail for You. See all those that sigh and cry. The evil our governments do. For the governments were created for the people and not the people for the governments. And we feel so helpless. For the peacemakers are branded enemies of the state, be they an actor or a singer, no matter what occupation they’re in, no matter how famous they were, the enemy smears them, although Your word says... [side 1 of tape runs out]

[side 2 of tape]

...and still you remain silent.

* * * * * * *

Father YAHUVEH Speaking Through Elisheva...

My child, your labor must continue, for it is not yet time to give birth to the words that I have locked inside. Still you will travail and wait on My timing. For I have a reason, My children why I do not yet speak. And although you feel the birth pangs of Prophecy 71, it is not yet time to deliver it, My daughter. But you shall.

But it cannot be too soon. And I guarantee you, My child, that it will not be too late. And it is I, My child, that directed under the anointing every word you prayed, for truly it is now the time. And the peoples’ DNA has been changing. THOSE who I know are My bride, their bodies have changed and they have not known why.

Not one breath that you pray will I deny. For first you speak it in the spiritual realm then you will see it right before your eyes. For all over the world, My childrern, My true bride, gather together and pray. And when others hear this message and hear the way that I directed you to pray, then they will join and agree with your prayer. For truly this night has been orchestrated from Heaven. And world wide your voice has gone out with the anointing of the Ruach HaKodesh...and My babies, bride, chosen ones and elect will be encouraged and faith will arise where there had been fear.

This is what I used you for this evening. This is why this night your voice they will hear. For I speak for out of you to comfort the crying babies. I speak forth out of you so they can feel me cradle them in My arms to reassure them, have more faith in YAHUVEH than you have fear.

My daughter, you have accomplished that which I have called you to do. You have prayed this prayer of the anointing. You have sought Me. You will continue to seek Me. And in My timing, I will give birth through you of a prophetic message, and My sheep will know My voice. But it is not yet time, My daughter, so travail and labor a bit longer, for My timing is perfect and I have My reasons.

For truly this evening I had you call the bride forth to gather with you. Those who call themselves My bride are now being tested. How many will obey when they hear the words I have said through you?

* * * * * * *

We love, we praise You, we adore You. We thank You for Your Son YAHUSHUA. We thank You for the Ruach HaKodesh. We thank You for gathering us together. We thank You for the promises You cannot lie. We thank You, Daddy God YAHUVEH for the word that’s going to be birthed inside, in Your timing. It will be given birth to. Until then, it is like fire shut up in my bones. For Your glory, YAHUVEH. For Your glory, YAHUSHUA. In the name of YAHUSHUA. We praise You. We worship You. We love You, we adore You. Thank You for the anointing of the Ruach HaKodesh so I can hear what I have heard this night. In the name of YAHUSHUA we pray. Selah.