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Corona Virus Heros & Info

Protect yourself against the virus.
Build your immune system!

Product to help people build their immune system. LYSINE, BHT & ECHINACEA. Immune Support Formula This nutritional supplement was developed by an American doctor after 13 years of clinical research on the class of viruses that are lipid encapsulated.

Beside the advertized herpes simplex type I and II viruses, these include herpes zoster, cytomegalovirus, HIV, pseudorabies, west nile virus, hepatitis B and C, SARS (and other HUMAN CORONA VIRUSES) and some strains of influenza, including avian flu.

The technology in SimQuell is so unique it was awarded patents in the USA, Europe & Australia.

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Pentagon: The Worst Is Coming - Urged To Stay At Home - Do Not Expose Yourself

- New stay at home orders issued across the usa
- Countries are starting to hoard food supplies
- Do not expose yourself unnecessarily
- Handling denial when dealing with this disease
- Preparing for the worst
- Helping health care workers
- Use delivery systems and compensate the drivers for their help
- Disease to last more than 14 months

Dr. Colleen Smith reporting about the current situation at Elmhurst Hospital!

Dr. Colleen Smith reporting about the current situation at Elmhurst Hospital!

Red Alert! New York Is Falling - 9 Million Will Be Lost - Not Enough Nurses Or Equipment

- New york is falling
- Hospital ships moving off the coast
- Food shortages
- Universal basic income
- 18 month duration
- Future waves will be worse
- Military ready to help

Breaking! Shelter In Place - Stay Inside For 4 Months - Stock Market Collapse - Borders Closed

- Shelter in place
- Stay inside for 4 months
- Pennsylvania orders all businesses closed
- New jersey, new york, ct, closes restaurants, bars, gyms, theaters.
- France closes down
- Canada tells canadians to come home while they still can
- Hotels being prepared for triage

Warning! Curfew - Outbreak Will Last 12 Months - Hospitals Overloaded

- Nationwide curfew
- This could last 12 months according to government officials
- Ohio closes all bars and restaurants
- Day cares closing
- How to help people in nursing homes
- Federal reserve lowers interest to zero
- More than 5 people together being banned
- Germany closes it’s borders
- Hospitals running out of room
- Huples (nurse) video on helping in your neighborhood for what is coming

THE REAL TRUTH About The “China Coronavirus”

China has now restricted travel for over 35 million people in 12 cities due to the coronavirus outbreak that was said to originate in Wuhan, China. Now, more than two thousand confirmed cases have been reported, in countries such as China, Vietnam, Thailand, Japan, France, Australia, Canada, and the U.S. Coincidentally enough, this "outbreak" coincides with the Chinese New Year, with 2020 as the "Year Of The RAT"....

The U.S. has also enforced screenings in five airports so far, due to “confirmed cases.”

But What Is The REAL TRUTH About This “Coronavirus?”

Warning! Millions Infected In The Usa - Italy Spreading - Out Of Control

At A Hearing Today Anthony S. Fauci, M.d., Niaid Director And Member Of The Usa Task Force For Control Of This Disease Warned That Millions And Millions Will Be Infected.
- Denmark Begins Itsquarantine
- Be Prepared To Stay At Home
- Italy Sees A Massive Loss
- Close The Capital
- Italian Medical Chief

Quarantine: 16 Million Under Quarantine In Italy - Hospitals Running Out Of Masks

Quarantine! The italian military and police are being reported on the streets of multiple regions throughout the country as the nation set a declaration to isolate over 16 million people from the spread of this disease. - Press conferences across the united states warn of a coming surge in cases and for hospitals to be prepared to be overwhelmed by infection - hospitals are warning that they will run out of masks and other protective equipment by early march and that entire wings, units, and tent areas are being prepare to hold the ill.

Breaking: Statewide Shelter In Place - Mandatory Quarantine In New York

In press conferences today, california directed its citizens to be prepared to shelter in place as the outbreak worsens while new york mayor bill de blasio warned that mandatory quarantines may soon be deployed and that citizens should refill their prescription medication while they still can. Outbreak tents are being put into place at hospitals across the united states as nurses get sick and are told to stay home to avoid spreading this disease. The pentagon stressed that it has plans in place to shelter in place for weeks at a time as more and more people become ill. The us vice president warned that there are not enough testing kits to test all of the people that need them right now and over 2 million people are being asked to work from home as an outbreak of unprecedented proportions affects the entire world.

Breaking: Outbreak Sweeping Across Usa - Stadiums Turned Into Hospitals

Washington state officials warn that the disease has already spread out of control. Containment measures are no longer working and officials must now work to slow the disease down. Motels, hotels, and stadiums are being readied as hospitals. Retired nurses and doctors are being called back into action. Economic collapse events are being warned about and officials are scrambling for answers. Please get ready.

China’s Coronavirus “Cure” | China Uncensored

China has come up with a remarkable cure to the coronavirus! Meanwhile, the US charges Chinese telecom Huawei with racketeering and stealing trade secrets. And Chinese state-run media in the US are labeled operatives of the Chinese Communist Party.

I could come back from CDC (China Disease Center)

Woohan man thanking us all who share videos for helping to save his life by sharing CCP brutality & fear exposed! AmightyWind Congregation please pray for salvation in YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH Name for this man protection! We are helping to save lives. Thank You for sharing this video on social media.

What about 10 million people in Wuhan? Letter From Man in Wuhan

Feb 8, Chen Chu-shil is still missing. Where are you?

URGENT Pray for The Lawyer/ Hero Truth Teller Chen Shu Shil! Missing and suspected forced into infected quarantine. The police broke into his home , arrested him even though he was healthy. Please pray that people will get involved to put pressure on the CCP to release him healthy ! Pray the Blood of YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH which is invisable antibiotic so that the Corona Virus will die the moment we all decree the same for all in Wuhan & China & world! The CCP are brutal against their own People ! Please pray over every video & Share be their Cesored voice! The Weeping Woman is said to be missing ! AmightyWind Ministry is International and our prayers cover all for mercy, except the reprobate unrepented children of satan! URGENT: the man wept, a hero who said he would speak the truth in Wuhan, until CCP killed him! Pray that he is alive and that enough people leaving comments on truth tellers channels & using Social Media!

China’s “Extremely Vile” Response to Novel Coronavirus

URGENT! Please Pray and get involved to share! Feel free link back to AmightyWind.com. Subscribe to the truth tellers videos. URGENT info to all peacefully staying inside. the CCP says that they will go house to house demanding to see people ! HOLY Children believers in YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH in Wahan , China , HK and TW, Momma Elisheva encourages you pray for wisdom and not lose faith! No man made virus is stronger then Name & Blood of YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH!

Wake up All China Citizen!!

I am pleading with all who see this brave woman in Wuhan cry. I as Apostle/Prophet / Pastor Leader of amightyWind Internaional Biblical Hebrew Roots Ministry . My name is Elisheva Eliyahu both mother & father a Jew. I deeply love the Asian people who are not evil! I still have tears running down my cheeks watching woman expose evil. See 2019 Purim Prophecy I ministered to 100 of Asians my Spiritual Children for 18 1/2 hours non stop in video chat! I prophesied to my pregnant Daughter in YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH & Prophecy for name of anointed Son came forth as he heard & leaped in her womb! Please Share this video, please pray not just for yourself & family, pray this woman will be hidden with YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH love & mercy, protection! Do not remain silent cry loudly , Repent ask YAHUSHUA to hide , miracleous keep wuhan virus away from all whose name in Lambs Book of Life. Pray Holy Angels will bring supplies. Please pray , petion on social media, President Donald Trump will not just care about financial deals with China but will care about suffering, starving, 10 million in Wuhan no help from Chinese Government ! 80 cities in China people suffering in lockdown quarantined to house, brutality inhumanity to mankind bilogical warfare must stop! New Prophetic warning watch for it ! AmightyWind.com Congregation do not remain silent! Pray for revival in YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH Name with warning repent to YAHUSHUA , HIS Saving Blood is only true protection from Corona Virus! 2 prophecies back to back we need more video makers , translators now in 52 languages for prophecies with proof in prophecies warning years in advance. I need volunteers to help me with proof in Prophecies in written document send me through Contacts . i need Hebrew Translator , Come forth! Whoever shares this video please add my message the harvest is great but laborers to help me at amightywind.com who believe the Prophecies, revelations, teachings, at AmightyWind.com. Bride of YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH COME FORTH write me! Corona virus is in Israel!

Coronavirus - 250 Million already quarantined and 1.500.000 were confirmed

EXPERT - Coronavirus Outbreak “Just Beginning”

The deadly coronavirus outbreak from Wuhan, China is only just beginning to spread around the world, according to a WHO expert. And an authoritarian crackdown in China only gets worse. This is China news headlines.

Is China losing control of the coronavirus outbreak? I Inside Story

China's President is admitting shortfalls in the response to the coronavirus outbreak.
Xi Jinping is promising to fix problems and loopholes in the health system.
The epicentre of the outbreak, Hubei province, reported a sharp increase in new cases.
But the World Health Organization says that's because doctors are using a broader definition to diagnose the infected. Hubei's communist party chief is among four local leaders to be sacked for mismanaging the response. Is a change of strategy needed?

Shocking Footage Shows People In China Being Rounded Up As 'Wartime' Measures Begin

Ying Yong, known across China for his success as governor of Shanghai, has just been installed as the top Communist Party official in Hubei Province. With the party investing so much in his performance, it's understandable that he's resorting to even more extreme measures to try and wait the virus out in Wuhan, the city of 11 million where it all began.

One of the most fascinating aspects of the coronavirus outbreak is the steady stream of video clips that are seemingly smuggled out of China, but really they're displayed on American social media through a kind of Internet osmosis: Westerners who use Chinese social media like Weibo sometimes search for and copy the content before it can be deleted by Chinese censors, giving foreigners an unvarinished glimpse into the horrors of the outbreak and China's draconian response.

Shocking disclosure from crematorium staff

Shocking disclosure from crematorium staff. one reporter was disguising as central china member and did interview with crematorium staff.

Fight the Virus - Alvin Oon

'Fight the Virus' by Alvin Oon is a remake of Simon & Garfunkel's classic song 'Sound of Silence'. This song shares information about the current Wuhan coronavirus that has spread across the world and how we can all work together to fight and beat this virus. Share the song! Fight the virus!

Bill Gates admits: Vaccines are used to depopulate!!

Prophecy excerpts about Vaccinations

Corona Virus Precautions

Preparedness Not Panic:
Getting ready for the Next 2 Weeks.

In this informative video, Patriot Nurse discusses the steps we can take in the midst of the virus spread to safeguard the health of our families and loved ones.

How to Prepare for When the Water Runs Out.

Failing to plan is as good as planning to fail. If you are on "city water", it is time to plan for the day when the water stops running. These are the basics you need to know to prepare.

How To Store Water Long Term - Safely - Best Water Storing Method

In this video, we will show you how to safely store water long term so you can add this to your water storage. This same method can be used to sanitize or purify cloudy water that you get from another water source. As we know, the body needs water to survive, ensure that you have this in your preps. Store water now, before its too late!