Are you really going to Heaven?

Whoever Obeys The Ten Commandments Will Go To Heaven
This opinion is wrong for at least three reasons:

The Bible never states that obeying the Ten Commandments will get you into Heaven. In fact if you didn't know the laws you wouldn't know when you were sinning and breaking the laws!

The Ten Commandments are a small amount of the Bible (Exodus chapter 20, verses 3-17 later repeated in Deuteronomy chapter 5, verses 7-21). If that were all people needed to know, the majority of the Bible would not have been written.

Even the most holy people cannot claim they have never broken the Ten Commandments. If not in word or deed, we blow it with our thoughts! Remember it is not a sin to be tempted, it is a sin to act upon the temptation! YAHUSHUA was tempted by the devil and yet he did NOT sin! Yet, how many times have you become angry and thought about what you would like to do to get even?

On the other hand, had a thought for that person that you know would be a sin if you spoke it? Only YAHUVEH is perfect! Everyone else is a liar! For all have sinned and fell short of the GLORY of YAHUVEH! For all those that claim they do not sin, then why do they need a Savior? Why would they want to accept YAHUSHUA as LORD and SAVIOUR (Messiah)

Personal Note: Although I have met a number of people who think they have always obeyed the Ten Commandments, a few questions typically reveal that they have broken most of them hundreds of times each. For example, most people broke the commandment "honor your father and your mother" at least once as a sassy child. People then realize that by the time they finished their teenage years, they broke that Commandment hundreds of times more.

But what do you do when your parents want you to behave ungodly? What do you do when your parents make you choose between obeying YAHUSHUA and obeying them? Is it sinning to disobey them or to rebuke them? No, for the bible says obey YAHUVEH not man (first) whether it is your parents, or the government! First we must obey YAHUVEH and YAHUSHUA. Some Churches teach that no matter what the Government tells us to do we must OBEY for YAHUVEH wants us to do this.

This is true as long as it does not go against what the bible tells us to do. If this is not true then the Germans that hid the Jews so they would not be killed, or those that hid the Christians, were sinning against YAHUVEH! Nonsense! The government says abortion is not murder, does this mean YAHUVEH wants Christians to do this? To help do this? To defend the act of murdering the innocent babies? NO!

We could continue with examples from the other commandments, but the point has been made. People who examine themselves truthfully discover they have broken most of the Ten Commandments at some time in their lives and if you break one once, you are lost. Unless you believe that YAHUSHUA Messiah gave his life in our place paying the price for our sins in our place by shedding his HOLY PURE SINLESS BLOOD at CALVARY! No man killed YAHUSHUA he willingly laid down his life so we would be saved!

Do the best you can to obey but leave the rest up to YAHUSHUA knowing that our most Holy behavior cannot compare to YAHUSHUA'S purity, holiness and sinlessness! Just believe that YAHUSHUA is faithful to save all of us who call on HIS name to be saved from our sins, repent, turn away from those sins, and when you sin know that YAHUSHUA is not only our intercessor, like a Lawyer, before YAHUVEH but the bible says HE is the JUDGE! Now this is winning odds isn't it? How could YAHUVEH be more merciful than this? Have you ever noticed the more we try to be perfect the more we realize we are not perfect?

Only YAHUVEH the Father, YAHUSHUA the SON, and the RUACH HA KODESH/HOLY SPIRIT is PERFECT! When we ask for forgiveness we believe that YAHUSHUA our MASHIACH, paid the price for our sin, and don't premeditate sin, because there is such a thing as tempting YAHUVEH. We are not to sin because we fear YAHUVEH or hell contrary to what is taught, we are to not desire to sin because we Love YAHUSHUA and YAHUVEH the FATHER so much that we don't want to hurt them in anyway!

We do not have to fear our Heavenly Father when we love HIM and his Son YAHUSHUA and putting them first in our lives! Desiring to be pleasing unto our Daddy YAHUVEH in all ways!

Whoever Goes To Church Will Go To Heaven.

This opinion is wrong for at least three reasons.

The Bible never states that attending church will get you into Heaven.

Since churches disagree with one another, how do you know you are in the correct one to get you into Heaven?

If going to a restaurant does not turn you into a hamburger, why do you think going to a church will turn you into a saint? (Yes, that was supposed to be humorous, but the concept is completely valid.)

Personal Note: We have seen people who go to church each week and promptly fall asleep. If they are openly bored with YAHUVEH, will HE still invite them into Heaven anyway? We do not think so. What if the church they are attending is actually a cult or a false religion? If that is the case, they are in trouble. Do you know for all eternity we will be praising and worshipping our Savior and Creator? Can you picture someone that hates praising YAHUVEH here on earth desiring to worship YAHUVEH for all eternity in Heaven?

Do Racists Go To Heaven?

NO! For I tell you true there will not be one race, or one religion in Heaven! I know racists and they come in all skin colors and religions! I do not believe you can be a racist and truly Love YAHUSHUA! People who hate Jews and claim to be Christians, or Jews that hate Christians, Catholics that hate Protestants, and vice versa, and white people who think Heaven will be segregated, SURPRISE! HELL will be filled with racists! Moreover, I do not care what color your skin is or your nationality! You are not a Christian, if you do not love people regardless of their race! Heaven will be filled with all different races, and nationalities! How boring Heaven would be if this were not so! I have felt the anger of the Lord as on TV I hear the Ku Klux Klan, quote the bible and yet spew their vomit from their mouths with hatred toward other races and nationalities! Proving they serve satan! This is their true father and hell will be their home, if they don't repent!

Hell will be overflowing with racists and bigots! No one race, gender, or nationality is superior over another! I think it is a blessing to get to know other people from other nationalities. How can we claim to Love YAHUSHUA and yet hate people because they do not look like us?

I grieve when I see how we judge others for the way they look, their age, weight, and color of skin or nationality. Can any of us change the country we were born in?

I admit I struggle with a prejudice but it is because of the deep hatred Muslims have of YAHUSHUA and all who are Christians or Jewish.

Muslims are torturing and murdering our Brothers and Sisters in YAHUSHUA all over the world! Men, Women, and Children! I pray the Muslims will repent and turn away from the evil they are doing! There will not be any Muslims in Heaven! They must accept YAHUSHUA as Lord and SAVIOUR. We must pray that the Muslims will accept YAHUSHUA, as Lord and Saviour!

Everyone Who Goes To Church Goes To Heaven.

WRONG!! YAHUVEH tells us  No Pew warmer, lukewarm in faith, and has no relationship with YAHUSHUA will be saved. YAHUSHUA will spew ,that means vomit, them out of his mouth! Better to be hot on fire for the Lord or Cold hating YAHUSHUA, than to be lukewarm. Those that go to church for show because they think this is a free ticket to Heaven, yet they have no personal relationship with YAHUSHUA are only fooling themselves. Church is not a fashion show, nor is it a place to lift up the pastor as a God or one that can do no wrong! There is but one Good Shepherd and it is NOT a mortal man or woman! A lie is being told in some churches that the people can buy their way into Heaven! Tithe to the pastor and your guaranteed Heaven. WRONG! No one can bribe their way into Heaven! No amount of lighting candles can get a soul out of Hell! Taking communion is a good thing, like observing the True Sabbath day and keeping it holy, but it will not save your soul!

Don't get me wrong, it is good to go to a bible believing Church, which puts YAHUSHUA first! A church that shows the true love of YAHUSHUA by loving the congregation and encourages the gifts of the HOLY SPIRIT! Teaches the uncompromising word of YAHUVEH! Teaching Holiness, and helping to prepare the bride of YAHUSHUA Messiah for HIS coming again! Still, going to church will not get you into Heaven. Only ONE way to Heaven and HIS name is YAHUSHUA.

Whoever Does More Good Things Than Bad Things Will Go To Heaven.

This is also called balance scale judgment, and is one of the most common wrong beliefs. This opinion is wrong for at least three reasons:

The Bible never states that doing more good things than bad things will get you into Heaven.

YAHUVEH is so holy (perfect and sinless) that all our righteousness are like filthy rags to HIM (see Isaiah chapter 64, verse 6). Do you think giving YAHUVEH a pile of filthy rags will cause HIM to bring you into Heaven? We don’t.

Going to Heaven (or being saved) is a free gift of YAHUVEH. He made it that way so nobody could boast that they made it to Heaven by their own good deeds. (See Ephesians chapter 2, verses 8 and 9.)

Whoever Believes In YAHUVEH Will Go To Heaven.

This opinion is wrong for at least three reasons:

The Bible never states that believing in YAHUVEH will get you into Heaven.

Satan (the Devil) believes YAHUVEH exists. In fact, he talks with YAHUVEH in Job chapters 1 and 2. Yet, he is not going to Heaven, he is going to be cast into the lake of fire and brimstone. This is recorded in Revelation chapter 20, verse 10.

Angels that sinned were cast into Hell and they knew YAHUVEH. Read 2 Peter, chapter 2, verse 4.

Sorry, believing in YAHUVEH is not enough to allow you to enter Heaven.

Whoever Has Not Killed Anyone Or Done Anything "Really Bad"
Will Go To Heaven.

This opinion is wrong for at least three reasons:

Although murdering someone is one of the best ways to help you go to Hell, the Bible never states that not murdering anyone will get you into Heaven. The same is true of not doing "lesser" crimes.

In the Bible, there are at least two murderers that went to Heaven: Moses and David.

There are some people who never killed anyone (or did anything else "really bad") who still went to Hell (Hades). Read an example in Luke chapter 16, verses 19 to 31.

Everyone In A Christian Household Will Go To Heaven.

This opinion is wrong for at least three reasons:

The Bible never states that being part of a specific family will allow you to go to Heaven.

You are not physically born a Christian like you are born a citizen of a country. To become a Christian and go to Heaven (enter the kingdom of YAHUVEH) you have to be "born of water and the Spirit.” This is different. See John chapter 3, verses 1-8.

The Bible states that some members of a family will go to Heaven while others sleeping or working next to them will not (Matthew chapter 24, verses 40,41 and Luke chapter 17, verses 34,35).

Being the member of a family is not the way to get into Heaven.

As we said before, the one way to get right with YAHUVEH is based completely on the Bible, not our opinion. This can be verified by reading the Bible yourself. That is why we inserted the Bible link above. Now, if we are going to follow what the Bible says about getting right with YAHUVEH, we have to answer three important questions.

Question 1: Why Do I Need YAHUSHUA?

Most people begin with a wrong view of their condition in their relationship to YAHUVEH. If they believe in a life after this life, they think their own way of getting to Heaven is "good enough" to make it through those "pearly gates." Reincarnation is a lie of the devil! How do I know? Because if all it took was for us to keep coming back in different lives until we reach perfection and then we could go to Heaven, it would disqualify the work and price YAHUSHUA paid at Calvary! It disqualifies the bible that tells us hell is real and Heaven is real! The Word of YAHUVEH does not lie! Seventh Day Adventists, believe that their prayers are not heard if the prayers are not said on bended knees! WRONG! Other church doctrines say if a woman wears makeup or slacks, jewelry, or has a spiritual leadership role, she will go to Hell! This is pure FOOLISHNESS!

Personal note: I was told this by more than one religion. Seventh Day Adventists teach that if a person stops going to the Seventh Day Adventist Church that person will lose their salvation! Wrong! Salvation does not depend on your affiliation with a church! It is about a relationship with YAHUSHUA!

I know that we are to honor and keep holy the true Sabbath day, but if you believe that only the True Sabbath Keepers will go to Heaven! And I am not speaking of Sunday either, but the Sabbath set up by our Creator as stated in the book of Genesis. Friday sunset to Saturday sunset...but the Seventh Day Adventist teach that if you work, or buy or choose another day to worship YAHUVEH that you will NOT go to Heaven! LIES! IF that is all it took then every Orthodox Jew that refuses to accept YAHUSHUA as their Savior would be guaranteed Heaven! Again if this were true then the work and gift YAHUSHUA gave us at Calvary would not have been necessary! Others believe anyone that eats pork or other unclean foods (lobster, shrimp, crab, oysters, etc )will not go to Heaven! WRONG! Yes, YAHUSHUA, cast the demons into a herd of swine and then the pigs ran off a steep cliff and drowned! Yes, certain foods are considered unclean foods but you will not go to hell just because you ate them. I have a personal confession. I taught my son this law and he hates pork! We rarely eat it, so I thought until I found out Pepperoni was Pork! I had a don’t ask don't tell policy!

Last year my young son said to me when I was offered a bacon, lettuce, and tomato sandwich and he said don't do it mom or you will go to Hell! I knew then somehow I failed in conveying that not eating pork does not save our souls! Again, if this was the case YAHUSHUA, would not have had to shed HIS blood and gave HIS life at Calvary! When I was ministering to a young new messianic Jewish convert and she said to me that if her and her 3 daughters were starving to death and there was only pork in the freezer she would die and force her girls to die instead of counting that pork as a blessing! I knew then as her mentor I must have failed her in someway! No amount of proving it scriptural would change her mind. Now I once in a while will eat pork or other unclean foods as stated in the Bible (Torah) just so my son is reminded mom knows that eating it will not send us to Hell! Unclean foods can be made clean by the Blood of YAHUSHUA! It is not what goes into our mouth that defiles us but what comes out of our mouth that defiles us! That does not mean we should purposely defile this temple of the HOLY GHOST and put in unclean foods just to test this either. Whatever we eat, just ask YAHUVEH's blessings and do it with thanksgiving!

Honor and Worship YAHUVEH 7 days a week but remember the true Sabbath also. Seventh Day Adventist are out of balance in many ways. They really believe that only Seventh Day Adventists have the truth and no person will be found in Heaven unless they believe Seventh Day Adventist doctrines. Well for the record I don't believe in Soul sleep, and I do believe if I were to die right now I would go immediately to Heaven. SDA believe that no one that dies now goes to Heaven, until YAHUSHUA comes again. I believe in the rapture, and I believe in a literal Hell, and I know my enemy is satan and hell is also called Hades, and it is not a lore or myth! I believe there will be people in Heaven of many different church affiliations but none will be found that refuse YAHUVEH's GIFT AT CALVARY! I refuse to believe that YAHUSHUA is Michael the Arch Angel! All the above was attempted to be indoctrinated into me and this man failed.

I know this from personal experience recently because I refused to be converted to this religion and I refused to teach or repent for the way I believe and minister Prophecy. This ministry I would not allow to be used as a Seventh Day Adventist outreach! Even though it meant losing the love of someone. I still love and pray YAHUSHUA will show him the truth and he will run from the Seventh Day Adventist Church for his own soul sake. He is only a new babe in YAHUSHUA 2 years old. 

Unfortunately, these beliefs measure these people against other people. None of these beliefs really explain those people’s condition when related to YAHUVEH. The Bible tells us that every person is totally separated from YAHUVEH by a thing called "sin." (This is shown in the book of Romans, chapter 3, and verse 23. People familiar with the Bible call this "Romans 3:23" as a type of "Bible shorthand.") Sin is disobeying YAHUVEH. Since YAHUVEH is sinless, He cannot stand sin, or people with sin (every one of us). We strive to be perfect. The problem is that we cannot be perfect, it is impossible. So although we fail we strive to be more like our beloved YAHUSHUA knowing the more we try the more we realize we fail and why we need a Saviour!

Think of it this way. If three of us throw darts at a dart board and one gets two inches away from the bull’s eye, another four inches away, and another misses the board completely, which one of us hit the bull’s eye? No one, of course! This is how it is with us compared to YAHUVEH. The bull’s eye is what YAHUVEH demands (perfection, no sin ever). Some will come closer to obeying YAHUVEH than others, but no one ever hits the bull’s eye of perfection. Thus, everyone is totally lost and they are (literally) enemies of YAHUVEH, even if they get close to the bull’s eye. Just one sin totally separates us from YAHUVEH. What makes this worse is that we know that if we sin we have to die. See Romans 6:23 (chapter 6, verse 23). We will also be separated from YAHUVEH and eternally in Hell. Needless to say, we have a problem. The bible says, " we work out our own salvation with fear and trembling.

This is where YAHUSHUA comes in. YAHUVEH knew that there was no possible way that we could ever have any association with Him because of our sin. Knowing that we could not erase even one sin on our own, He loved us so much that He sent His Son YAHUSHUA into the world. See John 3:16-17. Since YAHUSHUA never sinned, HE did not have to die. Still, HE chose to die on the cross for the sins of all people. HE became the "perfect sacrifice" for all our sins, and YAHUVEH accepted HIS death for our sins as payment in full! Therefore, YAHUSHUA became the "bridge" between us and YAHUVEH. It is only through what HE did that we can have any association with YAHUVEH. See John 14:6. All we have to do is accept YAHUSHUA as our Savior and then live for HIM. That brings us to our next question.

Question 2: How Do I Accept YAHUSHUA?

The Bible reveals four steps:

Believe in YAHUSHUA and put your faith in Him. See Ephesians 2:8-10 (chapter 2, verses 8 through 10).

Christianity is not a blind faith, but rather a faith based on facts. That is, unlike other faiths, it can be verified and proven to be true.

Repent of your sins. (See Acts 17:30,31.)

What does "repent" mean? Well, imagine that you were going to the store when you realized that you forgot your money. What would you do? You would probably be disappointed that you wasted so much time, but you would still turn around and go home to get your money. Repentance is like that. A repentant person simply says, "YAHUVEH, I behaved badly in my past, and I want to turn around and live the way that You want me to live from now on." You can talk to YAHUVEH like you would talk to a respected friend and repent of any sin that has been a part of your life.

Confess YAHUSHUA as Lord to someone. (See Matthew 10:32,33 and Romans 10:9,10)

In the Bible, YAHUVEH always places emphasis on what we say “probably because whatever is in your heart determines what you say (Matthew 12:34).”  Therefore, YAHUVEH wants us to verbally commit to YAHUSHUA (as Lord of our life) to someone.

Be baptized. (See Acts 2:38,39)

Being baptized means being immersed in water. Typically, a person would stand in water, be lowered into the water (by another Christian), and then be brought back up out of the water. The significance of this act can be seen in Romans 6:1-7 and an example of it in Acts 8:26-39.

Some people do not think that baptism is part of accepting YAHUSHUA. However one thing is clear in the Bible “belief and baptism are always together, never separated." Therefore, it is obvious that baptism is part of accepting YAHUSHUA. We encourage you to search out baptism’s "why" in the Bible. Any true Christian may baptize you.

To be baptized by water is one way but YAHUSHUA said, "John baptized by water but YAHUSHUA baptizes with FIRE of the HOLY SPIRIT! After you get the baptism by water then seek the infilling of the FIRE of the HOLY SPIRIT! This is where the gifts of the HOLY SPIRIT come in! However, do not believe that if you do not have the gifts or speak in other tongues, that you will not go to Heaven! Another false doctrine! If this were so then YAHUVEH would plainly say everyone that does not speak in other tongues, would not be saved! Again, if this were true it would not have been necessary for YAHUSHUA to give his life and blood at Calvary! Only the Blood of YAHUSHUA washes away sins to those that receive that Gift in Faith! Baptists and other Church organizations teach that if a person is not baptized even a young child that person will not go to Heaven! If this were true again, why would it be necessary for YAHUSHUA to be sacrificed at Calvary? Baptism is a outward sign that we follow YAHUSHUA! Young Children cannot understand this fully so they should not be baptized until they understand what the price is to follow YAHUSHUA. Babies should be dedicated but not baptized for they must be old enough to make their own decisions.

According to the Bible, this four-step process gets you right with YAHUVEH. If you have chosen to do this, congratulations! You are now on the straight and narrow path and can begin developing and keeping a relationship with YAHUVEH. That leads us to our third and final question.

Question 3: How Do I Stay Right With YAHUVEH Through YAHUSHUA?

Many times people think that YAHUVEH is going to forgive their past sins, but after becoming a Christian, they can never sin again or YAHUVEH will reject them. This is not the case at all, so let us get an understanding of how we are to live after accepting YAHUSHUA as our Savior and Lord.

1 John 1:5-2:6 (chapter 1, verse 5 through chapter 2, verse 6) gives the best answer. This passage describes people who are right with YAHUVEH, and explains to them that they will still struggle with and fall into sin at times. At these times, it says that the blood of YAHUSHUA cleanses them from all sin. However, it first qualifies how believers must live to apply this promise to themselves. It uses the terms "walking in the light" and "walking in the darkness."

The big issues here are foundation, motivation, and consistency. If our foundation is the Bible, if our motivation is being like YAHUSHUA, and if we consistently seek to live like YAHUSHUA, then we know that YAHUSHUA covers our sins, and we are still right with YAHUVEH. (See 1 John 2:5,6 and 1 John 5:13.) However, if we say that we know YAHUVEH, and yet do not consistently seek to live like YAHUSHUA by obeying HIM (that is, we continue to "walk in darkness") YAHUVEH says that we are liars and the truth is not in us. (See 1 John 2:3,4 and 1 John 1:6.) Thus, if you make a decision to accept YAHUSHUA, you must understand that it means a lifetime commitment toward seeking to be like YAHUSHUA in the way that you live. This is what "staying right with YAHUVEH" is all about" becoming more like YAHUSHUA! We certainly hope that you will choose YAHUSHUA! The one way to make sure your name is written in the Lamb's Book of life is to put YAHUVEH FIRST and LOVE YAHUVEH and YAHUSHUA and the HOLY SPIRIT with all your mind, body, spirit, and soul! Do your best to obey YAHUVEH and keep the commandments because we want to please our Heavenly Father for we do not want to grieve HIM. Love your neighbors and do good to others the way you want them to do good to you. All the commandments are wrapped up in these two commandments.

If you need to know more please email me. I consider it a privilege to pray with you and meet you in Heaven if not on earth.

Love to all in the name of YAHUSHUA,
Apostle Elisabeth (Elisheva) Elijah