URGENT Don’t Buy Cursed Jewelry! Pray before You Buy!

“LOVELY DELICATE SILVER SWAROVSKI CRYSTAL CROSS NECKLACE”—or cursed jewelry? That cross may look like a lovely gift for your Christian mother or friend, but think again! Things are not always what they appear at first glance. Don’t get me wrong, I like having a cross pendant necklace.

Yesterday my Beloved Sister Kathrynyah, sent me a link to an Ebay listing for a cross pendant. Yes, the one in the featured image. I’ve been looking for a new cross to replace my previous one that I wore for years.

Maybe you’ve thought about this before—maybe not—about possible dangers in buying used jewelry. (Some of you may be laughing.)

I’m not just talking merely about possibly stolen goods, but the evil of witchcraft. Truth is stranger than fiction, and this is the world and times we live in.

The HOLY SPIRIT has told me that this post could save a life, so read on!

It’s not that anything “used” is a problem, but you don’t know WHO used it or HOW it was used! It doesn’t mean you can’t buy something used. It does mean believers and followers of YAHUSHUA (Hebrew for JESUS) must pray for discernment and take nothing for granted!

I wrote back to Kathrynyah, “Thanks sis for wanting to buy me a cross. I do like it but it’s used and if the seller wore it well she doesn’t look like I’d want to wear a cross she wore.”

We plead the Holy Blood of YAHUSHUA HA MASHIACH over all images here
and over ourselves and viewers for protection.

The HOLY SPIRIT had me look at the background of the seller’s pictures. And as soon as I looked, I heard the words: “witch, satan-worshipper. The spirit of death is on that cross and is meant to be for a believer. It will be a sacrifice [to satan].”

I wrote Kathrynyah again, “Did you see the tombstones?”

Upon further investigation, yes it was indeed tombstones! And close up, you can clearly see the woman is even sitting on top of one! Who sits on someone’s grave for pictures? For Ebay! I told Kathrynyah that she was being used to help save a life by showing me the pendant, then YAH spoke to me and now I can share all this with you.

Later, we also saw pictures of her standing on people’s graves! It makes you think about where she may have gotten that cross from…

Kathrnyah and I took this to further prayer last night. As we did, she heard confirmation this is a witch: “Suffer not a witch to live” like Exodus 22:18 and of course we’re not condoning taking that into your own hands, but rather trying to save lives—warning against a death curse she has placed on that pendant!

Kathrynyah later saw in a vision, a sandwich, symbolic that this witch will be consumed by YAH’S Wrath, an act of GOD. And perhaps a pun—we believe, she is a “sand-witch” although we had never heard of such a thing before.

When we asked YAH (Hebrew Name of GOD), “Should we warn of this on the blog?” I kept hearing again and again, “How else are they going to know, if you don’t tell them?”

In preparation for this post, some research was done and shared with me:

We did a quick search. Some types of witchcraft apparently use sand or dust from graves in rituals. Perhaps this is why she could be a “sand witch.”

And in Catalonia there is some folklore about witches rolling nude in sand at a beach as an initiation, which also reminds us of marine witchcraft. I have no idea if this woman lives near the ocean, but her items are listed as shipping out of Solvang, Cali near the coast. In any case, it was founded about 100 years ago by Dane settlers and has a replica of “The Little Mermaid” statue, the original from Copenhagen (Denmark’s capitol). Disney made this, originally Danish story, famous with their cartoon. Both the original fairy tale and cartoon feature a “sea witch” and perhaps this is synonymous with sand-witch.

That’s pretty disturbing, buy why am I not too surprised? There was even more:

We also found a few more interesting things about Solvang. They have a yearly Yulefest event for a few weeks that ends with a mass burning of Christmas trees i.e. a bonfire. Lastly, Denmark and Solvang also have a fairly large wiccan presence and community, although not easily apparent.

Solvang is also surrounded by many forrested areas—and seem to be featured in many of the pictures this woman posted on Ebay.

These “Sacred groves,” especially under trees, are common places for sacrifice in wiccan folklore. So it’s no coincidence she’s sitting under the tree like this…it fits with what ABBA YAH told you, she is looking for a sacrifice.
Later we noticed what appears to be a large rose quartz crystal sitting on some special kind of plate [pictured right]. Large gemstones like this or metals are often used in wiccan rituals and can be
further confirmation—not to mention her favored clothing styles [pictured in her store]…

What can I say? To all who read this, pray this pendant will not sell to any person except to someone reprobate!

The Bible warns us in many places [LINKS COMING] not to bring a cursed object that has been associated with or used in occult practices into our homes, “lest thou be a cursed thing like it: but thou shalt utterly detest it, and thou shalt utterly abhor it; for it is a cursed thing” (Deut 7:25-26). As I said earlier, believers and followers of YAHUSHUA (Hebrew for JESUS) must pray for discernment and take nothing for granted!

I discerned this is an evil, evil witch looking for a sacrifice. It is such a mockery, the seller even calls herself “blondesinHeaven.” That’s her name on Ebay! Even that account name must be chosen for a purpose. And were curses and rituals were done to attract believers to this pendant?

I do not know, except they attracted two they didn’t want—two HOLY GHOST filled believers, who are also both prophets who hear from Heaven! And now people will be warned!

Later, I continued shopping for a unique cross on Ebay. I was looking for something with red gemstones, either garnet or ruby, a pendant between 2 -3 inches in length. I found one that was beautiful and vintage, at a great low price! I really liked it!

So I prayed, “Is this the cross chosen for me?” I really hoped it was. It was even made of genuine rubies. I asked in prayer, “Can I buy this? I really think it’s beautiful!”

I heard clearly “NO! Move on!”

I’m reminded, only YAH knows who owned the cross and their spiritual condition. I don’t know whether it was removed from a corpse or stolen and the list could go on! We don’t know where it’s been or what curses and demons are upon it whether intentionally placed or through other sins, so we must trust YAH to lead us. I didn’t ask, “Why?” because I know the words “Move on” and “NO” mean “Don’t ask!”

Wearing a cross reminds me, we are to pick up our cross and follow YAHUSHUA. I don’t wear a crucifix because YAHUSHUA is not on the cross to be crucified anew!

Nonetheless, a simple cross is still a symbol of my faith. I feel comforted as I hold a cross at times when I pray. Now it grieves me, and I know all of Heaven, when the satan-worshipers and reprobate, like Madonna, Ozzy Osborne and others, wear and defile the very meaning of the Cross!

The reprobate and heathen wear clothing. But this is not a reason to stop wearing clothes! They breath air! Should we then stop breathing? Maybe that’s what they would want, but certainly I will not allow them to deprive me of my life, my faith and symbols of my faith.

It’s terribly sad how the heathen wear crosses as costume jewelry and mere fashion accessories. Yet I’m not going to stop wearing a cross just because the reprobate heathen wear it as a counterfeit and mockery! As I said, they wear clothes. Should we then walk around naked instead? They breath. Should we then hold our breath and die? No way!

The reason I want a garnet or ruby cross is because it’s color is red for the Redeeming Blood of YAHUSHUA (Hebrew for JESUS), the New Blood Covenant (Matt 26:26-29).