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Tatiana Harvey-Williams

Tatiana Williams (aka Bat’El): does the most evil Kabbalah, channeling (channeling is only performed by the darkest forms of occult in which they summon demons that trick people into believing that what is being summoned/channeled is from heaven but it is not.) witchcraft, necromancy,added a false goddess, the goddess of urine to the trinity they worship. They call it the quad family. (they don’t worship the HEAVENLY HOLY TRINITY), thinks she can control lightening, storms and clouds, death threats, voodoo, dark magic, claims to be a god

Tatiana Williams, you prove what a Jezebel and a whore you are, what are you doing with your leg over my husband’s thigh? What kind of a husband are you Rickey Williams? That you would let your wife put her leg over someone she calls “dad Ezra’s” thigh?! Caleb Ezra would never flaunt with pictures before all on the internet with sexual perversion, with homosexuality and fornication with whoredom with 3 fallen angels shapeshifters illusion of women! Plus illusions of men! If there is any Caleb in Erez Yotam then he will defeat the majority of Erez Yotam that has done much evil to the one he promised to love forever and protect and how you entertain satan as he mocks you and makes you think that you are being worshiped. They know if you die, you will go to hell before you get delivered.

Tatiana Harvey Williams Mom:

Eulissa Harvey

False Prophecies:

Tatiana Harvey Williams, Alias: Tatiana Cameron (Bat’el)

04/24/19 by Tatiana Harvey Williams, Alias: Tatiana Cameron (Bat’el):”I’ve warned and I warned, this is my mercy.”

04/18/19 by Tatiana Harvey Williams, Alias: Tatiana Cameron (Batel): “3 days of darkness, do you think this is just a game?”

You Tatiana Harvey Williams dare to call me a whore of babylon?! You say I am seeking after other Gods? When have I ever done this?! Where have I ever done this?! Then you go on to say you will cut me and that I have no idea what you are going to put me through and that is death and destruction?! I rebuke you Tatiana Harvey Williams in YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH’s mighty name and I have NEVER looked to Erez Yotam to worship me!

You Tatiana Harvey Williams, Alias: Tatiana Cameron, a.k.a Bat’el, the bat from hell, your the one who said that I would die soon, that we at Amightywind would all die soon even though “you may not have much proof just know that they’ve died even during these 3 Days for the spirit of death will be loosed in such a new way.” These were your exact words! Even though you don’t have much proof? What kind of a prophecy is that?! None of you even have pwroof behind any of your lying prophecies from hell! And I am sure Tatiana, your mother Eulissa Harvey would be interested to know.

Tatiana Williams (Bate’l) Received on April 18, 2019:

…“until I see fit for your time to die!”

“Death and destruction is all that is in store for you Elisabeth!”

This is just a sneak peak of more that is coming. Ezra Caleb name was included with
majority of the lying serpents forked reprobate tongues! He was told to call plagues
on me and ascend to Heaven and after I suffered he would come take me to Heaven.
Now 3 counties in Nebraska were warned they were a cult and Jason Benn, Rickey
Williams, all of them were sending many death threats with curses. All of this was a
setup to wipe memories of Elisheva and Ezra Caleb love and ministering together as
co- leaders.
Here’s just a few of the death curses.

Thus saith Tatiana Williams April 18, 2019 –

Tatiana Harvey Tatiwitch called me Voodoo queen! I mock her and Donovan Todd DK
both use voodoo and vd dolls for their rituals to control Ezra Caleb and try to kill all
who warned against that false prophecy.

Tatiana Harvey even describes jumping on heads in satanic rituals!

They believe they are like gods walking the earth with their power rings: