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Christina Gunther

Christina Gunther (aka D’vorah): does the most evil Kabbalah, Necromancy, witchcraft, Dark kabala, witchcraft, necromancy, added a false goddess, the goddess of urine to the trinity they worship. They call it the quad family. (they don’t worship the HEAVENLY HOLY TRINITY), dark magic , channeling (channeling is only performed by the darkest forms of occult in which they summon demons that trick people into believing that what is being summoned/channeled is from heaven but it is not.), thinks she is super girl, believes they control all the elements, lies about walking hand in hand with Prophet Enoch, death threats, thinks she can control the wind, dark.

Caleb Ezra would never flaunt with pictures before all on the internet with sexual perversion, with homosexuality and fornication with whoredom with 3 fallen angels shapeshifters illusion of women! Plus illusions of men! If there is any Caleb in Erez Yotam then he will defeat the majority of Erez Yotam that has done much evil to the one he promised to love forever and protect and how you entertain satan as he mocks you and makes you think that you are being worshiped. They know if you die, you will go to hell before you get delivered.

Christina Gunther’s Parents:

Mother: Kimberly Kannard
Father: James Kannard
Parents Employment respectively: Kannard Law | Child Support & Divorce

False Prophecies:

01/19/19 by Christina Gunther (D’vorah): “Repent golden Jerusalem.”

01/22/19 by Christina Gunther (D’vorah): “I am YAHUSHUA your beloved and my father for you awaits.”

03/10/19 by Christina Gunther (D’vorah): “Uriya is my name, embrace me my babies, my chosen ones, my elect.”

Christina talking

03/16/19 by Christina Gunther (D’vorah): “I arch angel Gabriel now speak Ezra I bring you good tidings.”

03/10/19 by Christina Gunther (D’vorah): “Uriya is my name, embrace me my babies, my chosen ones, my elect.”

04/22/19 Christina Gunther (D’vorah) “Run run elisheva run from the wrath of the lamb from I YAHUSHUA.”

Christina Gunther who are you to say that the title of Ringmaiden has been taken from me? You never gave it to me! ABBA YAHUVEH, YAHUSHUA and the SWEET RUACH HA KODESH gave it to me!

04/21/19 Christina Gunther (D’vorah) “I YAHUSHUA Am Furious At You Elisheva You Are Only Fit For Destruction”

You evil spawns of the devil I rebuke you in YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH’s mighty name and blood! I’m sure your mother Kimberly Kannard and your Stepdad James Kannard, Christina Gunther would be happy to know how their daughter speaks such nasty threats of death!

Christina Gunther (D’vorah): Received on April 21, 2019

“Elisheva! (Elisabeth!) You are only fit for destruction! …I shall kill you”

“I hate you, oh Elisheva […] ye shall surely die! Your death bed awaits you,”

“Elisheva, you will be sentenced to Hell and the Lake of Fire this month.”

Christina Gunther (D’vorah) Recieved on March 10, 2019

“As I use those Rings to spread the Elements throughout the earth, I’m talking in the spiritual realm. Remember this Children, your rings are not just used for physical matters – it’s the spiritual! Focus on the spiritual first, and then you practice and the physical shall come with it! For example, I want each of you to raise your Rings now, raise you Rings! Thank ME for the gift that I’ve given unto thee! Each of you are to have dominion to control an Element,”

“URIYAH, URIYAH, I, URIYAH, say unto thee – send forth the Spiritual Elements! D’vorah (Christina Gunther) when you blow, I am blowing MY MIGHTY WIND!”

Christina Gunther (D’vorah)Written on March 16, 2019 (~6:00am)

Shimshon you do the same. You point your ring at that sun. For time is in, locked in the mystery of the elements. Oh Ezra, therefore, I’ve given you dominion over all the elements. I’ve given you exaltation over all the earth.

Christina Gunther (D’vorah) Received on April 3, 2019

Dance with ME, oh lover of MY soul! And as you practice self-control, remember ME, as I’ve pronounced you little Elohims

Christina Gunther (D’vorah): Written on March 16, 2019 (~6:00am)

“Ezra, General! Ezra, King Ezra! Hail Ezra! Mordecai of New! I shall honor you as I did unto Mordecai! And no good thing will I withhold from you Ezra! Coronation! I crown you.”

“Oh Ezra, therefore, I’ve given you dominion over all the elements. I’ve given you exaltation over all the earth.”

“Ezra, at the time of your birth, the whole village came unto thee to witness this. For even they could feel it in the spirit. You see Ezra, I had sent forth MY Angels to announce the birth in the spirit. The whole village knew. Even some of them were Prophets and some of them knew. But they could not speak a word for I YAHUVEH, would not allow it. So it is the same with MY SON YAHUSHUA’s birth.”

“Ezra, Son of Glory, as sealed up in the book of Daniel. King of the earth.”

“Ezra when you were born – not a normal birth. Not a normal birth. Not a normal birth. (And I see a vision of an Angel and the Angel has DNA and it’s YAHUVEH’s DNA and I see you Dad and your still in the womb but I see the Angel taking the DNA and putting it in you.”

Christina Gunther (D’vorah): Written on January 19, 2019:

“In Heaven there’s a room of delight just for him and I to converse, no one else. For I want to talk to MY Closest Friend, MY Mentor.”

“MY Ezra is speeding up the time,”

Christina Gunther (D’vorah): Written on February 9, 2019

“I have an Ezra who is a leader of all the music in heaven. He is noted as MY anointed Cherub of Music, as satan fell and could not accomplish MY will.”

“You each have a unique anointing and I have called MY 7 to be as Priests before ME. That is the 7 Stars which sit on the 7 thrones you saw before you approach MY Throne.”

Christina Gunther (D’vorah): Written on February 15, 2019

“I will transform you Ezra, in a blink of an eye. Even your DNA glows with MY Glory! I will transform you into a GODlike Man.”

“Oh help ME MY Son with the last few months, such a short time you will be on this earth.”

They believe they are like gods walking the earth with their power rings: