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Donovan Todd

Donovan Todd (aka Shimshon): does the most evil Kabbalah, witchcraft, necromancy, believes he controls the sun, added a false goddess, the goddess of urine to the trinity they worship. They call it the quad family. (they don’t worship the HEAVENLY HOLY TRINITY), channeling (channeling is only performed by the darkest forms of occult in which they summon demons that trick people into believing that what is being summoned/channeled is from heaven but it is not.), death threats, thinks he can control time, voodoo, dark magic

Look at where the hands of Donovan Todd (Shimshon, front on the left side) are placed. Donovan’s arm leans right across Erez’s private part!

False Prophecies:

04/13/2018 by Donovan Todd (Shimshon): “You’re this close Elisheva.”

04/12/19 by Donovan Todd (Shimshon): “Do you hear my footsteps my children?”

Donovan Todd, also known as Shimshon. You too called for death on me, telling me to repent and live or refuse and die. You said yourself death is what I would experience. What is wrong with you people?!

04/01/19 Donovan Todd (Shimshon) Thus Saith YAHUVEH Elisabeth Whore of Babylon the RUACH Has Left You

Donovan Todd (Shimshon) Received on April 12, 2019

Yes – the wind has a voice, the land has a voice, water has a voice, lightning has a voice – shall praise thee! For they know who you are in ME, little Elohims.

They believe they are like gods walking the earth with their power rings: