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Jason Benn

Jason Benn (aka Avi’chai): does the most evil Kabbalah, witchcraft, necromancy, channeling (channeling is only performed by the darkest forms of occult in which they summon demons that trick people into believing that what is being summoned/channeled is from heaven but it is not.). added a false goddess, the goddess of urine to the trinity they worship. They call it the quad family. (they don’t worship the HEAVENLY HOLY TRINITY), death threats, thinks he can control fire, dark magic, claims to be a god

There is homosexuality all over these photos! They are all over him in this image!

Jason Benn’s hand is resting on his thigh and their laying their heads on his chest.

Jason Benn’s Mom: Joyce Simmonds

False Prophecies:

Dec 15 2018 by Jason Benn (Avichai): “If one is not submissive to the one you do see, how can you be submissive to the one you don’t see.”

04/16/19 by Jason Benn (Avichai also channelling YAHUVEH): “YAHUVEH’s decree of judgement for Elisheva.”

03/15/19 by Jason Benn (Avichai): “Gods DNA”

04/12/19 by Jason Benn (Avichai): “Darkness is coming.”

I will take your heart – 02/20/19 Jason Benn (Avichai) “My fiery indignation is against you Elisheva”

Jason Benn (Avi’chai) Received on January 11, 2019

“You all will control the elements on this earth…

Shimshon – the Time
Avi’chai – Fire
Nathan’El – Water
Avi’El – the Earth
D’vorah (christina Gunther) – the Wind
Hannah (Shengya Pu) – Space
Bat’El (Tatiana Harvey Williams) – Lighting, Storms and Clouds”

“So it’s only right to let Heaven be at your command, since you have mastered the Keys of Heaven I have given you.”

Jason Benn (Avi’chai) Received on March 15, 2019

“As MY 7 Stars will control the elements with their Rings, don’t think that’s the limit on the powers that will be showcased. Some will be able to be invisible and make others invisible, some will have super strength, lighting speed, the ability to fly, walk through walls, jump from planet to planet, control things and objects with your mind… You will see!”

Jason Benn (Avi’chai) Received on April 12, 2019

They will even want to war against the true LIVING GOD and all the little Elohims that walk through earth.

Jason Benn (Avi’chai): Received on March 15, 2019:

“MY Adam of New – Ezra, who is the Firstfruit of the Sons of ELOHIM! Of course, second to MY FIRSTBORN, MY Only Begotten SON YAHUSHUA.”

“The Sons of GOD that will manifest will be like little Elohims walking the earth!”

“I tell you this, MY Manifested Sons will have MY DNA! Adam was not created with MY DNA, though HE had MY Glory! For I knew what HE was going to do and let sin enter in. The first man with I, YAHUVEH’s, DNA that was flowing through HIS Body was YAHUSHUA! As MY WIFE IMMAYAH injected in Mary, YAHUSHUA’s earthly mother’s stomach and HE grew up to be the first Manifested SON of GOD! And HE was able to do Miracles and wonders as HE walked the earth.”

They believe they are like gods walking the earth with their power rings: