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Strange and Destructive Weather


   Netherlands Reports 1,000 Heatwave Deaths In July
   Record-Breaking Heat Staggers East
   Storm Rips Through South-West Western Australia
   South Africa: Cold, Stormy Weather Batters The Country
   Soggy Storms Hit Portions of Front Range
   Cold Front Brings Widespread Snow, Flooding in South Africa
   Storm Rips Through Toronto
   Storm Kills 5, Dumps Rain Over Wide Area Of Luzon

   No Relief As Nation Swelters in Heat Wave
   Britain Braced For Record High Temperature

   Drought Hurts Wheat Crop In Kansas Town
   Blizzard Conditions Close New Zealand Roads
   Waves From Freak Storm Pound Pacific Coast

   China's Deserts Shrinking Annually 3,000 Square Miles
   Blackouts Plague South Asia Nations As Mercury Boils
   Deadly Weather Hits Indiana, Kentucky, Tennessee
   Strong Winds, Huge Hail Batter Texas

   Lake Tahoe Area Records Most Snow in 35 Years
   Sandstorm From Foreign Nation Sweeps Beijing
   Red Snow Falls on Russia
   Chicago Storm Claims Life

   Chicago Storm Claims Life
   Armed Police Control Stranded Beijing Travellers
   Russian Freeze Death Toll Tops 70
   Rain Storms Leave Thousands Without Power (Australia)
   Storms Rage North To South (Norway)
   Harsh Japan Winter Finally Catches up with Tokyo
   Record Low Temperatures Across Siberia
   More Than 200 Dead as South Asia Gripped by Icy Weather
   Delhi Gets First Winter Ice In 70 Years, Indian Cold Toll Soars
   Record Blizzard to Reach New Depths (Japan)
   Big freeze to sweep over China
   Flooded California Hit By Second Storm
   Big Freeze to Sweep Over China
   112F, Hottest Day in Australia Since 1939
   Storms, Flood Usher in New Year


   California Storm Prompts Evacuation Plea
   No Rain, Relief Expected For Fire-Ravaged Texas, Oklahoma
   Frigid Blast in UK, Coldest in Decades
   Travellers face chaos as freeze hits Europe
   Minus 10C Blast In UK Coldest In Decades
   Wildfires Destroy Texas, Oklahoma Homes
   Major Storm Blacks Out 70,000 Homes in Quebec
   Wind-Driven Grass Fires Injure 3 in Oklahoma City
   More Snow in UK As Big Freeze Continues
   Winter Storm Shuts Down Roads in Colorado
   Freak Snowfall in Phang Nga (Thailand) Baffles Scientists
   Freak Wind Rips Roof From Club
   Icy Storm Cuts Power To 350,000 in South
   Record Low Temps Seen in Parts of U.S.
   Bitter Cold Continues in Rockies, Midwest
   Swift, Fierce Thunderstorms Descend on Oahu

   Polar Bears Face Up To Warmer Future
   Weather Plays Havoc on Roads, Beaches in Queensland, Australia

   Weather Service Issues First-Ever Heat Advisory for Seattle Area
   Record Heat Hits London
   Freak Sandstorm Causes Crashes Near Columbus
   Freak China Snow and Sand Storm Kills 15 Explorers.