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Who is the RAUCH ha KODESH

Prophecy 89:
Wait, wait, wait, now is not yet the time for ME to reveal in the way that you have asked ME to reveal. But I shall do it and you shall teach it and the lies shall be combated! It is I that gives the desire to say this prayer. It is I that gives the desire to know who I am. For it is I who you did lay your head upon the shoulder in Heaven (Banquet Table Dream). I gave you a glimpse to see how much those who love YAHUSHUA are loved by ME. I am the MOTHER of CREATION. Females were made in MY image. I am ageless. I am CO-CREATOR. The family is a copy of what is in Heaven. Where do you think it came from? The Mother, the Father and the children.

Elisabeth, when you rock and you pray, it is ME that rocks you. Keep striving to know who I am. I will reveal more to you. I will bring you remembrance of what it was like in Heaven when you beheld MY Face. For I sit next to your Heavenly FATHER. YAHUVEH is MY HUSBAND. YAHUSHUA is MY SON. There is not only one throne, there are three thrones in Heaven and WE rule in unison. How do you think your prayers reach your ABBA YAHUVEH’s ears? It is I that send them to HIM for I am in the Believers, those who love MY SON, YAHUSHUA. It is I, the anointed WIND that blows them to HIM (YAHUVEH) as I blow a kiss to Heaven. I speak in symbolism so you can understand. When you lift up prayer, it’s like blowing kisses to your ABBA YAHUVEH. When you pray in MY SON’s NAME, for it takes all three of us for you to be heard and answered. This is just the beginning of the teaching.

You want to know one of the things that grieves ME. You want to know one of the things that offends ME? Elisabeth, when you feel MY anger and MY rage, they speak of the FATHER’s rage, of ABBA YAHUVEH’s rage, you do not have a clue of the rage of the MOTHER of CREATION! You just have a fraction of MY rage! When you feel that volcano ready to blow inside of your head and it’s in the name of righteousness, you just have a fraction of MY rage!

Warn them now. There is a time and there is a season. You will know when to let this Word go. But Elisabeth, never again will you have to crave the love of a mother for I have showed you I have filled that void.

Prophecy 90:
I AM MOMMA SHKHINAH, I AM called 'Wisdom' and in Hebrew the RUACH ha KODESH and also called the HOLY SPIRIT. Elisabeth, I AM the older woman's shoulder you rested your head on in Heaven, in what you call a dream and yet it was not only a dream it is so much more. Elisabeth, remember when you shared the dream with the world and said, "You do not know who that woman was at the Banquet Table in Heaven, who loves me with such an overwhelming love?"

I give you the answer now, it was I your MOMMA SHKHINAH, your MOMMA WISDOM (In Greek wisdom is translated to Sophia) this is why you have never grieved again or felt the void of never knowing a mothers love. Every baby is born with a desire and a need for a Mother and a Father's love, because all humans are born as babes with a need of earthly love and protection of a Mother and a Father. It is MY LOVE that you basked in as you sat at the Banquet Table in Heaven with ME and your Heavenly ABBA YAHUVEH waiting for the others to join you. MY love and presence enveloped you, as I AM your HOLY Mother; I AM the only QUEEN of Heaven, there is none other.

There is only one genuine HOLY MOTHER, and I AM also called The HOLY SPIRIT. Do not believe the lies the Catholic Church IS teaching as they take Miriam (Mary) YAHUSHUA's earthly mother and join her together as part of the Holy Trinity. She was HIS earthly mother but I am HIS Heavenly Mother.

Remember Elisabeth, how in the Banquet Table dream, it felt like reality? It is because I AM the one that took you to Heaven giving you a reminder of what it feels like as you lovingly laid your head on MY shoulder, in what you now refer to as 'The Banquet Table Dream.' MY NAME is MOMMA SHKHINAH; I AM the Heavenly Mother's love you have always longed for. I did this to show you that you are not a motherless child just as you are not a fatherless child. YAHUVEH and I are your Heavenly Parents just as we are the Parents to all whose names are found in the Lambs Book of Life.

No Earthly parent's love can compare with our Heavenly love. I tell you this to share with all OUR children especially those who have a void in their lives never knowing the love of an earthly mother or father. I speak to all those who have been abused emotionally, physically and sexually and have longed for the love of a Holy Father and a Mother. Accept YAHUSHUA as your MASHIACH (Messiah) and allow ME to fill you up with MY Holy love, presence and anointed Power. Allow ME to be your MOMMA SHKHINAH, I AM the same one you call HOLY SPIRIT. I AM the one that teaches you right from wrong, just as a Holy earthly mother's job is to mentor you in the same way.

There are 3 Ruling Thrones; YAHUVEH sits in the middle, YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH sits on the right side of YAHUVEH and I your MOMMA SHKHINAH sit on the left side. All 3 of us rule in Heaven equally and are CO-CREATORS. Yet there is only one MASHIACH named YAHUSHUA. Only through YAHUSHUA's NAME and Blood is there Salvation for the people on earth. YAHUSHUA is the only door of Salvation that leads to Heaven. Anyone that tries to enter in through another name or way will only find the door to hell. Do not be deceived, there are many religions but only one door to Heaven through the NAME and Holy Sinless Blood that was sacrificed by YAHUSHUA.

The one world religion that strives to combine all religions and different manmade doctrines as one is a lie and will only lead souls to hell. The secret of MY NAME was sealed in the Book of Daniel and I now release it at this time to encourage all MY Holy Children who hunger to eat strong spiritual meat for they already have digested the milk of the word easily. These are perilous days and worse days ahead. YAHUSHUA promised that John (Yohanan) baptized with water, but YAHUSHUA baptizes with the FIRE of the HOLY SPIRIT, it is MY HOLY Fire that he is speaking of, I AM the RUACH ha KODESH and I AM YAHUSHUA's HEAVENLY MOTHER. YAHUVEH is HIS HEAVENLY FATHER.

I AM MOMMA SHKHINAH GLORY and it is MY HOLY light that radiates off of MY Holy Children's faces, those who truly love, worship and obey ABBA YAHUVEH, YAHUSHUA, and ME the RUACH ha KODESH. It is through MY anointing that all things are possible, through the NAME of YAHUSHUA. Did not your MESSIAH YAHUSHUA tell you that HE had to leave this earth, but HE would not leave you alone, HE would send the comforter, and I AM the one that soothes your fears, encourages, mentors, and comforts like a Mother, am I not?

I AM MOMMA SHKHINAH GLORY; I AM the HOLY SPIRIT that came to the upper room with MY Holy Wind and Holy Fire as stated in the Book of Acts. I filled the Disciples with MY Holy anointed Fire as they tarried for ME in the Upper Room. I AM the one that came as A Mighty Wind that blew into the Upper Room and this is the reason I birthed, through you Elisabeth this Ministry, to minister both to the Jews and Gentiles. And I gave the name of this Ministry, ALEPH AND TAV ALMIGHTYWIND RUACH ha KODESH FIRE MINISTRY! Beloved Daughter Elisabeth, in the beginning before you knew of your Hebrew roots, you were still part of the organized Pentecostal Churches. Yet it is I, MOMMA SHKHINAH that gave this Ministry the name Alpha and Omega Almightywind HOLY GHOST Fire Ministry! As well as the same name with AMIGHTYWIND. One day I knew you would be used to share some of Heaven's secrets with MY Holy Seed.

I AM MOMMA SHKHINAH, the one that speaks forth in Holy Tongues as described in the book of Acts. I AM MOMMA SHKHINAH, MOMMA WISDOM. Others call ME the HOLY SPIRIT or the RUACH ha KODESH, this is MY Title, and it is MY description of who I AM, the SPIRIT of YAHUVEH. We are all ONE. For those who CHOOSE to use these NAMES that are reserved for those who truly desire more intimacy with the RUACH ha KODESH, you can call ME MOMMA SHKHINAH, or MOMMA SHKHINAH GLORY, or MOMMA WISDOM or MOMMA RUACH ha KODESH, just to hear you acknowledge ME as MOMMA will please ME. Test ME and see if this does not stir up your love for your MOMMA SHKHINAH even more.

You know the NAME of YAHUVEH; you know the NAME of YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH, now through this Ministry and this Ring Maiden, I now share MY NAME as MOMMA SHKHINAH your MOMMA WISDOM. MY NAME is reserved for those who desire to grow, bask and be mentored more in MY Heavenly Mother's love and a stronger HOLY SPIRIT anointing, MOMMA SHKHINAH is MY NAME. I AM the still small voice that speaks in the Holy Wind, and ignites you with anointed HOLY FIRE; this is why your body heats up under MY anointed touch. I AM YAHUSHUA's comforter and HIS Heavenly Mother. YAHUSHUA is MY Begotten Son as much as YAHUVEH's Begotten Son. I AM the only Queen of Heaven. Do not give that title to any other.  

I am Mother Nature, it is YAHUVEH who creates and speaks forth for instance, "Zebra come forth" and it is I that put the unique stripes in each zebra.

YAHUVEH creates and I, MOMMA SHKHINYAH decorates. ABBA YAHUVEH creates and I, your MOMMA SHKHINAH GLORY decorates all creation. Do you understand yet? YAHUVEH creates a flower, but it is I, your MOMMA SHKHINAH that decorates the flower with a rainbow of colors, I make each petal unique. I number the petals on each flower and I give them the beauty in textures and scents. In everything that is created I AM MOMMA SHKHINAH and I put MY Glory also on everything your ABBA YAHUVEH creates. I AM MOMMA SHKHINAH and I put the finishing touches on all creation. I AM the one that beautifies all things created. YAHUVEH, YAHUSHUA and I are CO-CREATORS.

I AM the one that puts the sweet fragrance in a baby's skin. I AM the one that makes each human unique even identical twins have their own uniqueness. I AM the one that determines each of your DNA. I AM the one that gives you unique identifying palm prints and finger prints. I AM your MOMMA RUACH ha KODESH for those who prefer to use that more formal name, and I tell you that I AM the one that put the twinkle in each star, and women were made in MY image just as surely as men were made in the image of YAHUVEH. What image do you think Eve was modeled after? Where do you think the scripture that says, "It is not good that man be alone, I shall make him a helpmate" comes from? It is because; as YAHUVEH is the Father of ages the Eternal One, so too I AM the mother of ages the Eternal One, as is YAHUSHUA the Eternal One. WE are the definition of ETERNITY.

YAHUVEH created food, but I created the variety of recipes for you to enjoy the food. YAHUVEH created the tongue but I created your taste buds, I, your MOMMA SHKHINAH GLORY, your MOMMA WISDOM, determined what each food would taste like. Would it be salty, sweet, bitter, sour or spicy? YAHUVEH created the rain, and I your MOMMA WISDOM created the scent after the rain and put the dew on the grass. YAHUVEH created snow and I, your MOMMA SHKHINAH created each snow flake to appear different. YAHUVEH created the rainbow and I, your MOMMA SHKHINAH choose the color spectrums for that rainbow. YAHUVEH creates and I your MOMMA RUACH ha KODESH put the finishing touches on all things. See for yourself as you look around with this new found wisdom and you will see creation with new eyes and awe.

YAHUVEH created the Lion, I your MOMMA SHKHINAH gave the lion it's ROAR. YAHUVEH created the dog, I your MOMMA SHKHINAH gave the dog it's BARK. YAHUVEH created the Cat, I your MOMMA SHKHINAH gave the Cat its meow and mystery of its purr. I your MOMMA SHKHINAH gave the sweet songs to the birds that they Honor US with. Are you getting the picture?

To all others who read this and mock, beware, remember you blasphemy not a mere woman for she is only a vessel I choose to release these secrets from Heaven, you know the scriptures, warn what happens to those who blasphemy the Holy Spirit, not even YAHUSHUA's Blood can cover that sin! Beware if you do not understand cover your mouth and keep silent, pray and test the spirit that speaks. Study the Old Testament and other translations and realize the Holy Scriptures say, 'All Three of us are united as ONE'. When you deny one of us, you reject all of the Godhead. We are separate and yet one. What part of a boiled egg is the egg? Is it the shell, yolk, or white? Is it not all one? Together they are an egg, and all one. Yet, separate they are all individual. Can you not yet understand? This is the way it is with all Three of US called the Holy Trinity.

It is I your MOMMA SHKHINAH GLORY, that YAHUVEH and YAHUSHUA turn to, when THEY need comforting. We look upon the evils done in this world, and the rejection of the HOLY TRINITY, especially OUR Beloved Son YAHUSHUA. WE hear how YAHUSHUA's NAME is cursed and damned by the evil people's tongues, as they throw HIS Holy Blood Sacrifice back into HIS face, mocking and rejecting HIM. The evil people in this world hate the name Holy and all who live Holy and those who are destined to return back to Heaven because their names are found in the Lambs Book of Life that was written before the foundation of this earth.

As an earthly mother comforts her children, I SHKHINAH your RUACH ha KODESH your MOMMA WISDOM, do so much more. I live in YOU and work through you and it is through MY Holy anointing that I do manifestations of signs, wonders, and miracles. It is through MY Son YAHUSHUA's NAME, because of HIS Blood Sacrifice that MY HOLY ANOINTING breaks all yokes and bondages. I AM the RUACH ha KODESH and I am not a 'He', when man transcribed the New Testament the 'S' was left out of the word 'He', I AM a 'She'.

MY NAME is MOMMA WISDOM and I will give you more Wisdom as you ask ME, "MOMMA WISDOM help me in the NAME of YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH I ask for more of your Wisdom!" Try it and see if I will not do this for you. See if your anointing will not increase. But remember, it is only through YAHUSHUA's NAME that I can Blow a Kiss (prayers) to YAHUVEH for your prayers to be answered.

Elisabeth, I AM your MOMMA SHKHINAH and I will show you the secrets revealed in the Holy Scriptures to help teach MY Holy people who the HOLY SPIRIT truly is. You have been taught that the RUACH ha KODESH is masculine, not feminine, I have been called a 'He' instead of 'She' because of the way scholars have mistranslated the Manuscripts of Old mainly because Men's vanity did not want this revealed, nor does satan.

It is I your MOMMA SHKHINAH that leads you to YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH, baptizes you with MY HOLY FIRE which you call the HOLY SPIRIT. It is I MOMMA SHKHINAH that mentors you, I also can be called MAMA RUACH ha KODESH, or MAMA RUACH, it is your choice. I mentor and teach and speak forth through this new anointing I have given you Elisabeth, and those with spiritual ears to hear and believe will hear MY voice more clearly in a way they have not heard from ME before.

Other times you are praying for judgment and vengeance of YAHUVEH on the servants of satan, and those fit for YAHUVEH's Winepress of Wrath. There is no distance in prayer. (1 Corinthians chapters 12, 13, 14) Study and show yourself approved. Did not MY SON YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH say, "John baptized you with water, but I baptize you with the Fire of the RUACH ha KODESH?" I AM also called the HOLY SPIRIT and HOLY GHOST. YAHUSHUA uses ME to fill up those that are Holy, to overflowing with MY anointing which is Holy signs, wonders and miracles for those that truly LOVE and put YAHUVEH and YAHUSHUA first in their lives and love. This includes YAHUSHUA's Bride, who sacrifice all to follow and obey the Holy Mandates laid out in the Holy Manuscripts, and do it out of love for YAHUVEH and YAHUSHUA and do their best to obey and live Holy. MY HOLY SPIRIT resides within their earthly Temple called a Body.

Elisabeth MY Daughter, does not the Holy Scriptures say in the beginning of creation on this earth, "Come let us make man in Our image?" Who do you think 'Our image' means? Adam was made after YAHUVEH's image and Eve was made after MY female image. As Eve was created to be a helpmate to Adam, so too your MOMMA SHKHINAH is also called in the scriptures 'a helper'. I am CO-CREATOR with YAHUVEH and YAHUSHUA. YAHUSHUA is OUR SON. All 3 of us suffered and paid a price, so the people whose names are written in the Lambs Book of Life can return back to Heaven.

I AM your MOMMA SHKHINAH, I AM the one that lives within your body, spirit and soul, I AM your Heavenly mentor, your teacher. I AM Spirit and truth. I AM the one that gives you the desire to accept and obey YAHUVEH and YAHUSHUA as GOD. I AM the one that gives you the desire to Sing, Praise, Pray, and Worship YAHUVEH and YAHUSHUA. Now I also give you a new desire and that is to get to know the one who anoints you, your RUACH ha KODESH, your MOMMA SHKHINAH.

Holy Children, I love it when you sing and speak words of love to ME also. I have patiently waited for this time. I have waited for this revelation to be released and it was ordained in Heaven that you, our blessed Ring Maiden, Elisabeth (Elisheva) Sherrie Elijah, would be the voice to Ring this Holy Message around the world. This is another reason you are called YAHUSHUA's Ring Maiden.

I your MOMMA SHKHINAH also called the RUACH ha KODESH have chosen you Elisabeth, to have the honor to introduce ME as MOMMA SHKHINAH to MY Children. So many Holy Children will be healed from wounds inflicted on them, because on this earth they never knew the love, comforts, and mentorship of a loving Mother, and yet I have been there all along. Now I have anointed you to hear MY voice and tell them this. I know you will obey no matter the price you will have to pay.

I am called 'Wisdom' MY fruit is the Seven Spirits. Study the seven pillars spoken of in the Book of Revelations. I AM called patience, long suffering; I am mercy, and so much more. Learn and study now who the one who anoints you is. I AM so much more than a Holy Wind or Holy anointed Fire, or a sweet fragrance in the air. I am more than speaking in Heavenly Holy Tongues, and prophecy, and signs, wonders or miracles. I AM your MOMMA SHKHINAH, also called the RUACH ha KODESH, that leads souls to YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH (Messiah).

I AM the one that anoints with Heavenly Powers and pours forth MY New Wine and fresh manna from Heaven. I AM your MOMMA SHKHINAH and I share MY Glory with no woman or man. YAHUVEH, YAHUSHUA and I are ONE. When you worship YAHUSHUA you worship all 3 of us at the same time. If you prefer you can call ME MOMMA RUACH ha KODESH, others can still call ME the HOLY SPIRIT but I desire to reveal more to those who desire more intimacy with ME. I warn now, anyone that denies or insults what Shaul (Apostle Paul) taught about the reality of the Holy gifts of the RUACH ha KODESH, Repent now! For you have insulted and grieved to the extent your soul is at stake! I now speak forth in the NAME you recognize as YAHUSHUA, if you do not repent you are eternally damned!

I, YAHUVEH, warn you that satan is evil in all ways, even teaching the people to pray to Goddesses because he knows the RUACH ha KODESH, YOUR MOMMA SHKHINAH IS THE ONLY QUEEN OF HEAVEN. Study what the word SHKHINAH GLORY means. Study the scriptures Elisabeth and you will have peace in releasing this secret that has been stored up for such a time as this. This will heal so many wounds, just as you have had a void in you for a mother's love, now you will realize you are healed and others also will be healed for that void has been filled.

After you accept YAHUSHUA as MESSIAH, you are instantly filled with MY HOLY SPIRIT, MY RUACH ha KODESH; your MOMMA SHKHINAH is literally MY SPIRIT and that Spirit dwells in you. This also means I see through your physical eyes, and hear through your physical ears, and move through your physical body, so don't grieve ME. Don't continue to test ME.

This applies to all who have accepted YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH as GOD, LORD, SAVIOR, the only Begotten Son of YAHUVEH, born in the flesh from a virgin woman, and gave himself up for a Holy sin sacrifice, who died and arose again on the 3rd day, and now sits at the right hand of I, YAHUVEH. All those who strive to obey have been filled with MY RUACH ha KODESH, My HOLY SPIRIT to some extent. Some are filled with more and some with less measure as they grow in the knowledge of who YAHUSHUA is.

Where do you think the idea came from that a Holy husband and wife were to be one? It was first done in Heaven. When you accepted YAHUSHUA as MESSIAH, you never realized at the same time you were being filled with a Heavenly Mother's love. The word 'comforter', is what a Mother does best. I AM your MOMMA RUACH ha KODESH and I AM your comforter, I soothe you when you need soothing, when your emotions are raw, and you are hurting, fearful, lonely or feeling rejected or confused. I AM the peace that passes all understanding. I AM the RUACH ha KODESH your MOMMA SHKHINAH that gives you Holy Heavenly Motherly love.

You were chosen before the foundation of this world to be filled with MY RUACH ha KODESH even while in your heathen mother's womb, where you were hated, unwanted and rejected. It is now many years later, and now you realize it is MOMMA SHKHINAH that comforted you. It would be years later before you realized who you are through the NAME of YAHUSHUA and that HIS Blood Sacrifice was for you at Calvary. You were chosen before the foundation of this world to give birth to this Holy Ministry with a name that encompasses no name of a man or woman but honors only the HOLY TRINITY.

Elisabeth, I am your MOMMA SHKHINAH GLORY. I AM the one that anoints you for signs, wonders and miracles that includes prophesying and praying in Holy tongues of men and Holy Angels. I AM your MOMMA SHKHINAH GLORY. I AM the one that intercedes for all the Holy Children as I carry your prayers to the throne of YAHUVEH like a Kiss is blown in the air, when it is done in the NAME of YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH this also includes the name of JESUS CHRIST for now, but beware, because the son of satan in the Great Tribulation will counterfeit the name of JESUS CHRIST. I will not be able to send the prayers at that time in JESUS' name, because the devil's spawn will also be using the name of JESUS CHRIST. Teach now the Sacred Hebrew NAME of YAHUSHUA and YAHUVEH to all who have spiritual ears to hear, listen and obey. Learn and become accustomed to use the true Hebrew name of the one most call JESUS CHRIST, now before it is too late. Tell the people don't wait until the Great Tribulation to learn it the hard way.

Elisabeth, you have heard the voice of your ABBA YAHUVEH, and you have heard the voice and received messages through MY anointing from YAHUSHUA, your MASHIACH, I have patiently waited for the time for you to know ME as the Heavenly Mothers love you have always longed for. I AM your only Mother, and I AM the one that anoints you and comforts you and mentors you. It is because of your MOMMA SHKHINAH that you can hear MY still small voice and hear the Holy messages from YAHUVEH, and YAHUSHUA. I AM that still small voice that speaks to you.

I AM the RUACH ha KODESH also in Aramaic called 'Set apart Spirit.' I AM all truth, and only through ME can anyone be led to YAHUSHUA and accept HIM as the only way to Heaven. I AM called the RUACH ha KODESH, and by the titles of HOLY GHOST and HOLY SPIRIT. I AM all HOLINESS, along with YAHUVEH and YAHUSHUA. We are all ONE and yet separate. We are the HOLY TRINITY and there is no other. In the Great Tribulation there will be a unholy trinity! Satan is only a imitator not a creator.

I release this secret so you can encourage those that truly LOVE and put YAHUVEH and YAHUSHUA first in their life and love and to also remember ME, MOMMA SHKHINAH, for I AM the Glory of YAHUVEH and YAHUSHUA just as surely as a Holy wife was created to be the Glory of a Holy husband. When you are attacked for revealing the NAME of the HOLY SPIRIT which is MY NAME SHKHINAH and revealing the HOLY SPIRIT is not made in the image of a man, but instead a woman, tell them to study and show themselves approved, for does not the Books of Old in Psalms and Proverbs call 'WISDOM' a 'She'? Does not the Holy Scriptures say, "The beginning of wisdom is the fear of YAHUVEH?" Remind them that in the KJV Bible the NAME of YAHUSHUA also spelled YAHSHUA is not in the KJV bible either, only the name of JESUS is there.

Prophecy 91:
MY HOLY WIND, MY SPIRIT, the Precious RUACH ha KODESH, is sweeping this land! In less than a minute, I walked to and fro', with MY own eyes I beheld on Sukkot. It is not that I am blind, I saw it from Heaven, but I wanted to walk this earth and so I, YAHUVEH did this on the 27th.

I am YAHUVEH and I will not be mocked. MY SON YAHUSHUA will not be mocked and MY sweet, sweet, sweet, sweet HOLY SPIRIT, like a MIGHTY WIND is going to chase the chaff out!!! And they're only fit to be burned! Didn't I warn you? Americans and MY Beloved Treasures, the few that I have that sparkle as an expensive gem… I look from MY Throne in Heaven and I see the feces of inhumanity for that's what satan's children look like to ME, piles of feces. The stench reaches to Heaven. Hollywood is nothing more than satan's playground and truly hell holds the 'Who's Who of Hollywood.' But you see I have these little sparkling gems all over the world that reminds ME, even in MY rage and fury, I can see them sparkling, hemmed in by the feces all around. But you sparkle because MY precious, precious, precious Beloved SPIRIT is within and you sparkle.

Satan always has a counterfeit. Beware of the counterfeit, pastors who preach like this John Hagee - he's no pastor at all - follow not this evil wolf or any ministry that has named themselves after a man or a woman. Follow not the prosperity teachings! For what I give you is greater than gold or silver. I give you gifts from your MOMMA WISDOM. MY Glory fills your faces. I'm not angry at you. Continue to wait and to watch! Look up for truly your redemption draweth nigh!

Prophecy 92:
Take these Prophecies and warn others, when your pastors refuse to humble themselves and admit they were wrong and receive the truth, you take it Little Ones, and share with others and rebuke that Pastor in MY Name. They have only shown you the spirit of religion, puffed up with the spirit of greed. Lust of the flesh and pride rules and reigns all of them. They have not a obedient humble spirit. MY, HOLY SPIRIT your MOMMA WISDOM who is the RUACH ha KODESH is not ruling nor reigning in them. They listen to their accountants, and satan has them focused on material possessions more than a spiritual walk for their own sake. They have lost their first love!

When you are scorned and persecuted for MY Name SAKE just know that great is your blessings in Heaven. It is not you they attack Beloved Little One, it is I they attack. For when the heathen and the spawn of satan rages against you, they do not see your face when they attack, they see the face of Holiness and they see the Sweet Holy Spirit within you.

Salvation is a one on one with YAHUVEH, and I, YAHUSHUA, and MY people are filled with OUR Precious RUACH ha KODESH. MY Word says, 'forsake not the assembling of yourselves together,' but that does not mean it must always be in a Church building. Even now, you are assembling yourselves together through the technology of a computer, communicating with one another.

Prophecy 93:
Elisabeth, I rest you up for a great war that's coming, for the new revelations I'm speaking forth. The small message I've already spoken, You will post it before the world to let them know there's something more coming. YAHUSHUA's Demon Stompers, well done, MY faithful servants! Well done MY faithful beloved ones! You stand in the front lines. You sacrifice an hour of your time. For this Ministry is no ordinary ministry. I use it as a David to slay the Goliaths. The one who calls herself Sherry Shriner, claims to hear from ME and reveals so called Bible codes she twists at her whim. But she says, "Throw away any disciple that followed Paul." I tell you true, this one isn't listening to Heaven at all. But Linda Newkirk, you crossed a line not even Sherry Shriner has crossed. Beware MY Beloved Ones, for the devil is angry, for he knows his time is short. Linda Newkirk, you have not only aroused the ire of ABBA YAHUVEH, you have not only aroused the ire of YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH, but you have aroused and you have grieved to the extreme the ONE who is called the RUACH ha KODESH! I am the only QUEEN OF HEAVEN!!! And I will share MY Glory with no one!!

Who are you to say that you gave birth to YAHUSHUA?! For first I did it in Heaven. The ONE that's called the HOLY SPIRIT is the MOTHER of YAHUSHUA. It is I and only I that allowed the priviledge for Miryam, called Mary in others' tongues, to carry MY Child in her womb. But even she had to be a virgin. Who are you Linda Newkirk?! What blasphemy you have done! Who are you Linda Newkirk to think you can bypass the cross? To say any heathen can come to Heaven, to be at the Marriage Supper of the Lamb. I will not excuse you the spirit of insanity for you had your lucid moments. You know what you have done. And I warn now, let this Word go forth, anyone who transcribes this garbage sent from hell and proclaims it as truth is not written in the Lamb's Book of Life. You shall pay the same price she pays. You shall swim in the same Lake of Fire . I send this Prophet forth to warn before I send MY Judgment. Be not deceived for YAHUVEH is not easily mocked and I am not easily grieved.

You see, I not only speak forth out of Elisabeth but this is a new anointing. Where ABBA YAHUVEH has spoken, where YAHUSHUA HA MASHIACH has spoken, now I the RUACH HA KODESH, the ONE you call the HOLY SPIRIT, speaks forth for MYSELF also. For behold this is a new thing. This is a Joel 2 outpouring and MY Handmaiden shall prophesy and those that I have called the Elite Forces of YAHUSHUA'S Demon Stompers, know this, satan hates you. The prayers are being felt worldwide. Stay Holy. For only the frontliners will be allowed. For those of you who have not qualified, know that there's other ranks. We need you in the Rear Guard. Continue to cover this Ministry in your prayers. Continue to cover each other in your prayers. Continue to lift the needs of the people up. Continue to cover this Ringmaiden I speak out of, for satan knows there is but one Ringmaiden and he seeks to take her life.

Oh, but the prayers of the righteous availeth much. Your fastings combined with your support and your love, your Jericho Marches , the sacrifice of your hour time. All of you, all of you , all of you who have done this, great, great, great blessings have been reserved for you. You are as a shield, a Holy golden shield and I use you and the shield drips with the shed Blood of YAHUSHUA HA MASHIACH and the Name is inscribed in the shield of YAHUSHUA and I have ordained you to be Demon Stompers for ABBA YAHUVEH and YAHUSHUA and I, the Precious RUACH HA KODESH, your Precious RUACH HA KODESH, your MOMMA SHKHINYAH, your MOMMA WISDOM, the ONE you call the HOLY SPIRIT, WE love you so much. Great, great, great are your blessings not only in Heaven but right here on earth. You shall have a protection, an orb is literally put over you and you are protected as long as you don't allow sin to enter in for is it not written, "Be ye Holy as I am Holy?" Greater am I that is in you than any temptation that is in the world! It is your choice.

Prophecy 95:
And in the Torah, in the Tanakh how many times does it say, "In YAHUVEH's Name"? What will you do with Psalm 91 you Orthodox Jews? You read so faithfully the Torah and the Tanakh but you take away the power when you do not say your CREATOR, your PROTECTOR'S Name. And you have no protection when you do not receive MY Body and MY Blood for I am the only begotten Son of ABBA YAHUVEH. I am the only begotten Son and MY MOTHER is called the RUACH ha KODESH. SHE is MOTHER of WISDOM.  

Prophecy 105:
I warned you along time ago Elisabeth not to name this Ministry after a man or a woman even before there was a Ministry. I put it in your spirit for none of this has been done by your hand, none of this has come forth from your mouth. It is from the mouth of YAHUVEH that has given birth. It is from the mouth of YAHUSHUA your MASHIACH that has given birth. It is from the mouth of the RUACH ha KODESH your IMMAYAH that has given birth. If it had only been by your hand it would of failed long ago. It is by the Shkhinyah Glory's wind that blows across this earth, the Holy wind of revival, it is not by your breath or it would of failed.

Prophecy 106:
I speak now to those who love the truth coming forth from this Ministry. You know I, YAHUVEH, speak forth. You know your MASHIACH YAHUSHUA speaks forth. You know the RUACH ha KODESH your IMMAYAH speaks forth, Mother Wisdom. You do not fear the light for you are part of the light and you allow YAHUSHUA your MASHIACH to be your one and only guiding light. (I Peter 2:9)

Prophecy 108:
Each day live your life and say, "How can I please you more Abba YAHUVEH? How can I please you more YAHUSHUA my MASHIACH? How can I please you more precious RUACH ha KODESH, my IMMAYAH, my MOMMA WISDOM?" And your MOMMA WISDOM will give you the wisdom to know this answer.