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I Will Do All That I Have Promised To Do!

What Do These Dates Hold In Store?

I am picking up something so serious that is coming unless the hand of YAHUVEH delays it on September 9, 1999 .

I have been getting more parts to the coming prophecy through even dreams. On Friday 8/6/99, the Sabbath, I heard YAHUVEH speak audibly to me again, it was after having a dream where crime is rampant and I saw people looting, overturning cars, harming one another, one threatened to call the police and the others mocked and laughed for ALL communication with the police was GONE!

The next thing I heard was the audible voice of YAHUVEH that said, "I will do all that I have promised to do."

I awoke and felt blessed for I knew YAHUVEH was promising to BLESS and protect those that are his. YET another revelation that sent chills today was that I realized as another Sister was reading the past prophesies given to me about what was going to be done to America, was that YAHUVEH is going to do ALL he said he was going to do!

Please warn others of the coming date: 9/9/99. On Aug 11,1999 an eclipse will be seen in Europe and various parts of the world. But unlike other eclipses, the bible astronomers have said that the planets and stars will be aligned in a sign of the cross, nearly perfect like it was when YAHUSHUA was crucified! I do not claim to understand biblical astronomy and may have explained it wrong but they will be aligned as they were the time when YAHUSHUA died on the cross. Remember, when you see or hear about the Eclipse, YASHUAnot only died but arose again also.

"Remind them of the six eclipses", YAHUVEH said to me AUDIBLY, that would come as a sign of the coming of YAHUSHUA again. These eclipses will baffle the scientists and will last longer than anticipated and then YAHUSHUA comes again. Is it for three days solar and lunar that baffle the scientists? I also have a mandate of YAHUVEH for today to remind the people of the AUDIBLE voice for 3 hrs. between sleep and awake when He said, "What IF Rosh Ha Shanah is the day I come"? This happened in 1998 one day before Rosh Ha Shanah. Then before Rosh Ha Shanah He said if He had come how few would have been called His bride and how He delayed for Satan would have mocked so. He gave us more time.

What of this year? I have an urgent warning NOW to tell ALL again this MAY be the year we have waited for!

Audible Words spoken last year, "First one rapture, then another for those that I love, but wear NO label either Pre Trib, Mid Trib, or Post Trib for it is NONE of these things." I believe now that He meant it is MORE than ONE of these things.

Please ask others to help me spread the warning. Be ready just in case.

The last date is a personal date. This dream was given to me many years ago - I have never forgotten it..

In 1986, I was attending high school and I was topless and since I was very well endowed, ! the boys were scoffing and mocking me for I had no covering. I knew my covering was in LOCKER 827. But Locker 827 was on a very high floor and I had to ride the escalator to reach it. I fear heights (in real life and escalators) In my dream I ran to the escalator to go to LOCKER 827 and stood on bottom of escalator fearing the height and movement. Then I saw a crippled woman in a wheel chair riding the escalators. She had just gotten on before me. I watched as she came out of her wheelchair and held the banister with NO FEAR. I felt ashamed of myself for fearing and she gave me the courage to ride the escalator and I went to the TOP and went to LOCKER 827 where I took out a covering for my chest like a WHITE blouse and also a ROD was in the locker.

The following year, 1987, I was praying and asking YAHUVEH what this dream meant. On 8/27 I had a dream and I was taught how to use the ROD in the air, water, earth, etc.. I awoke with a noise I cannot describe as I said LEVEL! ONE then I heard the noise after seeing me battle demons in the air, and etc. different clothing for every level...then I heard the noise and I would awake and fall back to sleep each time doing the same till it was LEVEL 12 that was the end .

My young son age 6 at the time saw the rod, it was BENT like a Z in the center, and as I prayed. He saw the vision of it as I held it in my hands and prayed. I asked YAHUVEH why the ROD would be bent in the middle like a Z. He said, "BECAUSE, IT IS BENT OUT OF SHAPE WITH MY RAGE."

This Rod was first given to me in a dream and although it is SPIRITUAL now I received it again in a dream where I left earth in front of witnesses, went to Heaven and YAHUVEH gave me a ROD to bring back to earth where it was used against EVIL.

This has been a secret I have NOT shared nor felt led to share except for article in ANOINTED IN HAWAII where again the ROD was spiritually placed in my hands. For those that want to know more, READ it. ! The anointing came upon me for 2 half hours with so strong anointing it literally made the skin peel from my face the following day. The Greatest anointing of my life was on me that day while ministering to many. People saved etc., THIS DATE WAS 8/27/96.

I am expecting a NEW COVERING to come this 8/27/99 I don't know if this date is revenant to anyone but me, all I know is that I feel led to tell others to pray on it and seek discernment for what I have spoken.

ALL is the truth and I am NOBODY special just a broken vessel of clay that pours out of it what YAHUVEH pours into it to give it to others. Why he chose me there is NO reason. Trust me I have NO PRIDE and I above everyone else know I am NOTHING special. I am humbled beyond words for this was MY secret that I shared with oh so few people I could trust. I never thought I would be sharing this to the entire world on the internet. I am NOW led to do so.

Also beyond a shadow of a doubt I will be in Israel on Rosh Ha Shanah! I have seen YAHUVEH confirm it again and again. I doubted it first, now I doubt it no more. I said the lack of finances would keep me but the people are hearing the Holy Spirit say give financially to share in the blessings as I accomplish what YAHUVEH YAHUVEH, YAHUSHUA, Holy Spirit is sending me there to do. Who do I meet when there? I don't have all the answers yet. I was told I should put up a itinerary of a budget of what is needed. Blessings to my Sister Donna who took the time to send me this. But YAHUVEH is NOT telling me to do this mans way but YAHUVEHS way and the people who hear the Holy Spirit say send a offering and they are. Everything from change, to dollars, to ten dollars, to hundred dollars.

Thousand Dollars thus far which may not be enough yet but I have NO doubt YAHUVEH will provide as the people hear his voice.

Again some of what I have written I have NOT even shared with my trusted 12 prayer intercessors. YET YAHUVEH is saying NOW is the time.

The ROD is the ROD of YAHUVEH'S wrath I am sure of this. Why am I holding it I have NO idea. I will NOT apologize for what I have written for you see this is the TRUTH and although I don't claim to understand what is about to happen I have had enough confirmation even from strangers Satan FEARS this Ministry and YAHUVEH has promised to do what he has said he will DO! Protect those that are HIS and DESTROY his enemies!

The new prophecy coming forth I have seen in bits and pieces. Fasting had to go forth before it to give me the boldness to speak it forth. NO it is not even written down as soon as he speaks or shows me something it is like a eraser erases it for its NOT meant to be spoken yet. When it is spoken it will come to pass quickly.

I just heard today on 8/27/99 there is a conjuncture of planets not in place before. Don't understand if this has to do with new covering. Is this the glorified body? I don't claim to know anything YAHUVEH doesn't personally confirm or tell me.

Please Pray that I accomplish ALL that I was sent to earth to do in the name of our blessed YAHUVEH and SAVIOR YAHUSHUA! All for the GLORY of Almighty YAHUVEH, YAHUSHUA, and the Holy Spirit.

I know the NEW prophecy I am about to speak contains things even I was fearful of then YAHUVEH reminded me HIS enemies need to fear NOT his Children.

My enemies may Attack me viciously for these revelations but I care NOT only sharing what YAHUVEH has told me to share. I have been on the internet for over 3 years now. Each message given to me is REPENT the KINGDOM OF YAHUVEH IS AT HAND! Yehsua is COMING QUICKLY!

Remember and pray about the dates above including 9/11/99, 9/12/99 Rosh Ha Shanah and don't forget this name means the day or hour no man knoweth for in times of old they did not know when the NEW moon would come.

Don't forget YOM KIPPUR the day of Atonement. YAHUVEH gave us the JEWISH feasts for MORE then ONE purpose his DEVINE plan is in it! t all.

I pray ALL who READ this will send this to OTHER sites and those interested. I can't do this alone. Thank you and you don't need my permission nothing I have said is copyrighted I will NOT stand before YAHUVEH YAHUSHUA one day and say the reason why not enough people heard what you told me to say is because PRIDE stood in the way. All I ask you to do is say it as it is written. Also the ONLY ones I do NOT give permission to speak the words given to me are those who would MOCK what is HOLY. If you really believe I am a prophet then PLEASE I ask you in the name of YAHUSHUA send at least 10 people that you know to this ministry site.

PLEASE warn them of the coming dates below. By the way I just learned 9/9/99 is when Y2k electrical, and communication, etc. will be tested to see if it fails. Tests in USA and Canada. Again I pray all will go well and YAHUVEH will delay Judgment for sake of his babies, bride, chosen ones, and elect. Perhaps I am picking up of this danger in the spiritual realm and we won't see it in the physical realm. I don't know. Just PRAY and seek YAHUVEH as you see these days approach. Ezk. 3 17:21 I have now warned you your blood is NOT on my hands.

Much love to ALL
Elisheva Eliyahu