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School playground

SABBATH EVENING, Friday, September 9, 2005

I saw a school playground at recess. There were two children standing in the playground and one was a big bully and the other was a Holy Child that was being beaten and punched for being different than the other kids. I couldn't tell if it was a male or female, for it was like I was standing at a far distance. The noise of the child being beaten attracted the attention of the other children playing. There were no teachers on the playground. They came and stood around the beaten child and the bully and many children were there. It was on the gravel where the bully was pounding the other child and the child tried to fend off the blows by defending him/her self by holding up a bible but still the bully kept pounding. The children didn't like watching the child get beaten by the bully and yet they did nothing to stop it, they only watched, for they were fearful the bully would then attack them if they tried to stop the bully. End of vision....

YAHUSHUA gave me the meaning to this open vision. Pray and be honest with yourself. What child are you? As you see, this Ministry is under attack and read the discernment of the vision, have you done anything to lessen the blows of satan using his servants to persecute this ministry and me? By doing nothing, you have already done something, siding with the Bully enemies of this ministry who want me dead, and this ministry off the Internet so you won't hear anymore anointed messages from Heaven from this mouthpiece of YAHUVEH and YAHUSHUA.

YAHUSHUA told me that one child could not have beaten that Bully, but if every child would have picked up a rock and threw it, and every child could have fought for the Holy Child in some way, the Bully would have been hurt, defeated, out numbered and would have run away in fear. This is why YAHUSHUA showed me the open vision on the gravel to show me David just needed one rock aimed under the anointing that hit Goliath in the head and killed him! Just like the children in the playground YAHUSHUA is testing those who call themselves HIS and HE is watching who puts action behind faith. Remember...faith without works is dead!

In closing, I was given this revelation about the Bride of YAHUSHUA. When a member of the Bride of YAHUSHUA is under persecution and attack either verbally or physically or spiritually, then that bully is all the Bride's enemy. Any enemy of the Bride of YAHUSHUA is a enemy of YAHUSHUA! I didn't know when YAHUSHUA gave birth to the new ministry through me and called it YAHUSHUA'S DEMON STOMPERS, MAY 25, 2005, THIS CONSISTS OF MEMBERS OF THE BRIDE OF YAHUSHUA!

I didn't know when YAHUSHUA said assemble the troops on the wall...this is the BRIDE OF YAHUSHUA! The 144,000 in Revelation 14, the redeemed from the earth also called church of Philadelphia. The troops on the wall are also Revelation 7's sealed ones YAHUSHUA calls Shield maidens and shield warriors. One of their jobs is protecting the Bride of YAHUSHUA just like Elisha did Elijah. The Bride of YAHUSHUA should never be in need for we should all be there to help one another. When the enemy attacks one of us they should realize that ALL of us will attack them back and under the anointing we are a force that is unstopable if we can just unite as one and trust one another.

Satan has his network of people and they are united in one cause, to destroy the Holy. Why can't the Bride of YAHUSHUA also become united to defeat the enemy that attacks us? I memorized this scripture long ago: "And the gates of hell shall not prevail against this Church." It should read, "And the gates of Hell shall not prevail against the Bride of YAHUSHUA."

It is not enough to meet the Bride, for the Bride has more wounds than the normal person, and it is not easy to trust just anyone. Someway YAHUSHUA will get us all together as the 5 wise virgins. Remember this...when satan attacks you and you are not helping the Bride of YAHUSHUA to defeat the enemy, YAHUSHUA will show you whats it is like to fight the enemy Alone, its a lonely battle when you stand alone.

I am so grateful for the true Bride of YAHUSHUA who covers this Ministry in prayers and love and rebukes the enemy and sends the prophetic judgements as YAHUVEH gives them to you to the enemies. I am so grateful to those who financially support this Ministry and are faithful in all ways. We love you so dearly and we have been meeting you one by one. What a honor it is for us. One man we traveled thousands of miles to meet is a member of the Bride of YAHUSHUA from Hong Kong. What a honor it was to pray with him and meet him face-to-face. Joseph, we love you and miss you! He is the man translating the prophecies into Chinese.

There is so much more I have to say, but the hour is late and I must finish packing. I have had people ask me if the rapture for the Bride will be this Rosh Hashanah? I am praying it is, but others reminds me the Holy Angels haven't come and told me yet, Elijah knew in advance, and although this Rosh Hashanah is called a High Sabbath Day, I know YAHUSHUA is returning on a Sabbath and next year it will be on a Sabbath. If it happens, I remind you of the dream I had two years ago on Rosh Hashanah.

I was being lifted up in the air, laughing and full of joy, I could see others were being lifted up in the sky also, I was shouting in joy to them, "See, I told you YAHUSHUA IS COMING BACK ON A Rosh Hashanah, I JUST DIDN'T KNOW WHICH ONE!"

I asked YAHUSHUA why I didn't know from that dream, when HE said I was the Ring Maiden and I would be the one like in Matthew 25 the VOICE THAT CRIES OUT TO THE 5 WISE VIRGINS, BEHOLD PREPARE YOURSELF THE BRIDEGROOM DOTH COME!"

YAHUSHUA said it is because HE wanted to encourage me and at the time of the dream just like now, I don't know which Rosh Ha Shanah because its not the time yet to know.

By the way, my enemies lie and twist what I say, never did I say no one can be raptured unless I approve. This is nonsense! YAHUSHUA just said in Prophecy 76 sometimes HE gives me a sign who is the Bride and who is the guest when I meet them or speak to them or sometimes when they email me. It is not all the time, only if I truly ask and most of the time YAHUSHUA wants them to ask HIM not me.

I pray to those that think this ministry is a blessing that you are blessed with revelations from YAHUVEH and YAHUSHUA on these Holy Days. Please study and know why observing YAH'S feast Days and the Sabbath are a blessing and not optional.

Much love to and blessings in YAHUSHUA'S name.
Apostle Elisabeth (Elisheva) Elijah