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Emptying of the Old Wine, Being Filled With the New!

Message From Elisabeth (Elisheva) Elijah

Beloved of YAHUVEH and YAHUSHUA,

I find myself going on to another higher level of anointing and to do that you must be emptied of the old wine to make room for the new wine. Remember the scriptures new wine and old wine can't mix it will burst the container. The dregs at the bottom of the cup are being scrubbed with what seems to be a steel wool pad. When I started saying a new prayer led by the Ruach ha Kodesh, fill my cup to overflowing, I didn't realize YAHUVEH empties the cup to refill it! OUCH! It feels like being poured out body, mind, spirit, and soul! Then to add to this a child custody battle legally. Please pray for me on that I will have complete VICTORY in all ways for the glory of YAHUVEH and YAHUSHUA! YAHUVEH will not allow any shame too come to his ministry as my sons biological father desires to use this ministry against me in court to prove I am unfit as a mother. At one time his attorney went so far as to copy the pages and dare touch this anointing!

I am being humbled by YAHUVEH by using this anointing in another brother to teach me many things. YAHUVEH says this is intensive care and I am resting but not resting very easily.

At times I have to fight panic for what was always a way of doing things no longer is allowed. Obedience of YAHUVEH has gotten more strict. I now have been given a blessing of not only an anointed body guard, but YAHUVEH says he is anointed also to guard the anointing in me, as well as my spirit and mind and body. Why was this necessary? Because I had to learn many new things so I can teach the women who have GODLY husbands must be taught. I am learning that a word I never thought went along with the word husband, or man, called submission. I am learning the word �Submit� is necessary to teach the women who are married so they can be found without spot or wrinkle when YAHUSHUA comes as well as recieve the protection of the anointed covering of their GODLY mate.These men are those who truely are seeking YAHUVEH and YAHUSHUA's will for their lives and marriages.

I will be writing a teaching on this as the Ruach Ha Kodesh leads me. This is all New too me for I have only known the abuse, and control in every way of a man, and thought that was submission and wanted no part of that. I am learning what a GODLY man after YAHUVEH's own heart and covering is all about.

This again is not about a man controling a woman for the sake of his being the male, it is only about an anointed covering and obeying as unto YAHUVEH and YAHUSHUA, and as it lines up with the bible. I will still kick any man to the curb who tries to get me to line up with his will and not YAHUVEH's will!

I have had a lifetime of fighting men who try and control and manipulate, intimidate, me with their own will! A GODLY man after YAHUSHUA's own heart will love his mate and only desire and give her the best, not the worst. She will desire and willingly obey because she feels YAHUVEH's love as well as YAHUSHUA's love, and anointing from this man. Now since I don't have a husband to learn this from I am learning it in a unique way via another anointed brother. No man will rule me! for it was prophecied I have an anointing like unto Deborah of old, and only YAHUVEH and YAHUSHUA will rule me! and this brother who has a awesome and heavy responsibilty to teach me submission, will be the first to vouch for this.

When YAHUVEH is speaking forth and I know when it is my Father YAHUVEH's voice and I know the anointing by the look in this brothers eyes! I know when not to argue. I must say there is comfort in a man as the spiritual head of the household, as a prayer covering. but again the woman also is equal when it comes to the anointing speaking forth out of her and even this anointed brother in YAHUSHUA who is being used to teach me agrees he recognizes when YAHUVEH and YAHUSHUA speak forth out of my mouth and the anointing that backs it up is in my eyes. Men must realize this is not a one way street, this is all about obedience unto the GOD we serve and team work under the anointing. It is not about one gender being superior to the other.

Being pruned like a tree is not pleasant, but necessary. Being emptied to make room for a fresh new anointing more powerful then before, is not easy, in fact at times I get darn right upset to say the least.

But it doesn't matter YAHUVEH is the potter we are the clay and he will mold us the way we were designed to be molded for he loves us that much! Even if it means being put into the firey furnace 7 times hotter! Which I feel I am now in but look I am not alone YAHUSHUA is walking in the flames with me as well as all those who have layed their lives and all possesions down for him.

YAHUVEH has told me to lay everything on the altar of sacrifice and this I am doing. So are others surrounding me. What is meant to remain will remain what is determental to our spiritual growth will be removed by YAHUVEH and YAHUSHUA'S hands! Not mans hands!

I thought I was humbled before, but recently I find myself for the sake of this ministry as well as my relationship as part of YAHUSHUA'S BRIDE even more on my face before those used to humble me and most of all our Father YAHUVEH and Saviour YAHUSHUA. There is a tremendous price to pay to truley walk in the humility of YAHUSHUA and truely obey every command of YAHUVEH and YAHUSHUA but it is well with my soul though my flesh truely struggles.

I am resting up for a mighty revival in the spring. Now that means no traveling at this time. For the first time in my life I have been given instructions by our Father YAHUVEH to take the time and allow ministering to myself. OUCH! That isn't easy! It is about ripping off bandages with wounds that are so infected nearly to the point gangarine was setting in. I kept the wounds hidden, the memories that would destroy me so I blocked them, so many years a lifetime of them! Now in this new time and season I am being forced to face things about my life I would rather not see. When YAHUVEH tried to get me to remember certain things and deal with them, I ignored the pain and blocked it out and only ministered harder to others pain so I could take the focus off my own and get relief as I saw them healed and delivered.

2002�There is a powerful prophetic word that is birthing inside of me. I am getting it by bits and pieces like labor pains, but it is because of the mental anguish I am going through now it will come forth in YAHUSHUA's timing and help set the captives free. First it appears I must live it.

Greater anointing is coming but because of the intensity of that anointing there is a greater price to pay to recieve it. Not everyone will be willing to pay the price of sacrifice, humility, and being poured out and refilled after the dregs of the cup is scoured clean. Not everyone will allow what they thought was a beautiful tree to be pruned again! This is why I have been so quiet lately and those who are in this ministry close to me are feeling the same thing and now will know the reason why.

This is truely HOLY GHOST RUACH HA KODESH BOOT CAMP! This is probably the most intensive time in my life as I even see someone I once called a best friend turn into a real time Judas even to the point of dangerous. I wonder will I survive this Boot camp? But I know YAHUSHUA has assured me I shall and multitudes of others will benefit from what I am enduring now. No good thing does YAHUSHUA start and not finish. YAHUSHUA is the author and finisher of my faith! I have been protesting to Father YAHUVEH as he takes my personality and changes certain aspects of it. I told him last night but thats who I am! and He said, "Elisabeth this is not about who you are! This is about who you are a reflection of and who you are representing, this is about WHO I YAHUVEH AM! " How can I argue with that? I desire to move to the next level of anointing and especially to obey our Father YAHUVEH and YAHUSHUA for how can we say we call him LORD and not obey? What man would want to marry a woman that will not be loyal and will cause Him shame? How much more does YAHUSHUA desire this? If you are calling yourself His bride then learn this lesson from me. When I am quiet just know I am listening more then talking or writing and I am seeking so I can share what I have found in YAHUVEH and YAHUSHUA!

This year of 2002 we who are being promoted to a higher level of anointing and responsibility will need it to combat what the enemy plans to do if allowed. It will be worth it to obey in small things so we can obey when it comes to life and death decisions.

Is this easy? NO is it worth it? YES! Everyday my prayer is now, "YAHUVEH, create in me a new heart that is pleasing unto you." I give him the old heart daily, and in exchange He gives me a new heart daily. Only YAHUVEH knows what we need daily. Is it a heart of compassion, discernment, obedience, love, healing, restoration, the list goes on and on. Nowhere did YAHUVEH and YAHUSHUA say They would fix our broken hearts, the word says He creates and gives us a clean new heart! We are not speaking of sin, we are speaking of gifts with each new heart! The Bible says the heart by itself is desperatly wicked and leads us astray.

When I look at my life, I see shattered glass that has been ground underneath the heels until it is fine sand. I prayed, fix me YAHUSHUA, I am broken and I can't get up. He said to me, "NO, I won't fix that heart Elisabeth, instead ask me and I shall create in you a new heart!"

satan hates this ministry for the praise reports reach Heaven so many are getting saved, healed, delivered, restored! I am under attack in ways no one but my intercessors know and they are not ordinary prayer intercessors for they know what is happening without me speaking a word even a man on the other side of the world hears my cries in his dreams! Oh what a awesome GOD YAHUVEH and YAHUSHUA we serve! Even a sister from Canada called me from her workplace just too see how I was yesterday,1-16-02, a very hard day for me, and yet only YAHUVEH AND YAHUSHUA I thought knew this certainly not my beloved Sister who is a mighty prayer intercessor for years now. I said how did you know? She didn't know but the HOLY SPIRIT had her call me just the same and she just knew she was obeying our Heavenly Father.

I have a brother in YAHUSHUA, on the other side of the world that does the same thing. He knows when I am hurting though I tell no one!

My wings are clipped at this time, no traveling, only resting in YAHUSHUA and ministering where I am at, in the way I am doing. In the spring if I learn what i am to learn and put it into practice a new anointing will be evident for the GLORY of YAHUSHUA AND YAHUVEH alone! Isaiah 61 will be even more evident in this ministry so the captives will be set free both my sisters and brothers in YAHUSHUA!

Thank you for stirring up the anointing in me so I could write this my son in YAHUSHUA, I am being led by the Ruach Ha Kodesh to post this for others are wondering why there are no new words coming forth. I am in the refiners furnace we know what the end result will be I shall pass on what I am learning. Again it is not just me but those that are helping me in this ministry are also in the refiners furnace as we strive to walk in complete obedience to our commander in Chief for we are but a foot soldier of the cross of Calvary. How many will pick up their crosses and follow YAHUSHUA even when your flesh protests?

Last but not least I have fought for years the scriptures that say "women should cover their heads when prophecying and praying, else let them shave their heads!" I have long hair why should this be necessary? I found out the hard way when YAHUVEH insisted I start obeying his commands and although I protested, I obeyed and now I realize a greater anointing as well as more protected from the evil ones.

I put a scarf around my head as instructed in the bible. YAHUVEH pointed out to me even those that serve heathen gods do this how much more should we who desire to obey our Heavenly Father YAHUVEH and YAHUSHUA! One of the things YAHUVEH has been pointing out much to my shame is a stubborn willful spirit I have that needs taming and he has brought this anointed brother to do just that ONLY under the anointing and as it lines up with the word of YAHUVEH! He is the first to admit he wouldn't dare do this in his own flesh, only under the anointing. I must admit over the years I haven't been mentored by any man, none have dared try, except this one sent from YAHUVEH. It is because I discern our Heavenly Father speaking forth I am allowing this humbling although anyone that knows me well knows I still protest at times. When I make a decision I must get a witness from this brother first . The end result is I am obeying my soon coming bride groom YAHUSHUA! Let those of us called YAHUSHUA'S bride be found without spot or wrinkle is my prayer!

Do whatever you have to do to make this come to pass.

In YAHUSHUA's name I pray, amen. Selah

Love and blessings in the name of YAHUSHUA,
Apostle Elisabeth (Elisheva) Elijah