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What If Rosh Ha Shanah Is The Day That I Come?

Urgent message to the Bride of YAHUSHUA Messiah. Given to Apostle Elisabeth (Elisheva) Elijah.

I went to bed and awoke weeping two nights ago on 9/16/98.

For I had been praying in my sleep, which isn't unusual, for many times this has happened and it's like ALL night even while I sleep, I am praying. But what was unusual is I awoke and was weeping, sobbing, and intervening for the Bride of YAHUSHUA Messiah. I heard a voice speak these words that awoke me...


I heard it for two days. On 9/15/98 and 9/16/98. Though some will think I am insane for speaking this, I know I am held accountable if I don't. Ezek. 3 17:21 says when a watchman is given a warning and we don't pass it on, then the blood will be on our hands, but when we do give the warning, and even if they don't listen, the blood won't be on my hands. So I am warning like YAHUSHUA warned me in the same words.


As I said, I awoke to this voice. It was almost audible but I know it wasn't' audible, but loud enough to have been audible. And it was YAHUSHUA speaking. I know that voice. The same one that told me of West Virginia and wrath. The same one that told me of six Eclipses, then He comes.

I was weeping and interceding not only for myself but ALL those on my prayer list. Saying, "Oh YAHUSHUA, please count us worthy to be received as your Bride, spotless and white. OH, YAHUSHUA, please have mercy and forgive us for NONE of us are perfect." I said there was no way I could name all the names that I was trying to lift up to YAHUSHUA, so I said, "Here is my invisible list. Please spare your Bride. Please come and take us home with you and spare us of this wrath that is to come. Count us worthy to be called your Bride of YAHUSHUA Messiah."

I prayed exhausted until I fell asleep weeping for the Bride, that YAHUSHUA would count her worthy to be taken home to be with Him when He comes. I fell asleep and even sleeping I was praying and weeping. And as I awoke this went on. Each time I heard plainly the same voice. Say exactly the same thing


The only other time He spoke anything different, no matter what I said, was one time He said to me, and this is personal, but since I am speaking the truth I must say it completely. YAHUSHUA, I believed, had promised me that Nikomia that I have been searching and waiting for, my YAHUVEH Ordained Partner in this ministry and life would come BEFORE the RAPTURE. But now YAHUSHUA was saying to me, "What about Nikomia? Do you still want me to come when Nikomia has not come yet?"

I said "OH YES. YAHUSHUA. OH YES. It doesn't matter. For you are my YAHUSHUA and my SAVIOR, My MESSIAH. My Groom." And then I started praying and interceding again for the Bride of YAHUSHUA Messiah to be counted worthy to be raptured, "caught away in the clouds with YAHUSHUA" when He comes. Then he said, "Tell the People. Tell them these exact words I am saying, for they know not when, but tell them to be ready. NO matter WHEN it is. Call yourself not Pre-trib, Mid-trib, or Post-Trib. Don't use these labels to describe My coming.

"For it's NONE OF THESE THINGS. Tell them to be expecting me on Rosh Ha Shanah, as if that were the day. To keep the days of Rosh Ha Shanah and Yom Kippur Holy before me. For YAHUVEH would NOT lie to the Jewish People. "They know they are to expect their Savior on Rosh Ha Shanah and know not which one. YAHUVEH of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob does NOT lie. Tell them the Savior they REJECTED is the Savior that comes again. They will hate you, yet you must LOVE them in Me.

"On Rosh Ha Shanah, make sure you and the Bride await me as if expecting to hear the words, "Come Hither" at any time. Tell them the Bride is sleeping. Shake her awake. These messages and this vision of me seeing a beautiful sleeping Bride on a bed."

And YAHUSHUA showed me, taking her by the shoulders and SHAKING HER in HIS POWER to awaken her before it's TOO LATE. For the Bridegroom does come and He comes quickly.

I am NOT saying it will be Sept. 20 or Sept. 21 1998. I am saying YAHUSHUA Messiah is saying...


Now all I know is what I have told you, no more and no less. Except I was in deep intercession, for the BRIDE is NOT ready at this time for the MOST PART. Please WAKE UP. BRIDE OF YAHUSHUA MESSIAH.




* * * * * * *

YAHUSHUA awoke me and said it for two days, 9/15/98 and 9/16/98 and had me interceding for the Bride of YAHUSHUA Messiah that for the MOST part is NOT ready for Him to gather his Bride Home. He told me to shake awake under HIS anointing the Sleeping Bride. He spoke these words that almost sounded audible if ONLY you could hear them, for I can still hear them, even the tone of his voice. I pray I will always remember this.


YAHUSHUA is NOT saying He is COMING for SURE on one of these two Holy days. I DON'T KNOW. But he is saying, BE READY and think like He is coming at any moment. NO matter WHEN the time comes.

So we have this blessed promise. And Almighty YAHUVEH is NOT like a man who LIES. We also shall be raised from the dead and have Glorified Bodies. And we which are alive, when YAHUSHUA comes again, will NOT have to DIE to obtain these Glorified Bodies. This is OUR Promise. We don't have HELL to fear, we have Heaven to look forward to because of the price YAHUSHUA paid at Calvary.

We don't accept sickness. We accept Healing. Because of YAHUSHUA, we don't accept death, we accept Resurrection. We have bodies made of FLESH now, so weak and frail and easily tempted. Yet we, by FAITH, know this is just a shell like a turtle has. Our TRUE bodies are OUR SPIRIT BODIES.

Although the WORLD cannot see the Glorified Bodies, they await us. The flesh cannot see our souls, but that's the REALITY.

And when our souls leave these bodies of Flesh and blood, when they are released, they either go to Heaven or Hell. No purgatory. No waiting rooms. Everyone RIGHT NOW is making their reservations for Heaven or Hell. Once you take your last breath, it is too late. Don't let your reservation to Heaven be canceled. NO ONE, NOR ANYTHING, IS WORTH THAT. Live each day on earth as if it's your LAST. For Rapture or NOT, it COULD BE your LAST ON EARTH.

NO ONE IS GUARANTEED ANOTHER SECOND. Make the MOST of what time you have left. Make it count for YAHUSHUA MESSIAH, YAHUVEH and the HOLY GHOST. Sitting in churches where you just take in, and don't give out of the ABUNDANCE you are learning, makes you nothing more than a pew warmer. How many souls have you touched for YAHUSHUA and not for a religion?

Religion is MAN MADE. A LOVING RELATIONSHIP with YAHUSHUA is ALMIGHTY YAHUVEH MADE. OH, what an AWESOME ALMIGHTY YAHUSHUA, MASTER, SAVIOR and our soon coming GROOM, we do WORSHIP, SERVE, and LOVE, putting YAHUSHUA above everything and everyone in life. Stay close to Him, especially as these Holy days approach.

YAHUVEH, and YAHUSHUA, and the Ruach Ha Kodash (Holy Ghost) are VERY angry. Especially with the last decision of torturing the babies in the inhuman act of what is so loosely called PARTIAL BIRTH ABORTION and yet is MURDER and TORTURE to the highest DEGREE. Premeditated MURDER. The innocent blood of those babies is on the hands of the three that withheld their votes, and I only pray they will have to suffer untold agony for what they have done to those babies, allowing to continue.

They have ALL the time while in Hell to have a spike driven in the base of their necks and then have the fluid sucked out of them while alive. And then be decapitated. Only difference is these babies go back to Heaven once this agony is over. OH, the Cruelty. For the sake of what? But these three who have done these things, they are REPROBATE and for all ETERNITY they will suffer in HELL for what they have done.

NO, I AM NOT PRAYING FOR THEIR SOULS. THEY ARE REPROBATE. Read Jeremiah 6 vs. 27-30 if you don't know what REPROBATE IS. Someone's name never written and then blotted out of the Book of LIFE.

On 9/18/98, when the decision was made, only three votes short. But the suffering for these three in Hell will only go on for ETERNITY.

Why didn't every American and every Christian in the world OPPOSE this cruel, violent act? OH, YAHUSHUA, this is my way of standing up and saying, "YAHUSHUA, forgive your Bride." OH. I am so sorry for many of us, including me, didn't find this out till TOO LATE. Hanging my head, and yet this is a poor excuse. Oh, but remember America, you will pay for what you have done. Desecrating Almighty YAHUVEH and YAHUSHUA's Holy Day.

A few days before Almighty YAHUVEH's Holy Days the lawmakers passed this act of Inhumane MURDER of the innocent babies.

Not even death row knows such gruesome deaths. For we try and be merciful to the guilty ones that murder. Get it over quickly and painlessly is the main motive of execution. And yet for the innocent Babes with NO ONE to hear there screams, and feel their FEAR but Almighty YAHUVEH YAHUSHUA, and Jehovah. For them whose ONLY CRIME was being BORN.

For you 3 evil lawmakers, I pray not a moment from this time on will you rest in PEACE. In your dreams you will see and hear the cries of the innocent babies. The blood will be as a great anchor around your necks and backs.

These three lawmakers, who break YAHUVEH'S and YAHUSHUA'S LAWS. MURDERING the INNOCENT. No more BLESSINGS WILL YOU SEE. What you hold dear will be taken from all three of the LAWMAKERS who grieve HEAVEN and have HELL REJOICING at your VOTES. In YAHUSHUA Messiah's name. YAHUSHUA, I ask that you lawmakers realize your LAW is NOT LAWFUL in the eyes of ALMIGHTY YAHUVEH. I PRAY THE FEAR OF YAHUVEH UPON YOU. NEVER a MOMENT OF PEACE or JOY, even your own LAUGHTER will be a echo and HOLLOW to your ears.

For you 3 lawmakers, who did the will of the antichrist, Satan, and the False Prophet, have truly LOST your SOULS for this act of Treachery against Heaven and Earth. The Blood of the UNBORN who are murdered and tortured daily, and all those that say ABORTION is LAWFUL the same punishment is YOURS.

Thus saith YAHUVEH.

What started out as my prayer ended up with the words I heard in the Spirit; these are NOT my curses, for my curses have NO power, only anger. But when YAHUVEH and YAHUSHUA, under the anointing say tell them, "THUS SAYETH YAHUVEH," those have power.

Oh, what a fearful thing, the Bible says, it is to fall into the hands of the living Almighty YAHUVEH and YAHUSHUA. These are their babies you are torturing and murdering. You lawmakers vote for MURDER and TORTURE for these innocent babies.

The laws of America say torture and murder is what unwanted babies deserve. And this is only one form of torture. What about the giant vacuum that tears apart their little bodies, one part at a time? What about the saline solution that burns the babies alive? Oh the torture! Oh the blood on the tax payers' hands who pay these politicians, who elected them to office.

Oh, YAHUSHUA. Oh, YAHUSHUA. The blood is on America's hands. Please spare your people, those of us now who grieve for America and what it is doing. Please, Father YAHUVEH and YAHUSHUA, before your wrath is poured out upon this world. Please, for your mercy's sake. Remember its YAHUSHUA's blood that covers us who belong to you.

Spare us for your mercy's sake. Please, YAHUSHUA, take your Bride home NOW! Let us be counted worthy.


You spared Lot, and he had a place to go before Sodom and Gomorra were destroyed from Heaven. Show us, your children, where to go. Show us NOW what to do.

I beg you, our YAHUSHUA, for mercy for your Bride which I am part of, only because of the same Merciful Blood at Calvary that you spilled for me and all those who receive you as Master and Savior and know your the Son of Almighty YAHUVEH. You gave Noah an Ark. Where can we go? Where in this world is there's a Ark for your Children? Please YAHUSHUA. hear your Children's, and Servant's cries. SAVE US, OH YAHUSHUA, YAHUVEH.

Father YAHUVEH and YAHUSHUA are VERY angry this day, 9/19/98. I can feel part of their grief, and rage. Pray for mercy on us who live in America especially.

Those Lawmakers who did NOT cast this vote for death and instead life to the babies, we pray a special blessing on ALL those who lay their lives, jobs, reputations, down for the sake of PROTECTING the UNBORN, who are even willing to be imprisoned, or voted out of office, and for speaking against this.

We pray there will be bountiful blessings from Heaven, including salvation, including finances. And that more will speak up around the world against the killing of America's own babies.

AMERICA will be MOCKED for slaughtering their own people, for are NOT the babies American citizens? WOE, WOE, WOE to America. The die has been cast. YAHUSHUA, HAVE MERCY ON US WHO LIVE HERE and BELONG TO YOU. SPARE YOUR CHILDREN. PROVIDE a way of ESCAPE. Especially for this handmaiden you speak these words from. They have NOT been my words, but written under your anointing. And NOT my boldness but spoken from YOUR Boldness.


And the dead in Christ shall rise first, and we which are alive will be gathered to meet YAHUSHUA in the Air. That is His promise.

I am looking forward WHEN these bodies of corruption, bodies of Flesh will be changed to bodies of incorruption. Bodies that are beautiful and Glorified, in a twinkling of a eye. For we know flesh and blood cannot enter into Heaven. So please, YAHUSHUA, we stand on your promises NOT because we are sinless, for ALL have sinned and fall short of your perfection. But because of your perfect, Holy Blood that was given to wash us clean from the stench of the sins of this flesh and world. We stand in your armor. And we await our white robes of RIGHTEOUSNESS. Not our RIGHTEOUSNESS. But YOUR RIGHTEOUSNESS. YOUR HOLINESS.

We have done and will continue to do what you have told us to do, but we await this glorious promise above. Proving you are ALMIGHTY YAHUVEH and YOU CANNOT LIE. YOU ARE FAITHFUL AND TRUE to those that TRULY WORSHIP, LOVE, SERVE YOU, WHO PUT YOU FIRST IN THEIR LIVES AND THOUGHTS and are NOT ashamed of the Gospel of YAHUSHUA.

COME, YAHUSHUA, COME! YAHUSHUA, you told me to tell the people, especially on these two HOLY days, Rosh Ha Shanah, Yom Kippur (Day of Atonement). To get alone with You and pray and to seek your face, to repent on these days and live like you YAHUSHUA will speak the words "Come up Hither!" at any moment from this day on. After Rosh Ha Shanah, we are only seconds away from the midnight hour. Or, is Rosh Ha Shanah the midnight hour? I was given a vision and saw the hands of the clock. It will NOT be moved backwards by YAHUVEH. But he does have the ability to move the hands forward quickly as he so chooses. I am told to deliver to you this message from Heaven. This I have done, if there is anything else you want me to say, then please speak it forth and I will speak it to your people. Give us the Spiritual eyes, and ears, to hear clearly what we are to do to escape the tribulation and wrath that is to come. Prove you will PROTECT all of US who truly belong to you. YAHUSHUA, YOU ARE THE ONLY TRUE GOOD SHEPHERD. Teach us how to follow where you lead, is my prayer. TO OBEY. In your Name YAHUSHUA Messiah, I pray. Amen, Selah.

Much love in YAHUSHUA, Your Sister in Christ
Apostle Elisabeth (Elisheva) Elijah

* * * * * * *

If you have a testimony that will help bring souls to YAHUSHUA, please send them to me. The Blood of the Lamb YAHUSHUA, and the word of our mouths, our testimonies, will bring souls to YAHUSHUA. The knowledge that we have spoken our testimonies, and given the Glory to YAHUSHUA is the ONLY thing we can take when we leave this earth. Knowing we have boldly spoken the only way to Heaven is through YAHUSHUA. His Shed Blood, and His Holy Name, and His Holy Word. Accepting YAHUSHUA who died in OUR places. Suffered in OUR places. Taking on the sins of this WORLD so we could be plucked out of the fiery hand of the Devil, Satan. But as YAHUSHUA arose again from the dead and everyone saw him, for he ministered again for 40 days.