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The reason I put both dates I have not a clue if it was past midnight.

I fell asleep asking to hear an audible word from either YAHUVEH or YAHUSHUA. Now this is the part I have to admit, because I am writing everything exactly as I remember it. I don't know if I was asleep or awake because it was like I was between both of these states of mind. All of a sudden I realized my eyes were open and I heard...YAHUVEH ROAR!

How do I describe ABBA YAHUVEH'S ROAR?

It is a cross between the most ferocious lion and a very angry man that roars. There is no way to describe what I heard or felt. Again YAHUVEH ROARED AND HE DIDN'T STOP FOR WHAT SEEMED TO BE AT LEAST A MINUTE OR MORE. I was terrified because I never heard this before. I remember reading YAHUVEH roars out of Zion, and I know YAHUSHUA will come back from the tribe of the Lion of Judah, but I am telling you when Daddy YAHUVEH gets full of wrath HE ROARS! When HE roared again I felt the same thing, only that time the shaking of the earth and bed was so violent just like before, I thought the earth would shake apart! His breath was the ALMIGHTYWIND and HE caused the tree's to bend like before.

I still wonder if that bed really was shaking because I know I was!

YAHUVEH assured me HE wasn't angry with me or his children who put YAHUVEH and YAHUSHUA first in their life and love and marriage. HE is furious at all those who think they can play games with YAHUSHUA'S blood and Grace and make excuses for sin and who mock all that is Holy and those who are full of rebellion and disobedience, following satan and not YAHUVEH'S RULES.

YAHUVEH is furious, for as HE sent A MIGHTY WIND where the hurricanes were sent, instead of repenting they only spoke of rebuilding again! I warn you that you may rebuild New Orleans but YAHUVEH will tear it down again! YAHUVEH is furious over New Orleans [two guest prophets have spoken of New Orleans, Dan and A.A. Allen] for the main religion is Satanism, unholiness abounds in Witchcraft, all forms of the occult such as voodoo, and vampirism, homosexuality. Then to add insult to injury, the newscasters kept calling the storm "Mother Nature." If anything it should be called "Father Nature."

Maybe I have said this 500 times but I will never forget when I heard our Creator ROAR from Heaven! This also has put a greater fear in me, not to test YAHUVEH for HE alone is our Judge, Jury, and executioner! I pity those who say they are Christian and they are playing games with the shed blood of YAHUSHUA! If your are reading this and have been seeing how much sin you can get by with and still make Heaven, I warn you that you had better repent today before it is too late! Obedience is better than sacrifice!

When YAHUVEH was done Roaring and speaking, I didn't know what to say, except aloud I said, "With all due respect ABBA YAHUVEH, next time I think I better ask for YAHUSHUA to speak. Then I told YAHUVEH how much I love and worship HIM and how grateful I am that HE is not angry with me. Unless you have ever heard YAHUVEH ROAR there is no way to describe the fear that will fill your body.

To anyone else that has had this happen, please email me and let me know, I am not alone to have heard this. Tell me the circumstances.

This Ministry is Messianic Jewish Pentecostal. I am a biological Jew that accepted YAHUSHUA as my Messiah, so now I am also a Spiritual Jew as is anyone who has accepted YAHUSHUA as Messiah. The reason Pentecostal is in the description of who we are is because we accept the gifts given at Pentecost, and speaking in Holy Tongues is one of those gifts as well as healing, and prophecy among others.

It saddens me that I have seen some I use to call friends of this Ministry because of these wolves in sheep clothing, turn into a Judas or a Peter when he denied YAHUSHUA 3 TIMES. I have seen some of these people return and apologize and admit they had become a Peter because out of fear they didn't want to be attacked, so they allowed the slander and hatred and threats to this Ministry and Minister.

I will be so grateful when YAHUSHUA comes for HIS Bride because I not only will be grateful because I love and worship and adore and miss HIM, but I am really weary of this world and of those who wear the label of Christian and yet make excuses for people to sin, and use the word grace like it is a throw rug anytime they don't like a commandment just break it and cover it with the word grace! These kind of people are the reason we don't use the word Christian anymore. More sin is done now under the title of Christian, even homosexuality and abortion!

YAHUVEH has not changed his definition of sin just because rebellious mankind has [Malachi 3:6].

Why do you think the road to Heaven is narrow, and the road to Hell is broad? That's because the majority of Christians now believe that anyone can sin all they want and break even the 4th commandment and say any day will do for the Sabbath, as well as make excuses that its OK to break any of the commandments and not be Holy and try to be obedient to YAHUVEH. They just use the excuse of Grace to cover their premeditated sins! After all everyone sins, right? I want you to know that there is no GRACE when you purposely premeditate sin!

Hate me if you want for telling you the truth, but when you are in Hell one day you will be forced to remember who is the one that was used to tell you the truth that your itching ears doesn't want to hear because you don't like the rules our YAHUVEH made at creation. It seems a lot of people forget HE is the Potter and we are the clay! Not visa versa! The audacity of man to take the Holy Scriptures and to twist them to conform to man's image of even what is sin and what is not. And which commandment we can throw out, simply because the Catholic Church changed it to Sunday!

My enemies tried to tell others because they cast their death curses, that Elisabeth must be dead because she has not updated her site in weeks. I am very much alive and well. The reason is because we are about our Father YAHUVEH'S and YAHUSHUA'S business and I am like a Nehimiah and not coming off the wall just to entertain my enemies. Some say they don't like the way I speak to the enemies. I speak the way YAHUVEH leads me to speak to them. Who would listen if I spoke in a soft-spoken womanly voice? I speak the words as YAHUVEH puts them in my mouth and if they come out as fire and burns them, then let the words purify and cause repentance so they will not burn in Hell. For the words are not mine. Why would I want to pick fights?

I defend YAHUVEH'S and YAHUSHUA'S truths. Steven Hanson is a false prophet for he has compromised now and attacks me and even tries and gives a thus sayeth the LORD to do it. I pity Steven Hanson. For years now I have known he is a enemy of mine driven by Jealousy. He now uses this ministry to get the attention he so sorely craved. He got it alright but YAHUVEH let me know, Steven will also reap what he is sowing as he puts words in YAHUVEH'S MOUTH that YAHUVEH and YAHUSHUA are not saying, accusing me and allowing the enemies of this Ministry to use him in this way. Sad, very sad. I pray he repents quickly and apologizes.

Last thing I want to share with you is a open vision that was given to me recently. All this has happened since the enemies I once called friends attacked me. I guess I should be grateful, for the scriptures say, "All things work together for good, to those that love YAHUVEH and are called according to HIS purposes."

Pam Shuffert was recently with us for about 2 weeks in September and she is the first person I told this. My voice broke as I relayed this vision I had after the radio broadcast calling for my death on Zeph Daniel's radio show. I still get filled with such emotion even has I think about this. One side note before I forget, Pam and I prayed together as we went to Bozeman, Montana, and picked her up and she stayed with us and fellowshiped and we had a few strong anointing sessions. One time when she was praying with me, the anointing came on me so heavy that during the time we were praising YAHUSHUA that my hand was high in the air and she said she was told by YAHUSHUA not to touch me, for I was under a intense anointing! In reality she didn't know it but I was holding onto the hand of YAHUSHUA for at least 45 minutes or longer! It was AWESOME!

Normally my arms get tired just to put my hair up, even for 30 seconds, and yet I could easily lift my arms without any pain! Before I had been so tired and emotionally, physically drained and afterwards on the SABBATH Saturday afternoon, I got my strength restored and so me and Pam could pray together. When he returned to the motel room, he was amazed at my energy level, and I said that's because, " YAHUSHUA HELD MY HAND." Who wouldn't get restored when our MESSIAH holds our Hand!

I don't say this to condemn anyone, only to give you what YAHUVEH said to give you. I must say since the enemies persecution, the anointing of the Ruach sure has grown in me! PRAISE YAHUSHUA! TO YAHUVEH AND YAHUSHUA be all Praise, Honor and Glory. The strangest thing is every miracle I have described here was on the SABBATH usually on a Saturday (rather than the Friday evening when Sabbath begins at sunset) ! I am being attacked for doing what other Messianic Jew's and Seventh Day Adventist's do and yet for some unknown reason the enemies pursue me with vengeance, even calling for my death, especially because of Prophecy 79! You know it has to be truth to be attacked like I am being attacked. Some nut out there will think they are doing these evil men like Zeph and Frank and Rich or Hunter a favor and could try and kill me, but I know YAHUVEH and YAHUSHUA would drop them like flies if they tried to harm a hair on my head.