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- 9.6.2005  
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Posted 10.30.2005

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Angie Ray's Church Was Fasting and Praying
For Elisabeth's Death

From: "Apostle Elisabeth (Elisheva) Elijah"  Contact Us
To: Carlton
Subject: RE: Angie Ray Ministires I was told to run toward Goliath like David did!
Date: Sat, 22 Oct 2005

Shalom beloved Sister in YAHUSHUA,

I praise YAHUSHUA I am saved, sanctified, consecrated, and filled with the Holy Spirit and I run towards Goliath, not away from him, in the name of YAHUSHUA for YAHUVEH and YAHUSHUA'S Glory alone! She is a Goliath of evil and never did she try and write me to prove otherwise, or explain why she did what she did in the services I attended at her church.

Thank you for writing me and letting me know what my enemy is up to. As you can see I am alive and well despite what Satan tries to do through his servants who come disguised as Christians and yet they are wolves in sheeps' clothing. I really believe this is backfiring on her because I am only getting blessed. And I wondered why all of a sudden the people were writing and telling me about Angie Ray. Now I understand they are coming to www.amightywind.com and getting a sample of true anointing and the demons are fleeing from them and they are writing me and confirming what I know to be true. 

So I praise YAHUSHUA that HE is using this ministry still to set the captives free in the name of YAHUSHUA who are being led to this ministry. They may come as a enemy but after reading what we have posted, and reading the prophetic messages, the Holy Spirit delivers them and convicts them and they turn and run and rebuke and expose Angie Ray. PRAISE YAHUSHUA!

I will not compromise in what I know to be true. I read your email and when I got to the part of 'the blood, the blood' chanting I quickly added the blood of JESUS CHRIST, or in Hebrew I call HIM YAHUSHUA HA MASHIACH which translates to YAHUSHUA the Messiah. Go Here to read about my experience with her years ago.

YAHUVEH says give place to your wrath and for all the people she has harmed who trusted her to pray for deliverance. Instead, demons didn't leave people, they became more oppressed and/or possessed. I give place to my wrath and give it to YAHUVEH who says, "Vengeance is mine sayeth the LORD YAHUVEH, I will repay."

I was sent into that church and people were freed of demonic spirits that made them believe she was the queen of Israel and worthy to have them bow down before her. Sickening idoltry! And she kept them fasting while she feasted. I saw services that went past midnight in chicago. I have received many emails telling me about how she has different luxury cars for every day of the week.

I am not worried about the people praying against me and fasting for my death or destruction. For you see only someone who is evil will be effected by those prayers. My beloved, also called JESUS CHRIST, LOVES ME, and never would harm me for speaking forth the truth. MY BELOVED YAHUSHUA KNOWS I LOVE HIM WITH ALL MY HEART, MIND, BODY AND SOUL. If you took part in this chanting of 'the blood', you must repent also, for unknowingly you were being used to harm others and control them.

I would be interested in knowing what date she had her congregation start fasting and praying against me. Wolves travel in packs and by the way the scripture you quoted doesn't mean we are to pray blessings on those who send demons along with satanic curses. We are not talking about speaking cuss words, we are talking about someone pretending to be a Christian and controling them through mind control, mind manipulation, mind caging spirits, among other lying and deceiving spirits. I don't play games with satan or his bride!

I hate evil, and I hate satan almost as much as I love YAHUSHUA. The reason I say almost is because I fall more in love with YAHUSHUA HA MASHIACH daily. For Angie Ray to say I am using witchcraft is nonsense, I just leave the warfare up to YAHUVEH for HE is Almighty in Love and Amighty in Wrath. And I ask YAHUVEH in YAHUSHUA'S name when the enemy comes at me in one direction, chase them away in 7 different directions! She is the one using occult powers and I am being used to expose her because others fear doing so, and yet I know who protects me, and I am hidden under the shelter of YAHUVEH'S wings as Psalm 91 states and hidden under the shed blood of YAHUSHUA HA MASHIACH who in Greek HIS name is JESUS CHRIST. I pity the people fasting and praying for any harm to come to me, it proves they are not able to hear the voice of our Messiah clearly and the Holy Spirit, or they would know better.

I pray they repent and get the discernment and get free of her mind-controling demons so they can hear clearly that I am not their enemy. I am only an enemy of those who serve satan leading people into the churches of Babylon, preaching doctrines of Babylon, and those who seek this ministry's and my destruction. The difference between ARM--she named it after herself--and this Ministry is that I named this ministry after YAHUVEH, YAHUSHUA, AND THE RUACH HA KODESH, (HOLY SPIRIT).

She is puffed up with pride and even the name of her ministry brings glory only to Angie Ray. ARM stands for Angie Ray Ministry. Wait until she gets before the Judgment seat and finds out YAHUVEH is not easily mocked and all she has is Hell to look forward to along with the Lake of Fire. Sadly all those who help her to cast spells unknowningly that is what she is doing, for I am sure some of these people really don't know better. They will reap what she is sowing also because they attacked a Holy Ministry and Prophet.

"Touch not my anointed and neither do my prophets any harm. I pray they quickly repent."

Notice who is in the hospital? You were sent to let me know that YAHUVEH is taking vengeance on her for the lies she is speaking against me and the way she is manipulating the people in her church.

Her daughter kept writing me in the summer and warning me that I would die if I didn't stop speaking about her mother. And I prophecied to her that death and sickness would not touch me for I have a Holy hedge of protection around me, and a Holy wall of fire, for I am washed in the shed blood of YAHUSHUA HA MASHIACH and this ministry is used to expose the those who are of satan and wear the mask of a sheep.

This ministry is under attack for standing up for Holiness and obedience to the Ten Commandments and putting YAHUVEH and YAHUSHUA FIRST IN OUR LIVES AND LOVE. The Satanists masking as Christians hate this ministry. She has never forgotten me and I have never forgotten her. Many have written me and repented for ever being apart of her ministry. Even a deacon wrote me and confessed his sin and his fear of her demonic powers. In the name of YAHUSHUA I just reverse the curses sent to me back upon the senders and if they don't repent they shall wear those curses right into the pit of Hell.

Word network needs to send someone in there undercover and I think they would be amazed at what is going on. I don't know if you have recently read some of the emails we have recently posted but I will copy some of what is posted and you can read it yourself. See the additional links at the top of this page.

Please write me back and keep me posted. Perhaps you can even send this to some of the people who are fasting and praying against me. You tell them I don't fear their attacks because YAHUVEH protects me with a everlasting love and Shkhinah Glory through the shed blood of HIS Son my Messiah YAHUSHUA. We are a Messianic Jewish Ministry so we teach the Jewishness of our Messiah and I use HIS Hebrew name that Mary gave him. She didn't give HIM a Greek name. YAHUSHUA means 'YAH SAVES' and that is what YAHUVEH did through HIS only begotton Son, the Only Lamb of YAHUVEH. And these people cannot harm me when I am not using occult, but asking instead for YAHUVEH to take vengeance on all the enemies that seek the destruction of this Holy Ministry. I wonder if they think their curses can reach as far as Israel!

Do they not know what happens when they try and cast a curse on a Jew? My maiden name is Elijah and my mother's maiden name was Elias. That makes me a double Elijah and I am someone devoted to YAHUVEH and YAHUSHUA and anointed in the Holy Spirit with the evidence of speaking in Holy Tongues and gift of interpretation and office of A prophet and that includes all 5 fold offices which means apostle! For 30 years I have been a minister preaching the Gospel and praying for deliverance for people...and I do everything FREE, never charging for anything, or even writing a book for people to buy.

Angie Ray has these people trying to send curses on me like Balaam who was told to curse Israel instead of bless it. Need I remind you what YAHUVEH did to Balaam? Perhaps you can warn these people who fast and pray against me that I am only an enemy of satan and his followers. I wear the full armor of Ephesians 6 and it never comes off. I carry the shield of faith high and I know that, "No weapon formed against me shall prosper and every tongue that riseth against me shall be condemned for this is the heritage of the LORD YAHUSHUA."

Apostle Elisabeth, God bless you in the name of Jesus,

It was call to my attention about Voodoo in the Churches, and I see that you was talking about Angie Rays Ministries; However I have a neices and a brother that goes to the ministry, and if she is doing what you say she is doing to the peoples please pray for my love one's to come out of the ministries, I know that my niece is very much drawing to them, and she look's to me to be under Mind Control and with that kind of power over someone, it would take the Lord to bring her out.

Thank you for your prayers,
someone concerned
Sent : Tuesday, September 6, 2005 11:53 PM
To : Contact Us
Subject : Reply to voodoo and occult practices in the church

would like to share my experience with you about an Angie Ray conference Ive been to. Before I begin I just want to say that Im not going to judge anyone, thats in Gods hands

On October 15,2003. I took my mother to one of the Angie Ray crusades as a birthday present because we were watching her on t.v for over a year.

I must say, I did witness a lot of things that were strange my mother walked out of the church because she knew something just wasnt right at the time I just got saved and I was desperate to be delivered. Some of the elders and ministers that were with Dr. Ray were manifesting demons, if they werent something was going wrong. We too had to chant "the blood", all i really did was cry. People were howling, even before the mass deliverance began one of the ushers was "dancing in the spirit" BUT at the same time she was drooling. What I had hoped to be delivered from did not leave. At the end of the service, we too had to get on our knees just to talk to her. I know deliverance isnt pretty but that service was weird and after all was said and done, people were still cold and distant.

I do agree that there are MANY, MANY, MANY, false prophets out there and some of them are on the word network. One in particular who calls himself the Master Prophet and has paintings of egyptian hieroglyphics on the walls of his church. This indeed is praying time.

God Bless You (the true, living holy God)
REPLY FROM ELISABETH From : Apostle Elisabeth (Elisheva) Elijah Contact Us
Sent : Thursday, September 15, 2005 6:57 AM
Subject : RE: Reply to voodoo THANK YOU FOR TELLING ME!

PRAISE YAHUSHUA and welcome to the family of YAHUSHUA! Do you know the bible says every angel in Heaven rejoices at the salvation of every soul? Now I rejoice with the angels.

Thank you for obeying the Holy Spirit in Hebrew called the Ruach ha Kodesh.

Dear sweet Sister thank you for telling me this, I needed to have further confirmation if this was still going on and prayed for that confirmation, you are an answer to that prayer.

Did your mother chant "the blood" or did she fight that urge? It is very important that I know for if she did she needs intercessory prayers.

What better place for the devil to put his servants then in a church that is suppose to be doing deliverance. Sister truly I know this, be grateful those people did not pray over you or you could have become demon possessed. These evil people call the demonic spirits into people and do not expel them.

Please write me back and tell me more about yourself and how you would like me to pray for you. OH beloved little one YAHUSHUA protected you for you wept for your spirit knew evil was there and so did your mother.

Please tell me what State that was in, is she still in Chicago?

I have been threatened for speaking forth the truth and warning but I am so grateful someone is seeing what I have seen and will speak out also against this evil.

Much love and blessings in the name of YAHUSHUA

Apostle Elisabeth Elijah

Please reply to Contact Us

That is my main email address also just in case I don't receive it mail also to Contact Us
From: carlton
To: Contact Us
Subject: You are under attack by Angie Ray Ministires
Date: Sun, 16 Oct 2005 12:58:49 -0700 (PDT)

Greetings My Beautiful sister in Christ,

I have heard from a crediable source by someone who is a member of Angie Ray Minstries.

The church is currently on a prayer & fasting virgil against you, assumming that you are working witchcraft against Angie Ray, as a prior member of Angie ray ministries, I am not surprise by the information that was provided me.

I was a partcipate of several such virgils while a member of Angie Ray ministires, but Thank God I am free. Please be forewarned that the prayers are not for your safety nor security.

Jesus says to bless those you curse you. I encourage you to bless that ministry and those ignorant people, they don't know Jesus.

Example prayer that A.R.M WOULD PRAY against you, they see you as a threat and against them, angie ray thinks that she is right.

  example prayer: Father God,we pray against that (name of person) on the internet who is working witchcraft on pastor ray, we send it back to the soruce and the sender, we bind up witchcraft let it be to her demise, let it return until she repents, we bind up all soulish and pyshic prayers. the blood, the blood, the blood, the blood, the blood.

  This is an example of how they are praying against you.

  The ministry members knows of you and your website, and have been informed by angie that you are a witch, and that you trying to kill angie. She is currently in the hospital and the members have not been informed of her illness.

  The truth of her illness has not been made known to her congregants, only the select few (in leadership) are aware of her trure condition, the congregants have been charged by leadership to engage spiritual warfare against you, through fasting and prayer. NO WEAPON FORMED AGAINST SHALL PROSPER. As a X MEMBER I am compelld to informed you this matter, and it is a geuinely God concern for your well being, I don't believe that you have any ILL malcie against Angie Ray or that ministry, however if so please be mindful that God has called us to pray for this who war against us in love. 

  May his peace and grace go with you.


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