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 Elisabeth's Experience (1998) in Angie Ray's Church
 Angie Ray's Church Was Fasting and Praying For Elisabeth's Death
- 10.30.2005
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Posted 9.6.2005

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Emails Confirming The Evil of Angie Ray

God bless you in the name of Jesus,

It was call to my attention about Voodoo in the Churches, and I see that you was talking about Angie Rays Ministries; However I have a neices and a brother that goes to the ministry, and if she is doing what you say she is doing to the peoples please pray for my love one's to come out of the ministries, I know that my niece is very much drawing to them, and she look's to me to be under Mind Control and with that kind of power over someone, it would take the Lord to bring her out.

Thank you for your prayers
someone concerned

Sent : Tuesday, September 6, 2005 11:53 PM
To : Contact Us
Subject : Reply to voodoo and occult practices in the church

would like to share my experience with you about an Angie Ray conference Ive been to. Before I begin I just want to say that Im not going to judge anyone, thats in Gods hands

On October 15,2003. I took my mother to one of the Angie Ray crusades as a birthday present because we were watching her on t.v for over a year.

I must say, I did witness a lot of things that were strange my mother walked out of the church because she knew something just wasnt right at the time I just got saved and I was desperate to be delivered. Some of the elders and ministers that were with Dr. Ray were manifesting demons, if they werent something was going wrong. We too had to chant "the blood", all i really did was cry. People were howling, even before the mass deliverance began one of the ushers was "dancing in the spirit" BUT at the same time she was drooling. What I had hoped to be delivered from did not leave. At the end of the service, we too had to get on our knees just to talk to her. I know deliverance isnt pretty but that service was weird and after all was said and done, people were still cold and distant.

I do agree that there are MANY, MANY, MANY, false prophets out there and some of them are on the word network. One in particular who calls himself the Master Prophet and has paintings of egyptian hieroglyphics on the walls of his church. This indeed is praying time.

God Bless You (the true, living holy God)


From : Apostle Elisabeth (Elisheva) Elijah   Contact Us
Sent : Thursday, September 15, 2005 6:57 AM
Subject : RE: Reply to voodoo THANK YOU FOR TELLING ME!

PRAISE YAHUSHUA and welcome to the family of YAHUSHUA! Do you know the bible says every angel in Heaven rejoices at the salvation of every soul? Now I rejoice with the angels.

Thank you for obeying the Holy Spirit in Hebrew called the Ruach ha Kodesh.

Dear sweet Sister thank you for telling me this, I needed to have further confirmation if this was still going on and prayed for that confirmation, you are an answer to that prayer.

Did your mother chant "the blood" or did she fight that urge? It is very important that I know for if she did she needs intercessory prayers.

What better place for the devil to put his servants then in a church that is suppose to be doing deliverance. Sister truly I know this, be grateful those people did not pray over you or you could have become demon possessed. These evil people call the demonic spirits into people and do not expel them.

Please write me back and tell me more about yourself and how you would like me to pray for you. OH beloved little one YAHUSHUA protected you for you wept for your spirit knew evil was there and so did your mother.

Please tell me what State that was in, is she still in Chicago?

I have been threatened for speaking forth the truth and warning but I am so grateful someone is seeing what I have seen and will speak out also against this evil.

Much love and blessings in the name of YAHUSHUA

Apostle Elisabeth Elijah

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