My Biological Dad, Steve Rossi Sr., Is A Judas, A Wolf In Sheep's Clothing And A Hypocrite!!!

Written By His Ex-Son
Stephen Rossi Jr.

This is your fate Steve Rossi Sr. just like Judas hanging from the tree!         Steve Rossi Sr. is a wolf in sheeps clothing!

October 18, 2009

[This is an email that Stephen Rossi Jr. sent his biological dad Steve Rossi Sr.. Stephen Jr. has requested we post this for the world to see his bio-dad as he truly is. This email will expose exactly what happened with Steve Sr. regarding his marriage. It will expose him from his own emails. YAHUVEH told us these enemies will hang themselves with their own words and you will see how Steve Sr. has done this. Prophecy 111 was given for Steve Sr. after he asked us to pray for him regarding his marriage, he then threw the Prophetic Word back in YAHUVEH's face because it would cost him too much money to divorce his wife. Steve Sr. now calls this Ministry a cult and Elisabeth a false prophet because he must justify his own behavior somehow. Sad but true and you can read it for yourselves, it is all in Stephen Jr's. email.

Thank You Stephen Rossi Jr. for standing for the truth no matter what the consequences. WE LOVE YOU!!!]

Email Begins Here:

Hi judas = Steve Rossi Sr. - the “Christian Counselor” who wrote the book called, “A Father's Words - How Fathers Make or Break Their Children,”

What is the purpose of this email? To expose who the real Steve Rossi Sr., so-called Christian Counselor, truly is. To show how you slandered and blasphemed the HOLY SPIRIT and GOD'S Ministry called Amightywind. To show that you are a fraud and phony. To show that the man who wrote the book mentioned above is not the same man today.

You allowed Hilda Rossi, your “wife,” to starve me by only cooking enough for two people. At first I didn't notice it but then GOD revealed that fact of what she was doing. Your “wife,” hilda rossi, was the one who said she wanted us all to be a family and to be in unity. Remember? How could you let her do that to me? I dropped down to at least 116 pounds. You know I already don't weigh that much. Why weren't you concerned about that? Maybe you were too busy to notice. Aren't we supposed to be our brother's keeper? Truly you didn't care at all.

I looked forward to going camping and fishing with you. We even received a Word from YAHUSHUA MASHIACH (Hebrew for Jesus Christ) to do this. You knew that this was GOD'S will. HE told us to take a week off, or at least a weekend, to get away. After much protesting you finally did this, sort of. We ended up sleeping in your truck in the Texas heat for one night. We didn't go fishing. Neither did we really camp out. Neither was there any campfire. How about that for quality father and son time together? You were afraid of what your “wife” would say. You were afraid of missing work, NOT because you would miss seeing clients, but because your finances would take a hit. Always about the finances with you. While we were driving to the campsite you told me, “I am only doing this out of obedience [to YAHUSHUA].” The way you so begrudgingly said that showed how it was such an inconvenience for you to prove your love for YAHUSHUA MASHIACH. Hypocrite. Doesn't your book say the father is to encourage his son and spend time with him? All you know is theory. All you have is a vain religion with no relationship. Looking back, the only thing we had in common was spiritually when I was teaching you in the Bible Studies and reading the Prophecies to you. Too bad you no longer put any of that into practice. How much of it did you really? We no longer have anything in common spiritually. As far as heaven is from hell is how far you, Steve Rossi Sr., have fallen.

Also, we had an agreement that you, Steve Rossi Sr., Brita Talk (the woman who gave birth to me), and myself would each pay a third of my health insurance. From the start you complained about the finances. You would, and probably still do, complain about helping your other son out with his car and health insurance. This is from a man who claims to be a Christian. Did you know that Brita Talk never complained once about the finances? She is no Christian and has never claimed to be one. Yet she would always go out of her way to make sure her sons were taken care of. She has done the best she could despite the evil spirits within her. BUT you, Steve Rossi Sr., you had the SWEET HOLY SPIRIT within you and still you complained. What is your excuse? You had the HOLY SPIRIT within you to teach you right from wrong. You chose to walk by the flesh and not by the SPIRIT. You, Steve Rossi Sr., are a failure. You say the reason you stopped paying for my health insurance was because I moved out. That is a lie. The real reason is because I would not become a judas like you and turn against YAHUVEH (GOD the FATHER'S NAME in Hebrew), YAHUSHUA MASHIACH, and the HOLY SPIRIT. It is because I would not allow you to manipulate me. That's also why I moved out. Your actions show that you were trying to bribe me by saying that if I stayed and lived in that whore house and betrayed ALL that is TRUE, then you would continue paying for my health insurance. You are a coward. You have hung yourself. You and your money shall rot in hell.

You say you care, but do you really? Actions speak louder than words. You only care about money. During this past summer in Texas, you were so worried about the air condition bill that you would purposely raise the thermostat. You are more worried about the welfare of your pocket book than those you claim are family. This was especially true in July when it was the hottest.

You are so cheap and money is what you serve. When it came to your “wife's” condition, it wasn't that you worried if Hilda would die, but how would you would be able to afford her hospital bills and funeral costs! Your words attest to this. Just keep reading for proof.

Since you don't really care about your own family, then how can your clients expect you to have their best interests in mind or at heart?

As you all read this email, it will become more evident what the truth is.

You, Steve Rossi Sr., must be exposed for YAHUSHUA HA MASHIACH tells me, “26Fear them not therefore: for there is nothing covered, that shall not be revealed; and hid, that shall not be known. 27What I tell you in darkness, [that] speak ye in light: and what ye hear in the ear, [that] preach ye upon the housetops” (Matthew 10:26-27). In Prophecy 17 – You Are Held Accountable For What You Know!, YAHUVEH says,

“If you know where evil is you should be speaking it forth. Did I not warn the evil prophets through Jeremiah, Elijah, John, Jonah and the list goes on. Did I say, "Shh" don't mention names, we want to stay in unity or did I say the evil that has been done in secret will be shouted from the housetops. In this case the internet which is the biggest housetop I can find on this earth.

Those who seek to silence MY messengers sent forth with this warning BEWARE the ROD of MY wrath is coming upon you. The more you seek to silence them intimidate, separate them and label them false prophets. You have been warned this is the year of the God you have feared. Unbind MY prophets set them free to speak forth MY Words of Holy Ghost Fire. Take the gags from their mouths, take the blindfolds off.”

Steve Rossi Sr. know this, because you put that link to Malcolm Heap's site on your site, called .................. , you are now leading the sheep and lambs to slaughter at a false prophet's website who is a satanist in disguise. This is what Elisabeth says regarding dung Heap and people like yourself, “satanic cults coming disguised as Christian, but are not Christian, these people are filled with legions of demons! They tried to infiltrate this ministry and now because they failed they are furious and know that they can't stop this ministry, so they try and wear me out with trying to keep up with each new lie and liar they send. I was told long ago my husband and I were to be like Nehemiah and not come down from the wall, but to continue to preach the prophetic messages given to me. I am trying hard to do this.” I stand with GOD, in the NAME of YAHUSHUA MASHIACH, by helping her and her husband on this wall.
As a result of what you, Steve Rossi Sr., have done, this letter will be posted for the world to read and I am contacting certain radio stations. I will be letting them know that I am even willing to go on the air and expose who the real "Christian Counselor" is as told by me his own firstborn blood son. Steve Rossi Sr. says he is a Christian but there no is longer any Christ in him. He has a form of godliness but no godliness within. He worships money more than he does GOD. He counsels as a marriage counselor but his own marriage he compares to sitting on death row and his pride will not allow him to admit he made a mistake.
Below is an email you, Steve Rossi Sr., sent to Elisabeth (Elisheva) Sherrie Elijah, YAHUSHUA'S Ringmaiden. The only emphasis of mine added is the bolding and underlining of the text. Also I removed my email address. That's it. Enjoy!


Spoken to Steve Rossi Sr.


From: [email protected]
To: [email protected]
CC: [email protected]; [email protected] (my email address)
Subject: I have decided.
Date: Sun, 31 May 2009 18:03:40 -0500


took the Word given Elisabeth and brought if before YAH.



20. You must allow Stephen to come with us not between us to accomplish YAH's work. YAH will work on him.

21. Lastly, A Mighty Wind Ministry must be a part of this and all we do. It is a ministry of Holiness. You must embrace it after you have loved and obeyed YAH first. We do not worship A Mighty Wind. We worship YAH. He does speak through this prophetic ministry.

Your prayers and input are needed.

YAH Bless you Elisabeth and Niko,

I thank YAH that Stephen has an adopted spiritual mother in you Elisabeth.
You have a tremendous influence on him. You do too Niko.




So in this email we see YAHUVEH speaking directly to you Steve Rossi Sr., a.k.a. “The Christian Counselor,” one on one. Elisabeth did not put these words in your mouth. By the RUACH HA KODESH (Hebrew for THE HOLY SPIRIT) you heard them. You heard them straight from the Throne of YAHUVEH ALMIGHTY. Read those Words that YAHUVEH ALMIGHTY spoke to you again. I encourage everyone to read them again.

Then you sent the email to YAHUSHUA MASHIACH'S Ringmaiden and her husband Niko. You, Steve Rossi Sr., said that you were grateful that I, Stephen Rossi Jr., have YAHUSHUA'S Ringmaiden as my adopted spiritual mother. She and Niko both have a tremendous influence on me as they have ALWAYS and ONLY ever encouraged me to strive to obey the GOD of the Bible and to live holy as HE is holy. Yet, you call this Ministry a cult. Only the spawn of satan would call GOD'S TRUTH as originating from a cult. Therefore, you are the spawn of satan and the deeds of your father ye surely do (John 8:38-45).

So Judas, help us understand, you claim you fasted and prayed and asked YAHUSHUA if Prophecy 111 was really from GOD and you asked if Elisabeth Elijah and Amightywind speak the truth right? Your words you heard have been written down exactly as you sent it to not only her but to me for all to see. You claim YAHUVEH told you that Elisabeth Elijah is a true prophet, and Amightywind Ministry is to be trusted and is being used by GOD for HIS Glory. This is the same voice that you claim is GOD that told you to give your marriage another chance, right?

So now here is the question, since now you are saying opposite and calling Elisabeth Elijah a false prophet and this Ministry a cult, does that mean you are a false prophet? If so, how can you trust the voice now talking to you as you join satanists who claim to be Christians to entrap the foolish that have no discernment and you think it is GOD telling you that AMW Ministry is evil and the enemies of this Ministry are to be trusted?

I know when you went seeking GOD YAHUVEH'S face you did hear the truth about this Alef & Tav Almightywind RUACH HA KODESH Wildfire Ministry (also called Alpha & Omega Almightywind HOLY GHOST Fire Last Chance Ministry).

I know the man I once called my dad and best friend, did hear that Elisabeth Elijah is a prophet and she does speak forth endtime prophecies and you did hear that Prophecy 111 was from YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH. I know GOD YAHUVEH did tell you to trust this Ministry. Have you truly lost all fear to become a Judas and after you heard with your own ears from Heaven, to call ALMIGHTY GOD a liar?! Now your hand and mouth have been claimed by satan and Malcolm Heap cast his spell on you and you try to destroy and lead even new baby converts that are young teens to this satanist-in-disguise's website. We had suicidal young men Elisabeth and I were pleading for their souls, and they accepted YAHUSHUA as SAVIOUR and you dare to write them and warn them that this Ministry is evil! The Bible says that by their fruits ye shall know who is of MESSIAH and who is of the devil (Matthew 7:15-23). Your fruit is showing, Steve Rossi Sr. a.k.a “The Christian Counselor,” and it is rotten to the core.

You warn in your book how fathers can destroy with their mouth their own son with words. People need to know how you tried to discourage me from being the Youth Minister by telling me I am not equipped and need more wisdom. You tried to convince me that GOD may be using me to expose this Ministry as false, and you tried to bribe me that this is how I could get well known? Hmm Judas, that sounds familiar. Remember satan tried to bribe YAHUSHUA also on that mountain top. That is what your mouth spoke and it was the same devil that spoke the words through your mouth, and just like YAHUSHUA did, I rebuked you and still do! I am part of Amightywind Ministry Staff and read all the email that comes in with people needing prayer and asking how can they be saved. I know that this Ministry does not lead them to a religion but a loving, obedient relationship with YAHUSHUA as GOD, LORD, SAVIOUR. A cult leads people to a person the main leader, but instead Elisabeth and Niko only lead people to YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH. Judas is what you have become because my dad knew that at one time. You were even called to be part of the Ministry Team. What a great honor! Yet, you were rejected because you couldn't obey YAHUSHUA MASHIACH. You say that Elisabeth and Niko “dropped you like a bag of hot potatoes.” How can you expect to be part of the Ministry Team if you can't even obey the Words that YAHUSHUA MASHIACH, the LIVING GOD, speaks forth through them? YAHUVEH ALMIGHTY can't stand rebels. Why would HE allow such a one as yourself to be in a leadership role seeing that you didn't want to submit yourself to HIS Authority. So, like satan, you have been kicked out. Like satan, you are jealous. It's that simple.

If you were really my dad who was filled with the HOLY SPIRIT you would be helping to expose the true enemies and cults like Malcolm Heap of Midnight Ministry. His ministry is named after darkness and he has tried to destroy this Holy Ministry for years and never met Elisabeth or spoke to her. He trashes her to make a name for himself just like you are doing now. I know my dad prayed against Jack Barr and Sherry Shriner and all the satanic enemies of this Ministry. My dad is gone and I didn't even get to say good-bye to him. It is like someone else has taken over his body and that someone else is called demon-possessed. My dad knew that Sherry Shriner tells people that the Apostle Paul is spawn of the devil and to throw out anything he wrote in the Bible. She tells everyone to go and plant orgone because orgone will keep the aliens and demons away from you, cause the UFO's to crash, among other lies. In truth she is not even human and she endangers everyone that believes that orgone will keep demons away. In truth, the only protection comes from the SHED BLOOD of YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH and HIS NAME.

Sherry Shriner mixes truth with lies to confuse the people, she sells her so-called “Bible codes” and yet she says throw a lot of the Scriptures out. Sherry Shriner is pure evil and tries to copy what she see's Elisabeth doing like using the Hebrew Sacred NAMES of GOD for instance. Elisabeth has been given prophecies that expose Sherry Shriner for the evil she is. Elisabeth warns the people that trusting in orgone really attracts the evil to them instead of repelling the evil or keeping the UFO's and demons away. Sherry Shriner attacks and slanders Elisabeth because she was exposed and now tells the most vicious lies with no truth in them, just like Jack Barr and Malcolm Heap. satan's servants hate to be exposed and fight back against any Holy Ministry exposing them. I grieve for I once had a dad that knew this and we prayed together that GOD would take vengeance on these enemies. Now he is gone and joined on the enemies' side. How do you think that makes me feel? I would rather my dad had died rather than he live to cause me the shame of seeing him turn into a Judas and hurt the ones I love and continue to blaspheme and slander the Ministry I have an honor to be part of, as you are now used by the devil to join with the enemies of this Ministry and of GOD YAHUVEH. What a disgrace you have become to Heaven where GOD'S HOLY THRONE is!

So you have it in print, here are the words I spoke and left on your voice mail on August 25th 2009:


Thanks for giving me more confirmation how much of a judas you are. I know about you calling Justin's bio father, and I know that you told him the lies from hell that Amightywind is a cult and convinced me to run away from home. What right did you have doing this? Who made it your business? Your actions only showed Justin how evil you have become and you can no longer be trusted, you are not the same man that called the 1st time when Elisabeth asked you to minister to Justin. How can you stand looking at yourself in the mirror? The enemies that attack this ministry never spoke to Elisabeth, you did and either you were lying to me the entire time, or you really did recognize the anointing in her and this Ministry and are forced to lie to yourself now. YAH says you are held more accountable than the enemies are because of this. You grew in the anointing and learned who the RUACH ha KODESH was, got a deeper love for YAHUVEH, YAHUSHUA, and the RUACH ha KODESH. You said you were grateful Elisabeth was my spiritual mentor and mother, because of the good changes in me. Can't you see how much you changed for the worse?

How dare you lie to Justin's bio dad and say Amightywind caused me to run away from home! I did not run away I hired a moving truck and in broad daylight in the presence of Hilda I left. I am 25, not 16 years old, so why do you report me as a runaway teen! I left that whore house because you and Hilda drove me away with both of your actions.

I received a word from YAHUVEH, before I moved into Bitter's for those few days from hell. YAHUSHUA told me, where my greatest defeats had been, my greatest victories shall be. The first thing she did was demand my passport but you know that because you told her to do that. Did you really think that would work? Yes, at one time I could be manipulated and I admit I fell for the manipulation to give into her demands, but YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH got the VICTORY, and I proved I was an adult not a child. I left the house and called the police reporting her and Chuck. I took the police back to force Bitter and Chuck to give me back my passport she and he had taken and refused to return and locked in the safe! Then I went to a hotel.

I was told by YAH to give bitter another chance to see if she had changed and if she could be a loving mother, not a control freak. From the moment I entered the house I knew she had not changed and when she started demanding I take a job on SHABBAT, and ordered me to keep my bedroom door opened and the last straw was refused to give me back my passport saying only after I got a job, while allowing Chuck to verbally curse me, she failed. I really believe Chuck and Hilda would make a great couple. They have so much in common when it comes to the demonic realm. Also you and Bitter are the same, I just didn't see it before.

I gave you a chance to prove that you could change into the loving father I once could trust as my best friend, and we were spiritually one, but you failed.

You listen up and you listen real closely, it's only a matter of time before I tell the world who the real Steve Rossi Sr. really is, and let's see how many clients you have left then. You were once trusted by Elisabeth and she allowed you the honor of praying for Justin, and now you have not only betrayed me and Elisabeth, but Justin also, along with Zach.

You have a spirit unto a judas because he betrayed YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH as you betrayed me, your Son, and Amightywind. You refuse to repent and stop your lying tongue. You join with the ranks of the enemies, satan's servants, who have a form of Godliness but no Godliness within. You continue to heap more Judgment upon yourself along with Hilda with each word you speak. The false prophets and evil shepherds who you have joined forces with, are known enemies of this Ministry, because they hate Holiness and anyone preaching Holiness.

Don't blame any ministry for exposing who Steve Rossi Sr. is because I have eyes to see and I am just sorry after 25 years I have to say the dad I once trusted, loved and respected, the man that just several months ago was told when YAHUSHUA looked at you and I, HE didn't see two people, he saw one, for we were one in HIM, and called to minister together in the Amightywind Ministry, and now you call the woman who prophesied that false! I grieve because my dad doesn't exist anymore he is dead. Now when YAHUSHUA looks upon the both of us, he see's you as one of this Ministry's enemies, out to destroy this Holy work of YAHUVEH, YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH, and the RUACH ha KODESH. You accuse Elisabeth, YAHUSHUA'S Ringmaiden, of pride and yet quite plainly so all can read and see, it says this Ministry is not done by Elisabeth's hands, or it would have failed many years ago (Prophecy 105). The prophecies change lives either for blessings or judgment, are spoken by ALMIGHTY GOD, and you dare to call them false? Yet at one time you knew they were true, until one Prophetic Word (Prophecy 111) was directed at you and offended you. A Prophecy that YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH gave to you as a blessing, an answer to your prayers, and you threw it back in HIS face, and you continue to stone the messenger who spoke it forth.

You're too late to try to convince me that Amightywind is an evil work of a false prophet, because I see the good fruit that has come forth with my own eyes. It wasn't long ago you also saw the good fruit, until you allowed satan to blind you with lies all because of your stinking pride! I have the honor of being on the staff as the Youth Minister and mentor the new converts who accept YAHUSHUA as MASHIACH. Woe be unto you for you blaspheme this Holy Ministry that leads souls to YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH in at least 12 different languages. You will answer to YAHUVEH and stand before the judgment seat of YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH one day soon for this. You have to call Elisabeth a false prophet because your pride won't let you admit your wrong. I remember you once were my example of what I wanted to become one day, now you have become all I hate. Does this make you happy to know that?

I pity you for the Great Tribulation is not afar off, and you will not be protected as you thought as in your dream. You will grieve for the son you once had and the Spiritual relationship we once shared. YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH warns you now before Yom Kippur you are following Malcolm Heap of dung and Jack Barr, who will be barred from Heaven, right into the pit of hell and the Lake of fire! I once thought you were a wise man, now I know there is nothing wise about you. The man I once called dad, and who I believed loved me and proved it, is but a faded memory now. Amightywind didn't do this, you did it all by yourself!

As far as I am concerned what you did endangering Zach and Justin proved how evil you have become, what kind of Christian counselor would try and take away their trust that was used to lead them to YAHUSHUA and teach them how to be Holy according to the bible? You know Justin's bio dad is abusive and you endangered Justin, and joined with that man in your lies.

Instead of giving me reasons to prove you have changed for the better, you have only given me more reasons to believe YAHUSHUA has turned you over to satan, and now you have a reprobate mind. Why else would you have called Justin's home and told his bio dad - your new wife-beating, child-abusing, crackhead (cocaine addict) friend - those lies?

I praise YAHUSHUA that Justin is now living with a family that no longer abuses him! I praise YAHUVEH that he is living in safety! I give GOD the GLORY that you, the so-called Christian Counselor, failed at harming Justin any further. Once again, your actions have only proven you are a Christian in name only.

I pray daily that YAHUVEH will curse your mouth for calling this Holy Ministry a cult, a work of lawlessness and the antichrist, and calling Justin's bio dad to cause more trouble for Justin, gathering with known satanic cults that are enemies against this Ministry - Jack Barr is disguised as a Baptist Pastor, Midnight ministry is named after darkness, Sherry Shriner has people worshiping orgone and turning to it for protection, she is an alien in disguise and drawing the evil to the people. She believes Apostle Paul was a heretic and those who follow his teachings are as well. How can someone I once looked up too and respected have turned so demonic and stupid! Anyone that turns against this Ministry after tasting the anointing and growing in it, not only loses that holy anointing but is turned over to the spirit of insanity and satan fills them with a false anointing and that is where your dreams are coming from when you dreamed Elisabeth was speaking for the antichrist. You listen to false dreams coming from that whore of a wife of your's, Hilda, and now embrace the same demons.

The only relationship I have with you now is a feeling of hatred and asking YAH to take vengeance on you for all you have done on this earth. I daily pray YAH throws you into the WINEPRESS of HIS WRATH. Hell is your future home. Was Hilda really worth losing your soul?

You have lost all discernment between what is good and evil. You attack a ministry reaching the world in 12 different languages glorifying YAHUSHUA MASHIACH and instead you lift up ministries that are satan in disguise such as Jack Barr and Malcolm Heap of dung. You claim you love me, you lost the meaning of the word love, when you slept with Hilda's demons and allowed the spirit of religion to enter in, where you once had a relationship with YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH. Don't blame Amightywind for causing me to leave.

I could no longer stand seeing how Hilda manipulates you the way she does and you dance to her every command and whim in fear. You're not a man anymore you're a wimp/coward...all cowards shall have their part in the lake of fire (Rev 21:8). The only relationship I have with you now is hatred. You did this yourself, not anyone else, with all your lies. With your own mouth you said you didn't love Hilda, but you ended up choosing her over your own blood Son. A Ministry that was a blessing to you until a Prophetic word came forth that convicted you and hurt your flesh and even though it was what you had asked GOD for, in the end your pride couldn't handle another divorce, so you ended up stoning the messenger and joining with the enemies of this ministry. I have lost all respect for you, I don't respect the man now who has turned Judas and a coward. You got what you wanted sitting on death row with Hilda, but you lost the respect and the love of a Son.

In YAHUVEH of hosts', YAHUSHUA HA MASHIACH'S, and the RUACH HA KODESH'S eyes you are worse than hilda. You tasted of the anointing. You ate at that Banquet Table. Remember the Word that YAHUVEH gave to us through Elisabeth, YAHUSHUA'S Ringmaiden, back in November 2008? HE said, "Stay humble before ME and both of you shall continue to grow spiritually in all the gifts of MY HOLY SPIRIT. . . . Embrace holiness and flee from evil. You are to live in this world but do not be conformed to this world, but rather transformed through the renewing of your mind, body, spirit and soul through MY ONLY BEGOTTEN SON YAHUSHUA your MASHIACH. HIS words are fresh manna from Heaven. HIS words and truths are living water for your mind, body, spirit and soul." You ate of that fresh manna but are now as unto Hebrews 6:4-6 which states, "4For [it is] impossible for those who were once enlightened, and have tasted of the heavenly gift, and were made partakers of the HOLY SPIRIT, 5And have tasted the good Word of GOD, and the powers of the world to come, 6If they shall fall away, to renew them again unto repentance; seeing they crucify to themselves the SON of GOD afresh, and put [HIM] to an open shame." You are also marked among those in John 6:66, "From that [time] many of HIS disciples went back, and walked no more with HIM."

You have rewarded YAH'S Prophets with wickedness. Here is the Word of YAHUVEH for you, "Whoso rewardeth evil for good, evil shall not depart from his house" (Proverbs 17:13). You haven't seen the worst yet. A whirlwind from the MOST HIGH is descending upon your whore house and it is the blackest of the black; "The darkness that is to come shall symbolize the anger of "I AM" when I cover MY eyes at your calamities, wars, famines, death, destruction, pestilence, poverty, disease and the list goes on." (Prophecy 36 - I Am Not Only Your God Of Yesterday, Today, But Tomorrow, Even In The Darkest Hour!). You have brought this shame upon your own self.

"You're only fit for judgment. You're only fit for hell. You are reprobate. You're rejected silver" (Prophecy 106 - I, YAHUVEH, Say, CLEAN YOUR HOUSE!!!"). That goes for delilah (hilda rossi), bitter (brita talk), and that pile of puke and vomit, upchuck (chuck talk).

YAHUSHUA who was your MASHIACH, says,

"Anyone that calls this Ministry unholy the true spirit that is within has been exposed and they are not of ME. Yea I say, the Holy Spirit is not in them for you cannot call that which is holy, that which only lifts up the standard of holiness, warning people to repent before it's too late, lifting up the Names of your ABBA YAHUVEH, I, YAHUSHUA your MASHIACH, and the Precious RUACH ha KODESH. Anyone who labels this evil truly I tell you this, they have blasphemed and they had better tremble in fear for every word they've spoken, I hear. And on judgment day their very words will be spoken again and they will hang their head in shame and if they could they would do it over again in another way.

But remember MY Children, I have not labeled this 'The Last Chance Ministry' for nothing. Anyone who has contact with this Ministry come face to face with YAHUVEH and what they do unto you is done as unto HIM. For no man or woman gets the glory for this Ministry, all Praise, Honor and Glory to that which you call the Holy Trinity
" (Prophecy 110 - MY Sheep Have No Worry Or Fret, For I Beat The Wolves Off!).


That's the message I left you and it is what YAHUSHUA MASHIACH told me to say. Meditate on it. YAH calls you, Steve Rossi Sr., “judas.” HE calls hilda, who is called in the world's eyes only, your wife, “delilah” and “jezebel.” GOD calls brita, the woman whom HE used to give birth to me, “bitter.” HE calls chuck, the evil stepdad, “upchuck” and “vomit.”

Here is another SURPRISE for all those who want to know the truth as spoken by judas, Steve Rossi Sr., the so-called Christian Counselor, when he was good and before he blasphemed the HOLY SPIRIT and became reprobate. More of his EMAILS!!!! The only emphasis of mine added are the bolding and underlining of the text. Also, I removed my email address. That's it. They are presented in order from oldest to newest so start with Email #1.

Email #1 (excerpts from)

From: [email protected]
To: [email protected]
[email protected] (my email address)
Subject: My dreams.......... Thank you.........
Date: Fri, 8 May 2009 18:14:46 -0500

Hi Elizabeth,

....A side note here. I have been extremely convicted prior to and after BO got into office. I am conviced to come out and do more Spiritual warfare and action against this abomination of a man and his regime. I will come against in the Spirit and Truth. I am getting involved here in the U.S. as He leads before He calls me out to go somewhere else. I know in my spirit that we don't have much time left before the rapture of His Bride of which I pray to be worthy of, and the GT. I have been studying prophecy, reading your prophecies, writing and speaking up in every format I have to warn the world and help Christians mature and prepare for the days ahead. I am in the study The Righteousness of God and for my next Newsletter/Article called. Righteousness in a Wicked World: A Call to Action. Also His ministry The Christian Counselor since He is The Christian Counselor has been given to me for the time being to ministry to the hurting and warn in these end times. God has called, equipped, and blessed you and me Elizabeth with end times ministry. In fact every serious Christian today has the calling to be God's end time ministers. I don't want to be a guest, I want to be the Bride. Lord Willing.

Anyway. I have been in a mighty battle or should I say war over the past three and a half months. My marriage has fallen apart, this Psalm 91 house is under attack, our finances are getting seriously low, the pressures are great. I figure, we must be doing something right (Stephen Wl and me) do receive so much animosity for the devil and his lackey's. They will never win. They are defeated. But we, I will keep fighting them in the Matchless Name and Through the Holy Blood of Yahushua. Elizabeth, I want to share a few scriptures that have reflected the turmoil I have been in. The first deals with reproaches and the Day of Salvation.

The second is the agony and stress, yet witness and victory of Christians like the Apostle Paul. I can identify with him these days.....

....Kathryina, you can identify with doing the work I do and then having to deal with intense conflicts on the home front. God is giving me much grace here. I do feel a bit worn out though. Thank you so much for your prayers.

Elizabeth, I am going to wrap this up for now because the Sabbath is upon us.

Again. I thank you for you prayers, prophecies, concerns, and dream interpretations. I value you and your ministry. We must all warn Believers of God's coming wrath! It won't be long.

God Bless you Elizabeth. I will keep praying for you and A Mighty Wind Ministry and all the prayer concerns Stephen tells me about. I am glad I could help some of our flock.

May the Glorious King, YAHUSHUA Himself, richly bless you now and forever more. Amen.


Email #2 (excerpts from)

From: Steve Rossi
Subject: Re: forgot to mention...
To: "Kathrynyah Gayl"
Cc: "Stephen Rossi"
Date: Monday, May 18, 2009, 12:51 PM

Hi Kathrynyah,

Thank you so much for you email. I take it and AMW and Stephen and YAH very seriously. I know that this marriage is all but over....YAH is moving to separate the wheat from the shaft in this home and I have been praying that HIS MIGHTY RUSHING WIND WOULD SWEEP THROUGH THIS PLACE AND PURGE THIS HOME OF ALL UNRIGHTEOUSNESS! I am not afraid to divorce Hilda. I need YAH to direct me and this, I cannot do this in the flesh. HE MATTERS TO ME MORE THAN ANYONE AND ANYTHING.

Thanks Kathrynyah,

My sister in YAHUSHUA.


Email #3

From: [email protected]
To: [email protected]
CC: [email protected]
Subject: More.........
Date: Fri, 22 May 2009 10:03:39 -0500

Good Morning, (our time) Niko and Elisabeth,


I got about 5 hours sleep last night after a long and tedious week. Draining.

I know that YAH is doing a mighty cleansing work on me and this household. I just finished talking with Hilda about most of the things I am writing to you now about. I woke up and wrote them down. I feel a little better about things now but still under great travail. There will be much praying this weekend as we have an extra day Memorial Day, American holiday. I also have a lot of projects to work on to ministry-private-practice things.

I am not living the Victorious Christian life. I help people with the ministry, anointing, gifts and talents YAH has given me and know that this is a good thing, but I see, believe, and feel my life is in shambles. I am still strong in the faith and know this is a test and with YAH's help I will past the test as each challenge this life brings to me. I love and trust YAH and strive to be HOLY and honor the covenants I entered in to under and before HIM. I still sense an impending doom which I know is not of YAH, this goes beyond worry or anxiety, or fear. It is oppressive but not in the demonic sense but maybe it is a form of an attach from you know who. I don't even want to give him any credit for these things if you know what I mean. I don't underestimate the devil either. Too many Christians live in defeat and at risk for all kinds of trouble when the minimize the potential we face in this formidable enemy. I don't underestimate this defeated enemy. he is dangerous but defeated.........period. I pray the BLOOD OF YAHUSHUA OVER THIS HOUSE AND REBUKE this defeated strong man in the NAME OF YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH! Amen.

I feel like the Apostle Paul with all this stress and all these struggles, oh wretched man I am who will save me. but the MASHIACH my YAH. I know better and believe YAH will deliver me from this immanent sense of death because He is the YAH of all comfort and I comfort others as HE has comforted me. I live by faith not by sight. I have not been given a spirit of fear but a spirit of power, love, and a sound mind. I feel the crushing weight of a financial monster that can never be defeated in my own strength. Life was never supposed to be lived in our own strength. These wars were never intended to be waged in our own strength. I understand these things as a believer, born again by the blood of YAHUSHUA, Amen. HE has rescued me from great perils before and I believe HE will again.

I do admit, however, that I feel like the biggest fool of all fools. And I know there are plenty of people in the Bible that felt that way and finished well and strong. I want to finish not only well and strong but enter into HIS GATES AND COURTS WITH PRAISE AS PART OF HIS BRIDE. I live in a state of forgiveness but also the consequences and constant reminder by the crushing financial circumstances. I forgive Hilda for what she did to YAH and me and Stephen but feel trapped and shackled and imprisoned by the encroaching financial devastation despite my belief in ALMIGHTY YAH. I am standing in front of a dam holding back an ocean of water with my finger in the dyke about to break.

YAH is bigger and stronger than all of this I know but I need your prayers and will continue to believe YAH day by day.

I suffer now in a different way more than ever. I cannot support Hilda like she needs to be supported. I cannot pay her mountain of debts, medical bills now, or future potential catastrophic medical expenses without YAH's divine intervention!

I feel like a slave with no hope to be free and do not trust Hilda to make Biblical rational decisions as the pressure mounts in her physical and financial life. I am so overwhelmed by all this. I am getting less sleep, experiencing more stress, and now she has drawn back to Daniel X out of desperation. She did repent of this to me and YAH this morning after I repeatedly told her that this was like returning back to Babylon, like a dog returning back to his vomit, and that their is still some Egypt in her. She thought I was calling or comparing her to a dog! The thinks like this. She takes something out of context out of a sentence and runs it all the way to a conclusion that should never be made. This has happened several times, especially when we are discussing provocative things, tense moments. She changes on a dime. I did not see this until I married her. I have been patient and will continue to do so but I take note of these things. She is forgiven but this is not worked out we are not out of the woods. I know her repentance was real and she seeks YAH. I am hard pressed and watching her closely. She has to make better decisions. I am compelled to make radical decisions in this home. I need YAH's love, guidance, protection, and provision or I may sink into a state of despair as I wait on HIM. I feel like I am dying as I live with this. Do you remember Asa, I believe it was him I sometimes mix him with his son Jeshosphat. Asa said, I have no power to deal with this approaching army, I look to you for help. Lord, don't let your enemies defeat your people and shame us. He had no might to deal with the vast army, it might have been those Cushites from Ethiopia. You know the ending. YAH was not defeated by this puny army of 1 million men. Desolated, and defeated. YAH destroyed them!

He heard Asa's prayer.

Though I forgive, I now have to pay for my disobedience in marrying Hilda before I realized the possibility of things coming to this today. All the issues. Too fast, too soon, now I suffer the consequences for my disobedience even though I have been forgiven. I feel like a convict on death row who has been forgiven but must die. I know YAH will take me through this, but the suffering is too great. And there are tiny signs of Hilda reverting back in a nice way but still in doubt and defending and tries to lay guilt on me for not taking care of her or sacrificing my life, YAH ministry, for better or worse. My YAH what have I done! I love Hilda but I can't deal with this. I am not her savior or martyr. This is beyond my abilities. I need YOU YAH. Give me wisdom, discernment and a solution. I am hurting.

Thank Niko and Elisabeth for hearing my heart and going before the THRONE OF YAH as I do in praises and petitions for me and what's going on. I know Hilda is trying but it looks shaky at times.

In YAHUSHUA's love.


This next email was written 4 days AFTER he received Prophecy 111 from YAHUSHUA MASHIACH. YAHUSHUA'S Ringmaiden emailed the Word to him and then later that night, she called and read him the Word under the FULL Anointing of the RUACH HA KODESH. After she finished reading the Word from YAHUSHUA MASHIACH, judas said he accepted the Word as coming from YAHUSHUA MASHIACH. I was there and heard with my own ears and saw with my own eyes these occurences.

Email #4

Date: Tue, 26 May 2009 13:21:26 -0500
Subject: Re: Why? you fight your flesh,vision of you
From: [email protected]
To: [email protected]

Elisabeth and Niko,

I am so grateful that you two took the time to immediately respond to my email. If she is home I will tell her tonight. If not I will in person tell her what I have only hinted at before. If I loved her I would have died now for her but sticking it out with the financial disaster. Truth is I have been warned and no matter what I feel, I will proceed. I do not want to fail YAH. Yes, we moved too fast on the marriage, none of our dates were less than 4 to 6 hours. We dated two months before she came to live with Stephen and I to recover from her surgery to remove a tumor on her uterus. I cared for her and fell in love with her. She stayed in our house, no sex. Had her own room. We were legally married in October, she had the plastic surgery shortly afterwards, still no consumation of the marriage until the Messianic Marriage Ceremony in December the day after my 57th birthday. I did love her, I would have given my life like a husband is supposed to do, I loved her like I never loved a woman. I completely understand and agree with you now I do not love her that way nor to I believe in her. These are very hard facts from a woman that says she never loved a man nor has been loved like that before. She feels like she has been slapped in the face her whole life for telling the truth. And believes that is what I did when she told me she sought help from Daniel the rabbi.

This marriage is over. YAH's Words spoken through you, Niko, Stephen, and even directly to me up to now are true and clear. That still does not make it easy to do what I am about to do.

I love and respect my Mighty Wind Family and know that you speak to me through YAH's LOVE, RIGHTEOUSNESS, AND COMPASSION. These broken feelings are the consequences of my decision to disobey YAH and marry Hilda. We have failed each other and YAH. He has forgiven me. This hurts and its flesh. I so long to start that new beginning and sing that new song.



I have news for you judas (Steve Rossi Sr.). You will get that new beginning and sing that new song. Where will that new beginning be and with what can we liken that new song of yours to? I know! Just go to the links below:

Your new beginning:

Your new song may go a little like this:

More pertinent emails :)

To: [email protected]
Date: Thu, 28 May 2009 17:13:22 +0000
From: [email protected]
Subject: This is where I am.

Dear Elisabeth and Niko,

I thank YAHUSHUA just about every day for you and A Mighty Wind Ministry. I know I am changed forever because of AMW as YAH speaks to be.

Thank you for being there all along for me and Stephen in this Rossi situation. I also thank you for having me involving in this ministry. The potential for even mighty things being done through YAH and AMW are beyond our comprehension. The is the Last Chance Ministry and souls will be saved and snatched from eternal fire and damnation because of the work HE has done and will do through AMW.

This is where I am.

The last 7 days have been a tremendous physical, emotional and spiritual roller coaster for me. YAH answered my prayers. I heard from YAH. We had that wonderful Wed night call from you and then things fell down. Stephen and I have been brought even closer though this. Last night was the first time I got a full nights sleep which came after a had a peace come over me yesterday. This PEACE was the kind that comes when you know that YAH's WILL will be DONE. A resolve is beginning to come over me. All of this after I have been in a wearied, weaken state physically and emotionally, tired and exhausted and lost 7 pounds. (I don't weigh that much to start with). Yesterday my appetite returned. I gained one pound back.

1. Stephen has kept you updated on my interactions with him and steps I have taken. And things I believe YAH has spoken to me.
2. Yesterday before lunch I searched all over the internet for an attorney near my work. No real success.
3. I reverted back to the Houston Bar Association who referred me to their Houston Attorney referral network.
4. They will put me immediately in touch with a divorce attorney when I call them.
5. The office consultation will cost $20 for the first 30 minutes and then $100 plus an hour after that up to $300.
6. I called my father, Pops, and he agreed to help me by giving me the money for this first consultation.
7. Hilda does not want to sign the petition for divorce, thus she contests it because she wants to remain married to me.
8. That is why I will need an attorney. Uncontested divorces are much cheaper. $500, as opposed to $3000 + for contested ones.

Through this whole process, especially over the past week. I have not been alone with YAH more than an hour. I have not allowed HIM get me alone to present all of these recent developments. Yes I have heard HIS VOICE intermittently and directly through other people, confirmations. I need to be alone with HIM for extended time periods before I proceed any further. This is a critical decision and affects so many people now and souls to come.

I know and am confident that HE WILL SPEAK and HIS WORDS WILL CONFIRM HIS WILL FOR ME AND THIS ENTIRE SITUATION. The most important thing in my life, which affects everything else in all that I do for evermore is #1 my salvation. #2 my relationship with HIM. Anything that competes against these two things is an enemy of YAH and and enemy of me.

9. I will submit myself to prayer, communion, some fasting for 4 to 5 hours a day for the next three days Friday, Saturday, Sunday.
10. I will enter Pentecost with my awesome son whom I loved deeply and dearly tonight (Thurs)
11. I will get a good night's rest after a good meal tonight.
12. I will begin my time with YAH Friday, then again on Saturday, then again on Sunday. This works best for me.
13. I trust YAH and expect to come out of this with a resolve and boldness for HIM more than ever.
14. The time for falling back on self-righteousness, fear, and anger are over when it comes to this situation.
15. I will listen to HIM and HE alone will direct my thoughts and this three day process.
16. I should emerge on Sunday with what HE has revealed and done with me.
17. You will be among the first to know. I have needed to do this a long time.

This is where I am and what I will do. Its the only way I know as I trust my SAVIOR. I must obey HIM.

I look forward with the deepest longing to be right with YAH and walk in HIS WAYS,

I know that HE is and will restore the years the locusts have eaten.
I know that those who sow with tears will reap with songs of joy.

I want to emerge HIS HOLY righteous priest and live zealously sold out for HIM like never before!

I love you guys of AMW and thank YAH that HE has brought you into my life for such a time as this!


From: [email protected]
To: [email protected]
Subject: Correction....
Date: Sun, 24 May 2009 15:27:33 -0500

I was rereading the email I sent you and Niko and saw that I typed this:
I also told Him I do not want to obey Him.
That is not what I meant. I meant to say. I also told Him I do want to obey Him.


Elisabeth's response:

From: [email protected]
To: [email protected]; [email protected] (my email address)
CC: [email protected]
Subject: RE: YAH will not cross your will
Date: Sun, 24 May 2009 16:13:43 -0500

Hi Steve,

I only heard one word for you from YAHUSHUA MASHIACH
" I will not cross his will."

YAHUSHUA has clearly spoken, and you admitted that you did not love her. YAHUSHUA says its an insult for you to use the word love for what you feel for her. It is not fair to Hilda for you not to tell her, you care for her but not love. She deserves to know this so she can understand why your not willing to pay all her debts for her, if it were true love and you would not regret it.

All I know Steve, is YAH did not create us to be robots. HE will not cross our wills. YAHUSHUA'S words setting you free, will set other captives free in unhappy marriages not ordained of YAH that have been taught by the church, divorce cannot be forgiven.

We are not going to tell you what to do Steve.

Like YAH said "HE will not cross your will."

Ask yourself dear Brother, was that really a typo? I caught it immediately as I read it. Strange no other typo was there. Yet perhaps it still was just a typo.


Below is a link to the website, statement of faith, and all of the Prophecies. If the first doesn't work, then try the other. I think you will all enjoy Prophecy 111 and Prophecy 112. Regarding Prophecy 112, there is audio so you can actually hear YAHUSHUA the MESSIAH speaking through Elisabeth HIS Ringmaiden.

Link to Amightywind Ministry:

Link to Statement of Faith:

Link to Prophecies:,38,38

Prophecy 111 - I, YAHUSHUA MASHIACH Grant You A HOLY Divorce Decree, For Those Who Need It.

Prophecy 112 – Do Not Focus On The Fallen!

One of your criticisms of Elisabeth and Niko is that they move around so much. Don't you know that is what evangelists do? Don't you know that Apostle Paul was an evangelist? He was quite possibly the greatest evangelist who ever lived. You would have been among the number to attack Apostle Paul for moving around also. Well, that is not a surprise since you do side with Shriner who calls him a satanist. Shriner says he is serpent seed and he never was an Apostle. You are a fool to side with this alien!
Don't you remember all of Elisabeth and Niko's kindness to you? Remember how they counseled you as well as Hilda? They spent Ministry money to call you at their own charge. They spent endless hours of pleading in your behalf before the Throne of YAHUVEH, under the anointing for 2 days solid asking for a Word from YAHUSHUA for you. You repay all of this with slanderous lies and evil words.
The entire Amightywind Ministry has asked YAHUVEH to take vengeance on you and Hilda, along with Shriner and Jack Barr, for you repaid good with evil and the Bible says there is a curse upon a household when this is done. Elisabeth and Niko only were a blessing to you, you became a curse! You thanked Elisabeth for being my spiritual Mother and Mentor and told her how much I had changed and grown spiritually since I came to this Ministry.
Now YAHUSHUA said it is as if you have hung a millstone around my neck, trying to take away what I have faith in and call it false and call YAHUSHUA'S Ringmaiden a false prophet! Steve Rossi Sr., you will pay with the curses of Deuteronomy 28 along with Hilda, Barr, Shriner, Heap of dung, and Crofts, just to name a few. Elisabeth has only ever encouraged people to walk in Holiness and Truth and put YAHUVEH, YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH, and RUACH HA KODESH first in their lives, obeying the 10 commandments, and each day strive to please YAHUSHUA more. How can following the TRUTH be wrong?
All you have to do is look at Barr's picture of himself and his wife and you can see the evil in their faces. They look like satan! Jack Barr is a satanist in disguise! Steve Rossi Sr., you will find out the hard way. The YDS (YAHUSHUA'S Demon Stompers) pray everyday against you for what you have done to me! When you hurt and betrayed me, you did it to more than just Niko and Elisabeth. Kathrynyah was given a Word from YAHUSHUA for you, and it is a strong word! I suppose you will also psycho analyze her? Don't forget she also went to college and has a master's degree. Elisabeth now knows why, when you first wrote her, it was so hard to read what you had written because tears would fill her eyes and she didn't know why. She kept thinking it must be because you are someone special to YAHUSHUA. We found out the hard way. Just as Judas was special to YAHUSHUA, so too it is the same way you, Steve Rossi Sr., are special. The Precious RUACH ha KODESH wept through Elisabeth, knowing you would betray all you knew to be true, and all you had learned and been blessed through this Ministry. Also the Precious RUACH HA KODESH wept through her knowing that you would lose your son's love and respect as a result of your betrayal, and set yourself up as an enemy of this Ministry. You have lost your soul for this betrayal. Gnash your teeth all you want for this is what you will do for all eternity.
What would you rather have me to go back the way I use to behave before YAHUSHUA lead me to this Ministry and Elisabeth? I praise YAHUSHUA that my faith and the HOLY SPIRIT in me would not allow you to hang that millstone around my neck and drown! Ask yourself who is the one who would have me to lose my faith in the TRUTH and in whom I know to be a True Prophet? The answer is that it is the same one that speaks through Jack Barr and Sherry Shriner, it is satan!
As for your sexually perverted reprobate friend, Robin “Jeremiyah” Crofts, he is a habitual liar. He is still living a lie, he is still a sexual pervert, only now he has a partner to do it with! Robin Crofts is living with a woman from China in sin in the UK! He was warned that YAH said that is fornication. He has a split personality and is insane. He once tried to live holy but the lust of the flesh was too much for him. He chose to betray the Ministry just like you. Both of you have, for the lust of the flesh, become judas. Just like you, he uses the Bible to cover up his sins. Pharisees! So many prophetic warnings did YAHUSHUA MASHIACH speak forth through Elisabeth unto you Robin Crofts. Since you have rejected them all, you will slide into hell on your own sperm. How could you betray this Ministry? You once lived with them and tried to live holy. Niko, Elisabeth, Adam, and Kathrynyah witnessed everything and tried the best they could to help and warn you. Yet you chose to leave because living holy just wasn't your thing. Because you know they rejected you because you refused to live holy, which means you could not be part of this ministry or the YDS, you have turned on us viciously. It is just like Steve Rossi Sr. who though at first received Prophecy 111, in the end couldn't stomach it. Therefore he vomited forth the spiritual meat and now makes excuses for living in sin with a spiritual whore (Hilda Rossi). Both of you shall slide into hell on your own sperm. Both of you are outright enemies of YAH ALMIGHTY!!! I look forward to seeing the wrath of YAH come on Steve Rossi Sr. as much as I do the antichrist! Psalm 91 says "with my own eyes I shall behold and see the reward of the wicked!" Psalm 90 says, “Mine eye also shall see [my desire] on mine enemies, [and] mine ears shall hear [my desire] of the wicked that rise up against me.” So you see, I already knew about Robin who doesn't deserve the name of Jeremiayh. For someone that didn't want to change his name, he still uses it although he lied and told the Ministry Team it was legally changed, later he admitted the truth. They were told he hated his job and wanted to quit. This man is a habitual liar, and he will suffer for his lies. He is reprobate. Robin, you once heard the voice of YAHUVEH in the Prophecies given to Elisabeth. The spirit of deception has come upon you that you don't even recognize Elisabeth and Niko as speaking for YAHUVEH but accuse them of speaking in their own flesh. You Robin have joined the brood of vipers that attacks YAHUVEH'S Holy Ministry! Now you will face YAHUVEH'S wrath and punishment in a way you never dared imagine! I would not want to walk in your shoes.
How could you Steve Rossi Sr. (so-called Christian Counselor) turn your firstborn blood son over to Robin Crofts (reprobate sexual pervert), Malcolm Heap of dung (satanist in disguise as a Christian), and others? What kind of a father would do such a thing? This only proves you are NOT my father. You are just the DNA that YAH used to bring me forth into this world. Truly YAH gets ALL the PRAISE, HONOR, and GLORY!!!
You are so stupid! I checked your site and went to the links page. How could you?! You are promoting Malcolm Heap of dung's ministry of darkness. How dare you promote a satanist's website! How dare you lead YAHUVEH ALMIGHTY'S sheep and lambs astray! You truly are a wolf in sheep's clothing. You will answer before GOD YAHUVEH'S Throne for this. Your ministry is nothing but an altar where upon you offer up YAH'S True Children as a sacrifice to satan. GOD is a JEALOUS GOD and CONSUMING FIRE! Remember that!
How dare! How dare! How dare you! How dare you betray GOD ALMIGHTY and HIS ATONEMENT!!! Remember all those times I read the Prophecies to you? Remember how many times you thanked GOD for them? Remember how you used to be able to hear GOD? Remember how you used to love/obey HIM? Remember all of the Bible Studies we did together? Remember all of the times we went fishing together? Then YAHUVEH said, “Okay, now I want both of you to fish for men as a team for you are one in MY eyes.” How could you throw that all away?! You only care about yourself. You only care about your reputation. Your name means nothing in Heaven. In Heaven's courts you are condemned. YAHUSHUA HA MASHIACH will not hear your prayers. They are an abomination (Proverbs 28:9). It is satan that satisfies your lusts. GOD has turned you over unto a reprobate mind because you are damned. You serve an illusion. You say you worship Jesus Christ but it is the antichrist's spirit that resides within you.
Your book, called, “A Father's Words - How Fathers Make or Break Their Children,” addresses how father's words can break their children. Well, I thank YAH for healing me of all the wounds you have so grievously inflicted upon me. I hate you with perfect hatred. You are hopeless before YAHUVEH the ETERNAL JUDGE'S eyes. HE cannot stand you. You will be vomited into the Great Tribulation. It is just around the corner. You have made a pact with the devil and his servants to appease your flesh. You have tried to sell me, your firstborn blood son, to them. However YAH is my REDEEMER and has not and will not allow that to happen. All those in league with you will go down on the Titanic never to be remembered again. I still can't believe you have joined yourself with known satanists. Don't you know that that Heap of dung steals from the Prophecies that YAHUSHUA MASHIACH gives to Elisabeth? He edits the words and claims the Prophecies as his own. That Heap of dung knows I speak the truth. He knows how stupid you are. Both of you shall descend into hell.
Now as for you, Malcolm Heap, YAH despises you! You were spoken of, along with Steve Rossi Sr., in 2 Peter 2:1-3, 9-22:

“1But there were false prophets also among the people, even as there shall be false teachers among you, who privily shall bring in damnable heresies, even denying the Lord that bought them, and bring upon themselves swift destruction.

2And many shall follow their pernicious ways; by reason of whom the way of truth shall be evil spoken of.

3And through covetousness shall they with feigned words make merchandise of you: whose judgment now of a long time lingereth not, and their damnation slumbereth not.

9YAHUVEH knoweth how to deliver the GODLY out of temptations, and to reserve the unjust unto the day of judgment to be punished:

10But chiefly them that walk after the flesh in the lust of uncleanness, and despise government. Presumptuous [are they], selfwilled, they are not afraid to speak evil of dignities.

11Whereas angels, which are greater in power and might, bring not railing accusation against them before YAHUVEH.

12But these, as natural brute beasts, made to be taken and destroyed, speak evil of the things that they understand not; and shall utterly perish in their own corruption;

13And shall receive the reward of unrighteousness, [as] they that count it pleasure to riot in the day time. Spots [they are] and blemishes, sporting themselves with their own deceivings while they feast with you;

14Having eyes full of adultery, and that cannot cease from sin; beguiling unstable souls: an heart they have exercised with covetous practices; cursed children:

15Which have forsaken the right way, and are gone astray, following the way of Balaam [the son] of Bosor, who loved the wages of unrighteousness;

16But was rebuked for his iniquity: the dumb ass speaking with man's voice forbad the madness of the prophet.

17These are wells without water, clouds that are carried with a tempest; to whom the mist of darkness is reserved for ever.

18For when they speak great swelling [words] of vanity, they allure through the lusts of the flesh, [through much] wantonness, those that were clean escaped from them who live in error.

19While they promise them liberty, they themselves are the servants of corruption: for of whom a man is overcome, of the same is he brought in bondage.

20For if after they have escaped the pollutions of the world through the knowledge of the LORD and SAVIOUR YAHUSHUA MASHIACH, they are again entangled therein, and overcome, the latter end is worse with them than the beginning.

21For it had been better for them not to have known the way of righteousness, than, after they have known [it], to turn from the holy commandment delivered unto them.

22But it is happened unto them according to the true proverb, The dog [is] turned to his own vomit again; and the sow that was washed to her wallowing in the mire.”

One day very very soon you, Steve Rossi Sr., the so-called Christian Counselor, will be among those in this Hall of Shame: I encourage everyone to go there. You can all read up on just who Jack Barr is and also Sherry Shriner. Hey judas! You will be enshrined right beside your satanic priest Barr and alien friend Shriner. It's what you wanted. When the Truth about who you are is posted, I will be giving feedback. That first email of yours which I pasted at the top, will be posted. Feedback will be given by me. You honestly think you have come against just another ministry that was started by someone in their flesh. This is YAH'S Ministry. Let me quote to you, from a Prophecy I read to you, about what HE said,

“I warned you a long time ago Elisabeth not to name this Ministry after a man or a woman even before there was a Ministry. I put it in your spirit for none of this has been done by your hand, none of this has come forth from your mouth. It is from the mouth of YAHUVEH that has given birth. It is from the mouth of YAHUSHUA your MASHIACH that has given birth. It is from the mouth of the RUACH ha KODESH that has given birth. If it had only been by your hand it would have failed long ago. It is by the Shkhinyah Glory's wind that blows across this earth, the Holy wind of revival, it is not by your breath or it would have failed.” (Isaiah 42:8). (Prophecy 105 - I, YAHUVEH, Say, In 2009 I'm going to shake everything that can be shaken!).

"Enemies of this Ministry remember this, when you touch this Ministry you touch MY HOLY SINLESS DIVINE BLOOD and MY Name is YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH. I protect and cover this Ministry along with legions of Holy Warrior Angels. Be warned all who curse this Ministry, the curses shall be reversed back to you.

You who have the spirit of religion and not a loving obedient relationship with ABBA YAHUVEH. You dare to call on the name of JESUS CHRIST to ask for the destruction of this woman and this Holy Ministry. Remember this, the prayers you lift up and each word you say, you will be held accountable for. ABBA YAHUVEH and I, YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH will put you in remembrance of your words when you wonder why everything is going wrong in your life. You wonder why your finances, health, and peace is taken, destruction is all around you, and your loved ones are dead. Now you know the reason why, for I have just told you ahead of time, when you are left behind to suffer in the Great Tribulation" (Prophecy 92 - BE OF GOOD CHEER FOR I, YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH, AM THE ONLY GOOD SHEPHERD AND I BEAT THE WOLVES AWAY!).

Woe be unto you!
Do you embrace or scorn and mock YAH'S Truths and Ringmaiden? This is what YAHUVEH says,

“Remember Elijah of old? I sent him to a widow of Zarephath. Although there were many, many widows in that land, I hand picked one. Who this Ministry is sent to, who I send MY Elijah of New to, what you have done to them, so too you have done to ME.

And I tell you this I, YAHUVEH, tell you this, anyone who has touched or harmed this Ministry in any way, MY Ringmaiden in anyway, it is as though you have touched and put a sharp pointed stick in the pupil of I, YAHUVEH's eyes and I will take vengeance, and into MY Winepress of wrath you will go and I shall crush you in seven different directions. And that's all they will hear as I crush you in everyway, mind, body, spirit and soul. [Prophecy 80]

For did I not warn, "Touch not MY anointed and neither do MY prophets any harm." You think your tongue has gotten away with speaking forth these blasphemous words and you have called evil what I have called good in MY eyes. I will make you wish that I had cut out your tongue before I had allowed you to speak forth such dung.

But those who embrace this Ministry, those who embrace these truths, those who embrace this Ringmaiden, I embrace you. For this is not just a woman, this is not just a mere woman, this is a vessel I, YAHUVEH, have spoken forth MY truths from. For those of you who have received these truths, I receive you.

For those who have scorned and mocked, I, YAHUVEH, have rejected you. Read Esther again. I am symbolized in that King. How many of you are Vashti's? You think you are so full of beauty; you don't have to come when I, YAHUVEH, say come. So I have exiled you. Into MY Kingdom you will not come. There is a greater intercessor than Queen Esther. It is MY Son YAHUSHUA. I tell you this, oh mighty Bride of YAHUSHUA of MASHIACH, no good thing will I withhold from you. There is a Book of Remembrance that has been written up and all of your names are written in love. You have suffered so, just to be Holy, so I want you to know, how much I love you. It is I that chose you to be MY Son's Bride. It is I, YAHUVEH, that chose you to be MY Son's Bride.

[Remember, the Bride of YAHUSHUA is not just a woman, but the men and women who are without spot or wrinkle, walking in obedience, and about to be caught away to be with YAHUSHUA. Pray to be accounted worthy to be one of the Bride.]

For those who know MY voice, you will recognize the Spirit that speaks, you truly are MY lambs, you truly are MY sheep. For the others of you who say, "This is just Elisabeth, puffed up in pride," I tell you this. It's you who I despise. I shall force you one day to admit that this Ministry is the one that I love and all the Ministries who will take these words and spread them around to the four corners of this earth, it is you that I will love, it is you that I embrace as you embrace the truths for these truths are backed up with MY Holy Scriptures, and how dare anyone call these prophecies false. For you to say this, you are calling MY Son YAHUSHUA false for is HE not the Living Word?

Away from ME, away from ME, you don't even belong here. Only those who want to sit at the Banquet Table and feast on the truths and will take the spiritual food and feed others belong here. This is MY edict, this is the command I issue from MY throne in Heaven and I have spoken it forth on this day, [Read the Banquet Table dream]” (Prophecy 83 - I, YAHUVEH, Say, "Prepare The End Is Nigh!").

Let me tell you of a dream I had from YAH in the morning of August 22, 2009 (SHABBAT). YAH showed me many things about you and as I told you then I tell you now, “If only you knew my calling.” As in the dream and so even now, without pride I say that. Maybe you were hoping I would tell you exactly what it is. YAH will reveal it in HIS Perfect Timing.
These words apply to you, "[The words] of his mouth were smoother than butter, but war [was] in his heart: his words were softer than oil, yet [were] they drawn swords" (Psalm 55:21). With that stated, let's take a look at that book you, Steve Rossi Sr., wrote called, “A Father's Words - How Fathers Make or Break Their Children.” In that book you give examples of terrible fathers and how they destroy their children through words. You, Steve Rossi Sr., are a living example of such a lame excuse of a “father.” Also, your actions speak even louder than your words. Again, I am letting you and everyone else included in this email know that I am so serious about what you have done that I am even willing to go on radio programs in order to speak about the hypocrisy of what you wrote in that book and how your words were used to try and destroy me. If YAH tells me to get married and have children, be assured I will follow my HEAVENLY FATHER'S example and NOT yours. You are two-faced. GOD ripped the mask off your face to reveal a wolf underneath. Then he ripped that mask off too and has shown the entire world that only a demon resides there. The book contains Scriptures but sadly you do not live them anymore. I know more about that book than some realize for I even helped you find Scriptures to put in it. So I have even more firsthand experience about how you changed for the worse. You are a disgrace to the Rossi family. Even more so are you are a disgrace to GOD ALMIGHTY'S Family!
By the time I am done speaking the truth about who the so-called Christian Counselor really is, you won't be able to give your book away. All of your clients will know the only thing you care about is the $140.00 an hour you charge to pretend you care and have the answers. If you can't even treat your own firstborn blood son right, then how can others expect you to care about them? Steve Rossi Sr., you forget that what Amightywind Ministry does is without charge and they minister 24 hours a day sacrificing all they have to do this. On my own dime I call new converts to encourage, mentor, and pray with them. I do it freely and joyfully in the name of YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH! I am VERY JEALOUS for YAHUSHUA MASHIACH'S flock! I love HIS Little Eagles and will NOT let you lead them into the pit of hell where you are going and where you belong!!!
You worship money. Out of your own mouth, I heard you, Steve Rossi Sr., complain when Hilda was complaining about her health. You said you did not want to be responsible for Hilda's doctor bills and expensive medicine, or to take care of a dying woman, or burying her. This is when in an email Elisabeth said, “Steve this is an insult to the word love a husband that loves a wife would be willing to lay down his life for her. My husband would be willing to pay anything to save my life, Hilda deserves to know how you feel about her, she deserves to have a chance to find someone else who will love her the way she deserves. YAHUSHUA is saying that this is not fair to her, and your being selfish and only thinking of yourself and what it costs you.” Your response can be found in Email #4 above.
YAHUSHUA MASHIACH, the Only Begotten SON of YAHUVEH, said, “No servant can serve two masters: for either he will hate the one, and love the other; or else he will hold to the one, and despise the other. Ye cannot serve GOD and mammon (riches)" (Luke 16:13). Your book is going to flop. You are going down on the Titanic and the whole world is going to know the charlatan, prideful, arrogant, and greedy, mammon-serving judas that you are. You have made YAHUVEH, the CREATOR of the Universe, your enemy. Think not that you have come against just another Ministry or some woman or man or child. You shake your puny fist at GOD ALMIGHTY. Just remember this, YAHUVEH has a RIGHT HAND that cannot be mocked and HE shall shake HIS Fist at thee in Fury. This is the year in which everything that can be shaken, will be shaken. Shaken by the Right Hand of the LIVING GOD YAHUVEH will ye be and turned completely upside down. You abide not in the Ark of Safety but in the Titanic. What a fool you are! HIS Ark is made of wood and is plain-looking to the eyes. Your Titanic appeals to the lust of the flesh, the lust of the eyes, and the pride of life. It is made of brass, tin, iron, and lead, even of silver dross......all its occupants truly are reprobate silver. So we have in Steve Rossi Sr. a man who is reprobate. He received a Word from YAHUSHUA MASHIACH while seeking to get out of a relationship that was only a marriage in the world's eyes but never in GOD'S. GOD even spoke to him directly and told him that. Steve Rossi Sr. received the Word of Liberty given through YAHUSHUA'S Ringmaiden, Elisabeth. In fact, here is her very email:


From: Rev.Elisabeth Elijah ([email protected])
Sent: Fri 5/22/09 6:04 PM
To: Stephen Rossi ([email protected]); [email protected]; Katherine ([email protected]); Cc: [email protected]

Hi Steve,
I keep hearing YAHUSHUA MASHIACH speak these words over again and again, until I write them to you I won't stop hearing them. So here they are. Though I keep telling YAH please I don't want to be involved with their marriage. The louder I yell this the more he uses me to minister to you.

"Beloved Son, As I see you compare your marriage,to a man marking off time on death row. You grieve me more than you know. You fear breaking your wedding vows, and think divorce is not allowed, but this marriage was not ordained by ME, rather it was ordained by both of thee.

you chose this woman and asked me to bless what I did not join together. It was only a matter of time before you both would regret your choices and realize this illusion of a marriage is like the fate of the titanic boat.

Rejoice my Son and this know, I AM YAHUSHUA MASHIACH I am your ROCK OF AGES your anchor and will never let you go!

A man on death row can be released by signing of a pardon, by a figure of authority. There is no higher power than I AM So by the Authority of Heaven with my shed blood I sign this divorce decree, I YAHUSHUA your LORD/GOD/MASHIACH now pardon thee. Remember I promised you life abundantly and full of Glory and I came to set the captives free!

Now all I ask you to do is put legal action behind MY words, keep your eyes on ME and be a water walker and remember what happens if you keep your eyes on the stormy waters.
in a sea of depression, and hopelessness it will drown thee if you don't keep your eyes upon ME. I have removed the scales off of your eyes so you can plainly see that the woman you married by your own hand, is unequally yoked to thee in various ways. Your personalities do not compliment one another, no matter how hard you try, it is like trying to get vinegar and oil to mix, no matter how hard you try it always will separate in the end. Do not look upon this as another failure, instead realize I am blessing you with another new beginning.

The main thing you have in common is broken pieces of a shattered hearts, and pain, for both of you, had an illusion this was a happy marriage and you would never fail again. You both thought you knew one another,and now niether of you like what you behold in the other. This marriage hasn't turned out what either thought it should be, that is because Son, it wasn't ordained and decreed by ME.

May 22,09


So, in Steve Rossi Sr., we have a man who is a coward and could not take the leap of faith necessary to please YAH and be part of the Bride of YAHUSHUA MASHIACH. Many are called, few are chosen. All of this you know to be true, Steve Rossi Sr. Oh the regrets you must be filled with! Yet, it is too late for you crossed the BLOOD LINE of YAHUSHUA MASHIACH and are reprobate.
What does “reprobate” mean? A “reprobate” is someone who is predestined to damnation. Pharaoh, Ananias and Sapphira, Esau, and Judas are but several of many examples of reprobates. Reprobates are rejected by GOD YAHUVEH and without hope of Salvation. Some Scriptures about reprobates are: Jeremiah 6:27-30, Romans 1:28, 2 Timothy 3:8, and Titus 1:16. When someone has tasted the good of YAHUSHUA and then turns around and worships satan or denies that YAHUSHUA is LORD and GOD, they are reprobate. Also, Hebrews 6:1-6.
How is it that you, Steve Rossi – the Christian Counselor, are reprobate? With malice and forethought you have called Amightywind Ministry a work of the devil, belonging to the antichrist, and teacher of lawlessness. I heard you say these things with my own ears. Here is what YAHUSHUA MASHIACH says regarding such people who blaspheme the HOLY SPIRIT, “28Verily I say unto you, All sins shall be forgiven unto the sons of men, and blasphemies wherewith soever they shall blaspheme: 29But he that shall blaspheme against the HOLY SPIRIT hath never forgiveness, but is in danger of eternal damnation: (Mark 3:28-29).” YAHUSHUA MASHIACH was speaking to the scribes and pharisees which had called HIS works of the devil and beelzebub. They said that YAHUSHUA MASHIACH was possessed by the devil (v. 30) and that is how HE was able to cast out demons. By the POWER of the RUACH HA KODESH did YAHUSHUA MASHIACH all HIS works. Your utter betrayal can only be measured by the depth of the level of hell you will reside in for eternity. Sad thing is, you are not done digging your own grave. Your blood is not on my hands.
The people need to know that according to your freudian psycho-babble, you “diagnosed” YAHUSHUA'S Ringmaiden as having “multiple personality disorder” simply because she speaks in Holy Tongues and has the gift of interpretation as she speaks. That is just another way you blasphemed the HOLY SPIRIT. When Elisabeth speaks in Holy Tongues it is not her but the RUACH HA KODESH speaking forth out her mouth (Acts 2:4). Are you saying that all who speak in True Holy Tongues are insane?! How dare you call the PRECIOUS HOLY SPIRIT a demon! Truly it is you, Steve Rossi Sr., who is demon-possessed and given over unto a most vile reprobate mind. At one time you believed they were Holy Tongues and were blessed to hear them. Will you deny that too you so-called Christian Counselor?
Another thing, I tried to witness and lead Grandpa Rossi to an obedient, loving relationship with YAHUSHUA. All my witnessing is in vain now because of you, Judas, telling him this Ministry is a cult. Grandpa Rossi has a choice to believe you or me and it appears he believes you without any evidence of you telling the truth. This is why I am sending a copy of this to all who you have lied to so they can see with their own eyes, you claimed you heard from GOD and prophesied just the opposite of what you are saying now as you slander and lie on this Ministry and Elisabeth the prophet.
YAHUSHUA HA MASHIACH said that if anyone even dares to try and harm me, they will reap immediate judgment.
The night you openly blasphemed the HOLY SPIRIT is the night I told you I was moving out because I could no longer live in a whore house. I told you I could no longer live in a house where the TRUTH is trampled and spat upon. I told you that I could no longer endure living with a reprobate woman, Hilda Rossi, whom the world calls “step mom.” I told you I could no longer live in a house where the flesh ruled. I told you I could no longer live in a house of compromise. I told you I could no longer live in a house with you seeing that you rejected YAHUSHUA MASHIACH'S TRUTH. Then you took me into the study and called YAHUVEH ALMIGHTY a liar and said all of those wicked and blasphemous things against HIS prophet, Ministry, and the works HE does through it. That is when you blasphemed the HOLY SPIRIT. Here is that Word that Kathrynyah received from YAHUVEH regarding you. YAHUVEH spoke this to her the day after you blasphemed the HOLY SPIRIT and this Ministry.


Word for Stephen Rossi Sr.

Given to Prophet Kathrynyah

7.2.09 Last night as RM and I prayed for Stephen R. Sr. I heard, “double minded – fornicator, liar, cheater, swindler, jealousy, covetness”. (He is jealous of his bio son Stephen and trying to steal Stephen Jr. blessings. He sleeps with a woman in a “marriage” not of YAHUVEH so it is fornication in YAHUVEH'S eyes.)

7.2.09 I hear the LORD speaking to me re Stephen R. the father – “Sanctimonious, think you can pull the wool over MY eyes – be not deceived, I am YAHUVEH, I will not be mocked. Tell him to shut his mouth where I am concerned for he only speaks the lies of the de-vil, satan, Beelzebub, MY enemy. (On) Death row he sits, a condemned man, waiting his hanging.

I have no sympathy for liars, fornicators, all those who go easily astray. Tell him I am coming soon for the living and the dead and those dead in their own flesh will be the first thrown into the pit of their own making, their lies, their timidity – rebuke them MY Child. I have no countenance with young men who sin and don't repent.

The Day of the LORD is at hand. Behold, I am at the door knocking. How many refuse ME entrance? They say I am “not to their liking”. I “do not please them”. Oh, but I please no man! For I AM YAHUVEH! NO OTHER! Rebuke ME not child for I am speaking to you.
(I was hesitating.)

Sinners, liars, fornicators, beware! Your own filth you lie in will be your downfall. Think not you can play games with ME, with salvation, for your very lives are at stake.

Bewildered, so many are bewildered that I do not do things “their” way. Who do they think they are? To tell ME, YAHUVEH, MY job? Who!

Oh evil, foul, liars and fornicators, thou dost not mess with ME. I will grind you into dust and spew you out. Is there (There is?) no end to man's depravity, once he sinks so low he can only see his own filth and vomit and he calls it good!

I render all curses, contracts, hexes, spells and incantations against you null, void and powerless MY Child. See, they cannot mar the gifted, those with MY Gifts, of the HOLY SPIRIT, MY SPIRIT who loves them so

(I'm reminded of vision I had this morning of a young man I believed was Stephen R. Jr. who was high atop a rocky mountain with white wings and his sword. So magnificent was he. “And HE will raise you up on eagles' wings, bear you on the breath of dawn, make you to shine like the sun, and hold you in the palm of HIS hand.” Is. 40:31)

(Oh ABBA YAHUVEH, I am so tired. I feel so defeated. Every loss is such a blow, a sinking in the sand.)

So this is what you tell Stephen R. senior, the elder. He is hopeless before MY eyes. I cannot countenance him any longer. He will have no audience with ME any longer. I send him away to await his sentencing, his hanging. He has waited for this. Now he has it. You can bank on that. And if he tries to keep Stephen R. the junior from his blessings (the finances from his grandfather) then woe be unto him! He will just as surely have tied a noose around his own neck – judgment seat – (I see others mocking him. Just what he feared will happen, for he feared his reputation being sullied, he feared looking bad before man.) He will sit alone at the judgment seat with no intercessor for I will tell MY SON YAHUSHUA not to speak on this man's behalf but to let him rot as a rotten corpse that he is. He has fallen.

Many (referring to the ungodly ones) have spoken on his behalf. They have seen his disgrace but on deaf ears do their pleas fall for they mock what is Holy. There is no righteousness in them. They are only sinners in need of a SAVIOUR with none to be found for they could not measure up. They could not stand before ME with righteous deeds. They have nothing. (I see people with their hands holding empty pockets out, with nothing in them.)

Rotten, rotten, rotten! I spew them all out of MY mouth! I do not want to taste rotten fruit! Give ME the righteous, those who love MY SON YAHUSHUA their SAVIOUR. They know the Truth that has set them free indeed for HE died for them. HE loves them. HE intercedes for them. HE has a heart for them. HE has hope for them.

Oh my precious daughter Elisabeth, RM they call you. How very loving, how very kind you have treated this man
(Stephen R. senior) who has only spat in your face. No longer call him friend for he is no friend of MINE or yours for you represent ME before others. I do not hold you accountable for his actions. The beautiful words you spoke, the loving heart you offered him and what did he do? He turned you down. He rejected your offering of love. Again, you have been hurt, wounded, bruised and none were there to help you. You alone felt MY pain, MY rejection as another sinner burns in hell, in the hell of his own making. MY precious daughter I lovingly caress you in MY hands. I lift you up in Robes of Righteousness. Are you ready for lift off? It is coming soon MY precious one. Count the days till MY SON'S coming. HE is at the gate. HE is on the ready. HE awaits. HE longs. HE does not tarry.

No, there is much work to be done so let's get cracking. See there are more souls to save. Time is a wasting Gayl. Tarry not in the land of the lost. (my imagination of the past? The bio family?) Get a move on. You know the job to do. Speedworker I call you. (I hope so. I pray so. And may I do so with a jolly heart.) You and Elisabeth carry one another's burdens, lift one another up. See I have placed you in such a position for this so you may be of help to one another and cherish one another as sisters in the Blood.”


Stephen W. Rossi

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By Faith Enoch was translated that he should not see death: and was not found, because YAHUVEH had translated him: for before his translation he had this testimony, that he pleased YAHUVEH. Hebrews 11:5

By Faith Enoch was translated that he should not see death: and was not found, because YAHUVEH had translated him: for before his translation he had this testimony, that he pleased YAHUVEH. Hebrews 11:5