Given to Brother Syl
October 23, 2007


This is a "Thus Saith YAHUVEH", and it is directed at all who have been involved in the situation and the slandering of Prophet Elisabeth (Elisheva) Elijah here at this forum. BEWARE, and dare to read this after praying to GOD for Wisdom and Spiritual eyes and ears in YAHUSHUA's NAME...

Thus saith YAHUVEH, The LORD of HOSTS!


Do not touch MY anointed, neither do MY Prophets any harm. But who is "I AM", YAHUVEH Almighty is MY NAME, even repeating MY Own Word for YOU, YOU, YOU, who call yourselves MY People? For MY Word you do not want to know! You do not want to know the written Word, and you do not want to know The Living Word, My SON YAHUSHUA ha MACHIACH! Yes, it is the Great God "I AM" speaking to HIS wayward people, the ones that slander MY True Prophets, curse MY Anointed and avoid and reject MY Words of rebuke and WARNINGS coming from the mouths of MY True Prophets.

Woe be unto you ye Pharisees, because ye have a religion and not a loving obedient relationship with the GREAT GOD "I AM" and MY SON YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH! Truly, times have not changed as MY People honour ME with their lips, but their hearts are FAR from ME. Away from ME, away from ME! Ye that claim to know ME but do not and can not discern right from wrong! RUN, ye that call evil good and good evil. FLEE, ye that work iniquity and dare to praise me afterwards with your lips! AWAY FROM ME, for I DO NOT EVEN KNOW YOU.

Today I give you a choice, and that is to REPENT and turn from your wicked ways, or MY ROD of WRATH is ready to strike you down. You make the decision! I am talking to ALL, and I REPEAT, ALL PEOPLE THAT CLAIM TO KNOW ME BUT CALL THE WORK OF MY HANDS SATANIC OR A CULT. BEWARE, FOR YOU ARE BLASPHEMING MY RUACH ha KODESH and IN THAT THERE IS NO FORGIVENESS. What ye have done out of ignorance I can and will forgive if you will only REPENT and fall on your faces for MY forgiveness and YAHUSHUA's Bloodcovering for your sins and transgressions.

But woe unto the ones with the hearts of a Pharisee, that know RIGHT but willingly do WRONG! That know GOOD, but do EVIL in MY sight! Jacob I have loved, Esau I have hated, study and show thyself approved. I, the Great GOD "I AM" HATE the Spirit of a Pharisee, and ye with the Spirit of a Pharisee are no different than the ones My Son YAHUSHUA called SNAKES and VIPERS in the times of old. For just like your fathers in the times of old slandered, hated, killed and destroyed MY True Prophets, you are doing the same TODAY! REPENT! Again I say, REPENT NOW! I AM ANGRY! Do not wait one more minute, REPENT NOW ye that read this and have taken part in grieving, hurting and even trying to destroy MY TRUE PROPHETS and the Very MINISTRY I HAVE BUILD WITH MY OWN HANDS!

You are either with ME, or you are AGAINST ME. YOU MY PEOPLE, HAVE BEEN AGAINST ME! ALL, and I repeat ALL of you that are quick to swallow the lies of satan and his henchmen, and refused to even take a minute to pray to ME and MY SON to see if the false accusations that hit MY True Children are true, WOE UNTO YOU if YOU DO NOT REPENT NOW! Seek ME this VERY day while I can be found, and keep pounding on MY DOOR till I open up and you are able to hear MY voice. For you never even tried to hear MY VOICE! You are quick in your judgments, but judgment belongs to ME! And it is I, YAHUVEH, who knows the hearts of MY People and "I AM" JUDGE, JURY and EXECUTIONER.

I will make and example out of the ones that have grieved and blasphemed MY RUACH ha KODESH so much that there is NO WAY BACK for them. I repeat, I, YAHUVEH and YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH will make an EXAMPLE out of the ones who have sealed their doom. I have made a promise to My Daughter, and YES she is MY Elijah of New, and My Ring Maiden whom I chose for the Honor and Glory of I, YAHUVEH alone. And that promise is, that the ones that willingly attack My RUACH ha KODESH WILDFIRE Ministry without REPENTING will FALL! TODAY I WILL START TO MAKE AN EXAMPLE, I REPEAT, TODAY I WILL START TO MAKE AN EXAMPLE OUT OF THE ONES THAT INSIST ON KEEP ON TEMPTING ME AND TESTING ALMIGHTY GOD "I AM's" Patience.

My PATIENCE is RUNNING out, and JACK BARR, PERHAPS YOU WILL BE MY FIRST EXAMPLE! Only I know! REPENT NOW as MY SON YAHUSHUA is waiting for you, but woe unto you if you won't come back, because it is YOU who have led MY People astray, it is YOU that listened to satan and obeyed the father of all lies when you granted his wish; to chase people away from MY HOLY MINISTRY and MY TRUE HOLY PROPHETS. I, the GOD OF CREATION CHARGE YOU NOW! REPENT OR PERISH! DO NOT DARE TO MOCK ME AGAIN, FOR I AM NOT A GOD TO BE MOCKED. I WILL NOT HESITATE MUCH LONGER TO MAKE YOU AN EXAMPLE OF WHAT HAPPENS TO THE ONES THAT PUT A NEEDLE IN THE EYE OF YAHUVEH ALMIGHTY. I will use your death to open the eyes of MY people.

Do you know that sevenfold the number of MY People that you led astray will come back to ME if I take your life as an EXAMPLE? They will once again know the Fear of YAHUVEH. Read Acts 5: and realize what happens when "I AM" is mocked! But Oh My True Sheep, that will return to ME, I will cradle you in My Arms, for I love you and you seek ME. Come back to ME and YAHUSHUA, as HE IS THE ONLY GOOD SHEPHERD. Do not shun My true Prophets, but rather learn from them because they carry MY ANOINTING. My Darling Ones, rebuke the wolves in sheeps clothing and come back to YAHUVEH and YAHUSHUA. Learn to hear MY Voice, and how to obey and please ME. I am a Good GOD, and a Patient GOD to MY True Children that seek to please ME.

But learn NOW who "I AM" is, You cannot worship only half of ME. Study and show thyself approved, read in My Written Word, that you must worship ME in Spirit and Truth. If you worship only half of ME and shun the other half, how are you then worshiping ME in Truth. You open yourself up for the lies of satan when you do this. REPENT and seek who "I AM" is. Almighty in Love, and Almighty in War and Wrath for My ENEMIES. I DO NOT CHANGE. Seek Wisdom while She can be found now, and the beginning of Wisdom is Fear of YAHUVEH and YAHUSHUA. You My darling Beloved Ones, have not feared ME, therefore, the devil has easily led you astray and blinded your eyes and filled your ears with wax. Come to ME now for deliverance in the NAME of MY Son YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH! I Love You.

There are many out there that hear MY Voice, if you do, do not harden you hearts for MY Voice. If you receive the Words of "I AM", "I AM" calls you BLESSED. I am calling MY SHEEP BACK, as I AM THE GOOD SHEPHERD. FLEE from the dens of the enemy and come back into my Loving Arms of Redemption.


MY Sheep, come back to ME NOW, and seek ME in Truth and in places I can be found; places where Truth and Holiness Reside.

This Word has been spoken today, through one of My True Prophets that seek to please their Heavenly Father. Today My Son, I have blessed you and rewarded you by putting My Two-edged sword in your Mouth. So it is spoken, so it is written on October 23, 2007 12.00 AM - 1.52 AM

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