Prophetic Warning To John Machaffie

Given to Sister Gayl
October 24, 2007

I woke up with the song, “The ransomed of the LORD will return to Zion …”

Every day the LORD gives me the Scripture Jeremiah 15: “…(I am) tired of sparing you, I am destroying you…because they will not return from their ways.” I feel FATHER’S great fury at this people who slander HIS Ministry in the forums –

* * * * * * *

Prophetic Warning: “As it was, so it shall be again, all who seek to silence ME, will be silenced, all who seek to destroy ME, I will destroy. Do they not know I have sent MY Prophets to warn? Do they not know this? Can they not see the forest for the trees? Are they so blinded in their own greed, their own self righteousness? It is I the LORD YAHUVEH who am speaking to you, NONE other. These children speaking to you are not speaking in their flesh for I use them to do MY will, to accomplish MY purposes as I put it on their hearts to speak. I use them as a winnowing fork to separate the wheat from the chaf.

Your ramblings on this forum have gone on long enough! You weary me of your idle chatter. You profess to know ME, then obey ME! Stop calling MY Anointed one false! She has nothing to gain by speaking out against evil. I simply use her as MY mouthpiece for I have Anointed her for such a time as this.

You do not know her. You do not know how she comes before ME day and night – weeping and wailing for your very souls! Oh ye of little faith! I am furious with you now as you whine and complain, you dare to steal MY thunder! To tell ME to be silent! The cosmos reverberates with your nonsensical chatter. Cease and desist or I will make you a cup of reeling to the nations! Mark MY Words. Prophets I have sent to your midst, need I send more before you get the message?

You will not stop ME from speaking. You will not shut ME up. I will proclaim it from the mountain tops. Vengeance is MINE sayeth YAHUVEH of HOSTS! And I am furious with you John Machaffie for shutting MY Prophets up! How dare you quench them, it is your soul they are speaking for. They love you or they would not take the time to write to you. Take care lest your foot slip for you son are on a slippery slope before ME, ready to fall to your destruction unless I save you. Do you want ME to save you? Will you cease your senseless ramblings against MY True Prophets? Will you? It’s your choice. I am done with you. (I see FATHER washing HIS hands and walking away.)
End of Word.

To me: It is finished Gayl. No more talking to/with this man, he has made his bed, let him lie in it.

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