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The Torah is set up as both left and right brain. The left brain aspect of Torah is the logic; the detail; the structure; the order; very organized; precept upon precept. The right brain aspect of the Torah, now with the foundational teaching of the left brain, sees the prophetic, the hidden meaning; can understand the visions.

Most of us are more dominant right or left, but there will be times when the opposite is true in a specific area. For example: I am more right brain, but there are times when I clearly show and exhibit left. I understand things visually, not so much by phonics or the words; IT becomes clear to me when I have a visual picture.

As you continue to study the TORAH you will be able to see which people were probably more right or left dominant. You will even begin to recognize this within yourself as well as others. This is especially helpful in teaching and instructing children; this understanding will perhaps give you an idea as to how to teach them. It may be, if you are a left brain but your child is right, you may have to change how you present a teaching so that it fits how they learn, but the same is true for someone who is right brain but the child is left brain.

Perhaps as an example of this would be Abraham and Noah. When YAHUVEH speaks to Abraham, he understands the phonics-words, the logic, detail, repeating the same thing. We are even told by YAHUVEH, that Abraham believed. Noah on the other had was possibly right brain, he needed a visual-the rainbow. Both gained the same understanding of YAHUVEH, but YAHUVEH presented it to each of them in the way that he had designed them to process information.

Finally, for you wonderful left brain people, the "types and shadows" may seem burdensome, or far-fetched, but for the right brain person it brings clarity.

The Two Sticks, made One in the Hand of YAHUSHUA (Ezek. 37:15-28)

Left Judah ("What you do") Right Ephraim ("Why you do")

Think Auditory Visual



Short term memory

Long term memory


Sight words

Repeating same thing

Big Screen TV

Black and White

Humor, Emotion


Land of Options


Change Schedule

Loves Numbers

Change, Variety

Loves Structure

Hard to Close

Likes Closure

Stored in Pictures

Store Words




Does not like types & shadows

Likes types and shadows

Examples of: People

Abraham (Faith-Store Words)

Noah (Rainbow-Stored in Pictures)




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