Feast of Dedication In the Winter

(Leviticus: 24:1-4, John 10:22)

John 10:22

  1. John 10:22 YAHUSHUA at Jerusalem, and he goes up to the Temple during the Feast of Dedication.
  2. Leviticus 24:1-4:

    Verse 2 

    We have been kindled, lit by the Ruach, continually (perpetually). The light of YAHUSHUA is to burn within us forever. (Exo. 27:20-21 Let your light shine before men, that they may see your good works (continual/perpetual "command")

    Verse 3

    YAHUSHUA as the Cohen arranges the lamp, talking us from darkness to light) before YAHUVEH, we are to be intimate with YAHUVEH , we see only him, therefore, we see by his spirit, continually (perpetually-never ceasing, an eternal decree-forever, throughout all eternity.

    Verse 4

    YAHUSHUA is the Menorah who arranges the lamps/us, we are to be arranged only by him. YAHUSHUA now indwells us. He is the light of the world.

    There are 7 lamps, each lamp represents a day of creation, a part of who YAHUVEH is, and who we are. These 7 lamps also represents fulfillment of covenant promises to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob that TORAH would go forward through each 1,000 year period throughout human history (7th millennium) and beyond.

  3. Not an appointed Feast, but we see in Leviticus that they are commanded to kindle the Menorah continually/perpetual.
  4. We are to dedicate ourselves to YAHUVEH daily, but on the Sabbath we Dedicate, Tabernacle, Dwell with him.
  5. The Lamp was not to be arranged/kindled one candle each day. The Menorah/YAHUSHUA was to be lit daily all 7 (completion/perfection). This is how we walk a completed and perfected walk in YAHUVEH. If only one lamp lit each day, we are not complete, YAHUSHUA has come and fulfilled all things, the Kingdom has come, therefore, we are in the fullness of the good news which is YAHUSHUA/Torah/Ruach.

    Leviticus 24:1-4

  6. (1) Hashem spoke to Moses saying (2) command the children of Israel that they take to you clear olive oil, pressing for lighting, to kindle a continual lamp. (3) Outside the curtain (Holy of Holies) of the Testimony, in the Tent of Meeting, Aaron shall arrange it from evening to morning before Hashem continually, an eternal decree for your generations. (4) On the pure Menorah shall he arrange the lamps, before Hashem continually.