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...I was just reading the post that had been taken from a Cutting Edge site concerning Holographic Projections and a manipulated "fake" Rapture deception and my mouth dropped open.

Two nights ago I was sleeping and had this very long, detailed dream. I won't go into all the details but the dream began with huge groups of people, myself included, standing outside looking into the night sky. People were pointing and screaming and shouting and were totally amazed at what we were seeing. It was incredible beyond description.

The entire sky was filled with fantastic colors and images and shapes and forms, all moving and all appearing to be "alive." We were just so astounded at the sight of it. It had just started suddenly and without warning. I was watching in amazement and yet with a calmness inside me.

An older man behind me came up closer to me and said something along the lines of "Do you think this is the Rapture they talk about all the time? This is something not of this world." And without batting an eye, I said, "No, it's not the Rapture. Those are holographic images being projected in the sky to confuse people."

Many terrifying and scary scenes followed after that and I awoke feeling very disturbed but put the dream out of my mind until just now. I could see how deceived people could be by that type of thing being perpetrated upon them unless they are led by the Spirit. I just seemed to know that it was a man made event and done for the sole purpose of deception. And it was awe inspiring, indeed, and totally believable. The Ultimate Special Effect.

Just had to share this. Blessings, Rhonda


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