Renee Moses Exposes Her True Spirit and Fruit
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Evidence Renee Moses has a legion of demons!

UPDATE: February 3, 2014

Looks like our Lord YAHUSHUA was right about the rapture and Renee's lord was wrong again. We even gave Renee the 'benefit of the doubt' and waited at least 1 week past her rapture date, and it looks like she is still here on earth because she posted another video today. We were also waiting to see if she would repent of her false date setting for the rapture and as expected, she hasn't repented. In her new video she said the obvious, the rapture has been delayed. She is not going to stop folks, what does that tell you? She is NOT repentant, in fact she got another piece to her puzzle on Jan. 24, this must be the fith time or so that she has gotten the final piece to her puzzle. She denies everything that has been exposed about her, but what choice does she have. She can NOT admit to the truth because she still has an assignment from hell and satan will not allow her to quit.

YAHUSHUA has warned about this woman to show you her true fruit and this Ministries fruit. If you choose to continue to believe her and her lies that is your choice, but you shall continue to be disappointed and we pray that you do NOT lose your faith in YAHUSHUA and the true rapture.

In her new video she again denies these emails were sent from her and she claims that the only place you will ever see anything from her is either on her website or her youtube channel. She says she does not have time to do anything but video's and update her website. She still insists that someone is impersonating her and she has never renounced her faith in Jesus. So what is she saying, she is saying that someone has been impersonating her on the five doves website for the last few years and this impersonator has fooled all the people on the five doves forum. This so-called impersonator says the exact same things Renee has on her website and, in fact, this impersonator has led people to Renee's websites over these years.

If you don't believe us, then go to and search Renee Moses and you will see 143 results with her name in them, articles either written by her or responding to her. She also uses the name Renee M, and if you search this name you will see 595 results with this name. These results were as of today, Feb. 3, we can only pray they leave them up on the website and don't cover for her and take them down. We can always use the wayback machine though if they try to protect her. According to Renee, this person is not her, it is an imposter.

We encourage you to please go to and search her name and read the articles from the so-called imposter and pray for discernment. Pray to see if Renee is telling everyone the truth. We have already done this, and WE KNOW, THAT WE KNOW, THAT WE KNOW, Renee Moses is LYING to everyone. The person on fivedoves website is Renee Moses and she HAS renounced her faith in Jesus when her rapture date did not come to pass in 2012, SHE IS A LIAR!!! She has had plenty of time to post on this website for several years now. SHE IS A LIAR!!! How can anyone believe a word she says anymore. She says this imposter is out to discredit her. NOBODY has to impersonate her to discredit her, she does that all by herself. Renee Moses discredits Renee Moses, what more can we say, we don't have to do anything but post what she says.

There is also a fool named Brian Taylor commenting on several of the Renee Moses video's exposing her. He commented on several of the video's we did exposing Renee and said how good the video's were. Now I see he is saying that he believes Renee is Schizophrenic, and then says he suspects it is someone from this Ministry behind these emails. WHAT!!! I am starting to believe he is Schizophrenic, he is after one thing and that is to create doubt in people as to the truth. He says he has been in touch with Renee and she denies these emails and he believes her, then he says she is Schizophrenic. HOW IN THE WORLD CAN YOU BELIEVE ANYTHING A SCHIZOPHRENIC SAYS?

Here is a snapshot of this fool's comments on youtube.

I will say this, I will stand before YAHUSHUA/JESUS one day as to whether everything I have posted here is the truth, and Brian Taylor will also stand before YAHUSHUA one day as to what he is posting on youtube. I need not say anymore.

So there ya go folks, this is what's happening in the Renee Moses saga. She will continue doing what she is doing, but she is being very careful now and just saying that this is what she believes and has quit saying a thus saith the Lord. She now believes the rapture will happen in the next couple months. YAHUSHUA says, THE RAPTURE OF HIS BRIDE WILL NOT BE IN THE NEXT 2 MONTHS OF 2014. You have been warned once again, we can only pray you believe YAHUSHUA and stop listening to Renee Moses if you believe anything she says.

UPDATE: January 16, 2014

As predicted, how's that for a prediction, at least we got it right. Renee Moses is denying these emails are from her. She is claiming someone is impersonating her. What else can she do? Do you really think she would ever admit to this? Of course she won't and can't admit to this. If she did admit this, it would expose what these satanists are doing and it would WAKE UP millions of Christians to this truth. These satanists WILL NEVER tell you the truth. Believe me, her coven is very upset that this has come out in the open. So please do not be naive enough to believe her when she denies this, she has NO choice.

Here is a copy of her explanation posted January 14 taken off one of her websites at,

I just want to apologize to all of those who have made comments for the incredibly rude and disrespectful and disgusting link that you were sent by someone who is obviously trying to attack my character. I did not read the entire link and hope that none of you did either as I saw some swear words and some disgusting things there. There have been numerous people claiming to be me on the internet that are not me. The only two places you will find something from me is on my youtube channel or my website. I do not have an aol address and I do not chat on google or other forums. I only have time to make videos and update my website and do not have time to personally send emails out to people, which is why I do not publish my personal email address. I do try to respond to messages in my inbox on youtube if I can find the time to do so. I do not criticize people and try my best to not defend myself when attacked. Bless those who curse you. Bless and do not curse. God Bless you all.

So she obviously has seen at least some of the emails as she has admitted in her explanation. After I saw her apology, I went to prayer because the last thing this Ministry wants to do is accuse an innocent person. As I was praying and asking YAH for the truth, I heard one sentence from HIM. YAH asked me, "If you were innocent (as she claims), and you were in Renee Moses shoes, what would you do?

Well, I knew immediately what I would be doing if I was innocent and someone put up a bunch of false email's on the internet claiming to be from me. I would contact the people who put up these emails and tell them the truth, that someone is impersonating me and ask them to take them down. I don't know about you, but that's what I would do. So I gave her a couple days to see if she would contact us and tell us what has happened to her. Well, guess what, I never heard a word from her. She sure is not acting like an innocent victim if you ask me. We already know she went to this link because she said so in her apology, so she has to have our email address because she said she saw the filthy emails. So she can't say she doesn't know how to reach us.

This is what we know folks, someone claiming to be Renee Moses contacts us and accuses us of putting up a video against her on youtube, and tells us to take it down and that we will be punished in hell for attacking her. We tell her the video is not from us, but we agree with it's content and the rest is history. You will have to read the rest to see what happened. By the way, the video link this person sent us of the video is the same Renee Moses who claims the rapture is Jan. 21-24, 2014.

If Renee Moses can PROVE to us that she is being impersonated in these emails, I will repent for posting them and issue her a public apology. Having said that, please look at the content of the emails and see how they match up with what her video's say. She says anyone who criticizes her or mocks her will not be in the rapture in her video's. Guess what, she told me I wasn't in the rapture in these emails. She will have a very difficult time proving these are not from her. One more thing, I see on her youtube video comments she has clearly stated that someone is pretending to be her to discredit her. I had to laugh at that one because she does a good enough job discrediting herself. Nobody has to impersonate her to do that.

Watch this excellent video that explains very clearly what these false date setters mission is. This is WAR folks, these satanists are after one thing, YOUR SOUL. If they can get you to doubt the truth they know they win.

UPDATE: January 13, 2014

Someone emailed us and asked if we could prove these emails were from Renee Moses and if we could do a screenshot or a pdf of the emails. Absolutely I can, I will be more than happy too, but I have never done it before, but as soon as I get it figured out the proof will be posted. The screenshot will show Renee Moses email address to confirm it came from her. When I copy and pasted the emails the email addresses do not show up.

UPDATE: January 13, 2014

Snapshots of emails are up. Renee Moses is a satanist. If these emails don't prove it to you, as well as ALL her false dates for the rapture, then you are being deceived by satan. Pray for discernment, how can you not see what is happening. NO CHRISTIAN or Believer in YAHUSHUA would make a flier like she did with YAHUSHUA'S/JESUS' face on two homosexuals having sexual intercourse with each other and put a Ministry Name and website address on it. YAHUSHUA/JESUS would NEVER say to anyone. She even spells YAHUSHUA MASHIACH backwards as a curse, this is what satanist do, people. Open your eyes to the truth, it doesn't get any clearer than this. She gives false dates for the rapture to steal the peoples faith in YAHUSHUA/JESUS and the rapture. It is that simple, that is what the devil wants, if he can put any doubt in your heart, then he wins.

At first I thought she was just deceived, and a bit delusional, but this spawn of satan knows exactly what she is doing. This is her assignment from hell. I watched a little bit of her video's and she is lying about everything and she knows it. She says we are in the middle of the Great Tribulation, Wrong. It hasn't even started yet. She says the Abomination that causes desolation already happened, WRONG. She says YAH/God uses the gregorian calender, WRONG. What the heck is 'The Gentile Feast of Tabernacles', WRONG. She says Obama is the antichrist, WRONG. She says she is a Christian, WRONG!!! Everything she is saying is WRONG. These are all pieces of a puzzle from hell, not Heaven. Eventually, it will become so obvious she is WRONG, when the Great Tribulation comes upon this earth, everyone will know. It will be horrible, there will be no denying it, and then it will be so obvious Renee is WRONG.

Wake up people if you believe her. READ your bibles, look to YAHUSHUA/JESUS and not to Renee Moses for your answers. I am telling you what YAHUSHUA is telling me right now. HE allows this to happen to teach and show Christians how easy it is to be deceived. She has such a sweet voice and her well thought out scripted teachings are very convincing, but they are from satan. She has twisted events happening in the world to fit scriptures and it makes sense, but they are WRONG. What does satan do, he goes BEFORE YAHUSHUA to fool the sheep, especially if you don't study the bible and seek YAHUSHUA/JESUS for yourselves. I don't know what else to say, if you choose to believe her then you shall reap the consequences and if your eye's have been opened to the truth, THEN PRAISE YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH.

We apologize for having to put this disgusting flier up, but it is needed as proof to show you her true spirit and fruit. Don't be surprised when she denies any involvement in this, of course she can't admit to this. If she did how could she continue to steal the faith of those who believe in YAHUSHUA/JESUS. YAHUVEH, Renee and I know the truth and that is all that matters. Either her or I will stand before YAHUSHUA and be held accountable for this, and I am not worried. I know I did not lie or fake these emails or her email address. When she denies this, it only proves to me that she is not who she claims to be.

Here are the snapshots that someone asked for as proof the emails came from Renee Moses. PRAISE YAHUSHUA for HIS wisdom on how to do this. Here are 3 snapshots of the emails. The first snapshot proves Renee Moses email address with the f... you email. The second snapshot proves the flier she sent in an attachment. The third snapshot proves that she sent a curse by spelling YAHUSHUA MASHIACH backwards [satanists do this, not Christians] and said her followers are the ones making up the fliers. As you can see, this shows her email address as well as ours.

Read all the emails in order after the snapshots and updates.

Proof of Renee Moses f... you email

UPDATE: January 11, 2014

Renee Moses is some woman on the internet who has been setting dates for the rapture the last couple years. She came to our attention the end of 2012 when she said the rapture would happen in October, 2012 and it did not come to pass, so we put up an article exposing her. We kept it up for a few months and have since taken it off our website and we have made no mention of her since then.

Out of nowhere on Jan. 5, 2014 we received an email from Renee Moses accusing this Ministry of putting up a video on youtube exposing her false rapture dates. Renee Moses continued to give more false rapture dates after 2012, so someone put up a video exposing her, but it wasn't this Ministry, unfortunately. We told her it wasn't us, but she refuses to believe us.

She gave another rapture date of Jan. 4-7, 2014 and was obviously wrong again. So she now says her lord is giving us a 21 day delay for the rapture. Our Lord, YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH, says Renee Moses is wrong. Renee Moses says her lord has given her the pieces to a puzzle that says the rapture will happen between January 21-24, 2014. Let's see who's Lord and Saviour is right. Isn't this how we test the Spirit that speaks. This is too easy.

Here are the emails we have sent to each other. Remember this woman claims to be a Christian and the lord has given her the pieces to a puzzle that she says reveals when the rapture will be. After reading her emails, I'll let you be the judge as to her true spirit and fruit.

From Renee Moses
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Jan 5 at 7:07 PM

Title - You will be punished in Hell

You will be punished in Hell for attacking Gods child if you do not remove anything connected to my name or prophecies. I would file a lawsuit if I was not going to be raptured . If you are the one who made those dooky videos at about me then you need to remove them immediately. You will make many miss the rapture if you keep it up! I will continue to pray for you.

To Renee Moses
Jan 6 at 4:53 AM

Greetings Renee,

Why do you think we put that video up? Unfortunately, it's not us, but we do agree with them exposing you for the many rapture dates you have set that have NEVER happened. If anyone will be held accountable for falsely leading people astray it shall be you. You only look like a fool to those who know the truth and you have proven yourself over and over as a fool with all of your false dates for the rapture. I really believe you mean well, but you will NEVER guess when the rapture will be even though you sound convincing with your take on the Scriptures.

FYI, we are NOT in the great tribulation yet and the rapture is NOT as near as you may think.

It is our prayer you stop leading people to a false hope when it is not yet time now for the rapture. You are doing more damage than you think as you are leading people to lose their faith and be discouraged everytime one of your so-called rapture dates do not come to pass. You can't say you were not warned.


From Renee Moses
To Me
Jan 7 at 3:41 AM

The devil clouds the mind of the unbeliever. Seek the Lord in the next 36 hours before it is too late.

To Renee Moses
Jan 7 at 12:27 PM

What are you talking about? I believe in the rapture but your mind is the one that is clouded. You are false and you have been exposed, why do you take it out on those who know the truth about you. Can you deny that you have been WRONG about several dates YOU have said the rapture was going to occur on? REPENT NOW for misleading people before it is too late for you.

We are not setting rapture dates, YOU are. Now you call me an unbeliever because I agree with someone that has exposed you for the false dates YOU set. Do you see anything wrong with this picture? Open your eyes Renee and admit you have no clue when the rapture is going to happen. Your problem is you have misinterpreted things that are happening now in the world and try to make things fit to your understanding of scripture. I will promise you this, YAHUVEH/GOD is not giving YOU these false raprute dates, and if HE is not giving them to you, then who is?

I suggest you stop falsely accusing this Ministry or you will have a battle you will never win, that I promise you.


To Renee Moses
Jan 7 at 12:37 PM

One more thing, you're right about one thing, I am an unbeliever about ALL your FALSE RAPTURE DATES. I promise you this, the rapture WILL NOT HAPPEN IN THE NEXT 36 HOURS. Let's see who is right.

From Renee Moses
To Me
Jan 7 at 12:47 PM

I am forgiving you since this is my last chance with time running out. I am sorry things could not have been better between us. You have to know back in the day that the "Moses" in my name was appointed to me. I really could never figure out why you guys turned on me. Care to explain the real reason?

To Renee Moses
Jan 7 at 1:41 PM

I don't have a clue who you are. You are forgiving me for what? For saying you were wrong with several dates you have given for the rapture and the rapture did not happen. This is fact, I can prove it. You are not "Moses", did you get this name appointed from the same voice that has told you when the rapture will happen? Please REPENT Renee who ever you are, you will be wrong once again, I promise. When will you admit you are wrong?

The only reason this Ministry would turn on anybody is if they led people astray. Have you led anyone astray? Open your eyes for the sake of the souls that are believing your lies to only be disappointed once again and lose faith in the rapture. STOP IN THE NAME OF YAHUSHUA! YOU WILL BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE FOR EVERY SOUL YOU HAVE LED ASTRAY!

From Renee Moses
To Me
Jan 7 at 1:56 PM

We were sisters in Christ. Guess you do not recall the bad stuff you posted about me. It is very similar to that youtube video so I know someone in your ministry is behind the video. Im not a false prophet. I figure out the Bible based on calculations. Its scholarly. Backbiters I forgive you.

To Renee Moses
Jan 7 at 2:16 PM

I'm a man so I can not be your sister in Christ. I have no idea what you are talking about and I can assure you, no one from this Ministry did that video. You had better get your facts straight because you are falsely accusing us and you are wrong and what does the scriptures say about false accusations? If anyone needs to forgive someone, it is us forgiving you. You wrote us and falsely accused us of the video and you still do it.

From Renee Moses
To Me
Jan 7 at 2:26 PM

I shall come down from heaven and touch your lips with water very soon my friend. Everyone already knows that I have received this guidance from your ongoing prophecies. Literally 10s of thousands of people. Thank you for the guidance. I made sure to give your ministry credit as the Lord wanted me to do so. When I am gone I have already left enough information with unbelievers that they have promised to reveal what you have revealed to me. The basis of my prediction. Thank you for that. Hopefully they will be saved and be strong through the day of judgement. At the very least they will give your ministry credit for your once gracious works. God Bless

To Renee Moses
Jan 7 at 3:08 PM

Please email me when the rapture doesn't happen this month and we can talk. The difference between you and this Ministry is, we don't predict, we let YAH tell us. Foolish calculations of man is what YAH calls your predictions.

To Renee Moses
Jan 7 at 4:08 PM


You must be mistaken us for someone else. On our Ministry website it clearly is stated that YAHUVEH told Elisabeth that YAHUSHUA would come for HIS Bride on a Rosh Hashannah and it would be on a Sabbath which is a Saturday. How in the world can you say you are given your predictions for the rapture based on something we revealed to you. You are really confused Renee because what you are saying makes no sense whatsoever.

We don't want any credit for anything, ALL THE GLORY GOES TO YAHUSHUA.

From Renee Moses
To Me
Jan 8 at 7:57 AM

Do know like Daniel God's servant that the rapture has been extended two weeks. I can not go against the Lord. He stated very clearly to give credit where credit is due. Credit is to your ministry and tomorrow I will be mailing my newsletter to 37,143 contacts (641 ministries) plus contacting others on Youtube about your prophecy helping me find this new date. If you took the time to read my revelations you would see how the prophecies you have given have made this date true. Praise God for allowing us a few weeks to get more people saved by his grace before he returns!

To Renee Moses
Jan 8 at 3:19 PM

You are nuts, don't blame us when you are going to be wrong. The Prophecies YAH has given us do NOT confirm nor say what you are saying about the rapture. Once again, the rapture of the TRUE BRIDE OF YAHUSHUA will be on a Rosh Hashanah and it will be on a Sabbath, which is Friday sunset till Saturday sunset. This is what this Ministry knows and what we preach.

From Renee Moses
To Me
Jan 9 at 11:33 AM

Newsletter Sent! I deserve a prophets reward yet you remove me from you site. You will be damned as the Lord has told me he will give you a 2nd chance but you will not be in the rapture. I did not mention your ministry by name in my latest video but I will be posting one soon enough. The hour is here and the trumpets are sounding!

To Renee Moses
Jan 9 at 2:10 PM

Dear Renee,

I really feel bad for you. I have no clue what you are talking about again. You first accuse us of bad mouthing you on our site, then you say that you deserve a prophets reward yet we removed you from our site. Now which is it? I hope your not calling yourself a prophet to get a prophet's reward, that would surely be a mistake.

I do apologize for calling you nuts, but I am very concerned for your mental and spiritual health. I am not trying to be mean, but you are being deceived. You have set yourself up once again, by sending out that newsletter, as being false because the rapture is not happening when you claim it is. Will you please listen to reason, you have been wrong several times now with the rapture dates. You continue to make excuses why you are wrong. What excuse will you make this time? Or will you accept responsibility for your actions REPENT of your foolishness and STOP calculating and predicting when the rapture will be. You WILL NEVER GUESS when it will be, read the scriptures.

How can you be posting another video soon enough if you are going to be raptured any minute. It looks like you are still here unless you are emailing me from heaven.

To Renee Moses
Jan 9 at 3:50 PM

So I see you now claim the rapture will be Jan 21-24, 2014. You claim God is giving you these pieces to some puzzle and you claim that the puzzle has been COMPLETE, but God is giving you more pieces now to an already COMPLETED puzzle. Ok, Renee, whatever you say. Do you see how this makes you look? By your own words you have proven you are WRONG.

We agree on one thing, you should have taken down your website when your last so-called puzzle piece and rapture date did not come to pass earlier this year. How about you take down your website FOREVER when this new so-called date for the rapture does not come to pass. Can we agree on this?

What you are doing does NOT please YAHUSHUA whom you call Jesus. Do you not understand the consequences that happen when your dates do not come to pass. You not only make yourself look like an idiot, but other believers in the rapture too and for those new in YAHUSHUA that follow and believe what you say, what happens to their faith when you continue to be wrong?

You now leave this Ministry no choice but to join in this battle. When you attacked us and said we would be punished in hell for a video we had nothing to do with you opened the door. We weren't saying anything about you and yet you continue to pull us into this battle, so now we will expose you with the others who are doing so.

We did expose you last year on our website for your false dates, but have since taken it down, but now we will put everything back up again and with the new information we have also regarding more false dates you claim.

We will tell the world that the rapture will not happen on the dates you once again claim and people will see the truth and people can then decide who they want to listen too in the future. Your track record so far is 100% WRONG.

From Renee Moses
To Me
Jan 10 at 12:39 AM

Gods children will follow me not You. If you think you can expose me and make me look bad then it will only reflect on your ministry since we are now officially connected.

To Renee Moses
Jan 10 at 2:13 AM

Listen to yourself, YAH'S/GODS Children do not follow you, they follow YAHUSHUA/JESUS. We don't want anyone following us, we want them to obey and follow the Messiah, YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH. You are delusional and need help. Please get some help before you really make yourself look even worse than you already look.

We know what you're trying to do and it won't work, we are not officially connected, maybe in your delusional mind we are, but we're not and you shall be exposed. We really don't even have to do anything except repeat what you have said over the years and people will see the truth for what it is. Thanks Renee for making our job so easy.

We pray the poor souls that are following you, as you say, will see the truth for who you are and repent for being fooled and turn to YAHUHSUA who will heal them from all the wounds you have afflicted upon them with your foolishness. In YAHUSHUA'S Name we pray.

From Renee Moses
To Me
Jan 10 at 3:43 AM

God has given me another word of wisdom. I hesitate to even state it but he has assured me it is in his righteous anger.

The Lord sayeth "Fuck You, you will not make my children fall! For when you try you shall be delivered unto the wicked one, your father the devil."

That was not from me. I do not even talk like that. You have really angered the Lord this time it appears! He has also directed me to tell everyone about your false testimony. Your ministry of despair shall fall and burn. And I shall be a vessel unto the Lord to see it all happens so as he has commanded!

From Renee Moses
To Me
Jan 10 at 3:57 AM

This message contains blocked images.

Starting to see your new flier show up in a lot of places online. See attachment.

Picture sent to us from Renee Moses a good Christian woman

To Renee Moses
Jan 10 at 1:01 PM

Thank you so much for this ammunition to show the people who you really serve, your lord satan. See what I mean, you make this so easy. Everytime you email me you say something that proves how delusional you are.

I serve YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH and I put this battle in his hands and we shall see who falls and is utterly destroyed, it shall be you so-called Renee Moses in the Name of YAHUSHUA it is declared.

I warned you that you would not win this battle. YAHUSHUA told me to reming you of Harold Camping. What happened to him? You are doing the same thing Harold Camping did, and now he is DEAD. If you don't repent of your wicked ways, only YAH knows what your fate will be.

From Renee Moses
To Me
Jan 10 at 1:08 PM

You are a liar. You posted on your website the same exact thing your "apostles" posted as Dooky on YouTube.

Your flier is making the rounds as we speak.HCAIHSAM AUHSUHAY will rule your world. You can not talk like this to a prophet of God. His words not mine.

My followers are already in the work of making more fliers for you. They will be everywhere soon and all over YouTube. You lose. We Win!

I speak with the authority of God in tongues of Angels. You speak of your father the devil.

(Comment from Niko: Writing YAHUSHUA'S name backwards is a curse folks that satanists use)

To Renee Moses
Jan 10 at 1:30 PM

We have NOTHING on our website about a video as Dooky on youtube. Once again you are proving how delusional and evil you are. You are not looking at our website. Your name is not mentioned on our website now but will soon be. Every curse you have sent at us has been returned to you in YAHUSHUA'S Name. You only curse yourself with every curse you send.

We know that there is a man behind this as YAHUSHUA has revealed that to us in prayer.

To Renee Moses
Jan 10 at 1:43 PM

A couple more things, our Lord YAHUSHUA does not speak with the words you have used, but we know your lord satan does. Sounds like the demons within you are really getting stirred up and can't control themselves.

As for the flier you are so STUPID, you email me and tell me YOU'RE doing the fliers and then you're going to try to get people to believe that the flier is from us. Once again thank you, idiot. Anyone who knows this Ministry knows what we preach about homosexuality, and if people are stupid enough to believe that flier is from this Ministry then they too shall reap what they deserve.

Please keep emailing me, everything you have sent to me will be put on the internet for the world to see.

From Renee Moses
To Me
Jan 10 at 1:52 PM

Two lies you just provided me. On your website at is what I am talking about! Second lie is now you are admitting that a man was behind this. So which one of those manly apostles did this?

Renee Moses
To Me
Jan 10 at 2:33 PM

Where is my apology for you lying?

To Renee Moses
Jan 10 at 5:51 PM

I have no idea where that page is on our website. I had that page linked to our main page but I took it down a long time ago. I did a search on our site and did not see your name come up anywhere. Show me where the link is to that page on our site if it is there I will apologize.

Also show me where that video is you claim is on our website so I can apologize for that too. Unless you can't find it and then you can apologize to us.

The man behind something is a man behind YOU.

From Renee Moses
To Me
Today at 12:19 AM

I didnt say there was a video on your website. I said that a video on YouTube matches the lies you have said about me on your website. Your ministry is the obvious source of both.

The link you have about me is in Google. It does not matter if you have a direct link. Its your website.

If you are trying to get my man involved then it wont work. My husband knows everything about you and your lies that you wont apologize for.

To Renee Moses
Today at 4:09 AM

You said we had the exact same thing up on our website as this dookey video. So now you are saying we don't have the exact same thing up, but we both are exposing your same false rapture dates. Do you really think we are the only ones who see that you are wrong in your dates? You are so easy to expose because you expose yourself. Just because we both have exposed you doesn't mean we know each other.

I once again will tell you, that article you speak off has been taken off our site several months ago, but I am right now updating it with all these emails and will posting it again today on our Ministry site. I have no idea why it is still in google but I am happy it is.

I tell ya what, you really, really want an apology from me don't you. I sent your so-called apology to you to hell, so when you get there to spend eternity, you can get it.

I do not have anymore time for your foolishness. I need to work on getting these emails posted before the world along with the attachment you sent. You certainly appear to be a good Christian woman, as you claim, making up pictures of two homosexuals having intercourse and putting YAHUSHUA'S/JESUS' face on them. Thank you for showing your true spirit and fruit, once again I didn't have to do anything, because you exposed yourself. I just need to show the world.

So there you have it folks. This was from a woman who claims to be a Christian. Does she sound like a Christian to you? Would any true Christian or Believer in YAHUSHUA make up a picture of homosexuals having intercourse and put the Messiah's Face on them? Are you going to believe anything she has to say, especially when she says she is hearing from the lord? She is hearing from her lord, and it is satan. Would YAHUSHUA/JESUS tell someone, F... You? First this woman says, the lord told her to give the credit to this Ministry for her predictions, and then the lord is going to tell us, F... You, because we expose her lies. The Scriptures tell us, we shall know them by their fruit. Her fruit is rotten to the core and I pray you can see it too.

We see this happen so often. Someone will come to us with accusations or they don't agree with what we believe and they try to convince us to change our ways or do something they want, and they usually at first come in a very nice, loving way. But when we won't change or do as they say the demon's take them over and they can't stop the demon's from exposing their real fruit. YAHUVEH is exposing them for who they really are. I watched Renee Moses most recent video's and she comes across with this sweet voice and all her scriptures and her so-called pieces to her puzzle from the lord, and she sounds and it looks good. So, if you don't know the truth and have discernment from Heaven you can easily fall into believing what she has to say. As you can see from her fruit in these emails and the picture she made this woman is of satan, and if you can't see it you need to open your eyes.

Go to youtube and put her name in and you will see the video exposing her. I am not going to post it on our site because we do not know who this person is who posted it. Renee has taken down many of her past video's that were wrong about the dates but she has a few up saying this new rapture date, which will be wrong again.

So, we were just minding our own business and this woman attacks us out of nowhere and falsely accuses this Ministry, but we know it was all YAHUVEH'S doing so she could be exposed for who and what she really is. Thank You ABBA YAHUVEH and our Beloved YAHUSHUA for exposing this woman so the world can really see her fruit and we pray that YOUR perfect will shall be done in all of this. In YAHUSHUA'S Name we pray.

This is what we had posted in 2012

UPATE October 12, 2012 Below in Blue

Below are Renee Moses own words regarding the rapture she claims the Lord Jesus told her. When is this nonsense going to stop? Who is Renee really listening too? This is serious folks, Renee said this was from the Lord Jesus and yet, it did not come to pass. So who is she listening too? It will be interesting to see what her response is now that she has been proven false by her own words. This is no different than Shelby Corbitt, for those of you who do not know her, she did the exact same thing and gave a thus saith the Lord Jesus about the rapture happening in 2007 and Shelby is still in Florida last we heard.

These false date setters for the rapture are destroying people's faith in the true rapture. Why isn't everyone rebuking these false date setters? Instead of rebuking and exposing these people, we see people making excuses for them and encouraging them to continue what they are doing. Maybe the rapture is delayed for 21 days they say, or maybe this or that and blah, blah, blah.

This is exactly what we are talking about. This was just taken from Five Doves website on Oct. 9.

"I want to thank Renee M for having the courage to post her convictions, and for all of the hard work and research that have went into her posts. I was really hoping that the rapture would happen on the last day of Tabernacles. The reasoning was certainly sound. It just wasn't what the Lord was planning."

What, you want to thank her for being a false prophet, what in the world are people thinking? This has nothing to do with sound reasoning, this was a thus saith the Lord Jesus. What is wrong with you people who don't rebuke and hold accountable these false date setters?

These false date setters are dangerous folks. They could be setting you up for the false blue beam rapture. Renee Moses and others could be setting you up for exactly what she is warning about and that is "the deception that involves aliens" as Renee puts it in her letter below.

Sooner or later she is right, this deception will take place but how can you be so sure it will be after the true rapture of the Bride of YAHUSHUA? What if the false blue beam rapture is before the true rapture and that is why the true rapture will not even be noticed by the world, afterall the true 1st rapture is only for 144,000. Remember, satan counterfeits everything YAH does and satan always tries to go before YAHUVEH'S timing in things.

We warn you because we really care about your souls. We are so tired of watching and listening to the false date setters and knowing there are so many discouraged people afterwards. We expose these people because maybe, just maybe you will get tired of being set up by them and tired of getting disappointed by them and you will maybe, just maybe start reading or listening to and believing what YAHUVEH and YAHUSHUA are truly saying through Elisabeth in the Prophecies posted on this website.

YAHUVEH has already told us when the true rapture of the Bride of YAHUSHUA will be, it will be on a Rosh Hashanah and on the weekly sabbath, Friday sunset until Saturday sunset. We have no idea when this date will be because Rosh Hashanah is determined by the sighting of the new moon, therefore we know the true raptures time frame but not the date. This is how we can confidently say beforehand, as we did with Renee, Shelby Corbitt and others, that the dates these false date setters are saying will not come to pass.

We follow the rapture forums on the internet to see what is going on and to expose the false date setters. So please click here and read what YAHUVEH and YAHUSHUA say about the true Rapture of the Bride of YAHUSHUA. Unfortunately, if you call yourself a Christian and observe the false Sunday sabbath and believe you don't have to obey YAHUVEH'S commandments anymore and you call YAHUSHUA by the Roman given name of Jesus, you won't like what you read here. But maybe, just maybe as you see these things come to pass that YAHUVEH and YAHUSHUA have spoken on this website you will start to believe the truth and receive the truth eventually.

Here are Renee's own words about the rapture.

UPDATE October 9: We just noticed that on Renee's website she has extended the rapture dates from October 7-8 to October 7-9, 2012. Looks like her Lord Jesus just extended the dates for her, maybe he is delayed a day for some reason. It ain't gonna happen folks. Please believe what YAHUVEH has already revealed.

Dear fellow watchmen,

I have now sent to fivedoves all of the information the Lord has shown me regarding the Rapture taking place this coming Sunday or Monday, October 7 or 8, 2012. I am not really trying to convince anyone of anything as I don't believe you have to know when the Lord is coming to make the Rapture. He is looking for the purehearts, and many have no idea that He is about to take them to Heaven. It's going to be ONE BIG SURPRISE PARTY!!!

My purpose in making the website and doing the 18 videos that I have made over the last month is to help show those who are left behind how this was all foretold in Scripture so that many more might see the Truth and be saved from eternal damnation. The Lord said to me that what I would write would save millions of people from the coming deception.

There is a deception coming. It involves aliens. I don't know all of the details of the deception, but I know that Satan is not about to allow people to believe the Rapture happened and turn to Christ without trying to deceive them by any means possible. On the other hand, I know the Lord is going to do everything possible to reveal Himself to those who seek Him, which is why He put all of this in His Word ahead of time, to help those left behind see that HE is the ONLY WAY, TRUTH, and LIFE, and that He is the only way to salvation.

I need your help. If you even think there MIGHT be a possible Rapture this coming week based on what myself or others have written, I am asking that you copy and paste the text on these links and print the pages out and/or save it to a flash drive...

(We deleted her links because she is wrong about the rapture date on her website)

I also ask that if you are able to, please download my videos from YouTube and save them on a flashdrive. There is a very real possibility that there will not be electricity or internet after the Rapture takes place for a very long time. Those who are left behind may not be able to just go to my website or videos and read the information showing how this was really the Rapture and not an alien invasion of the planet. If the information is printed out or saved on flashdrives to be able to open in the future or open on laptops that are easily recharged, even if people may have to use generators for electricity or solar powered batteries, then people will still have access to the information. There are many people now that have back-up electricity for emergency purposes, so even if there is no power for a long time, they would still be able to use their computers and help spread the videos and information around.

PLEASE, PLEASE hear me. This is the final call. This is not a rapture date guess. Even if you think it is, and are only hopeful that this might be it, please hear what I am saying for the sake of others who know you that might be left behind. You can always throw the papers away or delete it from your computer if nothing happens. But it will. I am not guessing. This was a revelation from the Lord. Jesus said, "Anyone who receives a prophet because he is a prophet will receive a prophet's reward, and anyone who receives a righteous man because he is a righteous man will receive a righteous man's reward."

If you can receive that maybe, just maybe, the Lord has revealed these things to me and are willing to trust that it at least COULD be a revelation and not just another guess at a Rapture date, then PLEASE, PLEASE do what I am asking you to do so that it can help those who do not make it.

Blessings to you all and I look forward to meeting so many of you in a few days,
Renee Moses

One more thing Renee prophesied that did not come to pass is the nuclear war that was suppose to start during the Feast of Tabernacles 2012. What is she going to say about this false prophecy? In her letter above she calls herself a Prophet and now she will be held accountable as a false Prophet.

UPATE October 12, 2012

UNBELIEVABLE! ABSOLUTELY UNBELIEVABLE!!! Read Renee Moses excuse for why the rapture did not happen when she said Jesus told her it would happen.

Dear Doves,
I want to sincerely thank those of you who have written very encouraging posts over the last several days on Fivedoves. I just wanted to let everyone know that I am fine. I was not fine on Tuesday of this week, but the Lord helped me.

On Tuesday, I had a complete loss of faith. I denied the Lord and said unspeakable things against Him. I said them out loud to my husband as I wept. I told Him that I would never do such a thing to one of my children and yet He claims to love me and He puts me through this. On Tuesday night, I asked God to do one of three things to me:
1. Kill me that night.
2. Rapture me that night.
3. Give me understanding of all the things He had spoken to me over the last several weeks.

He chose option #3. The revelation came immediately after I asked Him for it. If we are faithless, He will remain faithful, for He cannot disown Himself. For all eternity I will have to live with the knowledge that I completely turned from Him, just as Peter denied Him 3 times. I even said such terrible things as I publicly renounce my faith in Jesus Christ and I hate Him and I will never trust Him again. The pain that my heart felt was greater than any pain I have ever felt before. I had felt my heart healing for the last 6 weeks, but on Tuesday, it felt like every single stitch that the Lord had put in my heart was ripped away and my heart began to gush blood like never before. It was literally a physical feeling. I even wondered if perhaps I might be having a heart attack.

I know that many of you will not believe anything I say anymore, but I hope you will still read this, and maybe the Lord will confirm to you that I am telling the truth. The Lord has shown me so many things over the last 36 hours, but I do not feel free to share them at this time and will wait for His leading as to what to do with what He has revealed to me. But I would like to share a couple of things that He spoke to me on Tuesday night.

1. He said that He never told me the revelation was complete, only that it was the final revelation. He said that when He began to reveal these things to me in late August and early Sept, that it was the beginning of the final revelation, not the complete revelation. When I had heard Him say that it was the final revelation, in my mind, that meant that the revelation was complete and that is all that my mind remembered Him saying to me. But, in actuality, He said that He never used the word complete, only the word final.

2. He told me that I had done exactly what He had shown me to do and I had done nothing wrong. This was all a part of the purification process and that He knew it was painful, but He also knew what it felt to be forsaken. He said that losing a loved one is very painful, but that is a trial; what I have gone through is a test, and is even more difficult than a trial because He puts me in these situations where I feel betrayed and deceived by Him to see if I will still trust Him even when nothing makes sense and it even seems that He has lied to me. And after I scream and cry and have my temper tantrum because of the intense pain I feel, He is able to heal my heart and continue with the revelation and purification process.

These are the only 2 things I feel that the Lord would have me share with all of you at this time. I mostly just wanted to let you all know that I am OK and for you not to worry about me. I appreciate those of you who have prayed for me during this difficult test. I do hope the Lord used some of the things I wrote to cause people to turn to Him and seek Him more, although my main motivation was to help those left behind to see how all of these things were prophesied in the Bible and to help save them from the coming deception. For the many people who have criticized me over the last 6 weeks for "setting dates", I only want to say to you that I really do not care when Jesus comes (although I'd really love for it to be like RIGHT NOW!). I am only interested in helping to turn people to Christ after the Rapture, by proving from the Scriptures that this event was foretold to take place at the exact time that it took place, so that those left behind might turn to Christ when they read what I have written before it happened, and they would take the information and share it with others, so that they too might come to Christ.

This is what the Lord told me I would do..."You will be as John the Baptist and will write something that will HELP SAVE MILLIONS OF PEOPLE FROM THE DECEPTION THAT IS ABOUT TO TAKE PLACE." John the Baptist was the one who pointed to Jesus and told the people - Here He is! This is the One! Behold the Lamb of God! What I am supposed to write is something that will say to those left behind - This was JESUS! This was the date the BIBLE predicted this would happen! This is not an alien invasion that abducted millions of people! This was the Rapture that was prophesied to take place right on this day and this is how we knew it would happen on this day, because the Bible and the Holy Spirit revealed it to His servants that this was the time of His coming!

It is not important for those of us who make the Rapture to know the time of His coming; it's only important for those left behind to see that this event was JESUS. The deception will be so powerful that even Christians could fall for the lies. I want to help them understand that what is taking place is JESUS and not ALIENS. I want to point to Jesus and say like John the Baptist - LOOK! THIS IS HIM! He's the ONE! TURN TO HIM! He alone can save you!!!

I do believe that the Lord has given me the final piece of the puzzle and that He has clearly shown me on which day He is coming for us, and it all relates to October 7, 2012, the last day of the Feast of Tabernacles. I am not sure what He wants me to do with the information since I doubt anyone will believe me at this point and it really only matters that those left behind are able to read what I write anyway. Maybe He just wants me to explain what He has shown me a day or two before it happens so that those left behind will have access to the information and people will stop persecuting me and telling me to stop "date setting".

But be encouraged, the Rapture is very near and much closer than many of you think. Watch for an earthquake or a really huge sign from the Lord this weekend to take place that will be a warning to the world of what is coming soon.


This woman is blaming Jesus for telling her the wrong rapture date to test her. WHAT!!!!! She is saying Jesus lied to her so he could test her. LIES, LIES, LIES!!! WAKE UP PEOPLE, she is calling Jesus a liar. There can only be one explanation because the bible says God can not lie and YAHUSHUA/Jesus is God so what is really going on here. We will tell you what is going on, she is not listening to YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH/Jesus the only begotten Son of the true Creator YAHUVEH. She is listening to something calling itself Jesus but it's not the YAHUSHUA/JESUS of the bible. This Ministry has warned you about the anti-christ using the name Jesus in the Great Tribulation well guess what, this anti-christ spirit is doing it now folks also. This is NOT the Jesus of the bible, it is impossible because YAHUSHUA/JESUS of the bible does NOT LIE, satan lies, people lie but YAHUVEH, YAHUSHUA and the RUACH ha KODESH/HOLY SPIRIT DO NOT LIE, even to test people. THEY do not need to lie to us to test us, this is absolutely obsured and comes straight from the mouth of satan.

Renee Moses says Jesus told her she did nothing wrong, that this is part of her purification process. YAHUSHUA is absolutely FURIOUS at what this woman has done and is still doing. This is satan talking people, she is making excuses, blaming Jesus and refusing to accept responsibility for what she has said and refusing to repent for her false prophetic words. This is not what YAHUSHUA teaches us to do in the bible when we are wrong, this is what satan teaches us to do when we are wrong.

She took down everything she had on her website referring to the rapture for Oct 7-9 but now she has put this up, "The first Rapture of the Church will take place on October 27/28, 2012. Watch for a great earthquake or major sign on October 13/14, 2012, to confirm that this is correct." Can you believe it, she will not repent and continues to put up false dates for the rapture. When will this woman learn her lesson? This woman, Renee Moses, will be in hell if she does not repent, period.

We are at a loss for words, we don't know how to warn you if you don't believe us. Beware of wolves in sheeps clothing as the bible warns. If Elisabeth had done this these same people who are encouraging this false so-called prophet, would be looking for the nearest tree to hang Elisabeth without any mercy or encouragement.

Check back here after Oct 27-28 and we will tell you what Renee Moses says about her false date for the rapture again. We pray she repents after this one and truly learns her lesson and takes responsibility for her words and the damage she has done.


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By Faith Enoch was translated that he should not see death: and was not found, because YAHUVEH had translated him: for before his translation he had this testimony, that he pleased YAHUVEH. Hebrews 11:5

By Faith Enoch was translated that he should not see death: and was not found, because YAHUVEH had translated him: for before his translation he had this testimony, that he pleased YAHUVEH. Hebrews 11:5