Prophecy 23
Church Of The Pretenders...
Let MY People Go!
For You Don't Even Know ME!

August 26,1998

There are many wolves in sheep's clothing, they are doing miracles and signs and wonders. They are saying they are doing these miracles in MY Name. They are on your television and radio stations and yet I tell you this, it is not by the power of MY RUACH ha KODESH that they do these things. It is by the power of Hell itself. Do not be deceived. Do not be led astray. For the antichrist is going to do this and so much more. Beware MY innocent children. There are those reading this now that won't listen, but later you will remember these words I have spoken. Not all who do signs, wonders and miracles are of ME. There is always a counterfeit, remember that. Satan only counterfeits the genuine anointing and gifts of MY RUACH ha KODESH.

But I command these wolves this day who deceive MY sheep and lead them astray with false doctrines, mind control, mind deception, mind manipulation, lying and deceiving spirits."LET MY PEOPLE GO!" I am a God that will not be mocked any longer. You have stolen their tithes and offerings.That which is meant to be Holy and I tell you this now, you will be held accountable for all that you have done. For you have done this in the Name of YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH. You have pretended to be MINE and yet your heart is far from ME. So I tell you this day,"Wolves in sheep's clothing, judgment starts at the house of YAHUVEH, even for the church of the pretenders.

* * * * * * *