Prophecy 90

Wetin be di NAME of di HOLY SPIRIT? Wetin be di NAME of di RUACH HA KODESH?


Dis prophecy na under di anointing of MOMMA SHKHINYAH dem take Write am and nain dem take also Speak am. Thru Apostle & Prophet Elisabeth Elijah (Elisheva Eliyahu)Received February 27 – Released August 27 – 2007


* * * * * * *

Shekinah” na from di Hebrew word HaSh’khinah wey mean“di Presence” to mean di DIVINE PRESENCE wey dey commonly  known as di MANIFEST GLORY OF YAHUVEH wey dey with humankind. Shkhinah na feminine(means say female) Hebrew word. For John 17 we read about dis of YAHUVEH’S GLORY:

Di GLORY wey YOU don give to ME, I don give to dem; so that dem go be one, just as WE be ONE—I unite with dem and YOU with ME so that dem go be completely one, and so di world go realize say YOU send ME, and that YOU loved dem just as YOU take love ME. FATHER I want make those wey YOU don give ME to be with ME where I AM; so that dem go see MY GLORY wey YOU don give ME becos YOU love ME before di creation of di world. (Jn 17:22-24)

We know say YAHUVEH give YAHUSHUA’S disciples di RUACH HA KODESH (HOLY SPIRIT) after YAHUSHUA returne to Heaven (Acts 2:2-4). “MOMMA” SHKHINYAH,1 di HOLY SPIRIT, na di GLORY OF YAHUVEH!

* * * * * * *

Below na di Prophecy as e take come out

as Prophet Elisheva’s “Holy tongues,” as GOD’S SPIRIT take allow her to speak (Acts 2:3-4) of heavenly or earthly languages (1 Co 13:1). Elisheva speaks forth in tongues wey dey bring Prophecy (1 Co 14:6).

E contain di HEBREW NAMES of GOD:

YAH / YAHU ?? na GOD’S HOLY, SACRED NAME as in “Alleluia” or “Hallelu YAH” ????–?? wey exactly means say “Praise YAH”:YAHUVEH / YAHWEH ?-?-?-? GOD DI FATHER;YAHUSHUA / YAHSHUA ?????? GOD’S ONLY BEGOTTEN SON—(HA MASHIACH ????? e  mean “DI MESSIAH”; ELOHIM ?????? e mean “GOD.”)

Di Revelation of “SH’KHINYAH GLORY” ????? ?????—as di PERSONAL NAME of RUACH HA KODESH ??? ????, (for English “DI HOLY SPIRIT”)— also dey for dis website.(HA SH’KHINAH ????? {SHEKINAH} na Hebrew for di DIVINE PRESENCE of GOD wey dey with us.)

Also, ABBA YAH ??? ?? mean “FATHER YAH”and IMMA YAH ??? ?? mean “MOTHER YAH.”

Di Scripture wey dem quote for dis prophecy na from KJV or NKJV unless if e indicate say na another Bible Translation. Right click footnote numbers to open a second tab.

* * * * * * *

YAHUVEH’S Word to Elisheva to be added before the Prophecies:

I warn you a long time ago Elisabeth [Elisheva],

make you no call dis Ministry after a man or a woman name.Even before dis Ministry start, I put am for your spirit.

Becos nothing wey dey here come from your hand.

Nothing wey dey here commot from your mouth.

Na from di Mouth of YAHUVEH dis take come out .

Na from di Mouth of YAHUSHUA, your MASHIACH, na dis take come out.Na from di Mouth of di RUACH HA KODESH, your IMMAYAH, na dis take come out

If to say na by your hand e for don fail long time ago.

Na by di SHKHINYAH GLORY Windwey dey blow across dis earth, di HOLY Wind of Revival.

No be by your breath, or e for don fail.

I AM di LORD YAHUVEH: that na MY NAME:And MY GLORY I no go give am to any one,or MY PRAISE to idol” Isaiah 42:8

(Prophecy 105)

For July 2010, YAHUVEH GOD also say to add di following as a warning to those wey dey mock:

But dem mock di Messengers of GOD, despised HIS Words,and no take HIS Prophets serious, until di Wrath of YAHUVEHarise against HIS People, till there was no remedy.      —2 Chronicles 36:16

* * * * * * *

For July 2010, YAHUVEH GOD also say to add di following as a warning to those wey dey mock:

But dem mock di Messengers of GOD, despised HIS Words,and scoffed at HIS Prophets, until di Wrath of YAHUVEHrise up against HIS People, till no more remedy.—2 Chronicles 36:16

Then, in July 2016:

Woe be unto anyone wey go dare to try to harm—dis two anointed ones. You go regret di day  wey dem born you. Touch not MY anointed and no do dis two Prophets any harm (see Ps 105:15; 1 Ch 16:22). E go dey better for you if ME, ABBA YAHUVEH, for tear out your tongue!

(Prophecy 128)

And from Prophet Ezra:

I warn you—all those wey dey come against dis Ministry AND PROPHECIES and Elisheva and Me, all di Ministers of AmightyWind Ministry—I warn you now, no Touch YAH’S Anointed and no do HIS Prophets  harm (Ps 105:15; 1 Ch 16:22) or di Wrath of di Rod of YAH go come upon you. But for those wey dey blessed and wey be blessing for dis Ministry, and faithful, and wey dey receive di Prophecies, much blessing go come on all of—una to protect wetin belong to YAH in di NAME OF YAHUSHUA.

* * * * * * *

Elisheva: I learn from Heaven how to spell di NAME of di HOLY SPIRIT. SHE carry di NAME OF YAH for HER NAME just like YAHUSHUA also becos SHE be di CLOUD OF GLORY wey dey surround ABBA YAH and SHE be also a CO-CREATOR with ABBA YAH & YAHUSHUA. Dis na why we spell HER NAME as SHKHINYAH. She always dey  bring glory to ABBA YAH & YAHUSHUA!

* * *

There is NO other INTERCESSOR wey dey before di Throne except YAHUSHUA. Na Only thru HIS NAME and only thru HIS BLOOD SACRIFICE, which is called di NEW BLOOD COVENANT, nain SALVATION dey.

      —Di HOLY SPIRIT, talk am so for Prophecy 90

* * *

NO Worship di FAKE“Queen of Heaven”!

There are demon goddesses, like di one wey dem dey call Ashtoreth wey her followers claim as di “Queen of Heaven.” We no dey worship any demon goddess as some of our enemies dey accuse us! Di fake“queen of Heaven” NO belong to YAHUVEH GOD, but to di devil! Dis no be di HOLY SPIRIT, wey be di THIRD PART OF DI TRINITY, but na mocking by di devil becos di devil dey copy everything wey YAHUVEH GOD dey do!

Please make you no confuse Prophecies 90 & 93 when di HOLY SPIRIT (for Hebrew e mean RUACH HA KODESH) refer to HERSELF as di “ONLY QUEEN OF HEAVEN” with dis fake goddess worship! We NO dey worship di fake goddess Ashtoreth or ANY other fake queen of Heaven! We dey worship YAHUVEH GOD, SAVIOR YAHUSHUA (‘JESUS’) & RUACH HA KODESH (HOLY SPIRIT), also known as di TRUE QUEEN OF HEAVEN. GOD di FATHER, SON & HOLY SPIRIT na di SOVEREIGN RULERS of both di Kingdom of GOD & Heaven. Di HOLY SPIRIT since SHE be feminine (female) go supposed to be considered di “QUEEN” instead of di KING OF HEAVEN. If na feminine, SHE be di “TRUE QUEEN OF HEAVEN.”   

Di Story wey dey Behind Prophecy 90

Write am for August 2007

I pray make di hate mail no come from those with di spirit of a Pharisee, those wey only get religion wey  no get a  relationship with YAHUVEH & YAHUSHUA and no get any clue wetin di Anointing be.

I know I have been anointed as a Holy Prophet and no be popularity contest or I for  lose, YAHUSHUA tell me that a long time ago. Di false prophets na di ones wey go only give good messages so that dem no go offend. Please pray for dis Ministry and myself and all wey be helpers and partners for di ministry, and dis include di Bride of YAHUSHUA.

Please, Bride of YAHUSHUA, write and introduce yoursef, we go eventually be visiting your country and if you want to fellowship with us, make we get to know one another. One of my greatest rewards for dis earth na getting to know di Holy Bride of YAHUSHUA, those wey truly love and obey and put YAHUVEH & YAHUSHUA first in their life and love.

Dis Word come forth becos I start to pray and seek di NAME of di RUACH HA KODESH (HOLY SPIRIT). Di RUACH HA KODESH na title, na description of a job. However, no be di RUACH HA KODESH (HOLY SPIRIT) NAME.

I post for di website di dream wey I call, di “Banquet Table Dream,” I no go ever forget how much love di beautiful older woman wey dey di  table have for me. She was very very beautiful, without any line or a wrinkle for her face yet I discern am say she was an older woman. She get dis beautiful long white wavy hair down to her back. She loved and loves me with di love of a devoted mother. E show for her eyes and face. I can tell how much wey she treasure me. For di dream, I lay my head lovingly for her shoulder.

Elisheva Sherrie EliyahuAugust 2007

Di Banquet Table Dream

Receive am for April 16, 1999.Di Revelation of dis dream come for exactly di same month and day,April 16, 2002, three years later! 

I dream dis dream wey I sit down for di very large room. I feel like na for Israel. I know say no be for America. I sit down near dis beautiful table with a linen tablecloth and beautiful decorated settings for di table with di most beautiful plates and silverware, (spoons, forks, knives) wey I have ever seen. And yet, I no see food for di table. I sit down for di table next to a beautiful older woman and put my head for her shoulder feeling her motherly love.

There was also an older man for di room and he just tell me say everything for di table is already blessed, even di cloth and silverware! Everything was ready. We just dey wait for di guests and especially di person or people, I no sure if na one person or more, from where di special grapes dey grow wey dem use to make di wine. I see say dem write  Kiersk or Kierska for di bottle. Di older man get white hair and HE was like a loving Father to me and he show me di bottle.

For di other side of di wine I see napkin wey dem wrap wey I embroide (decorate)  a fruit basket, full of big purple grapes on a vine. Di grapes dey very big and very colorful. E be like dis napkin wey I don decorate dey in a place of honor and I show am to my close friend wey sit down around di table with me. I never decorate cloth before.

Di woman wey I lay my head on, I feel very close to HER, like a Mother figure. Di man was like a Father figure. I feel safe and secure for that place and very much loved. I was impressed and speak to my friend say everything wey dem go use for that dinner is already blessed!

Di kitchen get dis big opening where we fit take see inside, and yet e dey closed all around. Plates can be passed in and out and we can see inside di kitchen, yet I no see any person in di kitchen. Di entrance door to di kitchen na to di right. Di opening looking into di kitchen na directly in front of our table. We just dey wait for di guests, especially di ones from where di New Wine, wey dem never open, was made. We wait for dis person or people to arrive first.

End of Dream

Email Confirmation:

Dear [Elisheva] Sherrie,

Your dream wey you tell me about, I feel say na about di Marriage Supper of di LAMB!!!! Di key to it na di table being blessed before dem put di food on it and di “dinner napkin” wey you decorate.

Everyone go have things wey dem do to present to di LORD but dem be like filthy rags, but you, Elisabeth [Elisheva] Sherrie, YAHUSHUA don bless and HE bless your rag and turned am into a napkin.

Embroidering na type of weaving and weaving na type of web and di picture wey you see represent di time, effort, and care of something. I believe say di napkin represents your websites. I also believe say that kitchen may represent Heaven and di dining room represents another place. Because e appears that there will be work to do before we go into Heaven that na why you dey in dis room.

YAHUSHUA also say HE no go drink wine until HIS return, abi e fit be say dis na where di wine go come from? That na everything wey I know right now (Matthew 22:1-14).

Dem no put di person name (as di person take request am)

Revelation of di Banquet Table Dream

For April 16, 2002

On April 16, 2002, 8 P.M. as I dey do Bible study, ABBA YAHUVEH give me more revelation about di Banquet Table Dream wey I dream for exactly dis same date, for 1999.

Kierska is Khersa (Kursi), na village near di eastern shore of di Sea of Galilee. I don dey wait to know dis revelation of where dis place be becos dis na di two guests wey I been dey wait for wey dey bring di New Wine with dem. Dis two guests go come right before di Marriage Supper of di LAMB.

YAHUSHUA now dey share dis revelation to call dis two men forth wey be prophets and for my dream I dey wait for dis two men wey have di new wine and dem come from di country where dem dey make di new wine (KHERSA).

We dey very excited, becos dis prove how close we dey to di Marriage Supper of di LAMB and di coming of YAHUSHUA for HIS Bride! 

Remember, say we dey wait for one person or more persons wey dey come from Kiersk or Kierska where dem dey bottle di wine and di wine dey on a shelf. Dis place na where di grapes come from and di wine also come from. Di person or persons wey  dey come from where di wine dey come from are very special. I see di name for di wine bottle. If you know or you dey familiar with dis, please contact di Ministry.

We add dis one for August 27, 2007 – when we release Prophecy 90

I mysef been dey always wonder who be di woman wey go love me like that for dis dream. In dis world, I have never had a woman guide me like a mother. I have never known di earthly love of a mother or even an aunt or grandmother. For di same dream I have a father figure, also wey get white hair, wey love me so much. HE  proudly dey display di weaving work of art wey I make on a wall in front of di banquet table so that everybodi go dey  able to see am. In dis world I have never had a man figure as a father, or any loving relationship of a man except my brothers in YAHUSHUA wey thru trial I know say dey have been tested and proved to be faithful.

So who be dis woman for Heaven? Her love was so overpowering and e dey so real that even since that dream I still dey feel di love surround me for even a greater way. I no longer dey sad anymore say I have never known wetin e be like to have a loving mother or father. I know say for Heaven I have di greatest love of a mother and father wey anyone go ever hope for. Yet who be dis woman? My own mother wey born me dey hell, without any shadow of doubt. She only give me hatred and abuse. So who be dis loving mother for Heaven?

* * * * * * *

I now don get di answer. Now I need your prayers to give me di boldness to speak am (Prophecy 90) forth, becos di organized churches go dey very angry and even those wey believe di man-made doctrines and Scriptures wey dem mistranslate in di New Testament go call me a false prophet, and yet I know that I know that I know, say I have receive a secret from di Throne of Heaven.

Di Bible say, “YAHUVEH no dey do anything without first say e go reveal HIS plan to HIS servants di Prophets” (Am 3:7). Now I am honored to share dis secret with those wey go recognize di voice of di RUACH ha KADOSH. Dis might be di most controversial Prophecy ever wey we don release so far. And yet I do am in obedience so that others wey dey sorrow becos dem no know a loving mother and child relationship go realize say if dem don accept YAHUSHUA, dem get dis MOTHER all along. No bodi teach me dis thing. Truly na revelation straight from Heaven.

* * *

For Proverbs & Psalms2 you know say Wisdom is called a “She?” Without any more delay, make I explain how I learn di NAME of di PRECIOUS RUACH HA KODESH, also called di HOLY SPIRIT. Here goes sharing di most private secret yet wey I don receive and yet also di most blessed one so far…

As far as Prophecy 90 go, e start when I dey take my bath before we leave South Africa. We live for Port Alfred on di oceanfront when dis spiritual experience happen. As I dey pray alone and ask ABBA YAHUVEH, in di NAME OF YAHUSHUA, “Wetin be di NAME of di RUACH HA KODESH apart from di ‘Name’, “HOLY SPIRIT?’” I pray and say, “ABBA YAHUVEH, YOU reveal YOUR NAME; YAHUSHUA, YOU reveal YOUR NAME, but di HOLY SPIRIT get a NAME—or na just only a title or a job description?”

As I dey take a Jacuzzi bath. I always dey see as di water take dey bubble from a bathtub say e symbolize di Living Water and I always go ask di Holy angels to stir up di water, like in di Times of Old (Jn 5:4). Many times I go receive a greater Anointing as I dey baff and worshiping and singing songs of praise. Prophetic Messages & Revelations go come forth and e dey very rare wey I go baff without praying, singing and praising YAHUVEH, YAHUSHUA and di RUACH HA KODESH. There is an Intimacy with our DADDY YAHUVEH wey I dey feel so strongly as I dey sing songs of praise and worship wey dey come from my heart, to all three of THEM.

(And later as I come dey seek di answer of confirmation to di question, “Wetin be di NAME of di PRECIOUS RUACH HA KODESH?” I find a treasure chest for Hebrew & Aramaic translations, and read di Book of Wisdom, wey people don ignore becos King James no approve am to be included in di BiblE. No depend only on wetin di Romans write. “Study and show thysef approved,” 2 Tim 2:15.)

* * *

I wan say for here, that di following Prophecy na only one of many wey I receive wey I never post for our websites at di time wey I dey write dis. So much dey happen behind di scenes. We were kept very busy in South Africa and still dey very busy as we dey travel di world. In no way do I feel worthy enof to have been given di honor of introducing you to di NAME of di HOLY SPIRIT. Na honor to be called a Prophet and yet na fearful thing also. I am held responsible for wetin I say, and wetin I no say.

Now I release dis Word as di RUACH HA KODESH take direct me. All I ask you to do na to take di time and read am more than one time and for those wey hear di Voice of di RUACH HA KODESH, WHO I now dey call either MOMMA WISDOM, or MOMMA SHKHINYAH GLORY, if you hear HER Voice please write to me. Please teach others, even if dem reject you for doing so. Please study all di proof wey I don gather so far. Study am and see, I no dey speak out anything wey no dey found in di Scriptures. Only di translators of di New Testament don change di “SHE” to a “HE.”

Dis Revelation was first released to me in South Africa, but I waited until more confirmation come come from Heaven, as to when I suppose to release am. I pray when to release dis Message more than any wey I don pray for so far becos of di hatred wey go pour out against me from those wey claim say dem be Christians or followers of YAHUSHUA and yet by their fruit you know say dey only get di form of godliness and no GODLINESS for inside dem (2 Tim 3:5).

Di organized churches go grind their teeth in anger becos dem no dey interested in di Truth & Revelations wey a Holy woman Prophet dey receive.Some wey dey sincere go dey among dem wey go only wan to quote di mistranslations of where it is written in di New Testament calling di HOLY SPIRIT a “HE.”

Do I Need to remind you how di pride of man take dey enter in more than one time when e comes to di female gender in di Holy Scriptures and those wey translate di Holy Scriptures demsef biased against any spiritual female leader?

* * *

Even though dis Prophecy was given to me on February 27, 2007 I was not told to release am until August 27, 2007. I wan make you know say na only a few people don know about dis Prophecy.

I intentionally wait and was grateful each day wey I never still release dis newest Prophetic Message, becos, to be truthful, no bodi like to be rejected or insulted, especially by Christians wey claim say dem dey worship di same MESSIAH as we dey do, but dem dey call HIM ‘JESUS CHRIST’ and we call HIM for HIS Hebrew & Aramaic NAME YAHUSHUA or YAHSHUA, depending on who you dey talk to.

To my enemies and those wey go rise up in jealousy and wey go say, “Why be say di RUACH HA KODESH go choose you to give dis Message?”—that na good question. I am sure say any Prophet could have done di same thing. I only know say I was chosen and as much as my flesh no dey look forward to di hateful words wey dem go throw for my direction, I also know say I no go fit fail di PRECIOUS RUACH HA KODESH & YAHUVEH.

Few people don ask me, “How long e go be before you release di Prophecy?”

I say, “I know di date but first I have to have more Scripture to back am up.” Now, August 27, 2007 na di date wey Heaven chose for di birth of dis Prophecy release and birth of di new web design for di Ministry website. Imagine my surprise as I dey type dis message now, I still dey for Europe and see di date wey I receive dis Prophecy, February 27, 2007 and Prophecy 89 on January 27, 2007. All three dates na di 27th of di month.

* * * * * * *

Di Hebrew word ruach (For Aramaic rucha) di gramma means say na feminine as di same with dis words  RUACH HA KODESH & RUACH ha KADOSH. For Prophecy 90 di HOLY SPIRIT HERSELF don use, “RUACH HA KODESH,” as one of HER ‘Names’. Ruach means “spirit,” “wind,” “breath,” or “air.” Di Greek wey to call dis na pneuma and di Latin na spiritus.

For John 14:16 (KJV), YAHUSHUA describe di RUACH HA KODESH’S job  as that of a“COMFORTER” and di identification of di “COMFORTER” with YAH acting as a “mother,” we read for Isaiah 66:13, “I go comfort you in Jerusalem, as a mother take dey comforts her child.” (GNT). And again, there are many passages wey di Peshitta Bible3 itself join di RUACH HA KODESH with feminine verbs and/or feminine modifiers. In fact di Peshitta Aramaic of Romans 8:16 open with, “And SHE di RUACH dey bear witness with our spirit.”

* * * * * * *

YAHUSHUA also point out say di SPIRIT na feminine. In response to a question from Nicodemus wey ask, “How can a man be born when he is old? e go fit enter di second time into his mama womb to be born?” (Jn 3:4), YAHUSHUA say, “No person go fit enter di Kingdom of GOD without being born from water and di SPIRIT [NLT]. Flesh dey give birth to flesh, but spirit dey give to Spirit. [BSB]” (Jn 3: 5-6).

When YAHUSHUA responds  for here, HE dey admit say HE was born from di SPIRIT also. HE dey say HE was not always flesh but HE was SPIRIT before HE come to Earth, Abi no be so? So, di Revelation suddenly come to me as I dey reread am again before make I post am. YAHUSHUA dey admit say HIM also had to be born from SPIRIT and of course dis go have to mean say di PERSON called di “HOLY SPIRIT.” There are only THREE in di GODHEAD, abi no be so? HOLY FATHER “YAHUVEH,” HOLY SON “YAHUSHUA,” & HOLY SPIRIT, for Hebrew called di “RUACH HA KODESH.”

Wetin we be before we become flesh? When GOD create for Heaven na spirit beings we be, for lack of better words. Di Scriptures say, “Flesh and blood no go fit enter into di Kingdom of Heaven” (1 Cor 15:50). So, how were we created in Heaven?

* * *

I believe say dis na Prophecy where di RUACH HA KODESH speaks forth and give some answers in a way wey I never hear before. I believe say dis knowledge go shake dis world spiritually and physically. I believe say di true Bride of YAHUSHUA HA MASHIACH go get di spiritual eyes to see and di spiritual ears to hear.

Dis Word from Heaven don bring me such peace and joy, I now dey honored to share am with my Holy brothers and sisters.

I dey on di Internet since 1995 dey prophesy and di fruit of dis Ministry so far prove say e good. When you read all di salvation reports you go see how far dis Ministry don reach. I no be fly-by-night Prophet, wey dey copy di news dey claim say na Prophecy. When you no hear say a new Prophecy come forth after a certain amount of time na becos I dey wait for di right timing for YAHUVEH to say, “Release di Word.” ME go just obey. 

I admit say when I receive dis word to, I was shocked. I never hear dis kain thing. Then I dig into di Holy Book and I find evidence even for KJV Bible.

I dey include Scriptures for una to chew on. I admit say dis na strong spiritual meat dis no be for di people wey dey weak in faith.

Adam was not born;4 GOD create am from di dust. Eve was not born; GOD created her from Adam rib. Adam & Eve children were born and dey were born thru a normal birth process. YAHUSHUA was born but e happen for Heaven no be on Earth, how? No ask me, dis dey all new to me also. We know say Mary was still a virgin when she conceived. Una dey follow wetin I dey talk yet? Dis na strong spiritual meat.Una go digest am and chew on am or spit am back out at me? na your choice!

Hey, I no dey that smart to have figured dis thing out. I only get secondary school education so you no go fit call me one of those educated fools. Dis na truly a revelation from Heaven and I pray say you go be blessed with dis as me and all di others wey I don share dis with. You will never feel alone again even if you be like me. (According to Merriam-Webster begotten means, “to procreate as di father; sire.” For Greek the word “begot” na “apokueo.” E comes from di word “kuo” or “kueo,” wey mean to be pregnant. Therefore “apokueo” mean “to bring out from di womb” or “to give birth to” meaning a conception of life.)

* * * * * * *

Maybe di first argument wey I fit give to support di feminine gender of di HOLY SPIRIT na HER association with “di SPIRIT OF WISDOM” of Exodus 28:3 & Ephesians 1:17. For both di Old & di New Testaments, WISDOM usually dey for di  feminine gender: “WISDOM don build HER house, SHE don cut out HER seven pillars” (Pr 9:1).

Both Proverbs chapters 8 & 9 in fact na like long story of WISDOM wey dem represent as a woman. For Matthew 11:19 & Luke 7:35 we read: say “WISDOM is justified of HER children.” For Luke 11:49 we read: “Na so di WISDOM of GOD also talk say I go also send dem Prophets & Apostles…”For dis text our LORD dey say, “WISDOM OF GOD,” and di HOLY SPIRIT, na di same Wey be di PERSON wey provide di DIVINE INSPIRATION to those wey write di Scriptures (2 Pt 1:21), for hear e mean say Di HOLY SPIRIT & Di SPIRIT OF WISDOM na ONE.

Di Old Testament Hebrew word for wisdom na hokmah, wey also get di feminine ending. Wisdom for Greek na Sophia, wey also be female name. So especially when you dey read di KJV Bible where dem translate di New Testament from Greek to English, Wisdom supposed to be translated as “Sophia.” Wetin be di reason purpose wey make di transcribers not add am? For di End Times di Truth that has been hidden now dey reveal. And now from di Wisdom of Solomon:

WISDOM no go ever enter di soul of a wrong-doer […] for DI HOLY SPIRIT OF INSTRUCTION dey run away from deceitfulness, (e also mean deceiver, liar) (1:4-5)


For WISDOM […] is so pure, SHE dey for everything and for inside all things. SHE be di BREATH OF DI POWER OF GOD, SHE BE DI PURE FLOW OF DI GLORY OF DI ALMIGHTY (7:24-25)

SHE can do everything; HERSELF never changing, SHE dey renew di world, and, generation after generation, wey dey pass into Holy souls, SHE makes dem into di friends of GOD & Prophets (7:27)

And who for ever know YOUR Will,if to say YOU no give WISDOM andsend YOUR HOLY SPIRIT from above? (9:17)

YAHUSHUA HA MASHIACH connect di “SPIRIT OF TRUTH” with di HOLY SPIRIT (Jn 16:13). WISDOM (SOPHIA) and di HOLY SPIRIT dey do di same job (1 Cor 2:7-11, Ro 5:5, 1 Jn 5:6-7, KJV). If to say no be for di unreasonable masculine opinion against females of later theologians, may be di Church for acknowledged di references to WISDOM in di Old Testament as di exactly descriptions of di RUACH HA KODESH (HOLY SPIRIT).

* * *

Di second claim wey can be offered for here to take support di feminine gender of di HOLY SPIRIT is found in di very words wey dey assigned to YAHUVEH and di HOLY SPIRIT.

Di word for GOD for di Hebrew language na “ELOHIM.” Most scholars acknowledge say dis word get two ending, wey make some of di scholars to take suggest say na di Old Testament answer of di TRINITY. Wetin most scholars may not know or even care to inform other people na say “ELOHIM” no be di other meaning of “EL,” di masculine form of di word. Na di plural of di feminine, “ELOAH.” Di word ELOHIM get both di masculine gender as well as di feminine gender associated with am. Our CREATORS go be of both genders and of course we know according to Genesis say di RUACH HA KODESH as well as YAHUSHUA work with YAHUVEH to create Earth:

And ELOHIM created di man5 in HIS Image, in di Image of ELOHIM HE created him; male and female HE created dem (Genesis 1:27).

Dis mean say both genders exist in di GODHEAD. To say di HOLY SPIRIT na di representation of di feminine principle can also more be supported by di Hebrew word for Spirit, “Ruach” na feminine word.

I go quote Jerome now, di author of di Latin Vulgate, (I admit say I never read Latin Vulgate before, but I find dis by studying after I receive di Prophecy.) Jerome’s Commentary on Isaiah 11:

For di Gospel of di Hebrews wey di Nazarenes read e say, “Just now MY MOTHER, DI HOLY SPIRIT, take ME.” Now no one should be offended by dis, becos ‘spirit’ for Hebrew na feminine, while for our language [Latin] na masculine and for Greek e be neutral e no be man or woman. In divinity, wey be GOD however, e no get gender.

Dis explanation contain a wonderful admission of Jerome—you no go fit find a more orthodox Person—that di Hebrew word for Spirit, “Ruach,” na feminine. Dis means say for di 1st Century Christians—wey mostly operate for di Aramaic world; ( di churches of Paul dey tiny in comparison)—di RUACH HA KODESH was a Feminine Figure. Dem ignore am in di translation from Hebrew into Greek, and then dem change am to a masculine gender when dem translate am from Greek into Latin.

* * *

Finally, di unreasonable theological opinion leads Christians to believe say di difference of gender no dey important, dem assume say GOD no get gender and becos of that, e no matter and yet dem always prefer to use di masculine gender. With many centuries of dis behavior by Christian leaders, man made doctrines and ideas, I wan di Truth and I pray for nothing but di Truth of YAHUVEH. I believe say e matter. We no dey allow to change one “small thing or anything” of di Law (Mt 5:18), and if GOD dey represented as a “BEING” wey cover  both di masculine and feminine genders, then we dey foolish to hide that fact for our translations of di Sacred Text.

* * * * * * *

Think of a family and wetin family contain—I no dey talk of di homosexual and lesbian nonsense of di Sodom & Gomorrah era wey dis world dey experience now. Believe me, YAHUVEH will not be mocked for long. Just as Sodom & Gomorrah take reap wetin dem sow then, na so e go be again with those wey dey accept and do dis things.

A family supposed contain a father, mother, and children. Dis na wetin I hear from YAHUVEH and speak forth, “I, YAHUVEH created a lioness to only give birth to a lion and a woman can only give birth to a human being.” E no make sense to reason say only GOD can give birth to a GOD?6 YAHUSHUA na di “ONLY BEGOTTEN SON OF YAHUVEH”7 (Jn 3:16)! So WHO be di HEAVENLY MOTHER wey give birth to YAHUSHUA? Is dis di Secret of wetin e means to be, “born” of di RUACH HA KODESH? 

Di RUACH HA KODESH na SPIRIT, then di person wey  reborn from HER become a spirit and di RUACH HA KODESH dey  live inside our bodies until we die or are raptured to Heaven, any one wey come first. Na di RUACH HA KODESH with HER Eternal Nature wey dis Scripture dey refer to: “To no be inside di body na to be where di LORD YAHUSHUA dey” (2 Cor 5:8).

I receive dis Revelation as I dey try to put proof to back up di newest Word of Prophecy 90. Scripture says, “Na di Letter dey kill but di SPIRIT dey give life” (2 Cor 3:6). Dis new relationship between humans and di RUACH HA KODESH na one of di things wey identify a person when they are born again.

To those wey go try to brand me a false prophet, do your own research. Study and show yourself approved. Every Hebrew know say in Hebrew “Ruach” no be male name! You tell me, why be say “WISDOM” in di Holy Scriptures, even for KJV, is called a “SHE”? Is not di RUACH HA KODESH “ALL-WISDOM”?


Add am for June 20th 2010

On June 20, 2010, I speak with DADDY YAHUVEH and sit down for HIS Lap—and just as I rest my head upon di Shoulder of a MOTHERLY FIGURE like Proverbs’ “MOTHER WISDOM” for di Banquet Table Dream—I also put my head upon di Shoulder of ABBA YAHUVEH, my HEAVENLY FATHER. I wan to share dis here becos dis happen at a time wen I dey go thru heavy persecution and most of it na becos dem dey brand me as false for releasing Prophecies 89 & 90.


Although say dis happen wen I sleep, I know say dis was not a “dream” no be just dream as we take know am. Becos I know say dis happen for reality. E start with me praying to YAHUVEH and crying in a loud voice at di newest slanderous lies wey di enemies tell for di purpose of chasing di sheep & lambs away from dis Ministry. My emotions could not take am anymore. I say in a loud voice:


Then, I come dey look at di form of wetin look like a very large man but I no see HIS FACE. And yet I know say na ABBA YAHUVEH! HE was sitting in di upholstered chair  wey dey across from me for my bedroom! I no fit explain am becos I know that YAHUVEH dey use di earth for a footstool so HE certainly no supposed to dey able to fit inside that chair or inside dis house and yet HE come to me in dis way.

HE say, “Come here,” in serious voice. I was afraid whether I say something wrong and I no go to HIM. Instead I remember how Job get in trouble for questioning YAH.

Then HE stretch out HIS Hands and for a softer Voice HE say, “I say come here.” And like a little child I go to my DADDY and I sit down on HIS Lap. And I just start to pour out my heart with all di reasons why I no want to be on dis earth any more. I tell HIM say I was fed up and I just vent my frustrations. E be like say I no even breathe. I talk so fast.

I just remember di LIGHT wey dey  all around di figure of my DADDY YAH and di whiteness of di Hair, but I no see HIS FACE.

Then HE take HIS Hand without saying a word and HE lay my head on HIS Shoulder…When I wake up I dey fill with such JOY becos I know say dis more than a dream. I know say I sit down on DADDY YAH’S lap.


I go bed so sorrowful becos dis enemies beat me without mercy with their words and I wake up with JOY and everybody wey dey House can testify to dis. Dis na how powerful our words are. When we speak even out of frustration, YAHUVEH dey listen to every word.

I no know if dis get anything to do with am, but di painting One Minute to Midnight (the painting of a vision of Heaven where YAHUSHUA dey interceding and weeping for HIS people) dey on di wall behind that chair where YAHUVEH sit down. Now I love dis old, ugly chair! I look at it many times a day and I always remember how much our HEAVENLY FATHER loves HIS children.

Now I know say no be only for Heaven wey I lay my head for MOMMA WISDOM, MOMMA RUACH HA KODESH Shoulder, but now also for ABBA YAHUVEH Shoulder right here in my bedroom. Make di enemies mock. I swear on my soul dis na true and only good fruit don come forth! E don only encouraged me to continue and walk in my calling and lead souls to YAHUSHUA! As you read di following Prophecies, keep am in mind di good fruit wey dem dey bear and that di prophecies dey always point to YAHUSHUA for SALVATION.

Apostle & ProphetElisheva Eliyahu

* * * * * * *

There is NO other INTERCESSOR wey dey before di Throne except YAHUSHUA. Na Only thru HIS NAME and only thru HIS BLOOD SACRIFICE, which is call di NEW BLOOD COVENANT, nain SALVATION dey.

      —Na wetin di HOLY SPIRIT talk for Prophecy 90

* * *

Prophecy 90 Begins:

February 27, 2007


I AM called “WISDOM”;8

And for Hebrew, di “RUACH HA KODESH”;

And also called “Di HOLY SPIRIT.”

Elisabeth [Elisheva], I AM di older woman shoulder wey you rest your head for in Heaven, for wetin you call a dream and yet no be just dream na so much more. Elisabeth [Elisheva], remember when you share di dream with di world and said you “no know who that woman wey you see for di banquet table in Heaven be, wey love me with such a overpowering love”?

I give you di answer now. Na ME, your MOMMA SHKHINYAH, your MOMMA WISDOM. Dis na why since you never feel sad again or feel di emptiness of not knowing a mother’s love.

Every baby is born with a desire and a need for di love of mother and a father, becos all humanbeing are born as babes with di need of di earthly love and protection of a mother and a father. Na MY LOVE wey you soak yoursef in as you sit down for that banquet table in Heaven with ME and your HEAVENLY ABBA YAHUVEH waiting for di others to join you.

MY LOVE & PRESENCE wrap you round, as I AM your HOLY MOTHER. I AM DI ONLY QUEEN OF HEAVEN.9 There is no other. (satan get he own wey be fake—she come as Jezebel and that spirit don invaded di majority of churches where I once call dem Holy. At one time dem welcome MY HOLY SPIRIT, MY HOLY PRESENCE & HOLY ANOINTING POWER, and also dem desire after MY Holy Prophets & Apostles—but now dem dey insult and drive away most of MY Holy Prophet and Apostles.)

There is only ONE GENUINE HOLY MOTHER and I AM also called di HOLY SPIRIT. Make you no believe di lies wey di Catholic Church dey teach as dem dey take Miriam (Mary) YAHUSHUA earthly mother and dem go join her together as part of di HOLY TRINITY. She only be HIS earthly mother, but I AM—HIS HEAVENLY MOTHER.

No other INTERCESSOR dey before  di Throne except YAHUSHUA. Only thru HIS NAME and only thru HIS BLOOD-SACRIFICE, which is called di NEW BLOOD COVENANT,10  nain salvation dey.

Even YAHUSHUA earthly mother needed a SAVIOR. She was not perfect, and she no claim to be perfect. She even call HIM “LORD.” And if to say she perfect, na her blood sacrificed for Calvary for be sin sacrifice. She never ever tell anybody to worship her, and she no desire worship. She only wants people to point to her SON, YAHUSHUA HA MASHIACH. Warn di Catholics make dem no call upon her name at di hour of their death. Instead, call upon di only NAME that can save, YAHUSHUA HA MASHIACH!

I AM speaking forth dis Revelations thru you Elisabeth [Elisheva] so you go tell di Holy people.

If dem go receive wetin I speak for dis Prophecy, dem go once again see signs, wonders and miracles as e be in di Times of Old when YAHUSHUA walk di earth—if dem go welcome di Truths of di true Shabbat and I no mean Sunday!

Learn di importance of honoring YAHUSHUA thru di Holy Feasts! Shun di pagan holidays wey try to take di place of di true heavenly Holy Days! Use di Hebrew SACRED NAMES! Live Holy and no compromise or be ashamed to speak forth wetin you know to be true! You go see a greater Anointing than you have ever experienced for dis End Times!

Di Holy don become more Holy and di evil don become more evil. Now na di time for a greater Anointing & Revelations thru Prophecies & Words of Knowledge.

No take di Communion for granted! Na a daily weapon to be used against satan as you put am for remembrance—he no claim over you! Rebuke sin and sinners and no fear wetin others think when you speak forth and warn. Would you rather offend ordinary humans or YAHUVEH?

It is so sad, how dem dey silence di freedom to speak against di evils of this earth becos so many of MY Holy children remain silent. Una dey loose one freedom after another all over di world!

Where di Holy children for America and around di world dey, when di heathens and di American government outnumber Judge Roy Moore? He fight to keep a stone memorial wey he been designed and put up in honor of YAHUVEH wey display di Ten Commandments. A judge is to stand for Righteousness & Truth.

Judge Roy Moore, Heaven promote you with that title and no bodi go fit take am away from you! You dey honored in Heaven for wetin you do for August 27, 2003 in Alabama. Every tears wey you cry is recorded in Heaven and come as a sweet smell to YAHUVEH’S Nose becose of your love and loyalty to HIM & YAHUSHUA.

Those wey set demsef up as judge and jury over you, and di corrupt judge—wey take away your promotion, wey Heaven give you, to be Supreme Chief Justice of Alabama—he go taste wetin e be like to swim in di Lake of Fire. Every person wey take part go stand before YAHUVEH, DI JUDGE OF ALL CREATION!

For all di people wey pray and intercede and encourage dis man, and cry with am, and sorrow with am: your tears also dey recorded in Heaven. He sacrificed everything becos he refused to compromise di Truth.

Why be say every church around dis world, especially for Alabama and di so-called “Bible Belt” no support dis man and protest with am? I go tell you why! Una fear to be attacked also. You let di heathen to outnumber your Brother in YAHUSHUA . You make excuses and you say, “Well, but he break di law and no remove di monument when dem tell am to remove am.” How dare you! You were tested and you fail di test.

How many storms, droughts, heat waves and floods,

e go take, to wake you up and fight

for wetin you know to be Holy and right?

Just wait until YAHUVEH stomp HIS Foot

and your earth vibrate in fear.

Just wait until famine, pestilence and disease

cover your states

and you go pray and ask, “Why?”

Holy ones, encourage am! no forget di price wey he don pay. He do wetin so few of una go do and that na to stand up against di crowd and speak out against wetin you know to be evil.

Homosexuality dey every where. Dem dey brainwash Children at di age of nursery school to think say homosexuality and same sex marriage dey normal. What a bad smell in di Nose of YAHUVEH, di judicial and political systems don become. Di churches of Babylon dey welcome and encourage their congregation to  no speak out against sin or sinners. Di organized churches have di thing wey YAHUVEH call “abomination”11 standing behind di pulpits and dey call demsef preachers.

Di few Holy wey remain for dis churches dem chase dem away,

or reject and insult dem.

Di pastors dey lie to di congregation dem go say,

Any day can be a Sabbath,”

and continue with di man-made Sunday.

Dem go very soon weep

for wetin dem go reap…

for teaching and doing dis.

Remember Elisabeth [Elisheva], how for di Banquet Table Dream,e feel like reality? na becos I AM di ONE wey take you to Heaven, to give you a reminder of wetin e feel like as you lovingly put your head for MY Shoulder, for wetin you now dey refer to as “Di Banquet Table Dream.”



wey you don always desire for.

I do dis to show you say…

you no be a motherless child,

just as you no be a fatherless child.


just as we be di PARENTS to all—

wey their names dey found in di LAMB’S Book of Life.

I tell you dis becos for a lifetime you dey sorrow and you feel an empty place inside you, di same with others, wey always dey search for  di love of an earthly mother and father and yet you get di HEAVENLY PARENTS that will never leave or forsake you, or hurt you in any way.

I tell you dis so that others—wey feel say dem have di same emptiness, with unsaved parents wey refuse to accept YAHUSHUA as MASHIACH, di only MESSIAH—go realize that dem no lack anything in YAHUSHUA. Dem get both a HEAVENLY FATHER and a HEAVENLY MOTHER and WE be SPIRIT (Jn 4:24) as all human beings be before dem born dem for Earth. As it is written, remember, “Flesh and blood no go fit enter into di Kingdom of Heaven” (1 Cor 15:50).

I share dis Secret from Heaven so that those wey love MY BELOVED SON, YAHUSHUA, and accept HIM as MESSIAH no go fall for di lies of di man-made religions and call on di earthly mother of YAHUSHUA, Mary, at di time of their death. Instead, call on YAHUSHUA HA MASHIACH’S NAME and repent and ask for Mercy. Remind dem of di Holy Scripture with YAHUSHUA Own Words wey HIM speak for di Book of John (Yohanan) 10:1-30.12

No earthly parent love go fit compare with OUR Heavenly Love. I tell you dis to share with all OUR children, especially those wey get emptiness in their lives wey never know di love of an earthly mother or father. I dey speak to all those wey have been abused emotionally, physically and sexually and dey desire for di love of a Holy father and a mother.

Accept YAHUSHUA as your MASHIACH (MESSIAH) and allow ME to fill you up with MY HOLY LOVE, PRESENCE & ANOINTED POWER; allow ME to be your MOMMA SHKHINYAH.

I AM di same ONE wey you call HOLY SPIRIT.

I AM di ONE wey dey teach you right from wrong, just as

a Holy earthly mother job na to teach you in di same way.

MY beloved daughter Elisabeth [Elisheva], tell dem for ME, if dem go just receive dis Revelation, dem no go ever feel that emptiness for inside of dem again.

For di Manuscripts of Old,

read and see:

  E mention say “WISDOM” na “SHE”;

And for di Scriptures of Old,

  I AM13—mentioned as a “SHE.”

Study and show yoursef approved.

All those wey doubt dis Word and attack you for speaking forth dis Secret, dem either no be of MY HOLY SPIRIT and their name no dey for di LAMB’S Book of Life—becos YAHUSHUA’S sheep dey hear HIS Voice—or dem get a measure of faith, yet dem prefer not to offend and dem continue to follow di mistranslations of di New Testament when dem use di word “HE”  instead of “SHE.”

Dem prefer to follow di teachings of man instead of MY SPIRIT & TRUTH wey I don reserve for dis End Time. Every bodi wey read dis, na your choice whether you wan to walk in a deeper Intimacy with di ONE wey you call di HOLY SPIRIT or not. I no dey force anyone to do dis. Di Bride of YAHUSHUA go rejoice at dis new Revelation, becos dem always dey seek to know di Secrets of Heaven.

There are Three Ruling Thrones. YAHUVEH sit down for di middle, YAHUSHUA HA MASHIACH sit down for di  right side of YAHUVEH and ME, your MOMMA SHKHINYAH, sit down for di left side. ALL THREE OF US dey rule for Heaven equally and we be CO-CREATORS. Yet there is only one MASHIACH, HE name na YAHUSHUA. Na only thru YAHUSHUA NAME & BLOOD nain salvation dey for di people wey dey Earth.

YAHUSHUA na di only DOOR OF SALVATION wey dey lead to Heaven. Anyone wey try to enter Heaven thru another name or way go only find di door to hell. No let dem deceive you. There are many religions but na only one door to Heaven na thru di NAME & HOLY SINLESS BLOOD wey YAHUSHUA sacrifice.14

Di one world religion wey dey do their best to combine all di religions and di different man-made doctrines as one na a lie and e go only lead souls to hell.

Di Secret of MY NAME was sealed for di Book of Daniel.15 And I now dey release am for dis time to encourage all MY Holy children wey dey hunger to eat strong Spiritual Meat, becos dem don already easily digest di Milk Of di Word. Dis na dangerous days and worse days dey ahead. YAHUSHUA promise say John (Yohanan) baptized with water, but YAHUSHUA dey baptize with di FIRE OF DI HOLY SPIRIT. Na MY HOLY FIRE nain HE dey speak of.





And na MY HOLY LIGHT dey shine come out from MY Holy children faces, those wey truly love, dey worship and obey ABBA YAHUVEH, YAHUSHUA & ME, DI RUACH HA KODESH. Na thru MY Anointing nain all things dey possible thru di NAME OF YAHUSHUA.16

Did not your MESSIAH, YAHUSHUA, tell you say HE had to leave dis earth, but HE no go leave you alone, HE go send di COMFORTER?17 And I AM di ONE wey dey calm your fears, dey encourage you, dey mentor and comfort like a mother, am I not?


I AM DI HOLY SPIRIT wey come to di Upper Room with MY HOLY WIND & HOLY FIRE as e dey for di Book of Acts (Acts 2:1-4). I fill di disciples with MY HOLY ANOINTED FIRE as dem wait for ME for di Upper Room.

I AM di ONE wey come as A MIGHTY WIND wey blow into di Upper Room and dis na di reason wey I give birth, thru you Elisabeth [Elisheva], dis Ministry—to minister both to di Jews & Gentiles—and I give di Name of dis Ministry, ALEPH & TAV18 ALMIGHTYWIND RUACH HA KODESH FIRE Ministry!

Beloved daughter Elisabeth [Elisheva], in the beginning before you knew of your Hebrew roots, you were still part of the organized Pentecostal churches. Yet it is I, MOMMA SHKHINYAH that gave this Ministry the name ALPHA & OMEGA ALMIGHTYWIND HOLY GHOST FIRE Ministry, as well as the same name with AMIGHTYWIND. One day I knew you would be used to share some of Heaven’s Secrets with MY Holy seed.

Na ME, MOMMA SHKHINYAH wey warn you Elisabeth [Elisheva], before you ever even hear of di Internet, not to name dis Ministry after yoursef. And I anointed your ears to take clearly hear di Voice of YAHUVEH as HE wake you and warn you on di day wey Jimmy Swaggart fall and confess [his sin] before di entire world.

On that morning YAHUVEH wake you and say,

Beware, every ministry wey dey named after man go fall, and when di shepherd fall di sheep go scatter” (February 21, 1988).

Pride go enter in when a man or woman do dis.

So beware—Joyce Meyers, Marilyn Hickey, Juanita Bynum, Paula White, Jan Crouch, Paul Crouch, Creflo Dollar, T.D. Jakes, Jessie Duplantis, Joel Osteen, among many others both women and men—you once dey so humble, filled with MY SPIRIT, and now you dey ready for a great fall.

Becos of your pride you shall be knocked off for di high place wey you stand. And if you no repent from your wicked ways that thing wey happen for secret shall be shouted from di housetops and you shall be buried under your own high place.

Dis goes for all di ministries wey dey named after demsef. No ordinary human being pay di ULTIMATE SACRIFICE to do dis, and you have been warned thru dis Prophet, thru Prophetic Messages time after time. When you face YAHUVEH, you no go get any excuse why you steal OUR Glory and heap di glory upon yoursef so that your earthly names become lifted up and not YAHUVEH, YAHUSHUA or, ME, di RUACH HA KODESH!

WE share OUR Glory with NO man or woman!


* * * * * * *