Prophecy 80
Bride of YAHUSHUA, Pray Make ME, YAHUVEH, Send Your Enemies to di Winepress of MY Wrath!

Dem write/Speak dis prophecy under di anointing of di RUACH ha KODESH
thru Apostle Elisabeth Elijah (Elisheva Eliyahu)
January 18, 2006 at 1:40 a.m.

Dis na from Prophecy 105, YAHUVEH say to put dis up for all Prophecies from now on: I warn you a long time ago Elisabeth [Elisheva],make you no call dis Ministry after a man or a woman name.
Even before dis Ministry start, I put am for your spirit. Becos nothing wey dey here come from your hand.Nothing wey dey here commot from your mouth.Na from di Mouth of YAHUVEH dis take come out .Na from di Mouth of YAHUSHUA,your MASHIACH, na dis take come out.
Na from di Mouth of di RUACH HA KODESH,your IMMAYAH, na dis take come out.If to say na by your hand e for don fail long time ago.Na by di SHKHINYAH GLORY Wind
wey dey blow across dis earth, di HOLY Wind of Revival. No be by your breath, or e for don fail.  Isaiah 42:8

For July 2010, YAHUVEH GOD also say to add di following as a warning to those wey dey mock:

2 Chronicles 36:16 “But dem mock di Messengers of GOD, despised HIS Words, and no take HIS Prophets serious, until di Wrath of YAHUVEH arise against HIS People, till there was no remedy”.

* * * * * * *

Bride of YAHUSHUA, no longer throw your pearls before di swine of dis world. Some swine dey hide behind pulpits, di rich and di famous wey dey call demsef Christians, even for your airwaves, (TV and Radio). swine dey for every denominational religions. As di Pharisees no understand YAHUSHUA and want HIM dead, na di same way those with di spirit of religion wey be a part of di churches of Babylon no go understand you now. Dem go shun your Shkhinah Glory light.

Bride of YAHUSHUA, dis year of 2006 you are to pray for di peace of Jerusalem in a way wey you have not done before. Realize say as you pray for di peace of Jerusalem, you dey pray for di Prince of Peace wey be MY Son YAHUSHUA to hasten HIS return and rule dis earth as King of Kings, removing everything wey dey unholy from dis earth for a set and appointed time. Bride of YAHUSHUA, realize say as ME, YAHUVEH, command you to do dis, realize say YAHUSHUA no go return and rule and reign until Yisrael suffer greatly. Much lamentation, weeping, travailing, and blood go pour out and only ME, YAHUVEH know before e go happen wetin e go take to get Yisrael to again walk in obedience to MY Torah Laws wey I give dem thru Moses, and to love ME, YAHUVEH, where dem no longer dey afraid to speak forth MY Sacred Name wey get anointed Power.

Dem go rebuke di lies wey dem don learn. Yisrael go accept YAHUSHUA no be only as YAHUVEH’s Son but also di only MASHIACH (Messiah). Dem go accept di Holy Blood Sacrifice wey be YAHUSHUA’s gift HIM give at Calvary, HIS saving, delivering, healing, resurrection power in di Blood of di only perfect Lamb of YAHUVEH. Yisrael no go see di Prince of Peace come again to their nation until dis is done. Satan go send a false peace for a short time to deceive dem but then e go be as if Hell break out around dis world when that short time is over.

Yisrael, you go return to your Creator and love and obey ME once again. Yisrael, remember King David of old and remember wetin him do to win di battles wey him win. He humble himself before ME, YAHUVEH, and na Praise and Worship be wetin bring di victories to di Yisraelites of old. Bride of YAHUSHUA, you must pray say make Yisrael again desires Holy rulers wey dey love and obey ME, YAHUVEH. When Yisrael again go love and obey ME, YAHUVEH, as Abraham, Isaac and Jacob take do, then I go return to Yisrael wetin dem don steal from dem, then I go redeem Yisrael from di hands of di enemies. Yisrael na a cup of trembling terror to di entire world, becos na where dem go fight di end time battle, good against evil. Satan go send his son to rule di world from dis one nation becos satan dey mock ME and counterfeits everything wey ME, YAHUVEH, do.

ME, YAHUVEH, send My Son YAHUSHUA with MY Spirit to lead souls to Heaven and satan sends his spirit to deceive every person wey go listen and follow di spirit of rebellion against all that is truly Holy, leading  dem to Hell, enticing dem with a Mark. As YAHUSHUA don mark those wey truly belong to HIM, wey their names dey written in di Lamb’s Book of Life before di foundation of dis world, na so too satan don mark those wey belong to him and go physically Mark dem again, proving say those wey dey follow him their names dey for di book of di damned or di book of di blotted out,(names of people wey YAH remove from di LAMB’s Book of life) No one wey go take satan mark go ever enter di Kingdom of Heaven.

Yisrael no go ever know true peace until she go say, “Blessed be HE wey dey come in di Name of YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH.” I send di Bride of YAHUSHUA now to intercede and pray for Yisrael and for one another and ME, YAHUVEH, speak forth a dowry thru dis Woman servant of a new anointing given to you by YAHUSHUA to HIS Bride if dem can believe am in faith.

Bride of YAHUSHUA, now you must believe in faith wetin dis word dey speak forth, but shortly you no go any longer need to even have faith to speak am forth, you go know say you know, just as Elijah of old take see his enemies consumed before his eyes, na so too you go take see di same thing. You go walk over di ashes of di enemies of holiness and no look back.

1 Kings 18:40
And Elijah say unto dem, Take di prophets of Baal; no let any one of dem escape. And dey take dem: and Elijah bring dem down to di brook Kishon, and kill dem there.

ME, YAHUVEH, don decree war on planet earth where unholiness dey abundantly. ME, YAHUVEH give dis new authority now. When you pray am to ME in MY Son YAHUSHUA’s Name come boldly before ME and ask say make I throw Yisrael’s enemies into di wine press of MY Wrath. Di time dey come oh so shortly, wey I warn di Bride of YAHUSHUA and di Guests of di Marriage Supper of di Lamb now thru dis Ringmaiden of YAHUSHUA. Satan go send his false peace, first to mock di true Prince of Peace, trying to deceive and Mark di world with his Mark. Satan don even set a day of di week for dis Mark to be given. Those with ears to hear and listen, Beware of di man-made Sabbath. I don send MY Prophets to warn say di time dey come when every bodi must choose which God dem go serve. A time dey come very shortly a son of perdition wey go kill people more than your worst dictators. Dis son of perdition go come in a form wey you no go think. Dis son of perdition go come with a hatred for anyone wey dey acknowledge another Messiah. Dis son of perdition get a hatred for all that is truly Holy and wey don accept YAHUSHUA as MESSIAH.

1 John 2:18
Little children, na di di last time: and as you don hear say di antichrist go come, even now many antichrists dey already; nain make we know say we dey the last time.

John 2:22
Who be liar but di person wey deny say YAHUSHUA na di Messiah? He be antichrist, wey deny di Father and di Son.

1 John 4:3
And every spirit wey no confess say YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH come in di flesh(as human being) no be of YAHUVEH: and dis na that spirit of antichrist, di one wey you don hear say go come; and even now dey already in di world.

2 John 1:7
For many deceivers don enter into di world, wey no confess say YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH come in di flesh. Dis na a deceiver and a antichrist.

MY Holy ones wey no betray ME, YAHUVEH, or YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH. Only those with di spirit like unto a Judas go receive di Mark and di rewards wey satan go give wey no dey last. Yisrael go always stand. No one go ever wipe her off di map, becos My Son YAHUSHUA go plant HIS feet on di Mount of Olives and rule and reign from Jerusalem. I don make a vow and Yisrael no go ever be completely destroyed. Oh how different e be for those wey dey plot against Yisrael as a Judas or wey say dem go wipe Yisrael off di face of di map. ME, YAHUVEH, I be di only one wey get di right to punish Yisrael, like unto a wayward child. Those with di spirit of a Judas and Haman (Esther 3:1-6) modern day Hamas go reap what ever harm dem do to Yisrael. (Esther 8-7)

As di Bride of YAHUSHUA, wey be MY Esther pray for di peace of Jerusalem, realize say as you do dis thing e dey hurry up everything that has been preordained. Di coming of di son of satan, wey is called di son of perdition, you dey also hurry up di Great Tribulation, as you hurry up di coming of YAHUSHUA to rule and reign from Yisrael and to sit in di Holy Temple. When you say, “Come YAHUSHUA, come quickly,” realize di new anointing as you speak dis words out in anointed prayer. As Haman take seek to kill every Jew, na so too dey satanic rulers on dis earth and dem go seek to kill every Messianic Jew also those wey don accept YAHUSHUA di only MESSIAH. Ezekiel 9 don already begin. My Holy People dey sealed by MY hand alone. I pre warn now, destruction dey on di way to di unholy and reprobate. I get a few in Yisrael wey dey hidden and yet dem be part of di members of diBride of YAHUSHUA. Now di time to arise and contact dis one wey I dey speak forth dis words from, for you are one.

From dis year on, you go see di betrayal of di governments of dis world more than you have ever seen before. Whatever ME, YAHUVEH, don decree say na abomination unto ME dem go flaunt am for MY face by di reprobates for all di world to see. Nations go turn on one another in words and wars with a thirst for power, greed and blood, with  thirst wey no dey quench like unto leeches or blood sucking vampires, politicians making poor excuses to murder one another and make wars. Oh how long rebellious people of dis earth, una think say una go shake una fist at your Creator ME, YAHUVEH, and MY Men and women of Holiness as you dey match for ground MY Holy scriptures under your feet in a mockery and hatred for all that is Holy? How long you think say I go wait before you people of rebellion go suffer di same thing wey Sodom and Gomorrah suffer?

ME, YAHUVEH, don give you chances to repent, especially you oh America, and yet your sins dey only increase, each abomination dey worse than di last. ME, YAHUVEH created you oh Yisrael and America to be set apart and Holy before ME, I pour blessings upon you and your land and people prosper and your weather I bless am for your crops sake. From dis year on, I go turn di weather against various parts of di earth I go use am as an enemy against MY enemies in a greater amount than 2005. Oh Yisrael and America, una be di countries that was created to be a leader. Now una dey lead other countries in rebellion and abominations.

You other countries dey watch and una refuse to listen and obey, so I covered your ears and closed your eyes as I speak and roar thru di fires, hail,(ice from sky) hurricanes,(strong breeze and water destruction) floods, tornados, (strong powerful breeze wey dey sweep everything wey e come near) droughts, (everywhere dry becos no rain) earthquakes,(ground go tear open, buildings go fall as everywhere go vibrate  and shake), tsunamis,(dis na when river and ocean over flow destroy everything) and volcanoes, (liquid fire, ash and vapor wey dey explode come out from ground dey destroy everything wey e touch)You refuse to listen when I match MY one feet for ground and make di earth to vibrate in fear so great wey make even now di very rotation of di earth dey stagger like a drunkard. Wetin you go say when I match my two feet in rage? countries wey dey slaughter MY Holy people as if dem be sheep wey dem dey lid to slaughter, now dey weep for themsef when I send di earthquakes and tsunamis and judgment for murdering innocent Christians wey no get any blood on their hands, dem murder men women and children becos of one reason, dem refuse to deny YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH wey dem dey call Jesus Christ who be di MESSIAH and ME, YAHUVEH’s only begotten Son.

All countries including Indonesia, I demanded your blood and your loved ones becos you demanded and took di lives of true Holy Christians. And so e go continue to di people of all countries to dis earth. You go reap wetin you sow, if you sow holiness and obedience to MY Holy Scriptures and put ME, YAHUVEH, your Creator and acknowledge YAHUSHUA as ME, YAHUVEH’s Son and your MESSIAH, you go reap MY blessings from Heaven. 2006 go be your year of Jubilee if you can believe and have faith in YAHUSHUA’s Name say ME, YAHUVEH, go deliver you from MY wrath to come especially for di faithful Bride of YAHUSHUA wey I call MY Esther.

1 Thessalonians 5:9
For God no appoint us to wrath, but to obtain salvation by our Lord YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH.

Dis ME, YAHUVEH, don decree say those of una wey sow unholiness, dey make excuses to live sinful lifestyles, dey shed innocent blood, mockery, rebellion, you servant children of satan wey dey refuse to repent of your sorceries,(spells and magic power) witchcraft, voodoo, satanism, and all forms of di occult including necromancy,(talk with di dead) into MY winepress of wrath, MY meat grinder, you go go. You reprobates wey love to kill and make war, wey dey worship di spirits of rebellion, dey steal, kill and destroy, murder and greed. You reprobates dey stone, kill, torture, wey dey attack and imprison MY Holy Seed, dey force dem to become martyrs,(dey kill dem becos dem no gree deny YAHUSHUA/JESUS) into MY, YAHUVEH’s wine press of wrath, into MY meat grinder you go go.

Revelation 19:15
And out of his mouth a sharp sword come out, and with am HE go smite di nations:(countries) and HE go rule dem with a rod of iron: and HE with HIM Feet crush di winepress of di fierceness(di very violent) and wrath of Almighty YAHUVEH.

ME, YAHUVEH, go bless those wey be a blessing unto MY Son YAHUSHUA and those wey bless MY Children of Holiness. ME, YAHUVEH, go curse those wey be as a curse unto ME and MY Beloved Son YAHUSHUA and I go send MY curses of Deuteronomy 28 on all those wey dey harm or look for di destruction and death of YAHUSHUA Bride, MY Esther. ME, YAHUVEH, go bless MY Holy people with Deuteronomy 28 blessings wey dey reserved for YAHUSHUA Bride, wey dey manifest di RUACH ha KODESH Holy Fire. I share MY secrets with MY anointed true apostles and prophets. ME, YAHUVEH, go send all MY curses of Deuteronomy 28 on everyone wey dey claim say dem dey serve MY Son YAHUSHUA but instead by their word and action dem dey serve satan dem and dem dey refuse to obey ME also dem dey manifest a counterfeit anointing called strange fire and dem don sell their souls just like an Esau for fame and wealth, dem compromise MY Holy Scriptures, dey teach error and devil’s doctrines.

Di fullness of MY RUACH ha KODESH no dey for any minister wey dey compromise wetin dem know to be true or dem go twist scriptures and MY commandments to be conformed to please mankind or di Governments of dis world. Be not deceived. ME, YAHUVEH, still never change MY mind on wetin be sin or where unrepented sinners go spend eternity. Your morals and interpretation of sin may change but ME I AM who I AM and ME, YAHUVEH, no dey change and neither does MY Son YAHUSHUA. ME, YAHUVEH, write di two tablets of laws called di commandments for stone with MY own fiery finger I carve dem and I handed dem to Moses. (Moshe) Fools wey think say I send MY Son YAHUSHUA from Heaven to change dis laws including di laws of MY Sabbath Day.

For 2006 and from here on, MY Holy people go grow in Holiness dem go strive hard to obey, love and serve MY Son YAHUSHUA and ME, YAHUVEH, in all ways. MY Holy people no go compromise with di enemy. Di Bride of YAHUSHUA get MY permission and authority to call upon ME, YAHUVEH, in YAHUSHUA’s Name and ask ME to put di demons wey dey torment dem into MY Heavenly wine press of wrath called MY meat grinder, demons wey dem don send to torment you or your redeemed loved ones or di redeemed people. I don give you di mandate to intercede in prayer for deliverance.

Bride of YAHUSHUA, call upon ME to deliver you from di human servants of satan wey dey seek for your death and destruction. Come before MY throne boldly without sin and ask ME in YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH’s Name, to ask ME your Abba YAHUVEH in YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH to put dis reprobate enemies of MINE and yours into MY meat grinder, di Winepress of MY Wrath. Those wey dare to cast their curses, spells, hexes and do all manner of evil to try and harm, destroy or kill di Bride of YAHUSHUA wey be MY sealed ones. Vengeance na MINE, saith YAHUVEH. I go repay di Bride of YAHUSHUA’s enemies and grind dem up for seven different ways.

Bride of YAHUSHUA, you are not to take vengeance when dis human servants of satan harm you. Bride of YAHUSHUA, forgive your human enemies but deliver dem into ME, YAHUVEH’s hands. na a fearful thing to fall into ME, YAHUVEH’s hands. You are not to take vengeance but let ME, YAHUVEH, take vengeance for you. ME, YAHUVEH, go grind up all your reprobate enemies’ mind, body, spirit and soul. There will no be anything wey go remain but di sound of crushing bones when ME, YAHUVEH, don finish with dem on earth. Any enemy of di Bride of YAHUSHUA na an enemy of YAHUVEH and YAHUSHUA and di RUACH ha KODESH. Some of dis enemies dey proclaim di name of Jesus Christ and yet di Messiah Holy Spirit no dey for inside dem. Dem be workers of evil, dem dey only fool demsef.

Some wey dey read dis go say, “Who be di Bride of YAHUSHUA?” I tell you dis; your actions dey speak louder than your words. di Bride of YAHUSHUA dey worship, love and adore ME and MY Son YAHUSHUA (loving us above all others,) desiring our will in their lives and dem dey pray how to serve US and please US, how to put a smile on di face of YAHUVEH and YAHUSHUA. Dem refuse to compromise; dem refuse to believe satan lies. Di Bride of YAHUSHUA dem dey strive to obey MY laws as e dey in di Holy Biblical Scriptures. DI Bride of YAHUSHUA dey live Holy life becos dem dey Holy. Dem dey embrace di Jewishness of YAHUSHUA as dem dey keep and honor MY Sabbath and dem also dey see di Holy Feasts as a blessing, and observe dem and acknowledge YAHUSHUA MESSIAH their Bridegroom in all of dem.

From dis day forward I command di Bride of YAHUSHUA, MY Esther of new, to observe di Feast of Purim and make merry. Celebrate and praise ME for delivering Esther, becos without her, how di blood line of YAHUSHUA for take come forth? No Hebrews for remain on di face of di earth if to say Haman been succeed. Wetin Haman attempt to do once dem go try again in di same way. Dem go place bounties for all Jews and believers in YAHUSHUA. That same Spirit dey come again thru di Spirit of Hitler, so e go be done again, when di son of perdition come, wey be di son of satan. Bride of YAHUSHUA, study di book of Esther.

Bride of YAHUSHUA, rejoice, again ME, YAHUVEH, say rejoice. Dis na di year of your Jubilee. Make you no focus on di judgments and vengeance wey I go pour out on your enemies, di reprobate and heathen. Becos those wey dey worship, love, serve and obey MY Son YAHUSHUA and ME, YAHUVEH, you dey saved and washed in di shed Blood of YAHUSHUA and you no dey appointed to MY wrath, but instead you shall be blessed if you can but, in faith, believe you shall receive your year of Jubilee.

Bride of YAHUSHUA, so many of una dey struggle with weak sickly or old bodies wey don age before their time becos of constant physical, emotional, spiritual attacks and di onslaught from satan servant children or demonic spirits. Your enemies don wear you out physically and mentally yet spiritually you continue to grow and become stronger in YAHUSHUA’s Name and thru HIS shed Blood at Calvary.

Rejoice Bride of YAHUSHUA, very soon now you will be carried up to meet YAHUSHUA in di air alive and your bodi go change so quick, as your eye blink. And when you return you no go any longer be hindered in weak earthly vessels of clay but instead you go dey supernatural in strength, youthful appearance and healthy in all ways. Nothing go dey impossible for you.

Victory over all your enemies and every demon. If you wan eat food you fit eat any thing wey you want and yet food no go be wetin go give you nourishment. Instead na di anointing of di RUACH ha KODESH go nourish you. Every Spiritual Word wey dey come out out of your mouth thru di Holy Scriptures go nourish you.

Matthew 4:4
But he answer and say, e dey written, Man no go live by bread(food) alone, but by every word wey dey come out of di mouth of YAHUVEH.

Luke 4:4
And YAHUSHUA answer am, say, e dey written, say man no go live by bread (food) alone, but by every word of YAHUVEH.

If you wan sleep you fit, but sleep no go dey necessary to restore your strength.

Isaiah 40:31
But those wey wait upon YAHUVEH go renew their strength; dem go mount up with wings as eagles; dem go run, and no get tire; and dem go walk, dem no go faint.

No jail bars go fit hold you; no doors go hinder you from going where I tell you to go. You go have bodies wey can be invisible as you want am; you fit take on different appearances as you want. No distance go dey impossible even if e be to Heaven or another planet or at di far end of di world or even di moon. e go dey easy as just thinking of a place and you go arrive there. No man, woman, demon, not even satan himself go keep you from going where YAHUVEH and YAHUSHUA tell you to go.

John 20:19
Then di same day in di evening, as na di first day of di week, when dem lock di doors where di disciples gather for fear of di Jews, nain YAHUSHUA appear stand in di middle of dem, and say unto dem, Peace be unto you.

You go be as Elijah and Enoch of old. Di Bride of YAHUSHUA go get bodies wey dem no go fit harm or die except for MY Two Witnesses at that scriptural time by a supernatural weapon from di bottomless pit wey satan go inspire. But 3 ? days later, MY Two Witnesses go live again in that Glorified Body and be carried up to be with YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH di Bridegroom.

Beloved Children, make una no become tire in doing well and in obedience to ME, YAHUVEH, and your Messiah YAHUSHUA whether you be di Bride or di Guests. Blessed are all those wey dey invited to di Wedding Supper of di Lamb. As you see, di evil dey grow by more and more aboundantly. E only dey hasten di return of YAHUSHUA.

As you see, di unholy rich and famous wey dem be ordinary men and women wey be nothing more than illusions, idols of dis world wey forget say their bodies are made only of dust for MY hands and in MY timing I go return their clay bodies back into dust again. Yet their spirit bodies go suffer for eternity in Hell and then di Lake of Fire for di sins wey dem don commit for their earthly bodies. So no envy dem.

Be not deceived, becos there is an eternal price to pay when you mock YAHUSHUA and ME, YAHUVEH. E be like wen some bodi dey try to stick a needle into ME, YAHUVEH’s eye and I go repay. And I go ground dem under MY feet I go make mincemeat out of their lives until their last breath on dis earth. Then dis enemies go feel di consuming fire of MY wrath in Hell and di Lake of Fire. ME, YAHUVEH dey defend MY Son YAHUSHUA’s Bride di redeemed sealed ones in a way wey I never do before.

Becos na at dis appointed end time and hour for January 14, 2006, I wake up Elisabeth Elijah [Elisheva Eliyahu] and I tell her after a human enemy come against her as she dey sleep trying to kill her thru di spiritual realm, to pray to ME and ask ME to send her reprobate enemies to MY Winepress of wrath also called MY Meat Grinder. I anoint her during prayer with her [every bodi for her house] no be only for [dem], but for all di true Bride of YAHUSHUA dem also get di authority to ask ME to do di same.

Enough is enough! Di Bride of YAHUSHUA no be di ones to be match under feet by di servant children of satan. ME, YAHUVEH, give dis new anointing to di Bride of YAHUSHUA. Di servant children of satan and di bride of satan, wey dey attack di Bride of YAHUSHUA, go reap di curses of Deuteronomy 28 a thousand fold and wear dem like second skin. Dem go moan in deep pain and say, “If to say no be bad luck, dem for no get any luck at all.” I go personally match dis enemies of di Bride of YAHUSHUA under MY feet and your blood go flow out like a crimson river as ME, YAHUVEH, put di enemies of di Bride of YAHUSHUA into MY winepress of MY wrath.

Members of di Bride of YAHUSHUA, you have been given a unique anointing. I pass dis anointing unto you by having YAHUSHUA’s Ringmaiden Elisabeth Elijah [Elisheva Eliyahu] to speak am out by anointed prayer and written words. Members of di Bride of YAHUSHUA, if you dey willing to boldly believe and receive dis new authority ME, YAHUVEH, give you I go boldly deliver you from your enemies and MY enemies in a way wey you never think of before. Bride of YAHUSHUA, ask ME and see if I no go send di demons wey dey torment you into YAHUVEH’s meat grinder wey be di winepress of MY Wrath where I go uncreate dem.

Bride of YAHUSHUA, I give you dis new authority and new anointing dis day when you ask ME in YAHUSHUA’s Name no be only for your sake nain I give dis anointing, but for Yisrael’s sake. How many go choose to accept dis standard against di evil in dis world? Na your choice. E dey only reserved for di Bride of YAHUSHUA. All others wey dey pray for dis will be denied.

Offending some wey refuse to listen, enlightening others wey dey hear di voice of YAHUVEH.

Apostle Elisabeth Elijah (Elisheva Eliyahu), January 18, 2006 at 1:40 a.m.

2 Kings 2:11 And e happen say, as dem still dey waka dey talk as dem dey go, that, behold a chariot of fire appear, and horses of fire, and separate two of dem  on two side; and Elijah go up by a whirlwind into heaven.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Hebrews 11:5 By faith Enoch was translated so that him no see death; and dem no find Him, becos YAHUVEH don carry am to Heaven: for before his translation he get dis testimony, that he pleased YAHUVEH. (Read the Book of Enoch.)


Esther Points to Haman As di Enemy

Purim na Sunday, March 4, 2007. Di Feast of Lots, di feast na on di fourteenth day of di Hebrew month of Adar (February-March). Dis na a celebration of di deliverance of di Persian Jews over one of di most dastardly plots for history to destroy di Jewish people. Di book of Esther for di Old Testament tell us di story of how di beautiful Jewish woman Esther (Hadassah) and her cousin Mordecai thwart di evil Haman (booooooo!), wey plot to massacre di Jews.

(Read di entire book of Esther for di full story)
Esther 8:7 – Then di King Ahasuerus come say to Esther di queen and to Mordecai di Jew, una see I don give Esther di house of Haman, and dem hang am for di gallows, becos say he lay his hand upon di Jews.
Esther 9:10 – Di ten sons of Haman di son of Hammedatha, di enemy of di Jews, dem kill dem too; but dem no put their hands for their belongins.
Esther 9:12 – And di king say unto Esther di queen, di Jews don kill and destroy five hundred men in Shushan di palace, and di ten sons of Haman; wetin e be wey dem don do in di rest of di province of di king? now wetin be di thing wey you want? and you go receive am: or wetin be any more of your request? and e shall be done.
Esther 9:24 – Becos Haman di son of Hammedatha, di Agagite, di enemy of all di Jews, been plan against di Jews to destroy dem, and e cast Pur, that mean say, di lot, to consume dem, and to destroy dem;

Deuteronomy 28
1 And e go come to pass, if you go listen carefully unto di voice of di Lord your God, to observe and to do all HIS commandments wey I command you dis day, that di Lord your God go set you on high above all nations of di earth:
2 And all dis blessings go come on you, and overtake you, if you go listen unto di voice of di Lord your God.
3 You go dey Blessed in di city, and you go dey Blessed in di open.
4 You go dey blessed for di children wey go come from your body, and for di fruit of your ground, and di fruit of your cattle, di increase of your cows, and di flocks of your sheep.
5 Blessed shall be your basket and your store.
6 Blessed shall you be when you come in, and bless shall you be when you go out.
7 Di Lord go make your enemies wey rise up against you to be beaten before your face: dem go come out against you one way, and  run away from you for seven ways.
8 Di Lord go command di blessing upon you in your houses wey you dey storage, and for every thing wey you put your hand to do; and he go bless you in di land wey di Lord your God go give you.
9 Di Lord go establish you as holy people unto himself, as he don promise you, if you go keep di commandments of di Lord your God, and walk in HIS ways.
10 And all di people of di earth go see that you are called by di name of di Lord; and dem go dey afraid of you.
11 And di Lord go make you to increase in goods, for di fruit of your body,(children) and for di fruit of your cattle, and for di fruit of your ground, in di land wey di Lord promise unto your fathers to give you.
12 Di Lord go open unto you HIS good treasure, di heaven to give di rain unto your land for his season, and to bless all di work of your hand: and you go  give unto many nations, but you no go borrow from dem.

Palestinian Islamic terrorist organization. Hamas don carry out suicide and other homicidal attacks against Jewish Israeli civilians (majorly on transportation and marketplace areas as well as attacks on military targets for Gaza strip) to further their goal of creating an Islamic Republic of Palestine for Israel, di West Bank, and di Gaza Strip [dis will never happen]. Di group dey listed as a terrorist organization by Australia, Canada, di European Union, Israel, and di United States, and dem ban dem for Jordan.

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Confirmation in K’s Dream About Lambs

Revelation 14:17-20
Another angel come out from di temple wey dey for heaven. He also get a sharp sickle. Another angel come out from di altar, di one wey get power over fire, and he call with a great voice to HIM wey hold di sharp sickle, and say, “use your sharp sickle(na harvesting equipment) to gather di bunch of di vine of di earth, becos di  grapes of di earth don fully ripe!” Di angel shook HIS sickle into di earth, and gather di vineyard of di earth, and throw am into di great winepress of di wrath of GOD. Dem match di winepress for outside of di city, and blood come out from di winepress, even to di bridles of di horses,(for near di horse nose) as far as one thousand six hundred feet distance.

* * * * * * *