Prophecy 73


Beloved Family in YAHUSHUA, 

Dis prophetic warning come when my husband and me dey pray after we watch Bill O’ Reilly news like talk show. Even him dey fear GOD because of wetin dey happen because of dey Christian symbols wey  dem dey remove from Los Angeles county seal

we  go send Dis new prophecy to Bill O Reilly and we dey ask una to also send am di prophecy for quick quick mail immediately dis prophecy  dey posted . Maybe he go receive YAHUSHUA and HIS protection if he read am. Abeg make una pray make he receive di message. If his name dey for di Lamb’s book of life befor di foundation of di world, he go receive am. Maybe he go even read dis prophetic warning for his TV station.

People una fit laugh all una want as long as I know say I don warn una. Like Ezk 3:17-21 say, their blood no go dey for my hand. Father YAHUVEH dey vex well well di time wey dis message come HE say make we explain almost every sentence. Until we release di Audio for dis prophecy we no go fit let you know how Father YAHUVEH speak through me, HIS voice full of anger for HIS enemies and love for HIS beloved children. I wan add dis one, I dey see vision of person mouth wey dem force am open with big funnel inside him mouth and I come also see big hand dey pour blood inside him throat. I just be di messenger. Abeg no stone di messenger. 

* * * * * * *


JUDGMENT, JUDGMENT, JUDGMENT! You wey no wan receive di shed Blood of YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH. I dey talk to all di people wey dey use ME play. I dey talk to all di people wey dey blaspheme [curse] me. I dey speak to all di people who reject MY Son YAHUSHUA, you wey no wan receive di shed Blood wey my Son give you, na blood I go pour inside your throats. I go make you swallow your own blood . I go make you swallow , for di sin wey you do in America alone. Make you no think say I no dey vex with other countries o. Because dis prophet na from America, so I dey use her to speak Judgment to America. If to say she come from Germany, I go use her to speak judgment to Germany. If to say she come from Australia, I go use her to speak judgment to Australia. If to say she come from Canada, I go use her to speak di judgment wey I keep for Canada because no nation dey dis world wey I no keep Judgment for. Blood go full everywhere for una road. Blood go come to your country. Disease, sickness, all kinds of sickness and disease ,di ones wey you never even hear of befor go come on my enemies, di people wey claim say dem be my enemies. So you wan take MY symbols wey mean holy commoth for your eye, you wan remove am from your seals, you wan remove am from your pledges, and your flag. You wan make I pack commoth from your country, I go show you, I go force your own blood enter your throat. Just because say you no see wetin bad to kill babies inside their mama belle, your children I go kill, I go kill in front of you. By di Hand of Almighty Living YAHUVEH, I go show you say I be God wey you no wan play with. 

Because say you no dey take ME serious for MY mercies very soon you no go see MY mercy again. I no go say sorry I make mistake for wetin I do to Sodom and Gomorrah and di cities wey near them. I no go say sorry I make mistake to Nineveh. For your sins even big pass all dis countries together! Di smell wey your sin dey smell don reach MY nose.  How only few people dey humble and repent. Oh, if no be because of di Blood of YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH, I would erase you all from di human race.

But I get some people, oh only few people, wey I call MY Children and MY treasure, wey dey cry and cry to ME, dem dey pray say, “Make di sin of dis people no follow us”. And just as surely as I save Noah and his family, just as surely as I save Lot and his family except one, just as surely I go provide a way of escape, a way to bless, a way to hide MY lovely Children. Go hide yourselves, MY Children. You better crawl under the shelter of MY Wings, make you make sure say the shed Blood of YAHUSHUA na in dey cover your every sin. Because MY wrath (anger) dey mighty, e dey mighty as MY Name and di great tribulation wey dey come no too far.

Una dey start war with people wey no start war. Una wan match dem for under una leg because you no care. I don see di weapons  wey dis world get but e no fit compare reach di weapons wey dey Heaven. Una dey laugh the film ‘The Passion of Christ,’ and another one wey una dey joke about (The Day After Tomorrow) wey warn una about something wey dey come, dis kain warning wey ME even dey use sinners for hollywood tell una with film, di trouble wey dey come. Una politicians dey shout dey say, “make una no listen, dis film na joke, dis kain thing no go fit happen”  but who  dem be to say wetin go happen or wetin no go happen? How dem take know where I hide di rain? How dem take know where I hide the winds (breeze)?

Oh, dem get their man-made machine wey dem dey use to control weather, but I am and I alone go show dem wetin I go do to dis their machine! I go break di very strings of their  HAARP! dem think say dem wise I go turn dem to fools. Abi no be ME be di author ( di creator) of all wisdom but una never create anything, na me be di inventor( na ME start everything).  ME by MYSELF be the Creator and I go show una wetin I dey do with weapons of mass destruction (machines wey dem dey use kill people everywhere), una go see trouble from Heaven even di way wey Sodom and Gomorrah and di seven cities take suffer.

So una wan use ME play abi? I go show una wetin go happen when ME di Creator Laugh una for face. Marriage na something wey I create so we can be one. No be me create marriage wey man dey marry man and woman dey marry woman. Una even spoil wetin I call marriage. Hurricanes wey una never see or hear of befor dey come. Tsunami waves go wash around di world at di same time. [Tsunami na when water from river or ocean flow enter city, e go be like say the whole city turn to river everything go destroy] and this Tsunami go be my tears wey I cry. Dis world go shake with power and water go cover everywhere for the same time. As una dey put una eyes for up dey look di sky una go see horror wey satan go take show himself to deceive una.  Na accident una wan go get and I go let una suffer my wrath [anger] for I be di God YAHUVEH Almighty na only one.

Na because of di mercy of MY Son I dey hold MYSELF back. When una remove one nation under God di common name wey people take dey call ME una go done remove di word God from una country. Una allow people wey no many, people wey devil use take your freedom one by one. Una just keep quiet dey let dis thing happen and una wan come pray to ME? Di enemy no dey stay silent, di enemy dey roar and dey make una know am, as satan dey go about like a roaring lion, he de look for who he wan destroy. So for di people wey never let YAHUSHUA Blood wash their sin, for di people wey never make ME and MY Son first in their life and their love, una go see this calamity [big trouble] come.

Oh, and una dey say God no care about dis sin or that sin, God no really care. If you know wetin you supposed do but you still dey make excuse for why you no dey do am, dey tell me all that nonsense talk wey I no dey listen to, I go show you say I be jealous God. Anything wey you put befor me na him you make your God.

JUDGMENT, JUDGMENT, JUDGMENT even di word judge una go see una supreme court of America, sit down so full of una self but na ME alone be di Judge and na one by one I go take dem down, because dey make blow to my face with no fear. MY Children I dey tell una say devil done start his plan for here. Di antichrist system done ready dey wait for di right time for him to appear. I don warn una, MY Children. Hide for small time. When I tell una to go, make you no ask me question, just do wetin I tell una. Make una no wait to do wetin I tell una to do or I no go fit hide you safe and you go come to ME and ask ME why I no protect you. 

America I don reserve di last Judgment for una. Una dey look around dis world as una dey destroy one nation to the other but MY eye dey for una. I dey see your heart, di hearts of una politicians, di blood moni we una don receive, di soldiers wey una cause their death, di women and men wey die for nothing, dem suffer for nothing, because dey pledge loyalty to country wey no dey regard ME. Oh, Dis other countries wey dey listen to dis word, make una no think say una good, again I say I reserve MY Judgments and una own prophets dey tell una, una no good too, na because say America no get fear for face for their wickedness wey dem dey commit. Because dem don lost their fear of their Creator, di ONE wey set dem apart.

But I no dey speak dis warning to MY Children; I no dey threaten MY Children, those wey be MY Babies, Bride, Chosen and Elect. Make una no fear di wrath of your Father as long as una dey do wetin I tell una to do. I go keep you safe, I go hide una under di protection of MY wings, na inside that anointing you dey inside.

DI city of sin na im go receive di first wrath, to remove small cross wey dey for di seal. That shows una di power of all those church for that state. Dey resemble people wey dey truly serve God but God no dey inside dem. Those people wey dey for those churches wey their pastors just keep quiet and watch, dey no even offer up prayer, no even tell their congregation to fast and protest. Una be prostitute, una be ashawo for MY eye, una don sell una self to di highest price wetin una no go do for that tax-exempt status, wey I don already prophesied befor say you go loose am. Oh, all your desire na for di day wey you go do am your way. I done tell people to run commot from dis churches of Babylon. But una still continue to support all these churches, dey baby sit this pastors, making sure say dey have di wealth reserved for di wicked. Una be nothing more than bench warmers and I go hold una accountable, because una no run from dis churches, instead una continue to support di works of satan wey na counterfeit to ME.

So America, I prophesy thru dis my woman-servant even herself na from America, open your mouth wide because all una wey no accept di shed Blood of YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH, na your own blood I go give you drink! When destruction come like waves And nobody wey no go say “I know so so and so wey die” I warn una America, your prophets warn una. I speak many warnings from dis MY woman- servant many years befor. All over di world dem dey pray “wetin dis prophet have to say?” How many times I go repeat MYSELF because una ears dey weak, wax don cover your ears,e dey hard for you to hear. Una never even obey wetin I tell una and you dey cry out say “give me new!” Dis one na just small sample.

Now I give una new warning. Di people wey believe say YAHUSHUA go come again, una dey call am rapture, the catching away of MY faithful women and men and Children. I warn una, MAKE UNA BE CAREFUL MY Children of a COUNTERFEIT RAPTURE (satan get his own rapture), wey di people wey una trust don plan. When dem tell una say “Jesus dey here, Jesus dey there, come meet us for there.” (Matt 24:23-24) Make una be careful MY Children of the HOLOGRAM in the sky, wey satan go use to deceive people. Because new weapons go break una down. For una wey no dey listen, for di ones wey no know, dem go evaporate una, dey go evaporate una into smoke. Una no need to go anywhere for YAHUSHUA to come, MY Son go come where you dey stay.

Make una be careful MY Children of di  BLUE BEAM RAPTURE, wey no be rapture at all, because na evil he dey catch away, when dem think say na Jesus face dem go meet. I allowed dem to be deceived, because if you dey truly hear from ME you go know wetin Bible talk, you supposed know say even di very elect would be deceived. Dis na di plan, dis na di plot of di enemy, just to show una wetin evil be. No be every body wey gather go be evil, some never hear this warnings, some no know how to hear MY voice, so I tell you to warn them. Because MY Son dey come but di devil go try to come first, so warn dem. Test di Spirit wey dey speak.

Yes, na true say di people wey die in di MESSIAH go rise first, and di ones wey remain will join dem in di air to meet MY Son but devil go try to go first to deceive.

Make una wey get ears to hear be warned, listen, una wey get spiritual eyes, see, and dey go fit fool you when dis lie lie rapture try to appear in front of you. When your politicians look up come tell una say “another God wey great pass me dey come,” dem go see something wey no be real; yes dem go call am space ships. And e go enter una news. Dem go even interview alien for news. Remember MY Children where dis dey come from, na from satan wey go come before my Son.

Satan dey mock ME in every way(he dey copy MY things dey use am laugh ME) and di biggest joke wey he go do go be when he try to steal MY true Babies, Bride, Chosen ones and Elect away. Hell dey overflow and di signs go come out from di lava (liquid fire) wey he go throw come out from different parts of dis world. Di earth dey shake in fear because of my wrath (great anger), as MY true Son dey soon come for MY Bride truly know say di Bridegroom dey come. So satan mocks and try to go befor MY Son to remove anything and everything wey Holy so people go forget di price wey MY Son pay. Because YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH na HIM be your only MESSIAH and your only guiding light. 

I warned una with wetin I show una for di sky, I show una sign after sign dis year. I give una wonder and big surprise as comets came for different sizes. How many people really look up to notice say truly your salvation dey near. But for MY enemies judgment, judgment, judgment na im you go know. Judgment wey cause fake famines (wey food no dey). Judgment on di people wey create diseases, sicknesses and infirmities, judgment on di people wey put poison for di air, judgment for di people wey put poison for food and water

JUDGMENT, JUDGMENT, JUDGMENT na ME alone be di Supreme Judge and you go see that I no be God to be mocked. You go see wetin I dey do to di enemies, this rich and proud people wey dey kick di poor people for ground. 

JUDGMENT, JUDGMENT, JUDGMENT as I go force una mouth open and pour my wrath inside. Di people wey dey shout say I be homosexual, “I be gay and I no dey shame”.(man wey dey marry man and woman wey dey marry woman).Diseases wey  I go give you, e go worse pass aids, people go run from you with fear, you go hide yourself  ,shame go cover you, you go beg say make I kill you because the pain too much for you to bear.  

JUDGMENT, JUDGMENT, JUDGMENT no be only America but for every country wey dem no fear ME, for every town and for every state and I no care how small you be, from one city, to another village go reach the towns, I know where una dey. I go find una there.  

JUDGMENT! JUDGMENT! JUDGMENT! But una wey dey righteous in MY Son’s Name dis judgment no go come near you. You go just watch and seedi horror wey dey happen , you go see di people wey you know suffer MY judgments whether na your family o , abi na your friend or na your enemy. Just as I take protect the children of Israel from the disease of the Egyptians na so I go do again. Na ME be di ALMIGHTY living Judge, I be di ALMIGHTY living Creator and I go reap Judgments, MY enemies go wear MY Judgments like clothes, like second skin

First I go cry and next I am angry and now MY Children hide yourself for small time because your PAPA dey Vex. But I no dey vex with una MY little Children, no be di people wey dey call on MY Son. No be di people wey dey say “Oh shame wey cover our face I wish say I no dey dis human race wey dey disrespect our Heavenly Father”  I rub  una heads, I kiss una for face, I say “Hide una self MY Children for small time”  as MY judgment dey fall on MY enemies. Around dis world from country to country, Judgment must fall on MY enemies.

* * * * * * *

As I hear, na so I take write am June 2, 2004 7:00 P.M. 

Apostle Elisabeth (Elisheva) Elijah 


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