Prophecy 69

There Is A Coming Of The Changing Of The Guards!”

Given to Apostle Elisabeth Elijah (Elisheva Eliyahu)
on December 31, 2002 and
Released January 1, 2003


Dis na from Prophecy 105, YAHUVEH say to put dis up for all Prophecies from now on: I warn you a long time ago Elisabeth [Elisheva],make you no call dis Ministry after a man or a woman name.
Even before dis Ministry start, I put am for your spirit. Becos nothing wey dey here come from your hand.Nothing wey dey here commot from your mouth.Na from di Mouth of YAHUVEH dis take come out .Na from di Mouth of YAHUSHUA,your MASHIACH, na dis take come out.
Na from di Mouth of di RUACH HA KODESH,your IMMAYAH, na dis take come out.If to say na by your hand e for don fail long time ago.Na by di SHKHINYAH GLORY Wind
wey dey blow across dis earth, di HOLY Wind of Revival. No be by your breath, or e for don fail.  Isaiah 42:8

For July 2010, YAHUVEH GOD also say to add di following as a warning to those wey dey mock:

2 Chronicles 36:16 “But dem mock di Messengers of GOD, despised HIS Words, and no take HIS Prophets serious, until di Wrath of YAHUVEH arise against HIS People, till there was no remedy”.

* * * * * * *

On di 12/31/02 we di (AmightyWind Ministry team) as we dey pray for some personal answers to some questions we get. Becos we no dey censor di messages from our Heavenly Father YAHUVEH or MESSIAH YAHUSHUA we dey share even di part wey dey personal. May be e fit help someone else.

Even when I get rebuke from YAHUVEH we humbly admit say we also dey make mistakes and we are no better than any other of YAHUVEH children. Dis message also dey for di audio recording so that na why when we dey write am down from di recording we dey also include everything wey dey for di audio recording. We try to post dis message for Internet on 12/31/02 but we come under heavy spiritual attacks and na only now we jus dey about to release am. YAHUVEH know say dis go happen so e must be part of HIS plan.

* * * * * * *

(Personal Word) MY Children, make una bring ME one question at a time. Elisabeth [Elisheva] you dey race in so many steps, in so many different directions. Can your feet go in two different directions or four different directions at one time That na why I continue to tell you say one step at a time. Ok [I dey laugh for dis part] we go ask again, “Which question you want us to ask first Father”? [during prayer I been ask as I dey speak in tongues about 4 or 5 personal questions] Oh Wow! [I still dey laugh, make we always dey only want di next step and I want twenty steps at least, but I dey learn.] [I start to dey laugh and pray in tongues not realizing say a prophecy dey com forth] Daddy God YAHUVEH wetin be di next step Ok, I repent for trying to walk for too many directions at one time. Wetin be di next step today [still dey Pray in Heavenly tongues] I continue to  hear part of a prophecy wey you dey try to speak forth and Father I also dey hear our personal needs and I dey get confused becos I no know which one you wan to speak about first. Dem dey wait for a word to hear from you Father, we too” (I dey pray in tongues) Prophecy 69 comes forth.

* * * * * * *


As you go into di year of 2003 di people wey dey laugh you and those wey dey insult you go surround you. Dem go say “Where dis YAHUSHUA wey you say dey come?” But I get a word for you. I remind you of di same people wey dey laugh and insult wey surrounded Noah. Dis things must come to pass. Na MY way of separating di chaff from di wheat. Mock ME if you dare. Dis na di message wey I give di enemies, becos any enemy of yours na an enemy of MINE. An enemy na anyone wey dey set demsef against di messages wey I give you, becos truly I don anoint you as MY spokesperson. When di enemies speak against dis messages wey dey come straight from Heaven, dem dey speak against ME, YAHUVEH, and MY Beloved SON YAHUSHUA.

No think say dem dey reject you MY Daughter, becos dem dey reject ME. Becos even di false prophets dey take all dis messages wey I give you dey study dem and dem go copy dem to make am look like say di words wey I speak to you dey come from dem. No dey suprise MY Daughter, abi even di devil know say di truth dey proceed out of your mouth when na ME, YAHUVEH, dey put di words inside your mouth. Di counterfeit dey raise up and di people are deceived, so dey can take di words and twist dem into di thing wey I no mean.

 There is a coming of di changing of di guards. Dis na wetin in 2003 you go see. Di changing of di guards in your police, in your government, politically and spiritually e dey come, di changing of di guards. Dem be di evil guards wey go come  take away di jobs from di guards wey I originally placed for there. Dem be those wey satan choose wey go take your freedoms away and make MY Children to cry out to ME and mourn and to be in fear, so many go say, “Oh YAHUVEH where can we find you Oh anointing of the RUACH ha KODESH why you no speak?” Where you go find ME MY Children jus how few churches get MY Spirit inside dem.

I go tell you where you go find ME; e go be a personal one on one with ME. You better hold on tight to di edge of YAHUSHUA garment, becos many of una are going to go thru pohtohpohtoh, many of una  go go thru di frozen snow, many of una go go thru di heat of di sun. Wetin been dey easy for many of una for 2003 you go find dem hard. Many na MY Children wey dey listen and recognize MY voice thru MY Woman servant but dey wan to take a word out here and there to change am to their way of thinking, as if dis go fit cancel out MY Words and make am no come to pass.

Wetin I prophesy go come to pass! MY true intercessors rise up and ask for a delay. una ask ME, “Why dis thing happen with Richard Eby, dis na di words wey I now get to say. Richard become very tired as his health become poor. Richard desire with sorrow each day to again see Heaven’s door. Each day wen he go wake up , he desire to be in Heaven, becos you see MY Children your prayers nain delay YAHUSHUA’s coming. I no cross Richard will, becos he beg ME day after day. There was nothing more wey he wan any more for dis earth becos, he see MY glory and he want am again. Not even di love of his family and friends, not even di mission wey I been ordain am to do and that na to wait for YAHUSHUA to come; he no longer wan to wait.

But truly MY Children, take note, write everything down becos di very day wey he die and appeared before MY face for Heaven, take note of wetin dey happen on dis earth, for truly he was a temperature, a barometer and satan know dis, that na why he show his hand and boast to di world say him fit clone human now. You see wetin dem do for secret for years only now dey appear before di ears of di worlds. You know MY Children say na truly di end  of time when a human being go say, “I don become god” becos no one but di great Creator ME, YAHUVEH, go fit put a spirit and a soul inside a man, so dis na soulless creations wey only dey under MY wrath. Na satan wey give dem that knowledge to mock me once again. But I tell you dis MY Children, nothing go fit happen wey I no allow.

For those wey dare to mock and say hell no dey real, na just something of people imagination, dem no go only taste of hell but dem go swim for di Lake of Fire. Becos those wey dare to mock di 2nd coming of YAHUSHUA, I tell you once and I go tell you again, HE no dey come for di Church. HE no dey come for any organized Church. HE dey come di next time for HIS Bride. And no be just anyone is called YAHUSHUA’s Bride, dem dey loyal? dem dey truthful? dem dey faithful? dem go choose to obey HIM? Dem dey walk Holy before ME? MY Name dey for their lips? dem dey cry out in di Name of YAHUSHUA Or dem throw MY ten commandments down, dey match am for ground under their feet till dem crumble dem to pieces, Dem dey tell people make dem no listen to di ways of old becos we dey do things in a new way, we dey do things our way?

Dis na MY sign MY Children, as I now don set you apart, becos those wey already dey marked dem get MY seal of protection. Di angels don mark you for di year 2003. Evil go fall on many people wey dey call themsef by MY Son Name and dem go wonder why. Na becos of dis reason, becos you dare to mock, becos you dare to throw out di word wey I don speak forth, becos you dey look at di messenger instead of  di message. You just dey see dis one woman, and becos you no see MY face of wrath you dey throw your words upon her, but I wan make you know say not one word wey you don speak wey never come before MY ears as you don attack her like so, you too don shook needle inside MY eyes, so when you cry out in pain, your very voice I go hate.

You wey dey live in fullness and glory, fame and fortune, you dey look down upon MY Prophets and Apostles, becos  you don fill your belle, di best clothes you wear for your back, you get di salary wey dey exceedingly and abundantly, you have been blessed. But you see you never no di word suffer. But for 2003 you go know. E go be di beginning of suffering to those wey think say dem dey above MY wrath. MY wrath on dem nain e go pour. I no go repeat myself again, to tell you how di earth is going to shake and vibrate becos as YAHUSHUA dey come closer I don already prophesy say di earth go shake and vibrate becos even di earth dey shake in fear. Oh foolish man and woman. When even di earth dey shake and vibrate in fear and you dey mock and deny say I dey here.

You turn to science for your god You turn to politics to provide your needs Foolish, Foolish, Foolish generation! You turn to di knowledge of dis world and you dismiss MY Book as old, di book wey dey filled with all truth and knowledge, di Book wey di Prophets prophesy about. Away, Away, Away from ME, away from ME with your blasphemous worship as una fill dis pews on Sunday and una pursue di true Shabbat worshippers away. I go once again show you, say judgment dey truly start for di house of YAHUVEH. As once again YAHUSHUA go flog di money changers and chase dem right out of di door.

Now I don warn you about unequally yoked marriages, but you dey insist on hanging onto that partner. Wey you Know say MY very Name and di Name of YAHUSHUA dem no want, dem despise and hate am. So hang onto your partners. Do wetin I don forbid you to do. You never yet see MY Children say I get di best dey wait for you. Di thing wey I no join together, di person wey their name no dey found in di Lambs Book of Life. That person wey you still dey claim to be your husband or your wife, dem go sell you to di highest bidder in di coming evil times wey dey ahead. That go be MY Children wey no go realize say dem were wrong until dem go lose their heads.

How many of una dey run away from una callings And go listen to dis Apostle speak and say, “I stand behind dis ministry but our tithes and offerings we go still keep am.”You never yet even realize say talk cheap If you no dey help, you dey hinder, taking di words wey I speak, and you go stand before ME on Judgment Day and I go ask you, “Did you help her in anyway?”

Disease dey come and if you turn to di Government for protection, if you turn to di medical community for protection, I don already tell you before e happen wetin go happen. Nothing can happen MY Children wey I no tell MY apostles and Prophets first. Even di evil ones wey dey high on di hill dey listen, although dem no dey follow ME, dem dey shake in fear to know say I dey speak forth MY secrets wey no human being talk. How many of una dey run away from una calling How many of you leave others of di gospel just to tell How few of una wey even dey read dis or listen dey go out in di harvest fields or even help to gather in dis end time harvest.

Yes, I will get martyrs(people wey die for my NAME) for just as surely as Stephen blood pour into di ground for there a man named Saul stand, wey I change his name to Paul. As Stephen blood splatter on Paul, as he hold Stephen coat, di anointing on Stephen come upon Saul wey become Paul. So wetin I dey talk be say when I say dis word A martyr’s blood is never wasted. E dey only raise up more Stephens, more Sauls wey become Pauls. To MY beloved trusted ones wey dey filled with MY anointing wey dey look to ME each day dey pray, 2003 go hold blessings for you as I burn di waste away. Becos di trials of your faith MY Children dey more precious than any gold. Learn to praise ME MY Children, no matter wetin your life hold.

I hear di prayers of those wey come to ME with a grateful heart. Dis na di prayers wey dey please ME. Just as in di days of Moses dis na di Children wey I go provide for and feed. So dis message no be for those wey dey mock and scoff. Dis message no be for everybody, only those with spiritual ears to hear; only those with spiritual eyes to see go even hear MY voice speak.

I send forth dis word to Israel, I send forth dis Apostle to you to tell you, beware of those wey dey come as a friend, their hand dey for your pocket, dem dey pick pocketing you. With their other hand dem carry dagger and dem say, “Do wetin I tell you to do” but I put you in remembrance Israel, if you go only call upon di God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, ME, YAHUVEH. If you go only stop to listen to di rabbis when dem tell you make you no speak MY Sacred Name. Becos I get MY Anointed ones wey dey right there for Jerusalem wey dey filled with MY RUACH ha KODESH. Dem accept YAHUSHUA as MESSIAH and dey call and dey intercede to ME. Dis na why Israel has been spared thus far. For although say Israel you be once di apple of MY eye, now you too get worm inside.

Israel no longer can di world look on you in Holiness. Becos you get di abortions, you get di homosexuals, you get pornography, there is no sin wey never fill up Israel. Pharisees now dey rule your government and yet dem no even get di form of godliness. I am going to judge in 2003 di states, di nations wey appear as a Sodom and Gomorrah to ME. I no go even speak wetin go happen for 2004, becos if you think say MY judgment fall down in 2002 and di world hold their breath for 2003, di words go dey so fearful even dis apostle go dey afraid to speak am.

So to MY beloved ones I have dis message for una. Take one step at a time, take one day at a time, becos truly for 2003 especially dis na wetin you fit handle. Listen to ME, listen to MY Words, learn to seek ME for yoursef. Di words wey I speak forth out of dis Woman servant I go confirm am once again. is anyone even dey take note of how quickly things dey come to pass after di words are spoken out of dis mouth. Na becos no be just words of an ordinary woman; na di Great God “I AM!”

Again I say, you no go know each other by each other name. You no go care about each others past. You go recognize your true family of YAHUVEH and YAHUSHUA by di anointing wey dey within. Especially to di Apostles and Prophets wey I dey speak from, I don set you apart becos you dey bow your ear to ME, 24 hours a day as you dey ask ME ” Oh Father God YAHUVEH which word you want to say?” You make your bodies a Temple of Sacrifice. You have been willing to be persecuted for MY Son YAHUSHUA sake.No think say I have taken anything for granted, of all di sacrifices wey you don make. Great, great, great go be your rewards for Heaven, but I no go forget to bless you right here on earth. Nothing wey you don give up wey I no go replace 7 fold but na true MY Children e dey come with persecution as di mockers and scoffers as those wey dey threaten your life you dey see.

I don anoint di one wey dey speak. Dem go no where to go and wetin to do, especially in dis year of 2003. I no go let dem to lead you astray; e go be just as for Elisabeth [Elisheva] dream. (go See di Missile dream) (I also get another dream years ago that we were leading plenty motor down di road too many motor to count, we recently get  revelation about di dream but no be yet di time to share am.) (go also See Meteor dream)

Becos di truth has been spoken forth from dis ministry. That truth na wetin go save, becos di truth dey come in YAHUSHUA’s Name. For those of una wey copy dis prophecies and act as if ME, YAHUVEH, nain speak am thru your mouth, you go have to pay di price for di anointing wey she don pay, only say I go increase am one hundred thousand fold. Becos you don steal something and no pay di price, as I tell MY Woman servant say, di greater di anointing di greater di sacrifice.

So MY Children as una enter into di year of 2003 those wey truly I dey call MY beloved Children, Babies, Bride, Chosen Ones and Elect, make you just keep looking up to ME. You just continue to pay attention to MY Words. Just continue to obey and believe and your faith no go only make you whole, your faith as you continue to spiritually grow go dey pleasing unto ME. Call upon MY Name when you feel di earth vibrate and shake. Call upon di name of YAHUSHUA (some dey call am JESUS) di only Name that can save. Put ME in remembrance of Psalm 91 so sickness and disease no go come near your house; hide MY Word inside your heart, so that e no go be just a ordinary Book but part of your body. I love you MY Beloved Ones. Bride get ready becos your Bridegroom dey come. Those wey no feel like dem can pay di price of a Bride, instead dey only look upon her and cry. Na true MY Children there is but one Bride. Obedience dey better even than sacrifice.

Richard Eby no lie. He only become tire of di sin of dis world. He will be rewarded for di years wey he spend but he no finish di mission of di one wey I send him. Not put your faith in any woman or man, but only in ME, YAHUVEH and YAHUSHUA make you stand. Put your faith in di words, di words in MY Holy Books, that na how you go know say YAHUSHUA dey come again. Man can fail even when I send dem back on a mission. You see MY Children, I allow am to fail, not to accomplish di mission. To teach all of una a lesson will your faith still remain For those of una like MY Daughter wey pray say make Richard Eby for come alive again, he no choose to come back to earth.

Una get di warning; he was di temperature and barometer on di very day wey he die. As you see di Sodom and Gomorrah’s speak forth, as you see evil arise. Count down now until Doomsday. Doom to MY enemies and your enemies, although dem think say dem be di heads, truly dem dey less than di tail. Di coming of di changing guards MY Children, those wey hold positions for so long, those wey write your laws now dey find demsef without a job. Sorrow and cry MY Children, as you see as dem dey change di guards. Becos dem go replace di people wey dey Holy with di ones wey dey unholy. Those that you could trust, whether na your banker or your policeman, your postman, di guard are changing. Your doctors di guards are changing. Your governments di guards are changing. Your Spiritual leaders beware dem dey change di guards.

Oh but you see oh enemies of MINE. Beware MY changing of MY Guards. I dey put those with a greater anointing. Those wey dey humble before MY face. Dem be MY secret ones wey I hide; dem know how to see MY Words and MY face. Dem dey stand in di gap, dem dey cry out in YAHUSHUA’s Name. To di enemies of MINE around dis world, beware di changing of MY Guards. Becos dem only become more Holy. Dem only become more determined and bold. Dem go preach Holiness and dem go rebuke dis world. So beware MY changing of MY Guards wey dey dressed in MY full armor (Ephesians 6) wey no dey come to you in their name but dey come in di Name of YAHUVEH and YAHUSHUA. Wey no dey carry weapons of warfare of dis world, but MY changing of MY Guards get di spiritual weapons wey no body don no of.

Dem have di arsenal of all of Heaven and all dem have to do na call out to ME in YAHUSHUA’s Name. Dem go put your changing of di guards to shame. So mock ME if you dare. As you evil ones dey change your guards, for beware I tell you MY enemies, I also don change MY Guards. Dem be who you least expect, dem be di lowliest of di man and woman and even Children. I dey speak forth to dem not only thru prophecies wey dey come to pass but for dreams and visions. Dis gifts go only  grow stronger as I change MY guards wey I promote I also dispose.

Watch out Churches wey don get di warning di Changing of di guards don come and dem sit inside your very church and dem dey confront di unholiness wey dey inside you, di disobedience wey dey inside you. I AM di same YAHUVEH and I no dey change, not for anyone. MY Words no dey return unto ME empty, not for anyone. Becos MY Daughter interceded and cry and pray before ME when she hear of di death of Richard Eby, becos so many of una don write and asked and so many more wan to write and ask “Did Dr. Richard Eby lie to me?” No he no lie. His only sin was he become impatient and tired, but I no fault am.

* * * * * * *
So it has been spoken dis day on Dec. 31 di last day of 2002. YAHUVEH and YAHUSHUA please have mercy on us as we go into di year of 2003.

Dey enlighten some, dey offend others in di Name of YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH
I remain your Sister Apostle Elisabeth Elijah (Elisheva Eliyahu).
E end for 6:45 am
End of prophecy explanation go follow next

* * * * * * *

I wake at 5:00 am and YAHUVEH tell me to seek HIS face, to come before HIS throne and pray. As I start to do that, and I say “I have to pray in tongues so I go  out to di parlor”. I start to pray….

That na why dis word come forth-interceding and praying and I also take a whole list of things to prayer like needing an RV, wey be di traveling sanctuary, wey we dey believing in faith for, and all of our personal needs, and I was asking too many questions at one time. As you can see I get di rebuke before di whole world. Becos di first thing dis message was to come forth. YAHUVEH tell us say that na di first thing wey we were to seek. I dey in complete honesty I tell you that we no get any idea say dis word been dey come forth. We know say another message been dey come becos yesterday on Dec. 30 di occult attack wey come against me was probably some of di strongest so far. But as you can see di battle belong to YAHUVEH and YAHUSHUA and di Victory na our own. Becos today di new word come forth, to encourage, to rebuke, and hopefully to build faith in those wey need faith, and those wey need to repent go fall on their faces and repent and seek a closer relationship and walk with YAHUVEH and YAHUSHUA before e go too late, and e cost dem their heads.

Please copy dis message and warn others and send am to other websites and please intercede for us in prayer. Please prayerfully consider if you are to become partners in dis ministry where we go share in di same rewards.

Love and blessings in YAHUSHUA’s Name
Apostle Elisabeth Elijah (Elisheva Eliyahu)

* * * * * * *