Prophecy 67

Meteor (na Fire rocks) Destruction dey Come,
Pray For A Delay In Judgment!”

Dis prophecy was given to Apostle Elisabeth Elijah (Elisheva Eliyahu)
on December 19, 2002

Dis na from Prophecy 105, YAHUVEH say to put dis up for all Prophecies from now on: I warn you a long time ago Elisabeth [Elisheva],make you no call dis Ministry after a man or a woman name.
Even before dis Ministry start, I put am for your spirit. Becos nothing wey dey here come from your hand.Nothing wey dey here commot from your mouth.Na from di Mouth of YAHUVEH dis take come out .Na from di Mouth of YAHUSHUA,your MASHIACH, na dis take come out.
Na from di Mouth of di RUACH HA KODESH,your IMMAYAH, na dis take come out.If to say na by your hand e for don fail long time ago.Na by di SHKHINYAH GLORY Wind
wey dey blow across dis earth, di HOLY Wind of Revival. No be by your breath, or e for don fail.  Isaiah 42:8

For July 2010, YAHUVEH GOD also say to add di following as a warning to those wey dey mock:

2 Chronicles 36:16 But dem mock di Messengers of GOD, despised HIS Words,
and no take HIS Prophets serious, until di Wrath of YAHUVEH
arise against HIS People, till there was no remedy.

* * * * * * *

Prophetic warning dream wey I receive for December 19, 2002 I wake up by 7:00 in di morning after 2 hour sleep. If anyone dey keep track, dis month don bring us 3 prophecies and 2 warning dreams. Never in di 27 years wey YAHUSHUA use me with such urgency. E start for di First Day of Dec. and Chanukah.

 Early dis afternoon, a youth tell me say he dream of Meteors and for di dream di meteors hit some of di states. He was told to write down di dream so that we go warn di people and so make dem for pray for delay of Judgment in di name of YAHUSHUA and cry out for MERCY and for more time to reach di lost souls wey dey America and dis world. Dis youth don see di persecution and hateful talk wey others don take talk against me for other websites and he no wan di same treatment. Who go want di kain treatment?

So he no write am down nain I say, “Well, YAHUVEH, you give am di warning dream, not me, so I no go fit force am”. Nain I come lydown say make I sleep small becos I was so tired and for that sleep nain I  dream dis dream. Wetin dey even more interesting be say, I WAKE UP from di SAME dream and as I start to tell di dream sleep come still catch me and I return right back into di SAME dream exactly where I stop before I first wake up!

Now when YAHUVEH speak once for dream make we test am, but when He speaks twice after you wake up from di dream to go back into di same dream, we better really wake up and pay attention! I know say again my enemies go brand me as false prophet and those wey dey call demsef holy wey dey fool di majority of people go spoil my name, but dem be Pharisees and no even be Prophet. I know say I supposed see all di persecution as joy, but I admit say I never still dey able to see people dey spoil my name dey call me evil names and threaten me as JOY yet. E dey pain me and when you cut me like anyone else blood go come out. I have never experience a month like December 2002. E start for December 1st, di First day of Chanukah with Prophecy 65, “FLEE DI CHURCHES of BABYLON and for December 8th, a prophetic warning dream with title, “EXPLODING STARS and MISSILES” and during di recording of di dream a new prophecy come forth, Prophecy 66, “YAHUSHUA  no dey come back for di church but for HIS Bride.”

I received more email from dis two prophecies than any other prophecy so far. All di email dey encourage me and pray blessings on me for speaking out di truth. People don also send me postal letters saying “Thank you!” YAHUSHUA know say di attacks of people mouth go come from behind my back and dem come. First YAHUSHUA send out his troops to encourage and prophesy to me say make I keep on speaking out HIS truths and no compromise, or let di devil discourage me. Thank you for ALL those wey support dis work of YAHUVEH and YAHUSHUA and wey don take di time to encourage dis womanservant of YAHUVEH and YAHUSHUA. I even receive a Prophetic word from a Prophet, Samuel for Mexico, and di first time wey we talk for phone he speak under di anointing of YAHUVEH, “You go know say dis is worth di persecution, just wait until you see all di surprises and rewards wey dey wait for you in Heaven.”

If you wonder why di work was delayed for di ministry website and you notice say everything quiet, na becos like a tortoise I go hide my head because of di hateful persecution of another website wey dare to call demsef worthy and there is nothing worthy for their name of di website, nor di people wey dey attack dis ministry and all those wey stand up against lies. Instead of worthynews make dem call am Judgment go come to di Pharisees wey dey come with a form of Godliness but no Godliness for inside. Instead of listening to di Prophetic dreams and prophecies, dem dey more concern with attacking di woman wey YAHUVEH send with di message from Heaven. Oh well. So dis painted tortoise dey come out of her shell again and dey ready again for di attacks to come. Below na di dream, wey I go speak am exactly as I take dream am, although I go have to explain becos e dey personal to me.


Meteor (fire rock) Destruction dey Come down To all Dis States,
Pray For Delay Of Judgment!

Apostle Elisabeth Elijah (Elisheva Eliyahu)

I find dis phone number contact list with di name of sombody wey I once called a friend. Her name na Shoshanah. I find her phone number on a ledge. I never call her for years becos I know say she once was a Christian wey become a Messianic Jew and she teach others not only who JESUS be but now she dey use his Hebrew name YAHUSHUA. I even know inside di dream say Shoshanah was no longer a friend and a sister becos she become an Orthodox Jew and start to teach people for her big website say Jews no have to accept YAHUSHUA (Jesus Christ) as MESSIAH, dem only need to obey di Laws of di Torah and dem go be saved! From a woman wey I once respect as a Prophet and spiritual leader, leading souls to YAHUSHUA and how far she fall. Na one thing to believe as di Orthodox Jews take believe in ignorance but to do dis thing and still dey call your website as Messianic Jew and teach dis lies na blasphemy! I no even think of dis woman in years and here she dey inside my dream. (Take note say: We recently lost our phone list wey her name dey.)

I find her phone number and feel say I must call her right away and warn her of di coming Meteor shower. I dialed her phone number and another woman answer say Shoshanah was not there, she supposed to be back but never come and dem no know where she dey. I say, “Dis na Apostle Elisabeth Sherrie Elijah (Elisheva Eliyahu) but she know me as Sherrie (Elisheva Sherrie), please write my phone number down.” Di woman write my phone number down (na di exact phone number wey I dey use now) and when she dey talk her voice na high pitched. When I call I interrupt her eating, she said, but she wanted to pray with me.

I start to pray with her in di Heavenly Tongues given to me and a message come forth and she was also praying in tongues. I was to warn say Meteor Destruction dey come and I receive di command to gather di troops on di wall. To pray and intercede for more time to reach di lost souls and to ask di Prayer intercessors to pray to YAHUVEH that HIS Judgment would be delayed!

I warn her of di state wey she dey live, Georgia, and the other states na Louisiana, Dallas, Texas, St. Louis, Missouri, Indiana, California and New York. I know say no be only dis states dis meteor destruction go hit dis States na di ones wey I receive for dis dream. Dis go be worldwide becos YAHUVEH dey very angry, but HIS children wey dey Worship and obey wey dey put YAHUVEH and YAHUSHUA first for their life, their homes will be spared.

There will be meteor showers like dis world never see before and mass destruction and multitudes go die. Di woman start to pray louder. Then YAHUVEH say, “I give you di same prophetic warning wey I give [another], wey him no  take seriously. I now re comfirm am thru you becos I know say you go warn MY People and write down his dream. Judgment don already delay, nothing go stop am but it can be delayed if my people go intercede and pray in a mighty way!”
I see for vision for my dream and very big boulders and rocks wey look like dem dey fall from di sky! Fires dey come out at di same time. I tell her say we must warn di people. I tell her say I receive prophetic warnings of very big earthquakes, storms, missiles, biological warfare, nuclear warfare, plaques and now meteor showers like no one don see before.

I remember for di dream, she say she go help me, travel with me and warn di people! For di dream as we dey talk I sit down for chair I cross my leg dey swing am very quickly. E no matter whether I know di woman name or not, I recognize di HOLY SPIRIT in her! For di dream I end di conversation on di phone becos I realize say I never eat all day and must have been fasting, and I feel a sharp pain for my leg.


As I wake up I was hungry and I still feel that sharp pain for my right leg and pray for di sharp pain for my leg and di pain go away.

I have to explain some personal things wey I go rather not say. Shoshanah no longer be my friend for real life for years now. I no fit even call her Sister becos she say she be  Messianic Jewish ministry and yet dey tell di Jewish people say keeping di Torah alone go save their souls! I know di reason why she no dey around for di dream and dem been dey expect her to come back but she no return. I also expect her to come back and serve YAHUSHUA and teach di Jews and Gentiles say there is no way to Heaven except thru di gift wey YAHUVEH give us at Calvary and that na YAHUVEH only begotten Son YAHUSHUA wey be our sin sacrifice. She never change back to dis truth in real life as far as I know. Di only reason wey I don tell you her name na becos e dey for di dream.

I no know di name of di woman with di high pitch voice, or anything about her but for di dream I recognized di anointing of YAHUVEH. She was eating when I call, becos she dey eat di word of God YAHUVEH and was being nourished on meat. She dey live for Shoshanah’s house and I know say she dey live for Georgia state. I was sent to warn di states of Georgia and Louisiana first!

I no get discernment wetin make me dey quickly swing my crossed leg for di dream, or why I get di pain for my leg. I no know why I dey fast that day and I feel di urgency of dangerous times dey ahead and I now  dey seek YAHUVEH how to prepare for di coming year. As I dey type dis di anointing come upon me and Prophecy 67 don come forth! Again di dream and di Prophecy don come at di same time.

I wan to thank all of una wey take dis prophecies and warnings seriously and send dem to other ministries as well as your email lists. You go share for di same rewards wey we get when dis people are warned and saved. We be like a Golden chain, each link needs each other. I wan to publicly thank Rev. Carolu for warning her email lists. I don write her back and e be like say she no dey receive her emails. Carolu and all those wey dey work with me to raise up intercessors for prayer warriors and warn as Ezek. 3: 17-21 take talk. You shall share in di same rewards in Heaven for obeying YAHUVEH and hearing HIS voice thru dis prophetic warnings.

I wan to thank all of una wey write Jim Bramlett and asked am to post Prophecy 66 (YAHUSHUA no dey come for di Church but for HIS BRIDE!) So many of una bombard his email and I find out why YAHUVEH include his name for that prophecy. Dis shock me, as a new babe in Christ write me di below and I no know if di prophecy was ever posted at di Five doves website. I grieve becos Jim dey expect di rapture and yet he no believe in di soon coming Bridegroom as YAHUSHUA, he no even believe in di Son of YAHUVEH. I wonder wetin di readers of five doves go say when dem find dis out? Who YAHUSHUA dey pray too if he HIMSELF na also di Father? I wonder if Jim thinks say YAHUSHUA was just talking to himself especially with HIS last words “Father why have you forsaken me?”

Elisabeth (Elisheva)

* * * * * * *

Dis na wetin Jim tell me after I emailed am. E be like say e dey go against di belief of di trinity.

brother ivan,

Thanks, but any bodi fit post their message on di Five Doves website. I believe say di person wey receive dis message nain supposed post di message. 

By di way, YAHUVEH no be di Father and YAHUSHUA di Son. YAHUVEH na di name of God for Old Testament, wey really be di preincarnate Son. YAHUVEH WAS YAHUSHUA, wey say, “Before Abraham was, I am.” Dem be one and di same Person. I don do plenty study about dis.


* * * * * * *

Di youth dream na very short one di dream also come on 12.19.02.

He now dey tell me say he receive di dream years ago without di name of states. I receive di same dream back to back, dis no dey usually happen, where I go wake up start to talk and then fall back to sleep only to go back into di same dream! Please warn your loved ones to accept YAHUSHUA as MESSIAH today! Warn dem to live Holy as YAHUVEH commands us to live. Warn dem to repent and turn away from their sins before e go too late! Warn dem to LOVE and Fear YAHUVEH by putting YAHUVEH and YAHUSHUA first in their lives!

Dis na di Youth short dream…

I see my old swimming pool for di house wey I been dey live. Di pool come dey leak so we take am down between 3 and 4 years ago. Then I see big meteor’s(fire rocks) dey fall all over! I see Meteors dey destroy New York, St. Louis Missouri, Dallas Texas, and California.

End of dream

(Di reason wey makeYAHUVEH show di pool wey we take down between 3 and 4 years ago na becos JUDGMENT of di Meteors have been delayed for that long becos of di Prayers of di righteous wey dey very important.)

* * * * * * *

Prophecy 67

Meteor (fire rocks)Destruction dey Come, Pray For A Delay of Judgment!”

Na Apostle Elisabeth Elijah (Elisheva Eliyahu) receive dis prophecy on

12/19/02 8:00 p.m.
ME, YAHUVEH, go declare War from Heaven with giant Meteors(fire rocks) of Mass destruction. ME, YAHUVEH, go release dis Meteors(fire rocks) like showers like una never see before. As di book of Revelation take talk. No weapon of warfare go dey able to stop am! ME, YAHUVEH, don declare war against earth becos of di sinfulness, very big Meteor destruction go come; only di Holy prayers go delay am. nothing go fit stop dis Judgment but it can be delayed. As you fire your missiles from earth I go fire MY missiles from Heaven. Who go fit fight against YAHUVEH and win?

 Even di Heathen wey you dey go against for other nations dey submit to di laws and statues of di god wey dem dey serve. America, who be your God wey you dey serve and trust? America, wetin e go take for you to repent for di treason and adultery wey you don commit against YAHUVEH, wey set your nation apart and blessed am becos say you be a friend to Israel and defended Israel. America, di day wey you lift a hand against Israel na di day wey I lift MY hand of blessings and protection commot from America.

You call other nations war mongers,(war lovers) but wetin you be, America? you no think say I dey hear di screams of di innocent ones wey don become paralyze and some dead for wars wey no be di people start? I no only dey advice and rebuke America but all di other nations wey don take part for wars wey no dey for MY will. I ask dis world, you no think say I dey hear di screams of babies wey dem dey tortured in di mother’s womb becos that mother for her selfishness dey think of only her own life and not of di unborn. You think say I value one life over another? Your laws no dey any longer protect di innocent but dey protect di guilty.

Your man-made laws now dey look for how to take away your God-Given freedoms wey I give America for wetin you call Home Security. There is no security when dem go treat people like criminals, arrest dem without evidence, judged dem as guilty and execute dem without even a trial or jury of their peers. Parts of dis world dey already do dis and America, you dey shake your head and fingers, and now you dey write laws to do di same? Wetin be di price of privacy? Wetin be di price of freedom to worship? Ask Israel that question becos Israel dey pay a great price di same with di Christians around di world.

When dis world go start to care about wetin politics dey do for secret? Now enemies of YAHUVEH na di ones wey dey speak out to defend American freedoms (ACLU) and becos dem be also enemies of di Gospel you ignore dem when dem dey try to get you to care about how dem dey take your freedom and privacy from you. Remember when I warn say when dem take freedom of speech from one group dem go take am from every one. I speak dis for another prophecy wey I give to dis WomanServant.

ME, YAHUVEH, tell you no longer shall you know each other by name, but by di anointing of di RUACH ha KODESH, MY HOLY SPIRIT! I dey command you to join together with those wey you dey call strangers and now I join you together to support one another, becos una go recognize each other not by earthly names but by MY Anointing. Una go travel with MY anointed people and one person needs go be every bodi own and una go share wetin una get with one another as ME, YAHUVEH bless you.

Meteor Destruction(fire rock) dey come forth just as ME, YAHUVEH, tell [di youth]. He no gree give di warning, so I dey speak am forth from MY Daughter again. Warn di people say na only mighty prayer intercession go delay Judgment to America and dis world. War from Heaven, giant Meteors,(fire rocks) will be released and no weapon of warfare go dey able to stop am! Only prayer warriors go delay MY Judgment as dem cry out for mercy on dis land wey deserve no mercy. I prophesy say di storms and earthquakes come and dem come. Wetin I go have to do before people go realize say I dey warn di Apostles and Prophets to tell di people to repent before I send Judgment?

MY troops anointed by Heaven no go dey concern with one another name, becos dem go recognize di RUACH ha KODESH inside MY Children. Dem no go recognize di name, or even know their past, but dem go recognize one another by di anointing of MY RUACH ha KODESH. Una go gather together in MY Name and walk in Holiness and Truth to MY statues and walk side by side, traveling together for one purpose and that na to warn people say MY Judgment dey very soon to fall. Di year 2003, MY anointed hidden ones go come out of hiding and join together with MY Daughter wey dey speak dis and together dem go pray for delay of MY Judgment and if enough people repent, I go stay MY hand of Judgment another time.

You nations wey dey develop weapons, fine tune dem, so that you can shoot down each other missiles, ask yoursef dis, “How you go take defend yoursef against a war from Heaven as I throw upon earth, including America , Meteors(fire rock) wey go crush your houses, businesses, capitals and tell you enough of your foolishness.” ME, YAHUVEH, go show you a war of very great size if you no repent, turn away from your wicked ways, live Holy and Be Holy and call upon MY Name in di Name of MY SON YAHUSHUA. You can pass all di ungodly laws wey you want but ME, YAHUVEH, be di only lawgiver and there are serious consequences for those wey dey call themsef lawmakers but dem really be Lawbreakers. ME, YAHUVEH, no dey amused; and you no go dey laugh when I, YAHUVEH, and MY SON YAHUSHUA are thru with you.

For those wey dare to mock di messages wey I, YAHUVEH, send forth like dis one, make una put una hands up and defend yoursef against  di everlasting Creator, di one wey HIM NAME na di Ancient of Days, becos I get no beginning and no end, I be di ALEPH and TAV. You wey dey call yoursef Christians and yet you no dey follow di ways of MY SON YAHUSHUA in obeying even di Holy Times.

You wey call yoursef Christian, wey dey boast dey say, “I no be Jew” and yet I say, “You be grafted in when you follow YAHUSHUA and accept HIM as MESSIAH. Dey love and put YAHUVEH and YAHUSHUA first for your lives. Dey do your best to obey MY laws, knowing say you get an intercessor, a Savior in MY SON YAHUSHUA when you sin, but no dey purposely grieve di RUACH ha KODESH and sinning to endanger your very soul.” How few of una remember say all of una must work out your own salvation with fear and trembling.

Di majority of una wey dey call yoursef Christians for di most part una be anti-Semitic.(hate Jews) una dey disregard di Hebrew ways, di Torah, di Tanakh and only wan to claim di New Testament. Una only wan to gather together on a man-made Sabbath [Sunday], not on di true Shabbats. How many Christians only wan to celebrate man-made pagan holidays and avoid di true Hebrew Holy Days? How many of una dey only use wetin you call church to pacify me or as a fashion show or a gossip fest. You Christians no realize say Pentecost no dey found in most of una churches becos you dey grieve MY HOLY SPIRIT and pursue di RUACH ha KODESH out.

You read of di 12 disciples and quote di Jewish scriptures and claim di Bible as your promises, yet you dey cut yoursef off from everything wey be Hebrew dey brag say you no be Jew. You dare to boast say how ME, YAHUVEH, cut off di natural vine to graft you Gentiles in, so di natural vine go become jealous and yet then you reject di natural vine and reject di things wey I, YAHUVEH teach dem. You wey dey call yourself Christian allow Rome to supposedly change di only day wey I set apart, bless and sancty and you say any day go do, to call Sabbath. I no choose any day; I rested on di Seventh Day. [Friday sunset to Saturday sunset]

Why do you not study and show yoursef approved? You know di truth and yet you still never hold your Pastors accountable for changing di fellowship day back to di true Shabbat day. If to say you tell di Pastors say, “You tell us say di Bible na truth and yet you no dey follow di truth and I no go be part of a fellowship wey no dey walk in di truth.” Instead you dey whisper di truth and no dey follow thru. No Pastor so far don contact dis my daughter wey I dey speak dis message out from to thank her or encouraged her for rebuking dem in YAHUSHUA’s Name. Dem reject MY Children wey don take di prophetic messages of rebuke to di Pastors or pat dem for head and tell dem, “Thanks but we go continue on di same same way,” and MY Children disobey and still sit down inside dis churches wey refuse to speak out di truth and do things YAHUVEH’s way and not man or woman way.

Why di Churches no dey speak forth Holiness and Repentance? Why dem no dey warn say, narrow is di path to Heaven and wide is di path to hell? Ask yoursef, does a prosperity message bring souls to Heaven? Ask yoursef, why di top ministries of dis world refuse to speak forth any message wey go offend others. ME, YAHUVEH, na truth and when MY Son YAHUSHUA speak forth truth to di Pharisees, e offend. When MY Disciples speak forth truth, e offend di Pharisees, those wey get a form of godliness and no GODLINESS inside. Ask yoursef, why di pastors no dey encourage di people to pray against ungodly laws from becoming a reality. Ask yoursef, why so many pastors dey lead di sheep into di wolves’ dens.

Christians, dem go once again hand over to di Roman Empire. Una wey call unasef Christians, I go judge you becos una don follow Constantine laws and not YAHUVEH and YAHUSHUA! Christians, una don celebrate pagan holidays, no be YAHUVEH’s Holy Days. Christians, I go judge you for saying you serve di King of Kings and Lord of Lords and sing songs of praise to YAHUSHUA and yet, with wetin you don already know for your head and heart ,you still dey insist on calling HIM a Greek name, Jesus. You no dey do dis thing any longer for ignorance. YAHUSHUA say, “In MY Name you shall cast out devils.” That na di Name of YAHUSHUA for MY Name na YAHUVEH, YAH dey included in that Name! YAHUVEH Name dey for di spelling of Jesus? Wetin be MY Name? I am known by many names but wetin your scripture say? Stop to only dey study di Greek start to study di Hebrew and Aramaic translations.

DI Name

Our help dey for di Name of YAHUVEH, maker of heaven and earth”.
Psalm 124-8

You wey dey call yourself Christians I, YAHUVEH, charge you dis. You wey dey preach YAHUVEH and YAHUSHUA na Love, and yet you no dey show am, or live am. You dey serve di King of di Jews and yet you dey shun MY Jewish People, you dey mock and slander and allow others to do dis thing. You dey secretly follow di truths wey dey dis ministry and yet no dey do anything to support am. You dey do nothing to defend dis ministry and you dey recognize di voice of your Heavenly Father dey speak forth and yet dey stay silent as dis dem dey mock and slander dis apostolic woman servant becos I dey use dis ministry to teach di Jewishness of YAHUSHUA wey you dey call Jesus Christ. Na only Christians be di only religion wey dey wound, beat, and try to kill or even kill those of your own religion. You no go see dis kind thing for any other religion.

Dis na di Judgment wey I decree and speak forth out of MY Apostle Elisabeth Elijah [Elisheva Eliyahu]; no get angry with her, becos she be only di messenger. Multitudes dey call demsef Christians and get di form of godliness and yet dem be gentile Pharisees. You wey know di truth and refuse di truth, you dey call yoursef Christians and becos you don reject MY Jewish people and di Laws and true Holy Days and feasts, you have been like a Judas again to YAHUSHUA.

Becos you dare to think say you are better than di Jewish people and you dey boast of how you were grafted in and dem were cut off for a season, you dey boast of how di Jews dey so stupid no to see YAHUSHUA, wey you dey call Jesus, as Messiah. Instead of praying for dem, loving dem, realizing say na ME, YAHUVEH, blind their eyes for  some time, you dey under di curse to dare to boast  say how I cut off di natural vine com join you into di vine by di Blood of YAHUSHUA. Wetin MY Word talk, when you boast and mock di natural vine di unbelieving Jewish People wey never get di revelation yet say YAHUSHUA na di MESSIAH wey for Greek language dem dey call Jesus. MY Word no talk say if I no spare di natural vine why you think say I go spare you wey dey boast say you dey better than di natural vine? You, wey dey insist on following Constantine, listen to ME.

Di first attempt, wey become dangerously successful, na wetin hasatan do wen he com in di form of a snake in di Garden of Eden (Gen 3:1-22). Satan trick Eve, and Eve come make Adam to sin into thinking say there is nothing to gain by keeping YAHUVEH’s laws, also call di Torah, wey include di Ten Commandments. Another example na di case of Cain wey learn say obedience to YAHUVEH instructions nain dey bring salvation and blessings, but him come decide say he know better and as a result was cursed as he murder his brother Abel.

And then another one na Korah wey try to undermine Moses’ authority and meet with a terrible end, as di ground open up swallow him and di people wey follow am to rebel against Moses alive into di pit of hell and then di ground close over dem.(Num 16:1-35). Moses warn us about a false prophet wey go try to teach di people commandments wey no be from YAHUVEH and go even encourage others to disrespect Moses and his anointing.(Deut 18:20-22)

Woe be unto you for all of una wey no get spiritual ears to take hear and spiritual eyes to take see say di Christian churches as well as di Temples dey full of Korah’s of today and go suffer di same end.(Num 16:1-35) Just as in di time of Moses na so too I prophesy again thru MY Daughter Elisabeth [Elisheva] a warning to una wey dey call yoursef Christians but no get Christ in you. Mock, slander and ignore now and you go reap wetin you don sow.

Woe be unto those wey don refuse or stop supporting dis ministry, becos you say you no be Jewish, or  no wan  support  Messianic Jewish Ministry. Oh, but I go rise up others to take your place e go be dem wey go receive di blessings and rewards wey been get your name on it. (Deut 28:1-14) Now instead curses of YAHUVEH as it is written in (Deut 28:15-68) go be your portion.

Go ahead and mock, you churches, false prophets and una with di evil spirit like Korah and those wey be followers of Korah (Num 16:1-35). You no go dey mock when dis go come to pass. All of una wey be spiritual leaders wey dey lead MY Children to not follow MY Laws wey I give Moses go see di empires wey una dey call houses of god come tumbling to di ground and hell go swallow you along with those with di spirit like a Korah again. All of una wey dey call unasef Christian but dey do di same thing as di spiritual leaders, una, also get di spirit wey be like unto a Korah and you go suffer di same punishment if you refuse to listen to di same warning wey I dey give to una thru dis Woman servant daughter of MINE. No mock di words of Mercy and Grace becos those words come at a high price, at di cost of MY Son YAHUSHUA life and Blood wey ME, YAHUVEH, make HIM sacrifice on Calvary so that you go get a Intercessor before ME, YAHUVEH, di God of all Creation.

Daniel speak of a “Beast” wey go tire out YAHUVEH Saints and go change di times and laws of YAHUVEH! (Dan 7:25) Paul no cancel di Sabbath, how could he? na him be di one wey create di Sabbath? No, “I AM” created di Shabbat for your rest, resting in ME so that I go restore you. Dem mistranslate di words of Paul, becos he no go ever teach you say make you disobey di Torah. His words dem don twist am to conform to man’s image not ME, YAHUVEH image,. Paul was speaking to di Jewish People and saying, “No let any person to judge you for keeping certain days Holy, or observing di Holy Days.” Never did he say him no dey keep di Sabbath and encourage others to do di same thing. Paul keep MY Jewish laws. Paul teach say there is grace and mercy thru YAHUSHUA but he also teach obedience to YAHUVEH.

Una never yet see say di Book of Daniel dey decode before Una eyes? Wetin be once a mystery and closed up to you now dey open, if you go jus seek ME for wisdom and now new revelations dey come forth from MY anointed ones jus as di vessel  wey I dey prophesy out from. Listen and join together and warn together becos una need one another in a new way in di coming year of 2003. Dis na why I don give dis dream to MY Woman servant to warn you to start to gather together.

Di enemies no dey attack alone, a wolf dey travel in groups and so must YAHUVEH’s Sheep and Lambs. Christians, una must stop to avoid di Jews, Holy Days, Feasts and wetin you dey call di Old Testament. I be both di Old and New Book, stop trying to divide wetin never was supposed to be divided, becos a house divided no go fit stand. Christians, reach out to di Jewish people and embrace Israel in love becos dem dey blinded now for a season, but Israel shall be saved as MY Son YAHUSHUA go open di eyes of di blind in Israel once again. ME, YAHUVEH, decree say di blind eyes and deaf ears for Israel go once again see MY Son YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH. Read and show yoursef approved, all those wey dey recognize di words of your Heavenly Father YAHUVEH, study di below words in di Torah I don instruct MY Daughter to put you in remembrance of.

* * * * * * *
Deut 30:17 But if518 thine heart3824 turn away,6437 so that thou wilt not3808 hear,8085 but shalt be drawn away,5080 and worship7812 other312 gods,430 and serve5647 them;

Deut 30:18 I denounce5046 unto you this day,3117 that3588 ye shall surely perish,6, 6 and that ye shall not3808 prolong748 your days3117 upon5921 the land,127 whither834, 8033 thou859 passest over5674 (853) Jordan3383 to go935 to possess3423 it.

(Deut. 30:19 KJV+) I call5749 (853) heaven8064 and earth776 to record this day3117 against you, that I have set5414 before6440 you life2416 and death,4194 blessing1293 and cursing:7045 therefore choose977 life,2416 that4616 both thou859 and thy seed2233 may live:2421

(Numbers in light superscript are Strong’s concordance in Greek and Hebrew)

Whosoever therefore go break one of di least commandments, and go (future event) teach people to break am; he go be call di least in di kingdom of heaven.” Matt 5:17-18

Please read di below if you call yoursef a Christian and say you believe in Jesus Christ. You go dey surprise at your answers, there is a difference in believing and following and obeying.

Christians believe YAHUSHUA, wey for Greek dem dey call Jesus, when HIM say: “If thou go enter into life, keep di commandments.” (Matt 19:17)?Christians keep di commandments? There can be no doubt say YAHUSHUA, dey refer to di Law of Moses, since there was no other commandments. YAHUSHUA no say a person can enter into di kingdom of Heaven only by believing in HIM! Di Bible say even satan believe say YAHUSHUA na di Son of God YAHUVEH, e dey take Loving and putting YAHUVEH and YAHUSHUA first in your life, love, marriage, and ministry if you get one. YAHUSHUA also say “Why you dey call ME Lord and no dey obey ME?” A person must keep di Ten Commandments, dis also includes di True Sabbath. Dis includes say to stop fellowshipping in Churches where di spiritual leaders have been told di truth and yet refuse to obey YAHUVEH 4th commandment.

A woman friend wey use to tithe into dis ministry and believe say di prophecies come from YAHUVEH and YAHUSHUA say her husband and family make am hard to obey becos of di persecution of keeping di true Sabbath. Since no Messianic Jewish Temple dey around she don turn back to attending Church on Sunday, and dey call another person Pastor where I use to be di one to have di honor of being called her Pastor. She recognize di truth about Shabbat and give di prophecies to di Pastor but no hold di pastor accountable when she show am di truth of di prophecies. She dey grieve di HOLY SPIRIT as she still dey attend dis church where di Pastor tell her in di New Testament e no dey any longer necessary to obey di 4th commandment only nine out of di ten dey relevant today.

Others wey use to be partners and friends of dis ministry dey do di same thing. E dey easier for some to conform to man’s way of doing things since na jus regular activity. I don suffer di heartbreak of losing many wey I call trusted friends and partners wey help us in di past and when dis people were blessed so greatly for being a blessing to us, all their prayers receive answer and till when I ask dem wetin dem need now from YAHUVEH, dem say, “Nothing we don pay all our debts from unexpected abundance rain of money.” Dis person say dem know say dis blessings come becos of say dem bless dis ministry and shield us from di enemies. Sad to say, say soon after dis same people make am known say dem been dey send their tithe to help support other Jews for Russia. 

I pray and Father YAHUVEH say to me that di devil don deceive dis family becos YAHUVEH don send dem to be a blessing unto us a Messianic Jewish family and ministry in America and dem were supposed to shield us also from di enemies. Di truth be say dis family dey struggle with di Shabbat issue since dem be Baptist. We see dis people as friends and family so e dey pain like salt wey dem pour for open bloody wound but we still appreciate dem for everything wey dem do for us at that time. One day very soon everything wey I don write under di anointing go come to pass and people go remember how dem react to di words wey dem hear, as well as if dem do anything to encourage and bless dis messenger or whether dem mock, shun or laugh me and dis ministry.

Some people refuse to seek and obey YAHUVEH and go miss di rewards, for those wey obey YAHUVEH and all di Ten Commandments dem go receive their deserving rewards. Yes when we sin we get di sin atonement and HIM Name na YAHUSHUA but we no suppose to sin on purpose, becos we no longer get di excuse say we no know any better once we accept YAHUSHUA, as Savior. There are some Christians wey dey twist di scriptures wey say “All have sinned and fall short of YAHUVEH Glory” dem go say e mean say all of us dey sin and no worry there is no penalty for sin becos di Blood of YAHUSHUA don wash am all away. Paul say make you dey careful of thinking like dis. If we believe say e dey impossible not to break di Ten Commandments then we dey force oursef to agree say Moses was lying when he say: “For dis commandment wey I command you dis day, e no dey too hard for you, and e no dey too far from you but di word dey very near unto you, for your mouth and in your heart, so that you may do it.” [Deut 30:11-14]

YAHUVEH say: “Again, when I say to di wicked, you go surely die; if he turn away from his sin (repents) and do wetin dey lawful and right (obedience) he go surely live, he no go die. None of di sins wey he don commit shall be remembered against him. He don do di thing wey dey lawful and right. He shall surely live.” Ezek 33:14-16. (Ezekiel was a prophet of YAHUVEH. He was not a Christian gentile Preacher he be Jew)

Dey Offend some, dey enlighten others in di Love of YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH
Apostle Elisabeth Elijah (Elisheva Eliyahu)

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