Prophecy 48

Yisrael, Your Enemies Dey Look For How To Make You A Scapegoat!

Dis Prophecy YAHUVEH give am to Rev Elisabeth Sherrie Elijah (Elisheva Eliyahu)
on May 29, 2001

Dis na from Prophecy 105, YAHUVEH say to put dis up for all Prophecies from now on: I warn you a long time ago Elisabeth [Elisheva],make you no call dis Ministry after a man or a woman name.
Even before dis Ministry start, I put am for your spirit. Becos nothing wey dey here come from your hand.Nothing wey dey here commot from your mouth.Na from di Mouth of YAHUVEH dis take come out .Na from di Mouth of YAHUSHUA,your MASHIACH, na dis take come out.
Na from di Mouth of di RUACH HA KODESH,your IMMAYAH, na dis take come out.If to say na by your hand e for don fail long time ago.Na by di SHKHINYAH GLORY Wind
wey dey blow across dis earth, di HOLY Wind of Revival. No be by your breath, or e for don fail.  Isaiah 42:8

For July 2010, YAHUVEH GOD also say to add di following as a warning to those wey dey mock:

But dem mock di Messengers of GOD, despised HIS Words,
and no take HIS Prophets serious, until di Wrath of YAHUVEH
arise against HIS People, till there was no remedy.
      —2 Chronicles 36:16

* * * * * * *

Warning to ISRAEL and all those wey love Israel and di Jewish People with a love wey no be our own but from Elohim, please do as scripture take command and pray for Jerusalem. Please pray and agree say make Father Elohim YAHUVEH, HaShem Adonai, go spare those wey dey cry out to HIM, even those wey no yet know YAHUSHUA as MESSIAH. Please pray say make di laborers go reach dem very quickly wey dey labor in Israel. Something dey so urgent in my spirit. Di below word come unexpectedly as I write di site manager, prophecy start to flow forth and e no be like di one wey be like fire in my bones, I dey wait for di right time to release. I no understand something, if anyone get di answer please let me know, but although I get di date for Pentecost, Shavot, for May 27, I no feel peace say May 27, or May 28, na di correct date.

Something dey wrong. E suppose be for di Sabbath for one thing. Not on a Sunday or Monday. No something dey very wrong, and I no know di correct date, if anyone go fit confirm dis please let me know. It is like I still dey wait for Pentecost or Shavot to come and celebrate am becos something big is meant to happen on dis day in di spiritual realm if no be for di physical realm. I get dis uneasy feeling say something was changed as to di Calendar date. Anyone else wey feel dis way? Please drop me a line. I don’t claim to be a scholar of dates. [Note: We  learn say di Day of Pentecost, Shavot, na June 2, 2001.] 

Beloved Jewish People you need to realize say I am not out to convert you to Christianity, but rather to introduce you to YAHUSHUA! You wey Love HaShem Adonai di giver of di laws to Moses, we just want to introduce you to di Son of HaShem Adonai HIS Name na YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH some dey call AM by a Greek name (Jesus) He redeems us when we break di laws of HaShem Adonai. He covers our sins with di shed Blood at Calvary, He be di sacrificial unblemish lamb, just as surely as di blood of di lamb was put over di door posts in di time of Moses, so that di angel of death go pass over those houses and dey would be free from di curses for di Egyptians and di ones for di evil pharaoh.

Dis no mean say Egyptians no dey accept YAHUSHUA, or that all Egyptians are going to Hell, becos YAHUSHUA, dey save everybody wey go accept Him as MESSIAH and turn from their wicked ways. Loving Elohim di Father YAHUVEH, His son as MESSIAH and Lord YAHUSHUA, (Jesus Christ) and allow di RUACH ha KODESH (HOLY SPIRIT) to lead and guide you to bring glory to YAHUVEH our Elohim HaShem Adonai. I am sent to both di Jews and those wey no realize say when dem accept YAHUSHUA, as Lord and MESSIAH, they are grafted in di branch of di olive tree and become a Jew. Di Blood line to di King of Jews and Lord of Lords na wetin dey get us into Heaven. There is one intercessor before Elohim di Father and no be Mary, no be di saints, no be Mohammed, or Buddha. None of  dem be di MESSIAH, only YAHUSHUA was perfect, sinless, and lay HIS life down for us, pour out HIS Blood to wash away our sins. Because YAHUSHUA, na HaShem ADONAI Son, that was with Him in Heaven at di beginning of time.

* * * * * * *


Dis Prophecy YAHUVEH give am to Rev Elisabeth Sherrie Elijah (Elisheva Eliyahu) under di annointing
on May 29, 2001 

by 12 midnight she start to write di prophecy she come finish write am by 12:30

ME, HaShem Adonai, and YAHUSHUA get a special love for Yisrael like no other land becos MY Beloved Son YAHUSHUA, pour HIS Blood out on that soil. No where else in di world wey MY Son physical Blood pour forth, only for Jerusalem. No other planet need a Savior but earth, where satan was cast down from Heaven when he rebelled. My son YAHUSHUA was declared King of di Jews even di words wey dem nail on top of that cross. Wetin dem been speak and write take laugh was really MY Prophecy foretold thousands of years ago before di birth of YAHUSHUA on earth. Even before di sin of Adam and Eve, I know wetin go happen before e happened. “I AM” na di Elohim of all knowledge and “I AM” na di Elohim of time. “I AM” truly na Father Time. For MY eyes there is no beginning or end.

After di fall of Adam and Eve, mankind come need a redeemer, Becos di only thing I could see na your sins always for MY sight. I destroy di world with a flood becos of sin. But no be all perish, becos Noah and his family found favor with ME, so I used dem to repopulate di earth. Blood spill from di first murder from Adam and Eve seed, Cain kill Abel. E take a Blood Sacrifice to wash away di blood for Cain hand. Adam and Eve son was killed and their other son was di murderer. Satan don again deceive di seed of Adam and Eve because of di original sin of rebellion when Adam and Eve eat from di tree wey dey were forbidden to eat from. Animal blood sacrifices that time na just a shadow of wetin was to come in MY timing. A more perfect unblemished sacrificial lamb wey I love and wey love you, MY own Son YAHUSHUA. How quickly you forget how many miracles “I AM” do thru dis Prophet that was Prophesied for all your Holy Scriptures. Na di majority nain shout “Crucify Him”. Na di plan well planned by di religious and political systems.

Those wey LOVE YAHUSHUA, YAHUSHUA minister to dem, HE feed tens of thousands with only a few fish and loaves of bread and HE make multitudes of people to sing Hosannah to di King. Dem no shout ‘Crucify him,’ as dem tell many to do, and very big crowd of people wey dey follow HIM everywhere HE go. How many were healed, delivered, raised from di dead? Scriptures no say am all, but all dis voices no body hear their story. Plenty of all dis miracles dem document dem down take use against HIM in di mockery of a trial. Ask yourself, if YAHUSHUA  no be MY Son, by what power Him take do all dis miracles? satan go fit bless people in such a way as to lead dem to do good and obey di Elohim of Creation? Even your own scribes and rabbis no even fit find any fault in Him except He dared to heal and do miracles on di Sabbath Day. Do you not realize say di political system fear such a good King to be in control and di religious system fear becos di rabbi no get di healing, delivering and resurrection power? Jealousy, fear, covetness and greed na di major reasons wey MY Son was condemned by man.

It was MY good plan for your sakes nain I allow dis to take place, at any time YAHUSHUA, for call 10 legions of angels to come and fight and no man for dey left alive and no body wey dey read dis for become saved from their sins. Everybody wey dey read dis prophecy for be doomed to pay di price for their own sins. I, YAHUSHUA, become your sacrificial lamb, becos na di plan of HaShem Adonai, wey ask ME to take your place, for your sins, wey require a Blood atonement of a Holy Sinless Blood so that you go be forgiven and reunited with di Elohim of your Creation and live in Heaven with us. I, YAHUSHUA, na di one wey ISAIAH 53 speak of. Make you no let your unholy rabbis lie to you any longer. Yisrael no pay di price wey I don pay. How could Yisrael be di one wey Isaiah 53 speak of?

I dey speak dis forth thru MY Apostle Sherrie Elijah [Elisheva Eliyahu], you Jews no be una crucify ME, YAHUSHUA. Na di Romans wey nail ME to that cross. Di Romans sacrificed MY Children wey dey worship ME in truth. Di Romans build a coliseum to mock ME as dem torture MY Children, cut off their head, saw dem like wood, dem kill dem in different ways, torture, stoning, feed dem to di lions and kill men, women and children just for sport, for pleasure. Beware, di Roman Empire dey look to do am again, yes, to you also oh Yisrael. Beware di person wey dey come to you Yisrael, wey dey wear long robe, dey carry scepter, dey sit down for a throne, dey speak peace, in MY Name and yet no peace is found in him. He no dey serve di Elohim of peace. He dey sit down in di unholy temple and even remove his shoes wear white slippers wey no get purity in dem, as if to say dis na holy ground and di person wey is to stand for di Elohim of Creation damn his soul in a new way that day.

Dis man get worshippers wey dey worship am, he brake HaShem ADONAI law just as surely as if na a golden calf like Aaron make to worship. Thou shall have no other ELOHIMS before ME. Di word no supposed say before ME, e supposed say thou shall have NO other Elohims but ME! “I AM” wey needs no other name. Becos “I AM” who “I AM” and there is no other! Beware of di spiritual leaders wey dey come from di Roman Empire. Yisrael, dem dey sell you to di highest bidder and you no even realize am. But Yisrael, no body go fit sell wetin I no give to dem. Becos Yisrael belong to HaShem Adonai. I make a promise to your forefather Abraham and I no be man wey I go lie.

Di blood of di martyrs na like plaster wey dey hold di stones of di coliseum together, blood wey dey cry out for vengeance on MY enemies. Be not deceived, those wey dey sit so high up and think say dem be as an Elohim becos “I AM” not be a Elohim to be mocked for long! di ones wey dey kill MY Children go be inside those coliseums in Hell. Inside hell dis thing go happen again di ways di enemies take kill and torture MY Children, shall be done unto dem for eternity again and again and again! MY Son YAHUSHUA  no take vengeance, but instead He pray, no be for only di people wey do di crucifying, beating, torturing, and humiliation but for all of Yisrael and di world. You believe say ME HaShem Adonai, speak forth from prophets of old, why can you not believe say ME HaShem Adonai and YAHUSHUA dey speak forth from MY Servants, Apostles and Prophets?

I, YAHUSHUA, say, “Father, forgive dem for dem no know wetin dem do!” I, YAHUSHUA, love Yisrael, and also HaShem Adonai and di RUACH ha KODESH. Did I not release MY Spirit in Jerusalem into your people? Was not MY mother a virgin Jewish handmaiden? Did I do signs, wonders, and miracles in a different country? You know say na  di soil of Yisrael nain I travel, waka, minister, heal, deliver, raise di dead, teach, live, work, and worship with una! Yisrael, how long will you deny ME?

Una ever find ME sinning when I waka among una? No, becos I was tempted like any human being but I no succumb to that temptation. I, YAHUSHUA, lived di life as a Jew and keep every Jewish law, becos I no come to cancel di laws set by MY Father wey write dem with HIS finger on a piece of stone! As HE burn di laws into a tablet of stone, HE burn dem into your hearts so that you no go get any excuse to say you no know right from wrong. Yet even those laws condemn you becos you no dey keep di laws, you need someone to intercede on your behalf and ME, YAHUSHUA, shed MY Holy Sinless Blood by laying MY life down for everybody wey call upon MY Name, there is remission of sin. HaShem Adonai no longer dey see your sins, but instead dey see MY Blood wey cover your sins, and wash dem away. Make you no think say e means you can live like satan and still love HaShem Adonia and serve HIM, becos dis  no be excuse to sin on purpose and grieve Elohim di Father. Just to see how close to hell you can live your life dey very dangerous becos you no know di time or hour when your life go end on dis earth. Beware death na only di beginning of eternity for either Heaven or Hell.

If e dey only enough to keep di High Holy days to guarantee you into Heaven, then I for no have to pay di price for your sins with MY earthly life. If to say e dey enough just to keep di laws, I for no need to be your sacrifice. No one on di face of dis earth dey sinless. All don sin and fall short of perfection becos dis na di planet wey di sin of rebellion was unleashed on thru di father of all rebellion and lies, his name na satan.

I, YAHUSHUA, for no be your MESSIAH or worthy to be your sacrificial unblemished Lamb if to say I give into sin. Does not di Torah and Tanakh (Old Testament) show again and again thru di prophets of old, say greater love has no man than one wey go lay their lives down to save another person? HaShem Adonai, asked ME to do dis for your sakes. I go do am again if na only one needed to be saved. I wear di wound of MY love for you, for MY hands and feet. You always dey by ME you even dey carved in di palms of MY hands! I was crucified in your place everybody wey sin, and everybody don sin and fall short of di Glory of Elohim your Creator wey you dey call HaShem Adonai others dey call AM YAHUVEH! HE be di same one of di Names, di only Elohim di Father di great Elohim wey no need no name except “I AM.”

Nothing don change becos di Political systems, and di same spirit of religion wey judge ME guilty go do so again today. It is corrupt and defiled by those wey dey call demsef Jews but dem no be Jews but instead dem be of di synagogue of satan or servants for satan. Dem dey lay burdens down on MY People, dey demsefs refuse to carry, taxes wey dey demsefs refuse to pay.

Yisrael and MY Children around di world beware, for now di enemies dey look for how and di enemies go use those wey dey worship YAHUVEH in truth as a scapegoat and blame you for di atrocities wey you no do.Blame you for murders wey those wey dey look for how to set you up commit. Your greatest enemies look like you, dey talk like you, and yet don sell you out just like Judas take sell ME out for 30 pieces of silver. Remember say Judas, was also a Jew wey look like you. Satan dey look to find out wetin your price be to sell out di Elohim wey you dey serve. Wetin be your price? Di price of a soul dey priceless as is di Kingdom of Heaven.

You get enemies wey dey war against you and yet you no even realize even di war  wey dey come against you say na  Political move to divert your attention from di real enemies wey dey look for how to destroy you and your faith in di Elohim wey you dey serve. Dis enemy dey look for how to destroy di country wey you dey live in, although say dem dey live for di same country, di same nations, Hell go be di next place where dem go live.

Famine (na when food scarce) wey no be from me, droughts (na when weather dry no rain food no go grow) wey no be from me, all dis thing na wetin humanbeing create to destroy fellow human being to play (GOD)Elohim! Animals with disease wey  no be of di Creator doing, but instead humanbeign nain create am, no be Elohim , GOD create am, all for di same reason as Judas take do, for di sake of greed. People dey die worldwide and dem dey destroy healthy animals and no one even dey question why? All dis dey happen so di enemies go fit control your food supply and how much demgo cost. Starvation for places wey never see that kind hunger before, and drought and yet dem go know famine and drought before di end of dis year you go hear of atrocities wey dem dey do and Elohim nain dem say go take di blame! Yet Elohim no be HIM do anything to curse MY beloved children only to bless dem.

Satan and his servants dey lie to you dey make you think say HaShem ADONI dey deaf to your prayers, and your tormented cries. But that na lie becos your Father Elohim dey weep with you, and HE go vindicate you and take vengeance on di enemies and deliver everyone wey dare to believe say HE be di same Elohim wey deliver indi times of old. Beware, for now na di time that was prophesied when dem go start to see good  as evil, and evil as good. How many go stand up and declare say dem stand for Holiness. Di scriptures say wetin Holiness be, no let any human being to set those standards.

I dey grieve over wetin must happen to Yisrael before you go repent for rejecting di one and only MESSIAH! For I am YAHUSHUA, there is no other MESSIAH, wey don pay di price wey I pay. There is another false messiah, beware becos him be di son of damnation and go come very soon to deceive you and put you into a greater bondage than di evil pharaoh, or Herod do una. Even Hitler no go fit  to compare with di evil antichrist wey dey come and that of di false prophet. He dey come to you Yisrael to deceive you first. I, YAHUSHUA, was born in Bethlehem and was tortured, for the sins of others. No human being kill ME. I willingly lay down MY life for you and died for everybody wey sin and I raise from di death, no be for another country dis thing happen but again na for Jerusalem on MY Sabbath.

I ascended to Heaven from Jerusalem and I go come again to Jerusalem. I, YAHUSHUA,  no go place MY feet ontop any mountains other than Mount Olives. I, YAHUSHUA, go rule and reign from Jerusalem defeating di evil ones, on di soil of Yisrael. Yisrael, oh Yisrael  do you not understand how much love HaShem Adonai and I, YAHUSHUA, get for you? We dey even raise up apostles and prophets around di world to remind you of how much WE love you. How long you go continue to try our patience? How much blood must flow before you turn back to Holiness and forsake di prince of darkness? We know everything and already know wetin e go take, and so it must come to pass. Becos we know how long e go take before you get back and forsake di modern day way of worship merely with your lips praying, reciting words with your mouth and not with your heart, or Spirit?

Ask yourselves, ‘How long before you go believe wetin your forefathers like Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Moses, Noah, Daniel, Joseph, Joshua and Elijah, Abi make I name dem all? You know di Torah and Tanakh, then why be say you dey only recite am and not believe am in faith as di Elohim of your creation deliver Yisrael before “I AM” can and go do am again. Oh Yisrael, you are and have been as a disobedient child, full of rebellion, you dey do things your way and not “I AM’s” way. You know di Torah, and Tanakh, how long before you believe wetin you dey teach and recite? How long before you fall on your knees and ask HaShem Adonai to intervene in your wars? When you go admit say di enemies dey too great for you and humble yoursef before HaShem Adonai so that I go take vengeance for you? Stop trying to take vengeance for yourself. Get back to praying to di Elohim of your forefathers. Get back to praising ME in Psalms before you go into battle.

I send MY apostle Woman Servant to you to ask you again to return to ME in di ways of old, and make you no forsake your faith, at a time when you need am di most. Stop stoning di messengers wey I send you. Stop arresting dem, killing dem, chasing dem away. Instead pick up di Temple cornerstone wey you don reject and build your house upon that rock. Dis na your only hope; dis na your only salvation. Make you not look down upon dis MY servant becos she be mere woman. Remember Deborah and how I ordain her to be Judge and prophet of all of Yisrael. I no chose her own husband, even though say he dey sit down at di gate and was a Holy man. Because men dared to tell wetin HaShem Adonai go fit and no fit do, who I go use and no go use, I dey suprise those wey think demsefs as wise and I do am once and I dey do am again. I HaShem Adonai give you MY Son YAHUSHUA, as a gift from Heaven, one day you go answer to ME wetin you do with HIM? Did you accept HIM, or deny HIM? Did you try and crucify HIM fresh again? Did you accept di gift wey I give you at Calvary?

How I desire to stop wetin must happen, becos blood go pour down for streets, and e don already begin. Fear go be a torment in such a way even for your sleep you go want to sleep with one eye open. Dem use you as scapegoats, use you as a sacrifice as your own politicians go cover up wetin di enemies do becos dem know say dem no wan admit that di enemies don infiltrated even political posts wey you don trust.

No trust anybody but HaShem Adonai, Elohim of your creation and YAHUSHUA, Elohim of your salvation. Trust HaShem Adonai as you cry out for mercy to ME, and seek MY face, about di truth of who be YAHUSHUA, I go faithfully send you proof of wetin MY Woman Servant dey speak forth in MY Name. No trust all your rabbis to speak di truth, becos so many of dem no longer dey speak MY truth but di truth wey di antichrist go speak. Di evil rabbis and teachers, politicians dey speak wetin di false prophet go speak. Di false rabbis say dem be Jew and yet dem belong to di synagogue of hasatan. Beware you have been warned. Dem tell you to live in ways wey dey cause you great sacrifice and yet di false rabbis dey put heavy load on you wey they demsef no dey carry, dem dey only heap di heavy load, and fears on MY People.

I no dey ask you to surrender your Jewishness; I no ask you to convert to Christianity. Christianity need di Jews to teach dem wetin majority of Churches dey neglect and that na di Jewishness of YAHUSHUA. Turn to di Elohim of your forefathers, once again, and admit say YAHUSHUA, na MY Son, and MY gift wey I give you at Calvary for di remission of di sins of di world, for those wey go accept MY Holy Blood Sacrifice and turn from their wicked ways, and accept YAHUSHUA, as King of di Jews, and Lord of Lords and King OF Kings. Accept YAHUSHUA, as di only begotten Son of Elohim YAHUVEH also called HaShem Adonai.

MY son YAHUSHUA na Jew and no wear di label Christian. Love YAHUSHUA, di way you take love ME. Acknowledge AM as your MESSIAH, Make you no worry about losing your di respect of your family, instead make you worry of di Elohim of your Creation disowning you. You get Heaven to gain and Hell to run from, na your choice. Yisrael, oh Yisrael, you be apple in MY eye, but right now worms dey inside. Discern di worms and expose dem. Beware dem go regard you as a scapegoat and go blame you world wide for destroying wetin you dey tolerate thus far. Di enemy dey look for how to destroy you so much, dem go destroy wetin dem know say dem go fit to rebuild. Becos na human being hand build that dome and di enemies know say na human beings hand go fit and go build that temple again. But di Temple wey dem no fit build by human hands dey inside you. ME HaShem Adonai go raise up and defend Yisrael, when e be like say all nations dey against you. When you admit, say your help dey only come from Heaven and no other place. When you call upon HaShem ADONAI’s Name in di Name of YAHUSHUA, I go come and deliver you.

But I forewarn you now, there is a hidden agenda to make you a scapegoat, MY People wey dey only desire peace and yet dey have never known peace, dem dey already lied about MY People and slander dem and there are those wey dey look for how to turn di world against MY tiny nation wey I call Jerusalem. When you thirst, you shall be thirsting for righteousness, becos you rejected di only Living Water. Accept MY Living Water now and you shall never thirst again. MY name na YAHUSHUA. I am di Living Water wey flows forth. E come out from MY side mixed with MY Blood as di Romans pierced MY side. In MY Blood there is healing, deliverance, resurrection power, salvation and di anointing of MY RUACH ha KODESH.

I AM”  don blessed Yisrael with hidden treasures. Gold and silver, oil, finest of fruits and vegetables, roses wey dey bloom in di desert, gems wey you no know of. I don bless Yisrael, with knowledge and inventions, wey come from nowhere but Elohim nain inspire am. Your soil has di blood of di martyrs wey dey cry out. When you hunger, realize say na your mortal body, dey hungering for Holiness. Becos although say dem dey call you di Holy Land you don allow your land to be defiled with di sins of dis world. Repent from di abominations wey dem dey do in di presence of di Name of HaShem Adonai wey give di  laws to Moses and all of Yisrael and then di world.

I never change, “I AM”  be di same today, yesterday, and forever! Walk in di shoes of your forefathers, in faith listen to those wey I dey raise up and speak thru. I still dey speak forth thru MY Apostles and Prophets, before judgment go come. I dey speak in dreams, revelations, visions and prophecies but how many for Yisrael or in di world dey listen? For those with deaf ears, either now no be di time for your ears to be opened, for there is a set time and season, or you be like di evil pharaoh and your ears dey open and then close again, and go end up 7 times deafer and cold hearted, if you no repent. Your destiny go be like di evil pharaoh, but for MY Children I go open di Red Sea again and make una run to di mountains and I go hide una in di shelter of MY wings.

Call upon MY Name in di Name of YAHUSHUA, and I go answer you and deliver you. Make you no grieve MY RUACH ha KODESH, (Holy Spirit) Becos “I AM” no go always strive with mankind. When you deny YAHUSHUA, you deny one of your own, you deny HIS Father wey you dey call HaShem Adonai. YAHUSHUA, was born from a Jewish Holy virgin Woman Servant, and wetin she and Joseph talk na di truth. Be not deceived for those wey dey  try to make her an Elohim (a GOD). She even call YAHUSHUA Lord! Respect and love her for di price wey she pay as a mother. She also needed a Savior becos no body was perfect, not even YAHUSHUA mother and Joseph his earthly father.

YAHUSHUA say, “I no come to destroy di law of MY Father, but to fulfill am.” Honor di Sabbath Day and keep am Holy was written by di finger of Elohim. You must study and show yoursef approved but beware of di different versions of di truth, some na truth and some na corrupted versions to take away di Jewishness of YAHUSHUA and even changed MY Commandments to line up with di words of man and no be di words spoken thru MY Prophets and Disciples. Whatever no line up with di Torah and Tanakh seek ME and see if human being never change di original words, becos wicked leaders don try to corrupt di Holy Scriptures. There is a pure translation, seek ME and ask of ME and I go show you di purest translation di way wey dem originally take write am. (Aramaic or Hebrew bibles.)

MY Son YAHUSHUA first was sent to di Jews then di Gentiles. Becos you reject MY Beloved Son, and throway His saving Blood back for His face, I send AM to di Gentiles, now I dey send AM back to you again oh Yisrael. How many go repent and accept YAHUVEH gift at Calvary? How many no go harden your hearts and dey willing to lay your reputation, religions, down? And yes even di love of your families, as you do wetin di first commandment teach, “Thou shalt love di Lord thy Elohim with all thy heart.” And HOW many of you go put di Elohim of your Creation and Salvation first in your lives, even if e mean say you go have to lay your life down for another if need be? How many go have di faith of Joshua? Multitudes go reap di reward of Sodom and Gomorrah. I will not be mocked. Wetin be sin then na sin for today.

Just becos say you change your ideas wetin sin be, no mean say “I AM” don change. Just becos say your spiritual leaders dey reassure you say there is no price to pay for sin, dem lie and tell you say there is no hell! I no spare MY most beautiful angel Lucifer. For his rebellion, Lucifer, as well as all di fallen angels dey reap wetin dem sowed! “I AM” no be respecter of persons. There is a heavy price to pay for sin, and only MY Son YAHUSHUA Blood atonement for remission of sins, go wash away di sins until I no go see your sin anymore.

When I look upon a person wey acknowledges YAHUSHUA as Lord, and MESSIAH I dey reminded of di price wey MY Son pay to keep you out of a hell wey dey real. Those wey dey teach say dis no be so shall find out di price dem go pay for leading others as well as demsefs astray. Woe to di blind wey dey lead di blind into di pit. Woe to di deaf wey dey teach others to be deaf to MY warnings of judgment wey I dey speak forth from MY Apostles and Prophets. Woe to di spiritual and political leaders wey dey sacrifice lives so that dey can live in pomp and wealth and rule like kings and queens. Woe unto di Judas’ of dis earth, you shall meet your destiny just as surely as Judas take meet he own.

Na so HE take talk am, Na so she take write am, under di anointing of di RUACH ha KODESH
Apostle Elisabeth Elijah (Elisheva Eliyahu)

* * * * * * *