Prophecy 39
Anointed Holy Eagles, Come Forth!

Na Apostle Elisabeth Sherrie Elijah receive dis prophecy (Elisheva Eliyahu)
on Thursday, August 10, 2000

Urgent !!!!!!!!! SOS (A call for help)

 Dis na from Prophecy 105, YAHUVEH say to put dis up for all Prophecies from now on: I warn you a long time ago Elisabeth [Elisheva], make you no call dis Ministry after a man or a woman name.
Even before dis Ministry start, I put am for your spirit. Becos nothing wey dey here come from your hand.Nothing wey dey here commot from your mouth. Na from di Mouth of YAHUVEH dis take come out. Na from di Mouth of YAHUSHUA, your MASHIACH, na dis take come out.
Na from di Mouth of di RUACH HA KODESH, your IMMAYAH, na dis take come out. If to say na by your hand e for don fail long time ago. Na by di SHKHINYAH GLORY Wind
wey dey blow across dis earth, di HOLY Wind of Revival. No be by your breath, or e for don fail.  ( Isaiah 42:8)

For July 2010, YAHUVEH GOD also say to add di following as a warning to those wey dey mock:

But dem mock di Messengers of GOD, despised HIS Words,
and no take HIS Prophets serious, until di Wrath of YAHUVEH
arise against HIS People, till there was no remedy.
      —2 Chronicles 36:16

* * * * * * *

Prophecy Begins

Anointed Holy Eagles come forth. Dis na call for di Eagles. Baby Eagles come forth. Attention all Hindus and Buddhists and all other religions, Di God of creation call you to listen to dis prophecy. We go stand together or fall together all our religious freedoms dey at risk. We dey worship a different god but in dis area of religious freedom, when dem take one, dem go take all. Anointed Holy Eagles, arise. Come forth in YAHUSHUA’s Name! Fight against di attacks of di unholy vultures! Anointed Holy Eagles of MINE, I don hide you safe away from di eyes of dis world, away from di church systems. I don hide you and teach you how to fly and soar for such a time like dis. You have been out of di nest and you no longer be baby Eagles, but you don mature spiritually, discerning with di eyes of di eagle, and you know MY voice.

Those wey dey read dis wey still be baby Eagles, no worry. Those wey be more spiritually mature anointed Holy Eagles go nourish you, and protect you, and even teach you how to war in di spiritual realm, in a higher realm than you don reach before. Anointed Holy Eagles be warned! Di unholy vultures dey gather against you and dem go try to devour you as their victim. But you no go become their victim  if you go seek MY face and humble yoursef and pray for MY instructions and rise higher when I tell you to rise and dive bomb di enemy when I tell you to dive. Na dem go be di prey in MY Holy Name, YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH. Anointed Holy Eagles of MINE, I don hide and teach you for such a time like this. Seek MY face in a new way. Believe say you don hear MY voice in di wilderness becos I don call and you don know wetin to do when di time go come.

Anointed Holy Eagles, I don give you di sharp eyesight of a Eagle. You can discern your enemy and victim from very far away. I don give you sharp razor claws wey carry MY double-edged sword. Use am for MY glory! No think say anything is impossible when you call upon MY Name YAHUSHUA. Wetin been dey impossible before no go be so any more, if you can just believe, with your own eyes you go see. Di unholy vultures gather against you and seek to take di necessities of life away from you water, food, heat, shelter, finances, electricity, gasoline, oil, clothes, communications. Di unholy vultures dey seek to take your religious freedoms away from you. Dem dey look at you and mock di God wey you dey serve. Anointed Holy Eagles, dem dey seek to destroy your nests wey I so loving build with MY own hands. Dem dey seek to devour your children. Di unholy vultures now dey devour your children and you just stand by dey watch as you lost more freedom each year, as dem dey teach your children di thing wey I never teach dem. No be everything wey dem dey learn good for children.

Dem dey force feed Your young children filth wey don pollute their minds, bodies, spirits and, yes, souls! MY anointed Holy Eagles say, “Wetin I go do, becos e dey out of my control?” You don call to ME, di Father Eagle, and I say to you, take back wetin di enemy don steal. Take back wetin di unholy vultures don steal and still dey steal. I don give you di wisom how you go take do dis. You say e too hard. E no hard to watch as dem dey lead your children to hell? You have lost your right to discipline your children and you stand there as di states dey tell you how to raise your children and which knowledge to give dem. No be any wonder wey di younger generation now dey in rebellion? I no warn una before e happen thru my prophets and Apostles say dis go happen? Did I not warn you thru MY Holy Words say dis  go happen? Why do you not fight di unholy vultures? Na becos you think say dem out number you?

Anointed Holy Eagles, you must gather and fast and pray for dis world. Di unholy vultures no dey look for only one religion as victim, di unholy vultures no dey look for only one nation or country or province. Di unholy vultures wey gather against you dey look to corrupt and control di ENTIRE WORLD. There is no religion wey believe in a God wey di unholy vultures no go seek to devour as victim.No be only MY Children di unholy vultures dey seek to destroy but warn those wey no dey worship ME, YAHUVEH, YAHUSHUA and di RUACH ha KODESH! Di unholy vultures go also seek to destroy and go devour di Buddhists, Hindu’s among other religions although dem no dey submit to MY authority as dem lose their religious freedoms na so also you if you no gather together now and fight di unholy vultures wey gather together against all of una.

When one lose their religious freedoms, all go lose am. All go lose their freedom to worship. Now you go care for one another? You have di gold and silver to create idols, use am to fight di unholy vultures. Di idols cannot speak or war but those wey dey oppose you go speak and war against you. Use which ever means wey I don give you, not only spiritually but legally and financially. Satan dey plan to go ahead of MY timing. Satan dey plan to destroy before di time wey I don set. I go allow dis  to happen if una no gather together and pray that you no go become food for di unholy vultures. Make una  no allow your tribe, your belief , your language or religious beliefs stop you from fighting dis beast wey comes in di form of di unholy vulture, but na a beast wey dey very very big. For e be like a very fat beast and e don dey eat your freedom little by little in all ways until di word freedom no longer go mean freedom, but na bondage in disguise.

Di unholy vultures dey come in dis form to mock MY RUACH ha KODESH, wey come in di form of a dove. Di unholy vultures dey even poison di air wey you dey breathe and go mark you in ways wey you no go expect, setting you apart from others, becos dem know who be MY Anointed Holy Eagles and who be di babies to di unholy vultures. Beware your very blood go betray you and will be forced to cry out and identify who you be. You no go fit hide tribe or country once dem force di blood to cry out. Be careful of all surgery becos your own body go cry out and betray you. Learn of MY natural medicines and seek di  Anointed Holy Eagles wey dey for hideout wey I don  train and nurture and raise for a time like dis. No laugh at their wisdom, becos na ME, YAHUVEH, wey don teach dem how to save una life when you no go fit go to di Doctor becos dem no go be part of di Holy Eagles any more but go belong to di unholy vultures so that dem go fit continue to practice medicine.

E go dey rare when di doctors no go do wetin di unholy vultures command dem to do. You have been warned. Becareful of any type of injections becos di unholy vultures don plan to use dis as a weapon against you and your young Eagles. Do not be discourage and have faith when I tell you to fly high as di Eagle take dey fly and to fly somewhere. Make you no question ME. Just move when I say move. Can a Eagle stand still in di sky? NO, also with you. All MY Anointed Holy Eagles go follow one another and no even understand wetin dem dey do as dem fly in perfect arrangement not one wing go overlap another wing all go circle around di same victim di unholy vultures and go discern who be a anointed Holy Eagle and who be a unholy vulture.

Di baby Eagle wey cannot fly alone di more spiritually mature anointed Holy Eagles go have to carry dem on their wings. I go speak more about dis when you don understand wetin I don already speak of here. One more thing, remember dis and no take dis lightly. You must ask for MY Blessings and protection from dis moment on for every bite of food wey you eat and every beverage wey you drink, thank ME for it. Get in di habit now becos there is coming a time when you go find am necessary to eat wetin you no go rather eat and drink wetin you no go rather drink but all of it go be a blessing to your body. Yes even di thing wey I don warn you say dey unclean MY Son YAHUSHUA’s Blood go make am clean when e dey necessary!

Learn to be grateful in small things now and no take anything wey I give you for granted. Even your fruit and vegetables no get di nutrients wey I create put inside dem. Di water and air don pollute dem and di minerals wey di soil need don reduce. You no even know wetin a fruit or vegetable suppose taste like anymore. E dey rare if you know. As for meats, again I say you no understand say di thing wey you don eat di unholy vultures don poison in so many ways. Di water wey you drink you no even know why your body no dey desire for water di way wey I create am to thirst. Na becos even di water no be di way wey I create am. That na why you must pray blessings on everything wey you partake in MY Son YAHUSHUA’s Name. Ask ME to bless di food and beverages so e go be a blessing to your body and not a curse to your body.

Lastly, I tell you dis although everybody no go understand, but MY Anointed Holy Eagles must honor ME on di true Sabbath! I go speak to dem on dis day if dem go acknowledge ME and worship ME in a special way on dis day. On dis day set your work aside and Love and Honor ME even more than all di other days of di week. Make dis be our time together. I am so jealous for your time. Even those wey dey do MY work, set dis time aside for ME. It is healthy for not only your mind, spirit, and soul, but also for your body. Ask ME wetin I want you to do that day and include ME for that na our day of rest together. Everyone have a different way of resting in ME but on di Sabbath just include ME. I am di Lord of di Sabbath and no forget am! I go return on di Sabbath! And e no go be di one  wey di unholy vultures decree  (wey bi Sunday).

Now take dis words and digest dem as food for your mind, body, spirit and soul. More dey on di way but listen as I speak forth di words thru MY other Anointed Holy Eagles, becos no one Anointed Holy Eagle get all di answers. You need one another and never let ME see a Holy Eagle wey dey injured to be destroy by another Holy Eagle. Help one another to fly high in di sky and have faith. Psalm 91 na your secret nest where I dwell.

YAH speak and write dis Prophecy  give am to one of MY anointed Holy Eagles,

Elisabeth Sherrie Elijah [Elisheva Eliyahu]

* * * * * * *

Elisabeth Sherrie Elijah [Elisheva Eliyahu]


On 9/9/99 I dey for Quebec Canada and that na when di Lord tell me say everything was set up for di Mark of di Beast system! E only dey wait for di right timing! We dey now for one year later and GOD dey tell me to sound di alarm and prepare for war spiritually and stop di vultures and their plans. I no anybody special believe me no think say I am. I have no idea why di RUACH ha KODESH give me dis messages to give to di people when SHE for fit send someone more popular and wey many people know wey people go listen to. I only obey and speak out becos I know say I will be held responsible for wetin I know say GOD don tell me.

If you agree say di warnings dey important then please will you ask for prayer intercession and pray now that dem no go implement martial law, also make dem no take away our property rights, and also make no one world government meaning United Nations go take over school, lands, police, utilities etc. and also make cashless society no go come into effect Oct. 2000. I no go go into dis much detail for web site for obvious reasons. Please also pray make GOD stop di utility company wey we depend on like phone, water, electricity, sewer, fuel, to raise di prices to where di average person no go fit afford dem. Dis dey URGENT! Read our guest book. A Sister in YAHUSHUA, don inform me say e don already dey happen for California. For South Carolina, another Sister tell me say di water bill don double. Read di dream about di Red Plague Dream page about our Sister wey dem put her husband for jail becos dem accuse am of NOT paying his water bill.

Now I understand say YAHUSHUA go protect us but I also know say he get safe place wey go get protection for a time from di reach of di beast system. Since I be Jewish I think of di Holocaust and di Jews as dem sit down there believing say YAHUVEH go protect dem. I grieve and wonder why he no do anything. Others HE protect dem by telling dem to escape. You see dear one when GOD send di cloud of Glory we are to move by day, and when GOD send di pillar of fire by night we are to move, we no go just sit down there and no do anything and just assume say that na wetin GOD want. There are safe places of land for a short time. I dey try so hard to find out where dem dey right now. I know say GOD tell me where di mountains and oceans come together…no be much of a clue I know…weather condition wey dey calm, wey no too hot or cold, more like a remote area, and someone dey come wey go get more answers than me.

Believe me I go know when that man come becos he be warrior in di spiritual realm and he dey full of di RUACH ha KODESH wisdom in so many areas. For all of our sakes please agree say di man go come forth now. Strange becos GOD say I be like Nehemiah on di Temple wall and I am not to come down becos of di attacks of di enemies. I feel led by di LORD to share dis with you.

For those wey believe say dem get spiritual revelation and discernment, instructions, please email me quickly our time dey short to do wetin we must do. Please pray also for di release of finances becos YAH don tell me to help take care of di prophets and those wey YAH dey send and right now I no get extra finances to do dis. If as you dey pray you believe say you know where di safe places go dey for a short time away from di Beast system wey dem dey set up please contact me immediately. I must confess to you I dey very busy as I dey fight off attacks wey dey come from every direction e be like say I never even fit focus totally for praying for dis matter di way I suppose to. I now dey turn to you for intercession no be only for dis minister, and ministry, but for wisdom of di Lord YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH. For di bible says, “If any man lack wisdom make him ask and I go give am to him freely”. So make we ALL ask together and that someone go hear wetin we need to know and may all di gifts of di RUACH ha KODESH be stirred up as you dey read dis. “When di enemy come in, like a flood GOD go raise up a standard against am.

Love your Sister in YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH

Rev. Elisabeth Sherrie Elijah [Elisheva Eliyahu]

* * * * * * *