Prophecy 26


under di anointing of di RUACH ha KODESH na in dem take write am and speak am
tru Prophet Sherrie Elijah (Elisheva Sherrie Eliyahu)
January 1, 1999 @ 9:00 P.M.

* * * * * * *

Important Note About dis Prophecy!
YAHUVEH hold back wetin don dey happen dis year!
Just like Jonah, Judgment was delayed and now in 2001 e go begin again!
Pray make e be delayed again!

* * * * * * *

MY Beloved, hear MY Words and instructions for di coming days of 1999 and onward. I hear MY children dey cry out. I no dey deaf I no dey blind, MY hand no dey too short to deliver you from di trials wey dey come just walk by faith and not by sight. Your natural ears and eyes go fail or deceive you. Make you no listen to di people wey dey predict doom wey dey say I go forsake MY Babies, Bride, Chosen Ones or Elect. Stand for MY Word, believe am and say for your heart "YAHUVEH talk am, I BELIEVE AM, THAT SETTLES AM!"

For 1999, di words 'Fear of Flying' go take a new meaning. MY Babies and Bride no go fear. Rumors of war no go be rumors anymore and e go be more than one country at a time. I dey see and hear MY Babies, MY Children, I dey feel your pain as you dey listen and run in terror in every direction or you feel completely defeated and paralyzed, like a shock and your faith dey drain daily at di news report of dis world. Many of MY Little Ones dey for panic becos dem dey say, "I no dey hear YAHUVEH voice." Dem dey weep and wail in fear and pray, "Please YAHUVEH, tell me where to go and wetin to do." MY Children, hear ME, you no hear wetin to do or where to go becos e no be time yet. Wait for a while longer, I go speak and confirm to your Spirit in many different ways. I never forsake MY beloved Babies, Bride, Chosen ones or Elect. And I no go forsake dem. Your names are written on MY hand.

Many of MY children dey try to calculate MY next move. You never still realize say MY ways dey above di way you dey do things? That na why I be di great God "I AM" and I no dey apologize to nobody for anything wey I do. For 1999 e go do you well to learn as you supposed to long ago to no trust on wetin be your own understanding, but for all your ways acknowledge ME, ask of ME and your Heavenly Father, Almighty God YAHUVEH go direct your path. Make you stop trying to understand ME. No be your place to understand ME, rather na ME understand your every thought, action, motive, intentions of di heart. You just think a thought and before you speak, I know wetin you go say. I be di potter; you be di clay, stop arguing with ME.

Many of una dey make decisions based on fear. I no give you di fear wey go make you think say your Heavenly Father go forsake or forget MY children. Na satan don give you this fear, along with spirits of sorrow and hopelessness. Keep your hope alive; keep your faith alive by renewing your mind. Read MY Word, everything wey I don do in times of old. Since di times of old, I have taken care of MY children, wey dey serve and worship and try to obey ME, No be so I do am? Many spiritual leaders dey put fear for your mind with facts, how dem dey torture and murder MY children for MY sake. But I say onto you now, yes there are people wey go die for MY sake I always have Beloved Children wey dey willing to lay down their lives for MY sake. I go always have people wey dey willing to die for me; their blood dey so precious to ME, as MY Son take willingly give his life at Calvary so dis ones also dey spill their blood for MY Glory. "I AM" who "I AM" and I no dey change not for man, not for woman not for your seasons ,not for your times.

I go bless those wey be blessing onto ME, curse those wey be curse onto ME. Those wey dey bring ME shame go live forever cut off from their creator, in pain and anguish wey dem no fit imagine. Again for 1999 and onward, a new meaning to di above words, "I go bless those wey be blessing onto ME and curse those wey be a curse onto ME." Everybody go feel dis words. HEAR ME, FEAR ME, BELIEVE ME, I do not lie! Wetin I prophesy go come to pass for 1999. "I AM" who "I AM", Almighty God YAHUVEH, di Alpha and Omega, wey be di Holy Trinity. I go reward MY true children wey dey diligently seek to please ME in all ways. I go protect MY children for 1999 with di coming trials and tribulations, for MY Glory’s sake. Not their glory's sakes. I go protect all those wey continue on being Holy as I dey Holy, dey live Holy, thinking Holy, speaking Holy, a living witness to di sinners. MY Bride, MY Children, you have been set apart for YAHUVEH and for YAHUSHUA’s Glory alone. I rejoice in blessing those wey dey do dis things.

MY true sheep and lambs no go ever have another god before ME. MY Bride no go compromise in any way di thing wey I don decree as Holy. MY Bride go honor MY Commandments, including di one wey so many people don ignore. It has been misunderstood, mocked, or di spirit of rebellion wey don enter come harden people hearts. Yet MY Bride now go dey responsible as some of una go hang their head in shame, as dem no know how dem grieve MY RUACH ha KODESH by not keeping MY Sabbath Day Holy. Oh but I can see as you dey shake your head, and how you dey say "Not me, surely you dey talk to another person, becos I dey attend church services on Sunday," every Sunday, some dey even dey boast. "Oh but MY darling little ones NA YOU, WEY DON GRIEVE MY RUACH ha KODESH.

Abi you no read MY Word, Exodus 31:12-18: "And the Lord speak unto Moses say, make he speak also unto di children of Israel, say, Verily MY Sabbaths you shall keep: becos na a SIGN between ME and you TRUOUT your generations; that you may know that I am di Lord that doth sanctify you. You shall keep di Sabbath therefore; becos e dey Holy unto you; everyone wey defile am go surely be put to DEATH, for whosoever person wey do any work on Sabbath day, that soul shall be cut off from among his people. Six days may work be done: but in di seventh day na di Sabbath of rest, Holy to di Lord; whosoever person wey do any work on di Sabbath day, he shall surely be put to death. Wherefore the children of Israel shall keep the Sabbath day, to observe di Sabbath truout their generations, for a continuos covenant. Na a sign between ME and di children of Israel forever: becos in six days di Lord made heaven and earth, and on di seventh day HE rested, and was refreshed and HE come give unto Moses, when he don make an end of communicating with am upon Mount Sinai, two tables of testimony, tables of stone, wey the finger of YAHUVEH write." Your work must be done in six days, but on di seventh day you are to rest, Friday when sun go down until Saturday when sun go down. Pray and I go show you how to set dis days apart and teach you to rest in ME and you go hear MY voice, be encouraged, refreshed in a new way, blessed and protected against your enemies. Abi I no say I be di great God, "I AM?" and I and MY Word no dey change, for no man nor woman, or time nor season.

Your spiritual leaders wey no teach you dis must repent. Turn away from dis evil of doing things man's way, with man-made doctrines. Again I say, MY ways dey higher than your ways. Run away from any spiritual leaders wey dey refuse to teach MY Holy Word without compromising. Again I say, run away. E dey far better to learn di truth from dis womanservant than to die in for that lie. Practice now to keep MY Sabbath Day Holy. Di hard times dey approach and you go be held accountable for wetin you now know. You no longer get any excuses. Once again, you wey be MY true Babies and Bride will never have any other gods before ME. MY Bride go honor ME by keeping MY Sabbath days Holy. Make you no say which Sabbath Day becos I don plainly tell you say no be Sunday. MY Elect don know am all along. Everyday you are to worship and acknowledge ME, but on di Sabbath Day, FRIDAY when sun don go down until SATURDAY when sun don go down, you are to rest, learn of ME, for I jealously want you on that day to only be MINE on di day wey I call MY Sabbath.

Di world dey see am as foolish and dey think say na their day to sin and party or work; instead MY people go refuse to work and party. Proving say di days of men na foolishness and telling MY people say to be a Sabbath keeper dey foolish. Yet dis na MY Holy Day and satan don use your religious system to mock ME on that day. I want to encourage you, those wey dem dey call Sabbath keepers, you be MY true BRIDE. Your aroma dey pleasing to MY nostrils, but to be a Sabbath keeper alone no go save you. It must be combined with accepting YAHUSHUA as MESSIAH. As di sinful world wey you dey live in continue to teach rebellion, dey disrespect or edit MY Ten Commandments, as in di days of Moses I go show wetin I dey do with a people with a rebellious heart.

Multitudes wey dey claim to be believers in YAHUSHUA and YAHUVEH dey break di two tablets of stone once again as Moses take do, but dis time in another way. Becos di rebellious children dey break MY heart when dem break MY commandments and say keeping di Sabbath Holy no longer dey important. Di tablets of stone na di stony cold hearts wey dey far from ME, wey no care about MY Commandments. Spiritual leaders dey rewriting MY Commandments wey I give Moses, dem dey disregard dem, dem dey break dem as dem chose. Dem dey Play god as to wetin was written and wetin their idea behind di meaning of MY Commandments be. Wetin be commandment? Na just that, a command, a law, na orders wey YAHUVEH decreed from heaven. Di same commands wey dey for earth dem dey obey am in heaven. Soldiers dey take orders from di commander-in-chief, yet MY soldiers dey question ME when I give commandments.

Why be say dis na so, am I not di same great God 'I AM,' wey divide di Red Sea? Am I not di same great God 'I AM,' wey provide for Noah and Moses? Did I not send an angel to close di mouth of di lion for Daniel? Did I not protect Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego in di fiery furnace? Can you believe that I go do am again? Na di aroma of MY sweet anointing wey make dem no smell like smoke. Pray and believe in faith say I go keep you from bowing down to other false gods. Put ME first in all your ways as dis three Hebrew children take do. Am I not di same great God 'I AM,' wey use a woman wey her name be Deborah as a judge to defeat thousands, taking MY enemies to di grave and di pits of Hell? Am I not di same great God 'I AM,' wey use a shepherd boy and one small rock to make Goliath to forever fall? Am I not di same great God 'I AM,' wey curse evil Pharaoh? I create am for destruction to prove say "I AM" who "I AM".

No one go oppress or try to take over MY Chosen Ones, MY Elect wey dey worship and serve ME, wey dey put YAHUVEH and YAHUSHUA above everything and everyone else. Those wey curse MY Elect I shall curse. Those wey dare to kill, torture, oppress, possess and attempt to silence MY Babies, Bride, Chosen Ones or Elect, I go repay dem as in di days of David and Goliath, as in di days of di evil Pharaoh. Dis coming year of 1999 wetin you don read about in di past, I go do am again. You go see MY great hand of wrath or mercy everybody go see di reality of which God dem don serve. All dis spiritual leaders wey be Apostles, Prophets, Teachers, Preachers and Evangelists wey say e no matter which day is called di Sabbath, dem dey teach MY people a lie. Those wey say YAHUSHUA na di Sabbath but in di next breath dey condemn demsef by saying everyday we are to worship YAHUVEH and YAHUSHUA, dis na true, ahh, but listen for di next word to test di Spirit wey dey speak to those wey dey claim to know ME and yet dem no know ME, now na their chance to repent and teach di truth for dem say any day can be di Sabbath.

I say onto you now satan don steal MY Day of Worship and rest, come use a day for convenience of mankind. A day wey man decree and now again come write orders to worship and rest on wetin now is called Sunday. But I decree, and MY Chosen and Elect know di day of rest. Dis day no be mankind convenience, but a blessing to mankind and I, YAHUVEH. Now na just another wey una you just add to una busy work and play timetable. Dem don even change di beginning and ending of di week to match their timetable. Even those wey no accept MY Son, YAHUSHUA as their MESSIAH but accept and honor MY Sabbath Day as rest and keep am Holy, dem get more favor for MY eyes than you wey call yourself MINE, yet accept MY Son as MESSIAH, but dare to rewrite MY Commandments. HEAR ME, FEAR ME, BELIEVE ME! Vengeance na MINE, saith YAHUVEH.

You, wey dey under di spiritual leadership wey dey refuse to teach MY Word without removing a small part or small dot, beware. Run , from dis churches, from dis day forward you go dey sow seed into ground wey hard and wey no deep. I go take MY RUACH ha KODESH from dis places. Wetin you do for ignorance, I go forgive. I go forgive you spiritual leaders if you go repent and teach and do wetin dey right. Dis coming year of 1999, many churches go dey laid waste, Becos judgment don come to di House of di Lord. HEAR ME, FEAR ME, BELIEVE ME! I no be God to be mocked. When I finish speaking to Moses on Mount Sinai I give am di two tablets of stone wey MY finger write put, di laws of YAHUVEH. Yet why be say so many people believe di lie that YAHUSHUA cancel di Ten Commandments? Many dey teach say to break di Ten Commandments no longer be sin, after all, dem go say YAHUSHUA paid di price. All dis evil spiritual leaders dey twist MY Word; dey teach MY people say keeping di Ten Commandments dey impossible.

No forget say I have put MY RUACH ha KODESH inside you wey dey provide a way of escape from every temptation wey surrond you. Other evil teachers say to break di least of di commandments no be sin. Dem forget say to break one na to break all. Man number di commandments 1-10, I say "Why you say you love ME and no dey obey ME? Abi I go give you commandments wey dey impossible to keep?" Keep MY Commandments; put dem into practice, no stray to di right nor to di left. To truly love your Creator and your MESSIAH, YAHUSHUA na in be di whole point of di law. MY Babies and Bride all do break MY Laws and none of dem go fit say otherwise, or dem dey lie. That na before you accept YAHUSHUA as MESSIAH. Now you have MY RUACH ha KODESH wey dey convict and remind you when your feet stray to di left or right. In dis year, 1999, di Godly go shine forth MY presence in how dem talk, for wetin dem dey do; even their faces go dey shine forth with MY RUACH ha KODESH. Also in 1999, from dis time forward, di ungodly go become more ungodly.

Dis go become like unto di son of perdition and go manifest a radiance also like di angel of light once called Lucifer or di appearance of di ungodly go become as a dark fog. As MY Son dey approach earth, di dividing of MY sheep and satan goat become more clear. Di earth dey quake in great fear of di coming judgment. Hell dey throw forth molten lava. Di lake of fire na MY wrath wey dey overflow. Hell dey kindled by MY wrath. Di river of life dey flow forth from MY throne with great love and mercy. For MY Babies, Bride, Chosen ones and Elect 1999 go be a year full of deliverance for those wey dey put ME first. MY children go know great blessings for boldly keeping MY Sabbath Holy and wey know di importance of keeping MY Commandments. MY children also know when dem sin against ME and repent; turning away from that sin only YAHUSHUA's Holy Blood shed at Calvary go wash dem clean again.

For 1999, MY Babies, Bride, Chosen ones and Elect go see MY loving hand of deliverance reach out from Heaven and see YAHUVEH, YAHUSHUA and di RUACH ha KODESH deliver MY Babies, Bride, Chosen ones and Elect, doing wetin dem been think impossible. Listen and learn how for 1999 make you learn not to trust in di natural, but instead trust say YAHUVEH and YAHUSHUA go provide for you supernaturally! I, di Lord your God YAHUVEH, I no dey confined to do things by man's way of providing for you. Becos I get all of Heaven at MY disposal. For those of una wey lack faith, can you explain why di sun dey hot? Who dey make di ice to be cold? I go prove wetin I don speak go happen. I dey speak am tru MY true Prophets and Apostles and dis na only di beginning.

Starting for 1999, I go speak out bolder, louder, more and more, as MY Son YAHUSHUA dey draw near. No body go fit say I no warn dem. Wonders in di sky people go fear wetin no body been think to fear. Even di people wey no believe say GOD exist go shake in fear for wetin I go do for 1999 and 2000. But remember, no be every judgement wey you go see go come from ME. Satan dey very angry, his time dey short. Satan go send his servants out and steal, kill and destroy in a greater way. Wetin satan no go fit accomplish, in satan's name he go deceive and accomplish am using MY Son, YAHUSHUA’S Name(satan go use di name of ‘JESUS’ take deceive billions of people in di Great Tribulation) . Satan go even deceive people using MY Name YAHUVEH. You MY babies, Bride, chosen ones and elect, go recognize di evil wey dem dey do in di name of science, government and religion. Hear and fear, una wey be enemies of di Gospel of YAHUSHUA, I go always have a people! MY Babies, Bride, Chosen ones and elect when I say FLEE e go be as when I open di Red Sea and I go show you di way. DO NOT FEAR, JUST FLEE as Lot take flee, MAKE YOU NO LOOK BACK!

At di end of 1998, many people think say say dis na a hard year, una, wey celebrate with one another, una celebrate di end of di year 1998, as una count down di minutes until di year over, una no know say I count also, as I hold back MY great anger for di sake of souls. One day you go desire to see 1998 again, you go dey sorry say you throw MY Blessings away. You go regret say you no obey. You go regret say you no sow seed for di troubled days ahead. MY true Children go arise in victory, becos dem don give their all, dem no hold anything back. Even if need be, dem go give ME their lives.

Becos at last MY Babies, Bride, Chosen ones and Elect go see di hand of YAHUVEH and YAHUSHUA deliver and slay di Goliath's of dis world, making their enemies to run away in seven different directions. MY children wey fit trust ME in dis new year of 1999, in a world wey dey filled with confusion, and yet in that confusion, MY children go sense di peace wey pass all understanding. MY Babies, Bride, Chosen ones and Elect go have more blessings, wisdom, knowledge, revelations to know how to escape di enemies traps. MY children go be as a Joshua and watch di enemies and their walls of evil go come tumble down upon dis evil ones. Dis year 1999, especially for middle of 1999, you go see and remember wetin has been spoken dis day tru dis womanservant on 12/31/98. One more thing, although dis womanservant na Jewish descendant, both her mother and father, and I no dey speak dis for her benefit, but for others. No be whether you be Jew or Gentile that will save you, but rather you don accept MY Son YAHUSHUA as MESSIAH? You don have a Blood transfusion from YAHUSHUA Blood shed at Calvary?
No be like di synagogues of satan, wey dey claim to be MINE and yet no dey keep MY Laws and Sabbaths and never truly receive di gift of YAHUSHUA at Calvary. MY Jewish people dey keep MY Laws and Sabbaths, and yet dem dey refuse YAHUSHUA as MESSIAH. There will be no other MESSIAH, you dey wait in vain at di cost of your souls. I dey speak dis boldly tru dis woman servant, wey I go send to deliver dis message in person to Israel and Jerusalem and other parts of di world, in MY love no be only hers, as I don send MY other servants out to say to di Jewish people, "una love and worship and serve YAHUVEH, una even dey try to keep MY Laws, Feasts and Sabbath Day, and yet dis alone no go save anyone, whether dem be Jew or Gentile. Be warned, you dey only love half of ME, if you no dey acknowledge, accept, MY Son YAHUSHUA as di only MESSIAH, both for Jew and Gentile. Di only door to heaven. Di only intercessor before ME, YAHUVEH, Di Father. All your sacrifices you don do dem in vain, becos all those wey never accept MY Gift at Calvary, YAHUSHUA na his Name.

No hate MY Messengers wey I send out with dis message, rather love MY Messengers for loving you enough for di sake of your souls don speak di truth in boldness despite di cost or persecution. E for dey easier for dem to stay silent, but I no go allow their mouths to be silenced, becos I love MY Jewish people. Wetin e go take for you to see your God YAHUVEH gift wey I give at Calvary? Satan dey look to have lawmakers to silence MY Messengers wey I send with dis message. Their lives dey for danger, but there has always been a great cost to speak MY Words without compromise. 1999 go be a year wey MY true Servants go stand and say to di world "I don decide to follow YAHUVEH, YAHUSHUA and di RUACH ha KODESH." Dem go Preach di word in season and out of season, in lack or abundance, in truth with NO FEAR AND NO COMPROMISE!

There is a spiritual leader, with another spiritual leader wey dey yet to come, wey sit down for in great throne, he dey wear crown of jewels, dey hold scepter for in hand, people dey bow low to am, worship, reverence am, Dis unholy manmade King made by di Roman Empire dey pass laws wey dey unholy. And in boldness tru MY woman servant I say, "In 1999 you go see dis so called unholy king rewrite MY Commandments putting another god in front of di people. Dis time a woman wey dem claim say na goddess. Dem say she be part of di godhead, but NO BE TRUE! BEWARE when dem attach di name Mary to Father, Son and Holy Ghost. Beware of di doctrines of men." There is but one Godhead, the Great God 'I AM,' YAHUVEH, wey be your Creator and Heavenly Father and YAHUSHUA, MY Son wey be your MESSIAH and di RUACH ha KODESH! NONE OTHER! There are NO other intercessors in Heaven. Only coming to ME in di Name of YAHUSHUA I go hear you. For those wey refuse to believe dis, wetin you go do when you find say all your sacrifices, prayers in di name of other Saint have been in vain.

Na satan wey don deceive you. Becos you don put other gods before ME wey no even be gods at all. Wetin you say when you stand before YAHUVEH and YAHUSHUA when you find out there is no Purgatory, only Heaven or Hell and you no go fit pray anyone out of Hell no matter how many candles you light. You cannot be forgiven no matter how many Hail Mary’s you say. At di hour of your death, stop calling on di name of MY Son's mother, Mary, she no go fit help you, only di Name of YAHUSHUA go fit. No be her blood shed at Calvary, but MY Son, YAHUSHUA Blood shed at Calvary. That na di only atonement for sin.

MY Beloved Children, wey be MY Babies, Bride, Chosen ones and Elect, di heathen dey call you narrow minded when you say there is but one way to God di Father's throne and in one Name, di Name of YAHUSHUA, wey I go answer prayers. Make you tell dem, "Yes, I be narrow minded becos di Word of YAHUVEH no go fit lie and YAHUVEH says, only in di Name of YAHUSHUA na in I go hear your prayers and di pathway to Heaven dey narrow and di road to Hell dey wide!" make you tell dem "na di broad-minded wey go end up suffering in agony, first in Hell, then in di Lake of Fire! Because you love YAHUVEH and YAHUSHUA and dem, warn dem MY children. Love dem enough to make dem vex. Love dem enough to be an offense. I, YAHUVEH, and YAHUSHUA and di RUACH ha KODESH dey speak di truth, di majority no want to hear and we be offense to many.

1999 no be only a year for great deliverance, becos e go come to MY people, remember 9 na di number wey symbolize deliverance and you get am 3 times. 3 times na di number of MY Trinity, therefore you get complete harmony, Father, Son and Ruach ha Kodesh. Beware, satan go take 1999 come reverse di direction, turn am upside down and e go be 6661. As he dey take everything wey dey Holy come counterfeit am by doing things backwards, perverting even MY Holy prayers in his satanic services. So dis year, 1999 go dey full of satanic power. You go see di power of satan, anti-christ and the false prophet manifest, di unholy trinity, dey using science, government and religion and man-made doctrines to deceive many. Satan go use science go say he dey use am for good, instead beware he dey use am for evil. Be warned again, dis na also for di government, religion and charities. Evil will be done in the name of God and worse. MY Beloved, you no go fit say I no send MY Prophets and Apostles to warn you, so that you no go fall into di enemy trap.

Becos di people wey live to see di end of 1999, even di atheists and heathen go have to admit, signs, wonders and miracles, delivering power, dey follow all those wey believe, serve, hang on to their faith, obeying ME and because of dis multitudes go be saved, becos dem keep their faith in YAHUVEH and YAHUSHUA and boldly speak out that their God go save dem. Becos of their boldness, multitudes go hear and be saved. Because of dis, multitudes go hear and be damned. For di heathen go still deny YAHUSHUA as MESSIAH and be held accountable even after YAHUSHUA prove his delivering power for every eyes to see. Make you no talk as di heathens take dey talk, "Happy New Year!" Becos di heathens no know wetin dey come. But oh for MY Babies, Bride, Chosen ones and elect, you no get anything to fear. Di heathen’s troubles no be MY Children's troubles. I am di God of di past, present and future and all MY children have to do na to be as a little lamb or sheep, trust di shepherd, dem no dey worry or fret, dem get faith in di Good Shepherd providing for dem. That na all I ask of you, hold on tight to your faith in 1999 and no let go. I go deliver you.

* * * * * * *

Spoken by di anointing of di RUACH ha KODESH (HOLY SPIRIT) tru di vessel of clay, but a Mighty Warrior in YAHUSHUA's Name,
Rev. Apostle Sherrie Elijah (Elisheva Eliyahu) 1/1/99.