Prophecy 24, Part 1

Beware Di Ark Door And di Book Of Di Gentiles don dey Close!

YAHUSHUA's Child, Warrior, Bride Pastor Sherrie Elijah(Elisheva Sherrie Eliyahu)
November 15, 1998 12:00 PM Sunday

* * * * * * *
Get in Now, di Ark Door and di Book of di Gentiles don dey close. Come into di Ark. Come into MY arms where safety dey. For those wey dey call ME Beloved and I call dem MY beloved Bride, MY children. Come believe once again in your BLESSED HOPE, Your Almighty God, Lord, Savior and BRIDEGROOM. Believe in di BLESSED HOPE. I go rescue you from di wrath wey dey come. For those wey refuse di BLESSED HOPE, MY coming for MY beloved Bride, to escape with her for di midnight hour. You dey insult ME to say I go make her to suffer di Wrath of Almighty God. She is MY beloved, why I go beat MY Bride up? I no be wife beater.

You have already been tested and found worthy of being called MY Bride, or I for no dey catch you away with ME. So Stop insulting ME and believe say I be a rewarder to those wey dey continue to seek after ME and look for MY coming and desire for MY coming again. As in di Days of Noah, I warned Noah say di rain go come. Even Though say Noah no know wetin flood be like he still believe ME. I told Noah to build an Ark even though di work was hard and many people laugh and persecution was great for am. Even Though say di work take many years to do, because of wetin I make Noah to do and finish na because of his obedience, una dey here today. Di animals wey he saved don fill up di earth, except for those wey una don destroy commot for earth. I know ahead of time those wey I created to get di boldness to take speak forth messages, with MY RUACH ha KODESH (Holy Spirit) power and anointing wey dey convicts di hearts of those wey get spiritual ears to hear and eyes to see.

Noah NO doubt, neither should MY Prophets today. And Yet so many dey doubt, even though I speak forth MY Words of fire and use their mouths take speak and hands take write and yet dem dare to doubt and wonder if dem dey hear from Heaven. Noah no doubt, Jeremiah no doubt, Jonah no doubt, Elijah no doubt, Ezekiel no doubt, Daniel no doubt, then why MY Prophets today dey doubt ME? I go back up di words wey I talk. No Listen to di people wey dey laugh and scoff just as e be in di day of Noah and Lot and Moses na so e go be again. Rain dey come but na di Rain of MY Holy Terror of di GREAT God 'I AM's' wrath and Judgment.

There is coming a flood, but no be only a flood of water, but a flood of di bason of curses wey dey poured out, I go overflow dis earth with a flood of MY wrath since di time of Adam and Eve sin against ME. As I take get a Noah to warn of di flood, Moses to warn of di curses and LOT to warn say di fire of Heaven go fall, na so too I go do am again, I dey warn now thru MY Woman servant. E go do you well to study every word wey I speak and write thru her now. There always be a remnant wey I get wey go listen and hear MY voice. Always there is a multitude wey go scoff and mock just as surely as di heathen take mocked Noah, Moses and Lot. Just as surely di destruction and wrath come as flood, curses, and fire for di Great God 'I AM's' wrath and judgment, na so e go be again.

So you go do well to hear di words wey MY Woman Servant Elijah(in Hebrew, Eliyahu) dey speak forth. Dem no be her words but di words from your Creator’s mouth. You begged for a message from ME. I go speak forth now. All dis words go anger MY enemies and cause MY children and Bride to rejoice and have joy unspeakable and full of Glory. All of Hell try to distract Sherrie Elijah(Elisheva Sherrie Eliyahu) from hearing MY Words wey I am now speaking but dey only hinder am but no fit stop ME speaking and her hearing. All dis words dey make satan shake in fear, becos multitudes Yea, I say millions go hear MY voice and run into MY Son YAHUSHUA's saving arms of Salvation. Only thru YAHUSHUA's shed Blood will anyone be spared of wetin dey come. I go pour forth MY RAGE! You wey dey hear or read dis go either be spared by MY coming again or you go live to experience MY wrath.

Wetin you do now for MY Glory and wetin you done do for MY Glory alone go cause MY Son to spare you of di horror of MY wrath and Judgment wey dey come. Di door to MY Ark dey close; quickly get inside while you can. In di time of Noah di heathen beat on di door of di Ark to come into safety and yet it was too late after di wrath started to fall. Di first drops of rain di heathen ignore and as dem dey ignore am now, but open your eyes, di wrath don already dey fall around di world but in a smaller degree than wetin e go be. Come quickly to YAHUSHUA, accept Him as your Lord, Savior and God. You know di way to escape, wetin you dey wait for? Di Ark na like di Ark of MY Covenant. Di ARK na MY promise of safety. Only MY Son YAHUSHUA be your Ark of safety.

I go only answer your prayers in di Name of YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH. You no go fit pray in your own names, in your own boldness or strength. Make you no Dare touch MY throne in your own names becos there is no name to intercede for you but MY Beloved Son YAHUSHUA. Make you no Dare wear your own robes of righteousness for I know who get MY SEAL placed on dem. Those wey truly are redeemed thu di work of MY Son YAHUSHUA at Calvary. Come to ME in YAHUSHUA's Name, thru HIS shed Blood; Stand in HIS Robes of Righteousness. So when you do dis I say, "Come boldly before di Great God 'I AM,' your God YAHUVEH. If you try to come in any other name I GO CAST YOU OUT! You will not be saved from di flood of MY wrath, di fire wey go fall, di curses, di plagues in any other way but by accepting YAHUSHUA now as MESSIAH your Savior your God before it is too late.

Buddha no go fit save you, he no even fit save himsef. Allah, Mohammed, Ghandi, no go fit save you; dem no even fit save demsef, ALL OF DEM DIED! All of dem are in Judgment for causing others to worship dem. Sun Moon no go fit save you; he no fit save himsef of di Judgment wey dey come. Maitreya no go fit save you! There is but one Name wey go fit save you and na di Name of YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH. Whether you call am YAHUSHUA or YAHSHUA e NO matter just call upon his Name. You wey dey call yoursef Jews listen close. You no go fit enter into Heaven just by worshipping and believing in YAHUVEH's Name, although that na MY Name, na YAHUSHUA wey be di only MESSIAH. Di price wey MY Son pay at Calvary was for your Salvation, both Jew and Gentile alike. YAHUSHUA was crucified and tortured and died and arose again for your sakes. He pay di ransom for your sins. Both Jew and Gentile make una hear ME; there is no other Savior but YAHUSHUA. He is your Savior, di only way of escape from MY wrath wey dey come. MY children wey I created who are born Jewish hear ME. You dey wait for another Savior, and yet you dey wait in vain. There is no other but MY Son YAHUSHUA. Di one wey dem teach you to hate na di only Ark of safety. You no go fit love ME and yet hate MY Beloved Son. YAHUSHUA na di one wey I send to earth to pay di ransom for your sins.

Dis na why Israel and Jerusalem no know peace, every nation wey refuse YAHUSHUA as MESSIAH NO GO KNOW PEACE. HEAR ME AGAIN! KNOW YAHUSHUA AND YOU GO KNOW PEACE! YAHUSHUA dey bring peace wey pass all understanding. YAHUSHUA na di Prince of Peace. How you go fit get peace and reject di only Prince of Peace. As in di days of Noah, di work to build di ark was hard. Di time was long to build di ark and gather di animals. Just as e take hard for di Prophets of old and Prophets of today, e no dey easy to speak forth MY Words. It takes boldness and you go offend more than bless. YAHUSHUA was offence to many. So MY Prophets wey dey speak words wey no be for itching ears, but instead words wey dey convict and dey speak forth MY secrets, dey warn to repent, and yet also dey always offer hope and mercy.

Di Prophets and Apostles' job no dey easy and no popular. MY Prophets dey get frustrated as dem dey try to get people to listen as dem know say all dis words no be their words. Dem dey give their own money to take preach forth di prophetic messages as I always get a remnant wey go hear MY voice and obey. I always get a remnant wey go desire to hear wetin di Prophets dey speak. Yet, how I dey grieve becos only few dey willing to labor with MY Prophets by their sides, to share in their burdens. Abi MY Word no say, "Believe a Prophet and so shall ye prosper," I now dey say unto you, "Reward a Prophet and you shall receive di same rewards as dem go receive in di Kingdom of Heaven and on earth." When paper currency becomes worthless paper and no get value any longer, I go remember if you help MY Prophets or let dem go in need.

Remember di Widow of Zarephath, if you dey doubt dis. Abi I no already know di person wey go dey willing to share di burden of Elijah of Old? Did I raise up a woman wey rich to sustain Elijah? Nay, I raised up someone wey also dey in need just like him. Both of dem were hungry abi no be so? Both of dem no get physical riches abi and yet I choose the little Widow of Zarephath becos I knew her heart. She no dey selfish and even though say she was concerned, na hersef and her son last food and then she go die and her son. Yet she trusted di Prophet and believed dis Prophet and so she no go in lack anymore. She put di needs of di Prophet before her own needs. Remember how I multiply her pot of oil and e no run dry. Remember how I multiply her food basket so e no go empty.

Remember how I asked her to use her faith to give di last of wetin she get. Remember dis MY children, she had to borrow pots and jars from neighbors and when dem asked her wetin she wan to put inside dem she had to tell dem say her God was going to fill di empty vessels. As I take do for her na so I go do again. Only believe! Faith without works is dead. I go do dis for those wey believe I go provide for dem also as I take do for di widow of Zarephath for those wey bless MY Prophets. You go want ME to bless you when your paper money and cards become worthless. I go remember now whether you tithed and gave alms when I told you to share. Abi MY Word no say, "Store up your treasure in Heaven where thieves no go fit steal and where rust no go fit spoil." Store up your blessings di way wey you go store up your treasures. Where your heart dey, wetin you put your trust in, na your God.

I tell you dis; everyone wey help Noah was spared. But who labor with Noah? Only his family, na so too e go be again. Only MY true Children go desire to help di Prophets to speak forth and no go close di mouth of di Prophet or tie di oxen feet as dem dey pull di plow. Pray for di Prophets especially di Handmaiden wey dey speak dis forth. Satan dey look for how to silence MY voice on dis earth for di Prophets always warn before I send MY wrath or before satan attacks. Na MY Prophets I dey share MY secrets with. Never do I send MY wrath and judgment until I send di Prophets to speak and warn to REPENT! Satan especially hate di Prophets. Di office of di Prophet no dey easy. No one is a Prophet unless dem dey familiar with suffering. dem don suffer for di anointing to prophesy.

So now I say, "Bless MY Prophets and I go bless you. Protect MY Prophets and I go protect you. Labor with MY Prophets and great go be your blessings especially when you are in need. Offer to hide MY Prophets and I go hide you. Share with MY Prophets and I promise say you will never starve or go homeless." Di time is here when e dey dangerous to call oneself a prophet. It is getting more dangerous as YAHUSHUA dey approach to come for HIS Bride. I don’t have to tell you too wetin I don speak, you should know this already. Shame on you for not doing wetin you know say I don speak to your Spirit to do. Many times I don say, "Help dem," and yet you have refused. How can you say you love ME when you don't obey ME? Get into di Ark of MY Son YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH.

Believe say I am a God wey dey reward those that diligently seek after ME. If you believe say you go suffer di wrath that is about to flood di earth, then you go suffer that wrath and judgment. If you believe say I am a God that rewards those wey dey diligently seek after ME, diligently listen for MY voice and do MY will and not your will, walk when I say walk, run when I say run, stand still when I say stand still, speak when I say speak, be silent when I say nothing or do nothing until you hear from Heaven. A soldier no dey just follow e own orders; he dey wait for di commander in chief to speak orders. So wait, even though MY answer be like say e take long, e go come forth. Di war in di Heavenly dey rage on. Di sound waves have been blocked thus far. How MY Prophets go take speak like dis Handmaiden if di sound waves were not blocked, dem for don go. Na for your sakes I dey let di war in di Heavenly rage. Di seals of di redeemed have been sealed as satan also don mark who be his own.

So too, I your Father YAHUVEH, don mark who be MINE. di Godly go become more Holy. Di evil go become more unholy. Woe be unto di earth becos it shudders and shakes. Not only does di sky dey convulse as YAHUSHUA dey approache earth but di earth dey shake in fear and quakes in fear becos e know di evil that has been done. di earthquakes na di earth wey dey quake in fear and dem go intensify and storms go become more fierce and di lava in di mountains go spew forth for di lava dey heat up by MY wrath. E dey boil hotly against di heathen of dis earth wey dey refuse MY commandments, wey refuse YAHUSHUA's gift at Calvary and wey hate all wey dey Holy. Di earth go quake harder as di Son of God dey approach. Di sky dey shake with di anger of satan and di war in di Heavenly. Di sky dey labor just like woman wey dey give birth. E go be as though di stars dey fall from di sky. Di prince and power of di air dey shake di sky, for satan knows.

"YAHUSHUA DEY COME FOR HIS BRIDE, YAHUSHUA DEY COME AGAIN!" Satan must do his evil quickly becos him know say his time dey very short now. He wants to take as many souls as he can to Hell with am becos he know say dis na di only way he go fit hurt YAHUSHUA. For MY Son don pay di price at Calvary so satan no go fit take you to Hell with am. America, yes, war dey come to your shore and land. But I dey protect you so far. I don wait for America to REPENT and yet dis nation dey only grieve ME, dey Anger ME! Di Political leaders no get any shame or remorse and dey only become more reprobate. Di people wey vote for all dis shameful leaders no dey show any remorse or shame. Dem no dey speak for holiness but instead dem dey vote even more unholy heathens into office.
America you get what you vote for. Di few Godly and righteous wey I get for office dem don put dem to open shame. Naked dem and steal their jobs all because dem dared to speak against di false prophet of dis land all because dem stand up for morality and Holiness. Woe be unto di people wey get di choice to vote in di Godly and yet dem choose di heathen wey get spirits of di anti-christ instead. I spare MY people wey dem vote out of office wey stand up for righteousness from di white house when all Hell go break loose for that place and MY wrath I go openly show toward di reprobate politicians. di prostitute, remember Sodom and Gomorrah, e dey in di White House. I go bless those wey vote against di evil in Washington D.C. and I go curse those wey vote for di evil immorality with their votes.

I go put America to open shame before di entire world. Your leaders go weep openly for wetin I am going to do. But not MY children you go know wetin to do when di time come. Di reason why you no know yet na becos no be time. I am never too early or too late, I your Lord God dey always dey on time, you just dey think say I am late. MY timing is prefect. You no go fit go ahead of ME or behind ME but must stay right by MY side. All MY children, those wey belong to YAHUSHUA dey desire for HIS coming again around dis world, hear ME, di voice of your Creator, di great God 'I AM.' I go, for your sake, send miracles like you have never seen so far. Becos you see MY Son YAHUSHUA your MESSIAH dey approach dis earth, as dis Woman servant Sherrie Elijah(Elisheva Sherrie Eliyahu) don tell you before, I repeat am once again.

It is true Gabriel don already blow his horn. Di sound waves have been blocked by di war in di Heavenlies but una go hear Gabriel’s horn and di sound waves go unblock. Your bodies shall be changed in a moment, in a twinkling of an eye. Di dead in YAHUSHUA (Christ) go rise first and you wey remain will be caught up to meet YAHUSHUA in di air. But you go waka for your glorified bodies witnessing for ME, warning people NOT to take di Mark of di Beast for 40 days. Then you go be di greatest witness of MY Word. Yet for di ones wey no change go grieve becos dem go know say dem must go thru di Tribulation.

Then you go come with ME to meet ME in di air and together we go meet in di air. MY Bride no dey appointed unto MY wrath. Satan shall be cast down to earth in great fury with his demons falling from di sky. Woe be unto di people wey dey live for earth. MY BRIDE GO REJOICE AT MY APPEARING! Those believers wey don speak and believe that YAHUSHUA no go rescue HIS Bride before di Great Tribulation will be surprised as YAHUSHUA go come when dem least expect di Groom to come for HIS Bride. Di ones wey don determine say dem must go thru di Great Tribulation go dey sleep as MY Son YAHUSHUA go come and escape with HIS Bride in di midnight hour, E go change their natural body into spiritual body.

Then di ones, wey dey sleeping and wey dey so sure say they are right, go see say they are wrong. Dem go weep and wail becos dem miss their way of escape of di wrath wey go come. Dem go have to wait for their Glorified Body. Di heathen go rage and curse Almighty God and great hatred go rise up against believers of YAHUSHUA. Becos after di 40 days of di Glorified Saints of witnessing and showing wetin dem don miss great grief and great rage go arise. Pray now that you go be counted worthy to be called MY Son YAHUSHUA’S Bride. Pray that you will be counted worthy to escape di hour of temptation to take di Mark of di Beast.

Call unto ME now in YAHUSHUA's Name. I am a Heavenly Father wey no go cast out those wey listen to dis words and receive dem and obey dem. For MY Glory alone I don speak to you, so you no go fit say YAHUVEH did not warn you. There is but one intercessor, one ARK of safety and na di Name of YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH. As Noah was above di waters of MY wrath so believe and you also go be above MY wrath watching from Heaven safe from Tribulation. Di ones wey insist on testing ME and believing say I no go rescue MY Bride before di Tribulation, wey dey believe say I no go count anyone worthy to escape di hour of temptation, hope dey for you also. Believe say I go protect you as I take protect LOT and Obey ME and you go also see Heaven.

I warn you say, in that time you go walk by faith and not by sight more than any other time in history. No one wey dey lukewarm in faith go survive MY wrath. If you find am hard now to have faith, how much harder you go find am to believe say I go rescue you and yet di majority of faith go die and dem go willingly give their lives as a martyr, dem go prefer to die than to continue living by faith alone. they will be beheaded for wetin dem belief and go prefer death over suffering. Yet all those wey refuse di Mark of di Beast in di Tribulation shall be saved.
* * * * * * *
Spoken under the anointing of di RUACH ha KODESH, entrusted with this word, YAHUSHUA's Child, Warrior, Bride Pastor Sherrie Elijah(Elisheva Sherrie Eliyahu) 11/15/98 12:00 PM Sunday

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