Prophecy 23

Church of The Pretenders….
Let MY People Go !!!

Written under Di anointing of Di Holy Spirit,
thru Apostle Sherrie Elijah (Elisheva Sherrie Eliyahu)
August 26,1998

* * * * * * *

Precious YAHUSHUA, speak a word to your people dis day. You put a prophecy inside my Spirit wey you were going to speak to di wolves wey dey hide inside sheep skin and I ask in di name of YAHUSHUA, Make e come forth. Make e pursue di wolves away from your sheep in fear. I ask in di Name of YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH, make dem no hear my voice, but make dem hear your voice. I ask in di Name of YAHUSHUA, speak forth to your people now and no let one word come forth out of dis from di flesh. But make dem truly be of di RUACH ha KODESH. In YAHUSHUA's Name ...Amen

* * * * * * *
“ LET MY PEOPLE GO !” A new Prophecy dey come forth dis day. A warning to di wolves wey dey hide inside sheep skin that stand in di office of di Apostle, Prophet, Evangelist, Pastor and Teacher that are out to eat MY sheep to abuse and kill or to handicap dem, to control, deceive, or pursue them away. "LET MY PEOPLE GO!" As in di days of Moses, when I speak to di Evil Pharaoh and I said , "LET MY PEOPLE GO!" Na So I say unto you dis day, to di wolves wey dey pretend to be MINE, but dey no even know who I am! Those wey dey pretend to love ME and serve ME and quote MY Words, and yet dey no even know who I am. I say unto you dis day "LET MY PEOPLE GO!"

There are many wolves wey hide inside sheep skin, dem dey do miracles and signs and wonders. dem dey say dey do all dis miracles in MY Name. dem dey show dem for your television and radio stations and yet I tell you dis, no be by di power of MY RUACH ha KODESH dem dey do dis things. Na by di power of Hell itself. Do not be deceived. Do not be led astray. Becos di antichrist go do dis and so much more. Beware MY innocent children. There are those wey dey read dis now wey no go listen, but later you go remember all dis words wey I don speak. No be every person wey dey do signs, wonders and miracles be of ME. Counterfeit one dey always dey, remember that. Satan dey only copy di real anointing and gifts of MY RUACH ha KODESH.

But I command dis wolves dis day wey deceive MY sheep and lead dem astray with false doctrines, mind control, mind deception, mind manipulation, lying and deceiving spirits. "LET MY PEOPLE GO!" I am a God wey no go be mocked any longer. You have stolen their tithes and offerings. Wetin wey suppose dey Holy and I tell you dis now, you will be held responsible for everything wey you don do. Becos you don do dis things in di Name of YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH. You pretend to be MINE and yet your heart dey far from ME. So I tell you dis day, "Wolves wey dey hide inside sheep skin, judgment dey starts for di house of YAHUVEH, even for di church of di pretenders.

One last time "LET MY PEOPLE GO!" You don abuse MY sheep and MY lambs you wicked, evil shepherds, wolves in sheep's skin and wolves in sheep's mask. You beat dem unmercifully. You make dem think say you be god to be worshipped and adored and only you can hear from ME. You don lie to dem and dey even tell dem say dem be god, dem be little messiah. You dey twist MY Scriptures and lead dem astray. Di spirit of di pastor na di spirit of di church. You evil shepherds, you dey take MY Holy tithes and offerings and you dey make di people think say e dey go for redecoration or for a new building and you dey fill up your pockets with their gold and you think say dem get no right to know wetin e dey really go for. You don skin MY flock. You evil shepherds wey no dey teach right from wrong.

NO, OH NO, you fit lose your tithe or congregation if you speak di truth say unconfessed sin, unrepentance and not turning away from sin go lead to Hell. You no dey tell dem say, fornication dey lead to Hell if no turn away. You no teach dem say abortion na MURDER and dey lead to Hell if dem no repent from am. You no teach dem say homosexuality and adultery na sin and dey lead to Hell if dem no repent from am. You no teach dem be ye HOLY as I AM HOLY, no, you dey set yourself up for MY wrath. You dey fear to speak out against di government becos you dey fear of losing your tax exempt status. You no dey speak against other ministers wey dey lead di flock astray or they must be aware, becos that fit make others to turn on you. When you yoursef tell others to live Holy but you dey live like di devil yourself. You, wey think say I dey blind and I can't hear or see wetin you dey talk and how you dey mock ME and all wey dey Holy, BEWARE! For if you no REPENT I go come when you least expect am and you go only dey fit for MY WRATH!

"LET MY PEOPLE GO!" I go tell you dis one more time! "LET MY PEOPLE GO!" Before di ROD from Heaven come down and destroy you workers of evil and sin. Di Great God, 'I AM,' is not going to be mocked anymore. Church of di pretenders, BEWARE! Pastors of di church of di pretenders BEWARE! Apostles, Prophets, Teachers and Evangelists of di church of di pretenders, BEWARE DI ROD OF MY WRATH DEY COME! Turn away from evil. I no be religion; I am a relationship with your Creator and Savior. You preach am, now live like am. I am not a God to be mocked. NO LONGER WILL I BE MOCKED! You dey sit inside dis churches and you dey fill up dis chairs and yet you no even know ME. You dey stand behind di pulpits and hear MY Words and preach MY Word and close your ears. For you no even know ME. How can you lead others to ME and expect dem to stay saved, when you no even know ME? I say unto thee again, "LET MY PEOPLE GO!"

You are brutish and greedy pastors. una say make una no speak against each other. Una dey cover up di sin of one another, and yet you dey beat MY people unmercifully with your words, actions, unlove and unconcern. You have a double standard and when dem see a pastor in sin, or another in di ministry, they are to close their ears and eyes and dare not speak a word becos to do so as dem don hear; na sin to reveal di pastor sin. Judgment don start for di House of di Lord and with di spiritual leaders, even those wey dey pretend to be spiritual leaders and for those wey dey lead MY people astray, you are held responsible dis day.

Judgment don start for di House of YAHUVEH for di things wey you evil shepherds don do. OH I shall judge di heathen and I don begin to judge di heathen as I don pour out di plagues. But YOU, YOU, YOU, wey dey sit down there so righteously you wey dey claim to know MY Word. You wey dey quote MY Word, you wey say "In YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH's Name" and yet you no even know ME. "LET MY PEOPLE GO!" Dis day I dey forewarn you for great plagues go come upon you di one wey dis world never see before, like when I take separate di Israelites and di Egyptians, but dis time, dis time e no go only be di heathen that would be punished.

Dis time when dis new plague come forth e go come upon those wey don claim to be MINE and yet dem no know ME. Dem don steal di tithes and offerings. Dem claim to be MINE and yet dem no even know ME. Dem no even care. Dem don beat MY sheep and drive dem away and when dem no fit control dem dey close their mouths and dem beat dem into submission and drive dem away. Oh, come unto ME your Lord, your God, your Savior MY sheep and lambs for I am di only Good Shephard. I go treat your wounds, and I go give you rest.

Oh, Oh, Oh can you hear ME GRIEVE! I didn't do dis to you, MY Beloved. I didn't do dis to you MY Sheep, MY Lambs, MY Children, MY Bride! Oh di wolves go pay, for di ROD go come down upon di wolves in a mighty way dis day. I go show forth and I go expose di wolves and I go use dis vessel wey dey speak now and she go in MY power force di mask from your face and di sheep go see you for wetin you be. First you say you be a sheep and you put one mask on, but under that mask you get another mask and na di mask of di wolf. But I tell you under that mask di true face dey hide for it is di face of a demon wey dey speak all dis lies and e dey come out from dey very pit of Hell !

Oh, Oh, Oh I say unto you again before you become totally possessed by di demon, wolves wey dey hide inside sheep skin, get deliverance now. Admit wetin you don do before all of Heaven and earth RUN, RUN, RUN for I am di Lord God Almighty YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH wey you don use take play! You say you no be ministry and yet you dey pretend to minister or you dey claim to be a ministry and yet you dey skin MY flocks. I go be di one to chase you with MY ROD and I dey raise up an army of Elijah's and Jeremiah's and John the Baptist's and dem go come after you, in MY Name and in MY POWER for MY GLORY ALONE!

You say I no dey speak of judgment. You say I no dey speak of wrath. You put MY Holy Prophets down and you say, "Di RUACH ha KODESH (Holy Spirit) Oh, you poor dear, you dey lack!" But I say unto you evil ones dis day. I dey speak of judgment and I dey speak of wrath and YOU, YOU, YOU wey don speak in MY Name. YOU, YOU, YOU wey don abuse MY sheep and MY lambs you wey don abuse MY Bride, MY Little Babes in YAHUSHUA. YOU, YOU, YOU, YOU shall feel MY wrath in a mighty way as judgment go come down on you, dis very day.

Oh yes, you go learn a sorrowful lesson. Oh yes, you evil shepherds you go learn am well if you no repent dis very day. Dis na wetin I dey tell you. Dis is not a game wey you decided to play. You skin MY flock and led dem astray, but I go make you pay. Oh, you go pay. RUN WOLVES RUN! Run away from di thing wey you plan to do. Run away from wetin you don do, run away, REPENT! Get on your knees, and cry out for mercy for wetin you don do. Cry out for mercy that can still come. You silence MY true Prophets and Apostles. You say, "If dem no fit speak good and make you feel good, that if e no edify, and exhort, and build you up," you say, "NO, you no wan hear any prophecies from dem." You call dem false prophets and say, "Go Away!"

Truly di RUACH ha KODESH no dey speak forth from you today. Although say I send dem time and time again and WARN and WARN and WARN but you close your ears and you pretend like say I no even dey speak, yet for your heart you dey fear make other people no hear. How many you don lead astray. How many you don lie to? How many wey you don make dem believe say dem be god and dem stand before ME, and I had to say GO AWAY! na because of you, you evil leaders wey I go to say, "Depart from ME ye workers of inequity I never knew you and to Hell you're going to stay" You take MY Words and you twist am to mean di thing wey I no mean.

You evil leaders, you feed dem poison when instead MY Word na like Honey Comb, Sweet, oh, so sweet. E supposed to be pleasing and yet like strong meat. Di milk e supposed to be simple, even for di simplest babe and yet you turn am into poison with di lies wey you don speak. You teach dem say I no go come again. You tell dem since di time of Noah this has been said. Instead you teach dem to mock and you teach dem to laugh at everything wey MY RUACH ha KODESH dey do and everything that is said. You teach dem say abortion dey right and homosexuals are love and say I no go judge dis sin, but you no fit see say na ME alone dey pure and Holy and that di abomination dey come from below and no be from above. Na true say, I love di sinner. na true say, I hate di sin. Na ABOMINATION for MY EYES and everyone wey dey listen can hear MY RUACH ha KODESH (Holy Spirit) inside.

OH! HEAR ME! OH, HEAR ME! OH, HEAR ME, una wey be preachers and leaders wey don lead MY flock astray. OH! HEAR ME! OH! HEAR ME! OH, HEAR ME, wolves get away from MY flocks dis day or I go strike you down in your prime. I go strike you down in your pulpits. There are going to be deaths. Among those wey don dare to defy ME dis day. I go expose your secret sins in a greater way if you think say you don see am thus far; just wait becos I just dey start. You wey dey unequally yoked I say unto you dis day. LISTEN CLOSELY,open your ears to every word I say. Oh, there are so many marriages wey I no ordain. There are so many marriages and for MY eyes I tell you dis, I no go fit bear di stain of di sin wey cover MY Bride becos na dem be di ones wey don do dis. I tell you dis, listen closely to wetin I am about to say.

I speak unto di heathen wey dem dey married to, wey dey cover dem with every kind of perversion, evil, guilt, and sin. LET MY BRIDE GO! You don contaminate her with SEXUAL SIN! You dey out there sleeping around and then you come to her. I tell you dis; you husbands who have been led astray. I tell you dis, those wey get husbands wey don go sleeping around. Satan dey find how to corrupt MY Bride, something wey suppose to be Spotless and White, and I tell you dis right now. I NO GO TOLERATE DIS ANYMORE! I tell you dis right now; I NO GO TOLERATE DIS ANYMORE! I dey take MY Sword and I dey divide marriages. Those wey dey Godly go stand; those wey no dey Godly go fall. I no dey for Divorce na only more bondage e be.

I come to set MY children free and that na wetin exactly e go be. Oh, you wey claim to be MINE and dey married to Godly women, and yet you dey browse di internet for sin and porn. You corrupt your eyes, and you commit adultery with your spirit and soul and yet you think say no one is going to know. Well, I get news for you and believe ME I dey tell you and na true for I am a God that cannot lie for dis sin if you no repent, YOU ARE GOING TO DIE for you have contaminated MY Bride. Marriage dey supposed to be Holy. Abi you no understand? Marriage dey supposed to be Holy. Na between a woman and a man. Di marriage bed dey supposed to be Holy becos it represents di Oneness in ME.

For when you are together, truly Mind, Body, Spirit and Soul then you are one with ME and di Holy Trinity. But how can you be one with a person wey dey go sleeping around? How can you be one wey him mind dey think of every kind of sin? How can you be one wey hate MY very Name? Oh, I tell you dis and I go make am very plain. I no go any longer tolerate MY Bride to be contaminated by sexual sin. I no go any longer tolerate dis and you better take all dis words seriously, becos you see, I no be God wey dem dey use take joke and you know MY very voice and I tell you dis, whether you be di husband or di wife, you no dey betray dem you dey betray YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH. Especially una wey be so called Christian husbands wey dey claim to be MINE and yet MY Spirit you no fit hear and your spiritual eyes dey blind. No be that husband you just don betray and no be that wife you just don betray. I tell you dis ONCE AGAIN YOU DON BETRAY YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH! I go hold you up to open SHAME. na just di beginning when di President of dis nation go before di people and say, "Although I have done wrong, no be any of your business" and di people agree.

Well, I tell you dis, dis day. Na di Lord God Almighty business for I warn you dis day. Church of di pretenders listen closely to wetin I say. Even if you pretend to be MINE, even if you pretend like di leader of dis nation dey pretend to be MINE I go hold you up to open shame as I don do to dis leader and I go do am again. You wey claim to be MINE, you dey sneak behind your husband or your wife back and dey go into adulterous relationships and sexual sin and lust, you have no lack. But I tell you dis when you dey in di very act of adultery di very next time, remember dis, di very breath you breathe, di very next heartbeat na MINE, you no go know which day or time. I go let di husband or wife know exactly wetin you dey do. Di world go shake their head and dem no go understand why PROSTATE CANCER dey so common in man. But I go show exactly wetin I think of sex sin and I go show and you have been warned dis day say, you are held responsible for wetin you now know.

You better REPENT and fall on your face and knees and you better REPENT no be only before your Almighty Lord YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH and I go forgive you today, but then you must confess to di husband or wife wey you don offend and betrayed. For I tell you dis, I am not going to be mocked, no not another day. Maybe you dey in di very act of adultery and think say you get away with am. But I tell you dis; I di Lord God go drop you DEAD and you no know when I go do am and you go slide on your own SPERM right into HELL! I dey tell you dis for I am a God of Mercy, make you listen and make you listen well. Wetin you don learn, na "OH well, I am just a man. I can do whatever I want as long as my wife no see am then all is well."

But you forget say you have a Heavenly Father even if you dey pretend to be MINE, I know you, Oh so well and una wey be so called Christian women wey dey claim to be MINE are no better. You dey slip away how many days and you dey think as long as my husband no know then everything is all right. But I tell you dis day, I dey hold you into account and you too no know when I go take your Life. You too will be plagued with cancers and there shall be no cure. Take ME for MY Word becos all dis words wey you know say you hear be of MY RUACH ha KODESH and fear don come upon you. becos you know who I dey speak to. Na YOU and YOU and YOU! You fit pass all di laws wey you want, and try make you say same sex marriage dey Holy.

But, OH, all dis states wey dey pass dis law go regret am, because I will not be mocked. For di institution of marriage was set up to be Holy. E symbolize di unity of di Father, Son and Holy Ghost. We are ONE and when you marry, you are ONE. If you marry a heathen there go be always a struggle whether na lightness dey try to take over darkness, or na darkness dey try to take over lightness. But I don hear di cries of MY children wey dey for unequally yoked bondage and I dey tell you dis day, thru dis Prophet Sherrie Elijah(Elisheva Sherrie Eliyahu), wey I dey speak am forth in a mighty way! I AM GOING TO REQUIRE DI LIFE OF DI ONE WEY CONTINUE TO CONTAMINATE MY BRIDE OF YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH! MY Children, those wey truly know ME you are to live in dis world and yet make you no become like dis world. Be ye Holy as I am Holy, live Holy, talk Holy, think Holy and act HOLY! Separate from everything wey dey unholy. Unholiness should no have a place in you. Children pray in di Name of YAHUSHUA for I go set you FREE. Then have faith say it is done and just believe.
* * * * * * *
As e take speak, na so e take write am under anointing of di RUACH ha KODESH 8/26/98 10:42 am. To this Child, Warrior, Bride, Handmaiden
Apostle Sherrie Elijah.(Elisheva Sherrie Eliyahu)
* * * * * * *