Prophecy 22

Beloved, no Become Your Own Worst Enemies!

Spoken and written under Di anointing of Di Holy Spirit
thru Pastor Apostle Sherrie Elijah (Elisheva Sherrie Eliyahu)
August 7, 1998

* * * * * * *

Elisabeth (Elisheva)All of us na sinners saved by grace and mercy and if dis no be true why be say we need a Savior? Na di accuser of di brethren wey dey accuse you na him dey put dis guilty feeling on you. I hear di Lord dey say to you, MY Sons and Daughters you don become your own worst enemy! To judge yoursef no be your job but your Heavenly Father job. Stop telling ME wetin I don forgive and wetin I no go fit forgive, repent of di past and those sins I don dump am into di sea of forgetfulness. MY Blood washed those sins away long ago. Your sin dey as far away as di east take dey far from di west. As for di thing wey you dey think recently, and transgressions , di greatest na di beating wey you don give someone wey I love far more than you can dare dream or understand. Someone wey I Shed MY Blood for and gave MY Life for and for still give my life and Blood if that person been di only one wey exist. Someone wey I was beaten beyond recognition for. That someone na you. Now stop trying to tell ME say I make mistake when I chose you. Are you trying to tell ME MY business? Are you trying to tell ME say I make junk?

Abi you dey try to tell ME say you know more than Almighty God your Lord and Savior? or you dey try to tell ME say I make mistakes? Are you trying to tell ME say di Blood wey I Shed no dey enof to wash you completely clean. Why would you try to take your own life wey no be yours to take? Why would you even consider trying to rob ME of di joy of proving say no be di proud I dey choose to speak for ME in dis world, na di humble. na those wey feel unworthy wey make demsef worthy by knowing dis. You know dis; I dey only remind you of wetin you know. I no dey choose those filled with their own strength, but na di weakest becos then di weak are made strong thru YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH alone. You can do anything in YAHUSHUA Name. I no make any mistake when I choose you to speak in MY Name, I am Almighty God and I no dey make mistakes. How long must I say dis to you? When will you listen to ME? I chose you and I know which kain material you are made of and yes even di transgressions wey go tempt you before you were even born.

I know which demons you go wrestle even before satan send dem. I also know say MY grace dey sufficient in all things. I also know, as Shaul (Paul) take talk am, "Di harder MY son you try to please ME di more satan go send his demons to attack." But be on guard against dis attacks. no put yoursef for di position to give in to dis attacks. Use di wisdom of di RUACH ha KODESH wey I don give you. You know wetin I dey speak of, if not ask ME, for dis Prophet wey dey speak to you don feel all of dis things in different ways. All MY true Prophets, even in biblical times, felt unworthy. If you no feel like so, then I see you unusable if you think say you can do well without ME.

Hear ME MY Beloved Sons and Daughters. Stop trying to kill wetin I don give life and life more abundantly. Stop receiving di spirit of insanity. Those wey dey judge you as crazy no understand wetin I don speak and show you. For MY purpose I chose you. Dis no be a tug of war. I GO WIN and you go lose if you continue to doubt wetin you know to be true. You have been warned because I LOVE YOU! I have called you and there are those wey think say you dey craze for believing say I speak to you and show you things wey others no see. Di only thing crazy about you, is believing say I dey punish you for sins wey I don long forget and forgiven. Only satan and you dey go fishing for there, not your Savior. Stop trying to wash clothes wey dey already clean. Abi you no think say MY Blood dey enof? You dey Preach am, now make you Believe am!

I get many more things to say to you and I shall, but for now make you digest wetin I don tell you becos na truth. I don give you MY Armor to stand, MY Word to stand, MY Blood to cleanse you and MY Name and Blood to heal and chase di demons away wey dey torment your mind and body and Spirit. Now satan dey fear dis power becos I don give you di anointing to pray. Why are you not believing wetin you dey pray? Do you think I am deaf? Do you think MY hand too short to deliver you? Do you think MY Blood, MY Name, my Word and armor NO dey enof? You, MY Darling Beloved, don anger ME for not believing wetin I don speak.

Now you know dis to be truth, so hold on tight and stop watching di waves on di troubled seas of your life, for dis na why you dey drown in depression and sinful thoughts some times. Instead keep your eyes on ME your Lord and Savior YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH and come and let's walk on di water together. You dey smart enough to know say I no mean physically but spiritually. Come take MY hand and believe and make you no doubt. Leave your past behind you once and for all. Put your hand to di plow and labor in MY harvest field and no look back.

One last thing, you dey seek reassurance from some wey you don go look for and how can they help you? To remove di splinter from your eye they must first remove the log wey dey for their own lives. In dis world you go have tribulation. Yes, but I don overcome dis world. NOW BELIEVE AM! As I speak all dis words to MY Handmaiden Sherrie Elijah (Elisheva Sherrie Eliyahu) say unto you now, again Preach am, Teach am and Believe am. Do I need to say more? Stop to surround yoursef with JOB comforters, just like JOB they no help him they only hindered him and made him fight for di faith wey he believed in and made him defend his God. Dis dey happen to you also. I give one more warning and take am as I talk am if you die by your own hand, you go appear before an angry JEHOVAH (YAHUVEH). So stop trying to kill and destroy wetin I don bless. You have been warned; stop being your own worst enemy.

For you have been doing satan's job and he sits back and laughs. Now na your turn to laugh again at satan. Not in your strength, not in your power, not in your anointing or name, but in di Name above all NAMES, YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH of Calvary and Nazareth and Almighty God YAHUVEH wey dey use di earth for a footstool. You be MY beloved children wey I treasure both as Sons and Daughters, Warriors, and Bride. I am coming again. You go believe that again? You go believe say I be a rewarder to those wey don give their all for ME? I have MY rewards with ME and di rewards get your name on dem Abi you really choose Make I give your reward to another person?

I don choose you but di time dey short, no more time for self pity. Pity for di people wey no dey ready for MY coming. Pity for di people wey no believe say I go provide for them in di Great Tribulation and save dem from di great wrath that is to come. Pity for those wey think say dem dey saved because of a religion and not a relationship with ME. Self pity na one of your greatest enemies; rebuke am today in MY Name. Get back to feeding MY sheep as I don command you to do. Dis day you don hear MY voice, now obey am. Spoken dis day by another Prophet, Sherrie Elijah (Elisheva Sherrie Eliyahu), wey don feel all of these things herself. But she know say faith na fact no be feeling. All of una get busy and feed MY sheep and PREPARE MY BRIDE ! Help my Bride to be without stain and wrinkle garment by proclaiming di thing wey dey make satan shake with fear.

Becos di truth be say YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH Name na Victory and I dey come again to prove am! Shout am from di internet; Shout am from di Housetops. Proclaim am in di streets and churches, radio and television YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH dey on di way! Gabriel don Blow his Trumpet! Di sound waves have been blocked becos of di raging battle wey dey go on in di Heavenlies now. Michael and satan and di angelic hosts dey fight, good against evil, but good dey always win. Some people dey wey don hear di shofar horn and those wey never hear am. Yet I tell you I don give di warning to those wey don hear di sound of di horn, even though say Gabriel horn na only few people don hear am so far, it was only to prepare MY Bride becos her Groom dey come! Make you no worry becos you no hear di sound of di shofar horn of Gabriel yet for it is yet for an appointed time. Even the sound waves can only be blocked for an appointed time. Abi Am I not di one wey know how far Heaven dey from di earth? Even di calculations of dis I don already preordain am. Quickly do wetin I don ordain and called you to do.

Much love, in YAHUSHUA, a Handmaiden, Child, Warrior, Bride, Prophet
Sherrie Elijah(Elisheva Sherrie Eliyahu) August 7, 1998)
* * * * * * *