Prophecy 19


Given to Rev. Sherrie Elijah on April 10, 1998

* * * * * * *

Thus saith YAHUVEH, "MY Beloved, wey I treasure like no other treasure wey dey dis earth. I dey see your pain. na deep wracking pain becos people no understand you. How can people wey no be of MY Spirit feel your pain or even see wetin I don show you or tell you? Abi dem for no also say John the Baptist dey craze? Dem for no look for how to tranquilize am becos of his behavior and even Elijah, Jeremiah and all MY Prophets? Think about wetin go make dis modern day world wey dey shut out di voice of Almighty YAHUVEH go do with these Prophets of old?

You be like a Jonah being sent to Ninevah and how few don listen or hear MY warnings. But dem go see as wetin I don speak thru you go come to pass. No think say e dey strange about those wey you think say are saved, are they truly saved? Do you really know their heart, di people wey dey inflict dis big open wounds inside your soul? No be ME send them to torment you becos you be MY Beloved Treasure.

Make you no lean unto your own understanding but acknowledge ME and I go direct your paths. Make you no trust anybodi except those wey you know say you can hear MY voice from. Make you no do anything unless I give you perfect peace wey pass all understanding. I  never forsake you and I will never. I am your first love; all others na second to the Almighty GOD YAHUVEH wey you dey serve. Continue to  tell dem of MY mercies and love but also warn dem of MY wrath and vengeance and MY coming doom. If dem no turn from their wicked ways and apply di Blood Shed for them at Calvary, washing away every smell of sin and turning away from di sins.

Dis evil things wey you dey use as survival but I go deliver you from anything wey you feel say you need to bring you peace and comfort becos I am all you need. I YAHUVEH dey sufficient in all things. But everything get time and season and I no go put upon you more than you can handle. Yes MY Beloved, you don suffer for MY NAME sake. Yes dem dey even call you mentally ill but those wey call you dis names are spiritually ill. You dey weep but dis weeping na MY tears. You dey sigh but na MY sighing. You dey sorrow but na MY sorrow. Those wey say dem love you no know di true meaning of love or dem for understand this. Make you no judge dem too harsh becos dem dey do di best wey dem fit do with di spirits wey dey inside of dem.

Dis too go pass even though e be like say di rivers of despair dey overflow, MY Beloved. This too go pass. You go rejoice once again. Your life is not over. E just dey begin. Miracles are just around di corner. Why you think say satan dey tell you to give up now. You don fight for dis long make you no give up now. 

* * * * * * *

Given to Pastor Apostle Sherrie Elijah from YAHUVEH.
April 10,1998

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