Prophecy 14

Repent America, di Blood is on Your Hands!

Given to Rev. Sherrie Elijah on April 10, 1993

* * * * * * *

Taxpayers beware, di blood of di unborn babies go be on all Christian and non-Christian hands, if Clinton succeed in passing federally paid abortions. All those wey get ears to listen -- hear, all others make una remain deaf. You wey no go ever murder your own babies will be committing murderous abortions, by allowing di government to use your tax dollars to pay for dis very evil crime against YAHUVEH and Man. You no go only dey pay for one abortion, one murder, but millions upon millions of babies go die, and with di money wey I give you to prosper you. 

Dis innocent blood go dey on all of una hands. Di wrath go fall on dis nation and di world raw and you MY People go don get ME angry by remaining silent. Beware I no just be only a God of love, but I am a God of mighty wrath when angered. Start protesting now. Let your voices be heard. Stand up for wetin you know is right, now before it's too late. Clinton accepts homosexuality in di armed services. He wants you to support dis sinful lifestyle. 

You MY children, you di taxpayers go dey allow am by paying their salaries, and by doing dis I no go any longer bless America. America will never win another world war again, na only becos of MY grace, wey make you never  lost dis country all dis time. All those wey get ears to hear, listen, all others make una remain deaf. 

Una wey dey called by MY Name (Christians) have done little to nothing, to stop dis holocaust on di unborn.(abortion) You pray to your God to stop dis, but you yourself dey do little else. Na only few dey lay their reputations, freedom, finances and lives down. All dis na MY children Wey I dey proud of, and great will be their blessings in heaven. Abi MY Word no say, "Greater love hath no man than one who lays their life down for another?" Dis na di ones wey no go get abortion blood on their hands becos dem do more than talk. Dem put action behind their protests. 

Faith without works is dead. When MY children come home to heaven, You wan make all di unborn babies come to you and ask you why your moni pay for their deaths? Why you no try harder to stop di abortions, to tell di government, No? YAHUVEH's people get more power in YAHUSHUA (Jesus) than di heathens and their false gods. Prove am, by rising up in MY Name. Let di government know enough is enough. My Children, see dis vision of clean hands, now see di hands blood soaked, now see di hands dey fling di blood off. 

If your hands dey soaked in di anointing of di RUACH ha KODESH (Holy Spirit) and you put action, finances behind dis prayers and you warn di people, protest to di government and refuse to allow your money to go for di executions of innocent babies. Then you too no go get di blood of di innocent babies on your hands. Di more you protest and pray, di less di blood will be on your hands. Those wey get ears to hear listen, all others make una remain deaf. 

Let di White House know say MY people no go accept di blood of di innocent babies on their hands, and also you no go accept di bad smell of di sins of homosexuals, and you refuse to pay for armed services wey go accept homosexuals and their lifestyles. Make you no allow di public schools to teach di damnable lie wey go corrupt di youth of dis nation, sending millions into Hell. 

Homosexuality is in di minority (few) for now but e no go continue to be like that, if dem teach dis thing as an acceptable lifestyle in schools, be careful again. Taxpayers, you dey pay for dis schools and dis sin go again dey for your hands if you no rise up now and put action behind your prayers. America was given to MY people; take back wetin di heathen have stolen before e go too late. (Genesis 19:1-28) Greater is he that is in you than he that is in the world. 

Rise up, speak up, and prove it now ! MY Word says, "Give unto Caesar wetin belong to Caesar" but truly I say Caesar no do di  unspeakable things wey Clinton dey try to do. Truly I say even Sodom and Gomorrah would have been better off than America. Dis nation, America, wey I set apart by MY hand, so that you go dey free to worship and honor your God YAHUVEH. How can you ask ME to bless America? When will America again bless ME? 

You MY children by remaining silent you dey accept di act of di heathens, while di government, becos of a few people dey decree say no God in school, no bibles, no prayer; and you allow am and now you wonder why di public school systems and di youth seem to be accursed.(so evil) How can you ask ME to bless, wetin di people say no be MINE. Take back di schools in MY Name and take your children out of dis dens of iniquities. For without MY Light, MY Presence, MY Truth, dis dens go only get darker and di children also. Dem (di public schools) dey quickly become di dens for di antichrist and your silence and tax dollars dey support dem. Those wey get ears to hear, listen, those wey no get ear make dem  remain deaf. 

Before wey Christians dey get thrown to di lions, murdered, tortured and yet dem still stand up for YAHUVEH. Great na their reward for heaven. Now MY children those wey dey called by MY Name (Christians) dem dey refuse to rise up, stand up and tell di devil and di heathen to shut up in MY Name ! Dem dey fear to loose their jobs, or reputations, Dem forget say na their God wey give dem those jobs and promotions , and I  fit easily take am away. Christians dey fear to offend di heathens or their false gods instead dem go rather face an angry YAHUVEH di Father. Woe unto MY rebellious children when I say, " Rise up, speak up, tell di devil to shut up and his heathen children," and MY children say, "But Lord I am afraid" truly I say I go chasten those wey I love to di point of correction, giving dem someone to fear, ME. 

You MY children don remain di silent majority for too long. You have your Heavenly Father's power inside you; use am take defeat di enemy. You must start somewhere, so sign petitions; take dem  everywhere you go, churches, mall, employment, go door to door, there is power in great numbers, PROTEST, PROTEST, PROTEST! Till di enemy  fears you coming, for no be by your might, your power, but by MY Spirit, you go be victorious -- taking back everything wey di enemy don steal -- use MY Might, MY Power, MY Wisdom and you go overcome, let Clinton and di heathens hear di roar of di Lion of Judah and hear di roar of di Lion of Judah's children. 

Roar loudly until Clinton and di heathen wey dey for White House go recognize say you MY people get more than a form of godliness, you get godliness inside you. 'Devil beware, if MY people who are called by MY Name (Christian) go humble demselves, fall on their faces, before their Father YAHUVEH, I go heal their land.' Di dung hills (na where dem dey troway dirty) no dey smell when e dey inside your  neighbor compound. You look, shake your head, and say that na  my neighbor problem, it's terrible, but no be my responsibility. 

But now I say unto you, di dung hills  dey inside your compound now, e dey for front of your yard for everybody to see and now na your responsibility to clean am up. Becos you be taxpayer, you MY children must protest. Di innocent unborn no get voices or screams to take protest but your own, no one dey hear dem cry but ME. Let Clinton and di heathen hear your cries of outrage. You no think say if YAHUSHUA still dey walk dis earth right now he go protest. Where MY children dey who have been given di Spirits of Jeremiah, or John di Baptist? 

Come out MY children wey get di Spirit of di Living God inside, all those wey know, and have di power of di RUACH ha KODESH, come out all those wey know say you are more than a conqueror in YAHUSHUA's Name. Come out, you wey know wetin dey right and wetin dey wrong. Come out you wey understand. Di government wey dey seek to give free abortions to di  poor and also di majority of dem na Spanish or black dey only attempt to commit genocide on those wey no go fit save demselves. 

I created all life. All life dey precious for MY eyes, rise up, speak up, and show di heathen say all life dey precious for your eyes. Di poor no realize say di government dey do genocide. E dey cheap to pay to tear a baby out from their mother's womb, and pretend like say na for di best of di mother, instead di real reason na becos di government no wan pay  for 18 years expenses for that poor mother and child. Di poor must wake up and realize say dem dey only exploit dem. How long before di poor go become forced to get abortions? 

WAKE UP! How long before di government go force Christians to get abortions? Never could happen? Dem don already do am to di Jewish people. Hitler almost wiped out an entire race of people. Who be next? What race? What age? Now dem dey say kill di elderly, dem don live pass di time of usefulness. Di unborn never ever lived so e no matter? E matters to ME, di Great God of all Creation charge you, no stay di silent majority anymore. 

Wake up MY People. You don slumber for too long. Di nightmares just dey begin. Di  dung hills dey for inside your compound now, together we can clean it up. One voice alone dey hard to hear, but millions of voices joined together, in one Spirit, in one name, Di Name of YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH, not only will di world hear but all of Hell go hear also. Come out  MY children, rise up, speak up, tell di heathen and devils to shut up in YAHUSHUA's Name and you have di power, use it wisely for MY Glory and di sake of all mankind. 

There are those wey dey call demselves by MY Name wey no belong to ME ever, Dem no belong to MY RUACH ha KODESH, although dis false prophets wey dey pretend to be my sheep dey si down in di churches you go recognize dem for wetin dem be, spawn of di devil, Dem go allow di lie of di devil wey say abortion no be murder, homosexuality no dey wrong. See dem for wetin dem be, becos dem dey say dis things in YAHUSHUA's Name, yet there is no RUACH ha KODESH in dem. Beware of dem! Those wey get ears to hear, listen, all others remain deaf.

* * * * * * *

Na so YAHUVEH take speak on 4-10-93, e give am to dis broken vessel of clay and Mighty Warrior in YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH, Sherrie Elijah. Those wey get ears to hear "Listen" all others remain deaf !

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