Prophecy 135

Circumcision and di Abrahamic Covenant

She speak am under di anointing of di RUACH ha KODESH
thru Apostle Elisabeth (Elisheva) Elijahon November 27, 2016

Jus be at peace MY Children for you dey in di palm of MY hand, you dey under di shelter of MY wings. All of dis young men dey circumcised in di heart and now dey wan to follow and make a new covenant with ME as Abraham take do. Why, why, why, I go allow anything to go wrong for your hands dey anointed Ezra.

Oh MY son Ezra I go bless everything wey your hand touch, every instrument wey you use pray a blessing upon am – remind each son say YAH dey pleased with dem becos dey prove their love in another way as dem come under another covenant, a new covenant becos dem don already get di Blood Covenant of YAHUSHUA.

Ezra you go make di video and na like as you don talk say you dey there as a father, di spiritual father – di head of di Ministry to be with your sons before dem enter into surgery and jus like dem take follow with di head covering, look how dem dey already dey follow with di circumcision. Make you jus talk di words wey dem go understand Ezra. Make am simple enough so that small pikin go fit understand for dis na di rules wey I don always dey give Elisheva.

And Ezra when you make dis circumcision video, make you let all those wey dey listen, wey no fit dey there for you to lay hands on dem and give dis special blessing, to know dis. As dem obey ME and enter into dis Abraham Covenant e go be as if dem dey stand there.

Encourage dem to write di Ministry, for all those wey dey circumcised in heart and circumcised in flesh, under di new Blood Covenant of YAHUSHUA and ME, YAHUVEH'S Abraham Covenant, that na a double blessing! To those wey go receive dis na a double Anointing!

You no dey say circumcision go save anbody, for those wey go attack. You go always teach say na only di Name and di Blood of YAHUSHUA be di remission for sins. But di Abraham Covenant, dey take am a step further, e dey say “I wan to do everything wey YOU don command for me to do ABBA YAH”, as di young men and di old men  wey belong to ME dey talk.

Only dis. I go send forth MY Children, some wey no even know yet say dem be MY children, from di 4 corners of di earth, to hear of dis Ministry, whether na by word of mouth, social media, or by computer, I tell you dis, dem go come!

You dey please ME Ezra and when you return you go teach on circumcision (Genesis 17:1-27) and one by one di children wey no really be children but young men becos e go be di other young men wey go follow their example when dem don heal and dem go explain di reason why dem want to be under di Abrahamic Covenant also and you Ezra go do a teaching on it as I say and Adam’s video go dey there becos people jus no understand why e dey necessary when dem already dey under di Blood of YAHUSHUA.

then came di circumcision of di flesh in obedience to MY Laws so you go fit dey under di Abraham Covenant (Genesis 17:1-27) you sacrifice your flesh – you were willing to go thru di pain wey be for only small time and even when you see di blood remember dis no be jus Abraham Covenant but dis na a reminder of di Blood that was shed for you at Calvary

MY son I say well done! I dey so pleased with you! For teaching di Abraham covenant

(Genesis 17:1-27). I dey so pleased with you. For now all of dem go walk in a new anointing. They were willing to suffer di pain of di flesh to obey di spirit and I dey so pleased with dem. Dis go for everyone wey don follow di example of one another as you led di way and with di teaching. Now you must teach everyone at Amightywind.

Again each one of di children go walk in a stronger anointing di ones wey dey with you there now wey recently get circumcised and that again goes for everybody, everybody, everybody wey jus newly get circumcised. You see for hospital e been be policy say a child go circumcised – like say na something wey dey happen, e no get nothing to do with Holiness and then di rules come change becos satan no want dem to walk in that new covenant just as surely as he no want dem to walk in di new blood covenant of YAHUSHUA but you go make sure to speak di importance and even share di testimony of how di demons flee and e go make am even easier to obey ME, I YAHUVEH and MY SON YAHUSHUA and IMMAYAH di sweet RUACH HA KODESH.

I dey so pleased with you son for di responsibility wey you don take and you do am for all those that were circumcised and MY beloved son I wan make you take di time to tell di Polish congregation how important e be and how please I YAHUVEH dey, that dem now dey under di Abrahamic Covenant for MY timing, son you  go put together that video and teach on dis di importance of am for it was not you Elisheva that supposed to teach on dis. No be you Elisheva that supposed to teach di Torah. You don do wetin you were told to do. You just had to wait for Ezra to come to fulfil and help complete wetin I want to be done!

Elisheva come ask: Is there anything else ABBA YAH?

ABBA YAHUVEH Dis na di way YOU dey make me to pray right now for peace, peace, peace, peace on all dis young ones and peace . I jus wan make you know say I jus keep hearing again and again how pleased YAH dey with you. HE jus keep telling me to tell you how please HE dey with you, how much HE loves you, how you dey lead all dis young men and even by di hand YAH go lead your hand becos you are their Dad, their spiritual Dad and HE dey use you just as surely as like you take talk and you must tell dem  say YAH says exactly wetin you tell me remind dem say na di father dey hold di baby, dis go comfort dem. And just pray over each one of dem YAH say pray for peace for each one. I just see vision and YAHUSHUA go stand right near each one of dem, each one of dem as dem  lie down for that table. YAHUSHUA dey tell me to reassure dem say HE go stand near each one of dem.

I love all of dem even more than you love dem, and I no go allow any harm to come to dem especially your husband Ezra.. I ABBA YAHUVEH and I YAHUSHUA and I IMMAYAH remind you WE love you – all of you, all of OUR sons and all of OUR daughters , remember to keep dem in prayer, for I have release legions of Holy angels to protect you, and to protect all of una.

So continue calling forth di translators ( di Hebrew translators ) ! So you can feed dem. So you can nurture dem. Di International Bride of YAHUSHUA dey scattered in di 4 corners of di earth and also di guests wey go be at di Marriage supper of di LAMB.

Dis na everything I get to say to you.

End of prophecy given by Elisheva Eliyahu

As YAH take speak am nain HE take write am thru YAHUSHUA pikin, warrior, Bride for Hanukkah 2005Elisabeth {Elisheva} Elijah {Eliyahu}

End of Word

Elisabeth say: Thank YOU. That na all I hear! Praise YAHUSHUA, ABBA YAHUVEH! HalleluYah precious RUACH HA KODESH! Thank YOU. Thank YOU. Thank YOU.

* * * * * * *