ME YAHUSHUA Dey Take You to a New Elevation of Your Faith!

Dis na Lost and found Prophecy!

Speak am under di anointing of di RUACH ha KODESH
thru Apostle Elisabeth (Elisheva) Elijahon Hanukkah December 11, 2008

Now, MY children I dey take your faith to a new level. See yoursef for elevator. See yoursef where you fest start and di closer you dey get to Heaven I dey take you to a new floor, a new elevation of your faith. I dey teach each of una. I be your personal Teacher. Each one of una get MY ear, get MY eye. All you supposed do na to surrender your lives to ME and say, “I no wan to do dis my way.”

I know every fear wey you get. You no go fit hide dem from ME so make you jus as well confess dem so I can remove those fears. There is no shame in fear unless e stop you from doing wetin I don tell you to do. There is no shame in sorrow, unless e stop you from doing wetin I don tell you to do.

I don give all of una work to do. You dey call am “work”. I dey call am a “calling”. But I don lay out di plans as a blueprint for your life. Some of una no go fit see di blueprint clearly yet. E go take an expert to read a blueprint. But thru your faith you go read that blueprint. Thru your faith you go hear MY voice. Thru your faith you go see thru MY eyes. Becos there is not one sacrifice wey you do unto MY Glory as e dey found pleasing unto ME as a sweet perfume to MY nose. You will be rewarded. Dis reward go follow you to Heaven.

There are those wey go only enter Heaven with their last dying breath. But MY Bride una no dey counted amongst those ones. You have rewards wey dey follow you, becos you dey serve ME so faithfully.

Dis Hanukkah you dey rejoice as you don learn, say na when i dey my mama belle. Am I not your YAHUSHUA, your MASHIACH, your GUIDING LIGHT?

Di Orthodox Jews dey celebrate di Festival of Light and no even understand say dem dey celebrate who I be. You tell dem Elisabeth. Let dis Ministry shout am loud and clear! it was more than an oil lamp wey no turn off. I be that living oil lamp! I be di living oil! And no man can take MY life! I willingly lay am down and I pick am back up and live again.

I don give you di revelation, dis ministry don speak am forth and go continue to speak am forth. I dey honored say you wan to celebrate MY birthday on dis earth and I tell you say that na at di time of Sukkot. Teach dem.

I raise up di YDS’s, di ones wey dey carry MY Name, YAHUSHUA’s Demon Stompers. Becos say na di internet you no go fit say di reason why but you are to call dem to an assembly of prayer, especially covering you di Prophet with protective prayers.

Oh MY darling ones! Put your faith in ME. Allow ME to stretch you in ways wey e never happen to you before.

Oh how much I love you ! Oh how much I desire for MY Bride! Even if I offer you a billion dollar palace for dis earth and if you get di choice, you go say, “YOU can keep am YAHUSHUA! I jus want my Heavenly palace to see YOUR face, to walk on di streets of gold, to be surrounded by Holiness.”

Hang on MY children! Hang on MY children for jus a little while! Hang on MY babies! Hang on MY Bride! E no go be long now you go be by MY side! Jus do wetin I don call you to do for di time is shorter than short! Keep feeding MY sheep and lambs so that dem no go wander off.

All of una I tell you dis, make you no fall into di sin of assumption and assuming say you know wetin I dey do.

There is one thing you go know, di plans I don make for you na only for your good and I no go let evil touch you.

I don already tell you, anoint di house, no be only inside but outside and anoint di driveway. Take dis seriously; no take am for granted di anointing of di house. Dis must never stop! Dis na a weapon given to you. Dis dey block di enemy out. Pour small oil on di driveway. dis na new teaching wey I give unto you and ask for MY legions of Holy angels to surround and guard di house.

Adam, continue to feed MY sheep and lambs becos Poland na wildfire wey no go never turn off. Only when you get to Heaven Adam you go see how much your hard work don pay off, as one Polish person after another go personally come and tell you. Adam, oh Adam, you are so pleasing unto ME. And I guard your love Adam, oh so jealously. Kathrynyah, oh, Kathrynyah, you are so pleasing unto ME and I guard our time together so jealously.

So it is spoken and written thru YAHUSHUA child, warrior, Bride Hanukkah 2005
Elisabeth {Elisheva} Elijah {Eliyahu}

End of Word

Elisabeth: Say Thank YOU. That na everything wey I hear! Praise YAHUSHUA, ABBA YAHUVEH! HalleluYah precious RUACH HA KODESH! Thank YOU. Thank YOU. Thank YOU.

* * * * * * *