Prophecy 133
Prophetic Starving Baby Dream!

Dis word come dem write am as e come out under di Anointing of di HOLY SPIRIT (RUACH HA KODESH)
Thru Apostle & Prophet Elisheva Eliyahu

A prophet dey see things before dem happen. YAH dey always warn thru HIS true Prophets. And I dream dis dream, a very clear dream, wey YAH dey tell me to warn [with], and di reason wey I dey share dis no be to cause fear, but instead to ask your prayers so that dis dream NO GO come to pass! At di time wey I dream dis dream [2001]… e dey URGENT and e look like e go happen for America. We wey believe in YAHUSHUA, we have a powerful ‘military protection’ wey dey come straight from Heaven; and na di angelic host, di warring angels. And only ABBA YAHUVEH go be able to grant us more mercy becos when dis go happen, wetin dis dream go describe, na nuclear attack! And for di last Prophecy wey I receive… wey go dey posted soon, di prophecy warn [about dis]. and also for Donald Trump Prophecy e warn [about dis]. (Donald Trump na like Popcorn Popping! [i.e. Prophecy 131, Donald Trump, Popping like Popcorn!])

There is a race to see who go push that button, that red button. Because whoever do am … Wow! … na nuclear attack and there will be retaliation! So I call dis dream, di “Starving Baby Dream.” As I dey stand for outside dey look at a beautiful blue sky. Everything was peaceful. As I look up, I see 4 circles for di sky be like something wey dem draw as if di Finger of GOD YAHUVEH dey draw dem very slowly. When di 4th circle draw finish, I hear a loud roaring noise. I go inside di house, and a very mighty breeze come start to dey destroy and kill. Na nuclear blast, like from wetin dey happen if dem use nuclear bomb! I watch for horror di death and destruction.

Inside my house I see dis woman with a tiny baby wey she carry for hand. I look at di baby. And di baby look like dead baby wey dem no feed well. And I say to di woman, di mother, “Why you no feed di baby?” And she jus look me coldly say, “Becos di baby is fasting.” Then before I go fit take di baby from her, she opened di window throw am out from di 2nd story window. I run go outside inside di radiation and di destroying breeze and catch di baby for my hand, and di baby start to dey breathe again! As I stand there one man come to me – and he jus dey walk pass me – his face don burn from di radiation of di nuclear blast, and e red with 3rd degree burns or even worse. He no even say one word. He jus continued to waka pass me.

I go back inside my house, fully protected from di radiation, becos I know say nothing go fit harm me along with di baby And I feed di baby milk from a bottle. After a while di destroying breeze come stop. And everything appear peaceful. Then I look at di sky again, and I see di first circle start, I start to shout, “REPENT and turn your hearts to YAHUSHUA! For again judgment don come!” So few listened. I see di other 3 circles all of dem for one row, 4 in all.

Then di sound of a roar wey I no go fit to describe. Then di destroying breeze come again. And na another nuclear blast wey don go off! Dis na where we dey stay. And we jus pray say we get more time to reach more souls. And for dis dream, I get a glorified body of some kind, becos di radiation, I no fear – di blasts, di breeze. I dey in a glorified body. There are also … When YAH give a vision, dreams, prophecies, there can be more than one meaning. And so, I also discern say dis fit also get  double meaning.

Becos we know say di nuclear attack go happen. na only a matter of time! Di woman na religion. And di baby na di congregation. Di organized religion and di organized churches dey starve di people; dey force dem to fast for more spiritual knowledge and prophetic truths and revelations. Most churches no go even allow a Prophet to prophesy.

Di pastor go ask di person ahead of time – – before you can prophesy, [he go say,] – “I wan to see” – dem go tell dem say – “I wan to see wetin you go talk.” That dey impossible for a true Prophet! A true prophet jus opens their mouth and ABBA YAH, YAHUSHUA go speak forth! Only di counterfeits go fit do that [know wetin dem go talk ahead of time]. And I have been used to feed di people wey dey starving – and yet dem still dey go to their churches – becos going on 22 years on di Internet come April 4th 2017.

And di pastors dey sacrifice di people for di sake of feeding demsef di wealth and control, and dem they think say na dem GET DI SHEEP (di people, di congregation)! And dem go live for mansions, and drive di Mercedes [Benzes], Rolls Royces – get di jets! Their own private jets! And no be say dem just get one mansion – but usually dem get many. And dem forget say there is only one GOOD SHEPHERD. And na YAHUSHUA HA MASHIACH (WHO some now dey call JESUS CHRIST)! Please warn everyone! YAHUVEH speak to me for that dream and warn me why HE go lift di hedge of protection again, and na becos even di heathen dey worship a heathen god, but who America dey really worship? Which god does any country for dis world dey worship? Di Jews dey worship ABBA YAH, YAHUVEH. Dem get many ‘names’ [for HIM]: HaShem, Adonai; but I dey call HIM by HIS NAME YAHUVEH!

For November (again of 2001), I dream a similar dream. As I dey waka down a road and a cow wey dey filled with milk dey follow me wherever I go. And no be even my cow. Di farmer accuse me say I steal his cow! I say I no fit stop di cow from following me, na di cow choice! I see 3 squares in a row wey di Finger of YAHUVEH draw for di sky. I hear a sound like a roaring noise wey I no fit explain. e, e was … e dey so loud!

Then I see – Say I come dey in di mountains and huge rocks were coming [for] my direction. I run to di ocean where my house dey for di dream. I enter into di house and then I see di 3 squares again as YAH dey draw am in di sky. I watch in horror, and try to think of di less painful way to die.

Becos I think say di ocean go cover di house and everything inside go dey under water if I remain [including me]. So I decide to go to di mountains again. And I hear di roaring noise. And then right after di 3rd square was draw out, I see – before I go even move – FIREWORKS in di sky. And di first, light-colored, no be di fun type when di fireworks first start. Then there was brightly-colored fireworks! And e was beautiful fireworks. I no run, I jus watch di fireworks. [End of dream.]

I dey interested in di discernment of dis dreams. I know say di cows na di people wey dey full with milk, dem have di Milk of di Word. But dem need more. Dem need spiritual meat! Only di fervent prayers of di righteous dey do very much (James 5:16). “If my people” go fall on their faces and “humble demsef […] I go hear [their prayers] … and heal their land” (2 Chronicles 7:14)! Please take dis dreams seriously.

Di one good thing be say if you belong to ABBA YAHUVEH & YAHUSHUA, you can stand on di Scripture of Psalm 91, that HE go hide you under HIS Wings; di Secret Place of di MOST HIGH GOD – as e dey for Psalm 91!

Is anything too hard for YAH? Di 3 Hebrew children (Daniel 3) dem throw dem into a fiery furnace wey dem make am hot 7 times more and nothing was burn but di ropes wey dem use to tie their hands and feet. YAHUVEH go keep us from harm during dis time also! Not even their bodi smell like smoke! So wetin I get to say na we know say dis  go happen. And for those wey be di Bride of YAHUSHUA, dem go either be for glorified bodies or dem go dey Heaven.

I pray in di NAME OF YAHUSHUA that you take  all dis dreams seriously. Dem jus announce Donald Trump as di next President. He no be person wey dey hungry for war; Putin wan to make peace with America. I was given a Prophecy about Donald Trump (Prophecy 131 “Donald Trump, Popping like Popcorn!”) And dis [AmightyWind] Ministry – dis Messianic Jewish Ministry – we were told to pray say make Donald Trump become President. And PRAISE YAHUSHUA he be di president!

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