Prophecy 9


Given to Rev. Sherrie Elijah on October 16, 1997

* * * * * * *

MY Beloved One, I know your heart and di people wey dey judge you wrongly no even  know wetin dem dey talk about. I be your judge and jury, no be those wey dey hold court without MY permission. Step aside and no ask why, becos if dem no defend you now in small matter, dem no go defend you in di big matters. 

You be MY Beloved, and di people wey dey hold court against you without any evidence go see say I no dey happy. I bring you come dis site to encourage you and to comfort your wounded heart. Becos you and ME know di pain wey you dey feel. Di rejection no be for you sha, but dem dey reject some part of ME. 

You get your sense of humor becos I give you that sense of humor, Na ME call and ordain you as you be. You have been given di gift of laughter, to help you ease your burdens and that of other people. Laughter dey do good like good medicine. But even laughter and humor get balance. I no dey for di movement of dis churches where foolish demons dey manifest and make fools out of MY People. 

Be careful where anything dey happen, and for any manifestations wey you no fit imagine your YAHUSHUA to partake in. Your GOD dey bark like dog, meow like cat and growl like lion and mock MY Own Word? Abi di RUACH ha KODESH go embarass anybody and make people become uncontrollable to the point dem become out of control? Dis demonic manifestations and even worse sef, dem dey allow dis thing to continue and dem no fit tell di difference between di real moving of MY RUACH ha KODESH (Holy Spirit), and di fake moving of di anti-messiah. Dis ones wey dey stand behind pulpits wey dey think say dem be wise ones, dey behave very foolishly. Dem dey Open themselves and di congregation up for demonic manifestations, possession and oppression. 

Deliverance must be done and house cleaning of MY Temples from those wey dem dey call di most respected spiritual leaders of today. Because of dis foolishness now I dey gather troops around di world. I no dey close door without opening another. Make you no think say na di end be dis becos  dis be di start of a bigger work wey I go use you for. Make you no change for anyone but for the Almighty GOD YAHUVEH wey you dey serve. You no go fit please everybody all di time, so stop trying. For your heart you know wetin dey right, just continue to do am. 

Listen for MY voice, speak MY Words. I no dey judge or condemn you, but those wey don wrongly accuse you will be judged. But make You forgive dem, becos na di enemy of your soul dey use dem and dem no know. New wine and old wine no go ever mix. Di new wine na I take fill you with to di overflowing and e go burst di container if you try to mix di old and new. Di old wine no want any part with di new wine, make you no grieve for wetin you think say you don lost, becos you never lost anything wey I no go give you back even more, pressed down and shaken together and running over. You will be blessed. 

You must let go of di old anointing to make way for di new anointing. Keep your ears and eyes open and speak wetin I tell you to speak, even though dem go judge you very harsh but you know MY voice, and you have the boldness of John di Baptist to take speak out MY Words. When you dey think say you dey step down for ME, you actually dey really step up and forward. Make you no sorrow for yourself, but sorrow for those wey I go chastise for causing MY little one such pain and sorrow. Feel sorrow for those wey dey accuse you wrongly. 

I love you MY Beloved and na only ME know your heart. E dey thirst after ME like deer take dey thirst for water. When you suffer persecution for MY NAME sake you are truly blessed. Di servant no dey above his master, I suffer persecution especially from those wey call demsef religious, and just like you. I know their heart like I take know those wey judge you wrongly, keep your hands free from revenge, and let ME take vengeance. Becos if dem no repent before ME, then dem go see say vengeance na MINE sayeth YAHUVEH and I go truly repay. Make you no judge ME by di way wey others, wey dey claim say dem dey represent ME take judge you. 

You be MY Beloved and MY Warrior and I don call you and ordain you and nobody go fit take am from you. Di road of a Prophet is full of trials and tribulations and sorrow and misunderstandings. Na very few truly want to hear wetin di Almighty GOD YAHUVEH has to say. Dey wan only believe say I be just love and mercy, and dem forget say I AM who I AM  and I AM also a GOD of balance in all things. E mean say along with love and mercy, I am balanced with wrath, and judgment and yes hatred, many people forget say I get wrath and hatred for MY enemies. 

Abi MY Word no talk say, "Jacob I have loved, Esau I have hated?" and also, MY Word say, "Blessings to those wey dey obey. Curses to those wey dey disobey?" You must preach who I AM in completeness. Not be just di side of YAHUVEH wey no dey offend, but di side of Almighty GOD YAHUVEH wey dey offend many. SIN na SIN and I no dey unstable and I no dey change, and that na forever. Look at Rev.19 and Rev.20. Na only very few understand say I was di slain Lamb only one time. I was a victim only one time. For your sake, I become di victim. 

But now I no be that gentle and submissive Lamb. When I come back again to destroy all di people wey oppose ME and wey oppose Holiness, you go see say I be Almighty even in war. MY Children no need to fear, but MY enemies go tremble, and dem dey tremble becos dem know say I am a GOD wey go take vengeance on MY enemies. I am di Alpha and di Omega, di beginning and di end. I dey hold back MY anger, wey dey build up for that day. No one go stand in MY way. 

Preach AM; teach AM, so that others go believe AM. I be GOD wey no dey only bring salvation, but damnation to those wey choose to oppose and deny MY Saving Blood and Saving NAME. There is no salvation unless it come thru di Shed Blood of Calvary and thru di NAME of YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH. I know MY Children, and dey know ME, and I know all those wey be MY enemies. When dem touch you, dem touch ME. If dey offend you MY Children by mistake, then I go forgive dem, becos di enemy dey only go out to deceive and confuse. But if dem intentionally set out to destroy you, tell dem be careful. 

 Becos Na MY wrath dem go feel dey breath down for their neck. And Only if dem repent, before again, dem go see MY favor. I chastise those wey I love. I destroy those wey I hate. Wetin no dey Holy no be from ME. No matter who stand behind the pulpit and say, "God na love he go understand." SIN na SIN! I be GOD wey no dey change, man go change, ME, di great 'I AM' no dey change. Preach AM; teach AM, so that others go believe AM. Those wey know MY voice go recognize say I speak, all di others go remain deaf. Becos MY enemies, it is a fearful thing to fall into di hands of a living GOD, YAHUVEH and YAHUSHUA. Yes sometimes, I have to spank you, but also MY hands dey shelter, guide and protect you. MY hands for MY Children, wey dey try and obey ME, dem no get nothing to fear, those wey dey washed in MY Saving Blood. 

But those wey hate ME, and hate wetin I stand for, get every reason to tremble in fear and na so dem go be. Repent, di Kingdom of Heaven dey near. I don offer you di gift of Salvation, now na your choice whether to choose salvation or damnation. Make you Choose dis day which GOD you go serve. Preach AM; Teach AM, so that others go believe AM. 

* * * * * * *

Given to this Child, Warrior, Bride of YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH on 10/16/1997 

Prophet Sherrie Elijah 

* * * * * * *

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