Prophecy 7


Given to Rev. Sherrie Elijah

* * * * * * *

* * * * * * *

The Hem of MY garment, e no dey enough to just touch am anymore. Continue to knock on MY door, and when the answer no come quick, pound on MY door. When you become tired, continue to ask and seek, and you go find, but make you no stop till you hear from Heaven. 

Becos I don promise una wey be MY children full bread, no be di crumbs of bread of dis world. Becos you see judgment don reach di house of YAHUVEH and e no dey dat simple as touching MY hem, or to knock softly for your answers, you better be prepared, e may take wrestling for your blessing, like Jacob. But dis na only to prove your faith and make am strong, which is needed in dis end times. So make una continue to say no more crumbs and You will not be denied. Becos you are di Bride of YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH bought by His Blood

I go answer and deliver you. I no go lie. I no promise una di crumbs of dis world, but di Bread of Life, di children's bread of healing, deliverance, prosperity, life abundantly and full of glory.YAHUSHUA na your Bread of Life and I want to see if you go still praise ME, and hang on to your faith even though I no answer right away. I am not always a microwave GOD. Yes I know about microwaves, who you think say give una di invention? 

You get scripture to support dis, read Matthew 15: 22-28 about di Canaanite woman's faith. She dey worship YAHUSHUA, and yet HE ignore her, HE allow di disciples rebuke her, even call her dog, even tell her say di blessing na for another no be her. But You say, "Why YAHUSHUA, wetin go make you to do dis kain thing?" Becos in dis last days, all of dis go happen to MY most faithful followers, those wey dey worship ME, people go do dis kain thing to dem in MY NAME. 

Dem go insult you, reject and persecute you and yet if you continue to hold on to your faith, even though say I no rescue you right away, then like dis Canaanite woman you will be rewarded. Becos I go see how great your faith be. Becos for dis end-times I dey prepare MY Body in dis way, when I come again how many go still dey hang on to their faith? How many go turn away when dem call out in prayer for something wey dem need and I no answer immediately? 

You must tell dem to be willing to wrestle with ME for their blessing like Jacob take do. Becos I desire to bless. But I only want to test and see how badly you want dis blessing. You go still worship ME when I no answer immediately? No be MY chastisement dey cause dis thing, becos di woman fall for ground and worship at MY feet. Even You dey worship at MY feet. But judgment don already start at the house of YAHUVEH and one of di things wey I dey test for na how strong your faith be? 

How loyal you dey and how much you go rely on ME? Like di Canaanite woman, your faith and loyalty will be rewarded for you shall see wetin you desire, and even more exceedingly and more abundantly I go shower down MY Blessings like a river overflowing. You go have so much joy and I go bless you so much and becos say you get plenty you go by force take give unto others. Hold on tight to di hem of MY garment. Make you not remove your hand. Continue to knock until di door open to your blessings wey you don ask for. I go eventually answer. Make you no trust your own understanding but in all your ways acknowledge ME and I go direct your paths. 

Remember say di trials of your faith dey more precious than gold. Keep your eyes on your Savior and not on di storm of di sea or di waves go drown you. But I dey here to save you. Becos na ME be your Savior and redeemer abi no be ME? I no go fail you nor forsake you. I know how much pressure to put on the clay before e go break and how much fire to allow you to go thru before e consume you. The waves of despair no go drown you. I dey here to rescue and deliver you and no be only your soul, but your mind, body and Spirit. Trust ME and you go see am come to pass. Then remember who deliver you,  no be man or woman, but your GOD wey create you. 

Yet na ME go answer your call, becos I know wetin you want even before you ask. In the spiritual realm e don finish, but I dey wait for MY perfect timing to take show you in di physical realm. Na Your faith go help dis to come to pass. Abi MY Word no say, e dey impossible to please YAHUVEH without faith? You dey please ME by showing your faith in a GOD wey care and hear and know everything. 

You show your faith when you realize say you no go fit deliver yourself, but instead you need ME, your Savior to deliver you, and so I go deliver you. Abi I no be your Master and Savior? Abi di GOD wey you dey serve dey deaf? No. Abi MY hand too short to deliver you? No. Na your faith dat is being tested? Yes. Do I desire to bless you? Yes. Will you be one of those wey go hang on tight to di hem of MY garment, and continue to knock? Will you be one of those wey go stand and wait for MY deliverance and di blessings wey I promised you? Na your choice. I don speak out on dis day from dis Woman servant, so you go understand why some things wey I promise still never come to pass. Continue to hold fast to di amount of faith wey I don give you and deliverance nain you go soon see at last. 

* * * * * * *

  Given to Prophet Sherrie Elijah 

Dis na di recent  prophecy dat was given to me make I pass on and feed YAHUVEH's Sheep. Hold on tight to di hem of His garment. Even though my long yellow hair dey sweep ground as He dey pass thru di crowd, my face dey look upward at His own face, and I no go let go. When you dey go thru dis and I was meant to read dis when I did, to receive am so I can pass am on to others wey want to know why their prayers  never get answer quickly. 

YAHUVEH dey deaf? No. is His hand too short to reach us? No. As YAHUSHUA take talk, our faith is being tested, no be joyful experience abi? But e dey necessary for our faith to grow. Right now  I be like Jacob wey wrestle with GOD until HE bless me with di deliverance wey HE promised me. But I don stand my feet strong for ground and tell my Master YAHUSHUA dat I will not be denied becos HE has promised me no more crumbs. Di world dey give  only crumbs, but we are promised di bread of life, di children's bread of healing, deliverance and prosperity. We have been promised life and life more abundantly. Wounds full my hand wey I take dey pound for Heavens doors in prayer. My eyes don enter inside wey I take dey cry. But we must persevere on. When YAHUSHUA come back again how many HIM go find wey still get faith? I want to be counted in dat number, don't you? 

In di Master, Savior YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH service a broken vessel of clay. But a mighty warrior in YAHUSHUA, Pastor Sherrie Elijah. Now if you have not been tried yet with a prayer  wey you don wait so long for and still never see am come to pass, (I dey wait now for 21 years) then you not go understand wetin I dey talk about. But I am sent to those wey never get their prayers yet fulfilled in di physical realm, although it was promised in di spiritual realm. Dat na why in these end-times even YAHUSHUA say, "Will he find faith when he comes back?" I must warn di people. Now you must warn di people. So dat dem go understand and no give up on YAHUSHUA and turn to di world for answers or turn to di spirit of di antichrist.

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