Prophecy 6

First I Weep, Din I'M ANGRY!

Given to Sherrie Elijah on May 12, 1997

* * * * * * *

Inside message wey I receive on dis date 97-05-12 01:15:00EDT, KT Jerome writes inside dis message say she dey proud of Christians like me wey no dey fear to speak di truth in di face of persecution and/ or criticism. 

Dearest Kelly,
You no know how much I need to hear you say dis word wey you talk. Just dis night, Dem dey attack me very seriously. And na di third time in one week and dis attack dey come from believers wey dey claim say dem dey serve YAHUSHUA. Dis night, I confess to you say I cry becos I was attacked and dem also call me godless becos of di gift wey I get, also my picture, becos I get dis long golden hair, and dey wear makeup. And e pain me well well and I cry to YAHUSHUA and HE no even say anything to comfort me. That one just make me feel even worse.

And when I come ask AM say “YAHUSHUA you no even care say I dey feel dis pain, di only thing wey I want na to be a blessing to YOUR people, why dem dey attack me like dis? Why you dey keep silence?” I no know why I dey tell YOU dis thing; I been no know say I go tell anybody becos I dey feel embarrassed. Strange I dey feel di anointing come on me to speak dis words, I stop to pray in di RUACH ha KODESH (Holy Spirit)

* * * * * * *
YAHUSHUA (Jesus) come speak to me say, “Yes I care and di reason wey I no speak na becos I dey cry with you. Becos I send you to MY people to be a blessing and some of dem dey treat you like curse. But ME, YAHUSHUA, also is sent as a blessing and you no see how many people dey treat ME as a curse? I cry with you, and for you and for di people wey know better; and still touch MY anointed Messengers anyway, even though say dey have been warned. I cry for wetin MY Children wey dey call demself by MY Name dey do to each other. Di greed, di jealousy, di mistrust, di accusation, di lack of love, di hatred. Di lies wey dem dey tell one another and dem put MY Name for di lie as if na ME talk am. I weep, becos MY Heart dey break, becos there is so much immaturity even in di ones wey be mature Christians.

Di prophets don dey lonely for too long. They have been rejected so many times, and now di only thing they demsef know how to do now, na to also reject and separate from other Prophets, even though MY desire for dis end-times na for all of una to join together in MY Name, in one accord. For dis end-times all dis fighting and squabbling must stop. You, MY Apostles, Prophets, Teachers, Evangelists and Pastors must be in one accord. Una be MY end-time army. All five-fold ministries, una must stop separating unaself and come together in MY love. Make una stop dis injury wey una dey give each other's spirit. Make una stop dis injury wey una dey give each other 'spirit instead make una start to help each other heal di wound wey una don give unaself. I weep for all of una, becos all of  una don receive pain from somebody wey claim to be of MY Spirit. Yes, you, di majority of una and no be many of una go fit easily claim say you have not been deceived by di enemy at one time or another. Di enemy wey dey pretend come to look like sheep but na wolf wey actually come to destroy My flock of sheep. But you yourself must not continue to destroy each other. I no go allow am.

I dey speak out once again from dis MY Woman servant to tell you say I no dey cry becos of wetin go happen to those wey be enemies of di gospel, but I dey cry becos of una MY Children. Becos di way wey una take dey treat each other no come from MY loving Spirit at all. Abe MY Word no tell una say “By dis you go know dem, di love wey dem get for one another?” You no realize say na di enemy dey come against you with all dis evil things wey he dey tell you, to stir up MY Warriors to fight against demselves so una no go join together, to fight di enemy becos una think say una fit do am by unaself. Abe MY Word  no tell una say “one person go chase away a thousand?” How many more demons una go chase away if una join together instead of against each other.Na dis be wetin divide Gideon army. Di lack of unity wey dem get for each other. Na dis same thing dey separate many armies. You are di great ‘I AM’s’ Army. You are di end-time battalion wey ME don choose. Yes di enemy deceive you before, GET OVER IT!

Becos say Judas betray ME come mean say I go dey treat everybody like Judas? No. Peter also deny ME so make I deny you too? No. Stop dis now. Once again I choose to speak out and tell una say di end is near, if only you go see how near MY coming be. Whatever I call you to do, do am now with everything wey I give you to do am. Spiritual gifts dey locked inside you wey you no know of. You  supposed to stir up each other's gifts, no be each other's anger. You dey get ME angry when you do dis thing. You no dey fight for ME, you dey fight against ME. If you no be for ME you are against ME. Stop judging one another becos of wetin una look like for outside. How many times must I repeat Myself? Why una no dey listen? Why una dey think say una better pass di other becos of the complexion of your skin or the country wey you from, or wetin una wear or resemble?

Abe you never still understand? How long I go continue to fight with you? Di enemies dey divide una even before I try to join una together. But make una no think say I no go fit replace una. Becos I go raise up other warriors wey go take your place. Dis na your last chance. REPENT! No be all of una get di same gift. I give special gifts to a selected few. Don’t touch MY anointed and don’t harm MY Prophets. Yes, judge wetin dem talk if it line up with MY Holy Word? E dey in context or out of context with MY Word? You go know. But stop silencing MY Prophets. Stop silencing MY Apostles. Stop telling dem say dem go fail, di work too big and you dey also say dem no dey hear from YAHUVEH and YAHUSHUA. Stop putting ME inside box. AM I not a God of di Impossible? Is anything too hard for ME?

Why you dey convince dem say dem go fail, when I say dem go succeed? Stop to discourage those wey you supposed to dey encourage. Abe their job no hard reach? Abe dem no dey receive enough abuse from di enemy? And must dis come from di people wey supposed to dey love, support, help and pray for their success? No be ME be di author and di Finisher of their Faith and your faith? If I tell you to do something even though others say e dey impossible. Dis na when you know say na ME speak am. Once again I take  control of dis Woman Servant and anoint her to speak di words wey I want her to speak. She be MY mouthpiece. I allow her to feel hurt so she go speak all dis words. Remember, Abe I not talk say “Di greater di anointing di greater di persecution?” But di persecution no dey come from ME, but from di enemy wey wan to discourage you. Di persecution dey come right from MY own servants from their mouths against each other.

I go start to judge very harshly becos judgments dey start from di house of YAHUVEH and I don warn you once again before e happen.   I wan start to remove those wey I called and ordained but they demself dey look for how dem wan take destroy those wey I knowingly ordained wey I planned before they happen and becos of malice wey dey for their hearts (Even though dem no get any doubt say dem dey speak for ME) still dem dey look for their destruction. Instead I say, “Destruction  go come for their body” e go return back to dem. I don warn you. First I go weep, then I go become angry! But you no wan see your Commander-in-Chief get angry. Trust ME. Na only one time I was a lamb that was slain for di world once. I no be that humble and gentle lamb anymore, but I dey come back like di Lion of di tribe of Judah. I must get ready MY Church without stain or wrinkle…all delay must end.

Do wetin you know to do and do am quick quick. Those wey you offend comfort  dem. No bring ME any offerings and sacrifices until you repent for  all di evil wey many of una don do in front of MY eyes. Repent before ME and repent before your brother and sisters, your fellow warriors of YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH. I don warn una. Not make ME repeat Myself. ‘Love one another,’ No call ME Lord if you no wan obey ME, no say you love ME if you no wan obey ME. Becos to be Lord means Master, ruler and how you go fit call ME Lord if you no dey obey ME? Love one another; dis na MY command to all of una.

Make una stand together and fight for Holiness. Stand together and fight unholiness. In MY POWER in MY WORD, in MY NAME, under MY ANOINTING through MY BLOOD you will be more than conquerors through YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH your Master. But you must join together. No one believer be chain, instead every one believer na one piece of di chain wey go connect to one another to become a golden chain. Some na bigger connection than others, but still una need each other in dis chain, wey go tie up slewfoot(satan) and cast am into di lake of fire at di time appointed. Remember say I am for you, all of Heaven stand up at MY Command. You no go fail unless you no wan listen to dis words wey I don speak today. But even still I will not fail. Becos I no be GOD who can fail, I go raise up more end-time troops wey go take una place. You no go fail as long as you listen to dis words wey I speak thru dis MY Woman Servant, Sherrie Elijah on 5/12/97.

Those wey get spiritual ears to hear make una listen, all di rest of una go remain deaf. As I speak am na him dem record am on dis day. Blessings or curses go come your way, it depend on wetin you do with dis prophecy today. Repent now, MY Children, before it’s too late.

* * * * * * *
Given to Prophet Sherrie Elijah on 5/12/1997 

Kelly, na you be di first to receive dis. Na becos of you wey obey di RUACH ha KODESH and write me and bless me and comfort me and when you no even know say I need di comfort. Dis now is prophecy number 6 wey di RUACH ha KODESH use me take write since 12/31/96. All of di prophecies dey for my website wey belong to YAHUSHUA at or for Alpha and Omega AlmightyWind Holy Ghost Fire Church”.

Please read dem and tell me if you hear di voice of di RUACH ha KODESH thru dem. I am so amazed. Becos I don dey fast since on di 9th and 11th maybe na him make dis message come. I no know…Thank you for replying A.S.A.P.  and I beg YAHUSHUA make your people hear very clear your words and not my own. If this na really you I beg make Kelly be di first person to feel di mighty anointing. Bless dis dear heart wey hear Your voice come write to me a word to encourage me even though she no know me, but she obey you so that dis anointing can come forth. Bless her mightily and I also pray for di people wey intentionally hurt each other and discourage each other, that  dem go openly repent to You and to each other. In your Name YAHUSHUA I ask for dis. I forgive all di people wey attack me without pity and for no reason, and I count this suffering as joy becos say You use am take bring dis message. Everything dey work together for good to those wey love YAHUVEH and wey HIM don call for HIS own purposes. I love You YAHUSHUA. I love you Kelly for obeying YAHUSHUA. I wan keep your email as e dey, so that people go see am say I no fake am. Make I use am? Please don’t be ashamed becos YAHUVEH use you take stir up di gifts wey dey inside me. YAHUSHUA go bless you mightily becos you bless dis Woman Servant dis early morning 3:35 am central time. 

Personal Note with this Prophecy #6: 

Once again I dey feel led to ask dis since I know say dis message go reach all over di world very soon, please I dey look for another living Prophet of YAHUVEH, His name na Nikomia, maybe around Canada area, he sabe speak French well well. YAHUVEH give me dis name and also tell me say dis person dey very important to dis ministry wey I dey. Please email me if una know of anyone with dis name. Truly YAHUSHUA go bless you mightily. Faith without works is dead so I continue to ask. I beg also say a prayer so that I go find dis man quickly for YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH Glory!

If you pray that prayer in di RUACH ha KODESH e go be a blessing to dis servant and I no get any doubt say you also will be blessed from di PERSON wey blessings dey come from. I beg when you copy dis Prophecy also pass along dis personal note with am. Thank you. I dey look for a miracle from a GOD wey no go fit lie.

Given to Prophet Sherrie Elijah

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