Prophecy 4

Make You No Become Sorrowful when You No fit Feel ME by Your Side!

Given to Rev. Sherrie Elijah on February 5, 1997

* * * * * * *

Just today I say, “YAHUVEH, wetin dey happen I no dey feel your presence like I use to feel am?” I don repent from any sin wey I no know of, and yet YOUR presence no dey di same. YAHUVEH no dey speak as much again and I dey get very worried. No be wetin we dey do, becos we still know YAHUSHUA and HE will always love us, we dey do our best to please and obey him. We know say we must by faith believe di word of YAHUVEH. HE never leave us.

We no dey go by our feelings, feelings go lie to us, we must go by our faith. For di just shall live by faith alone, no be by feelings. It was great when HE allow us to feel HIS presence also, but something don start to change in di spiritual realm and even though say YAHUSHUA still dey by our side, e feel like say HE dey sleep inside boat, and di storm of life dey attack us, and we be di disciples wey dey say “YAHUSHUA, wake up or else we go die.” Then YAHUSHUA wake up and say “Oh you of little faith” and he rebuke di storm. I still dey wait for YAHUSHUA to rebuke di heavy storms  and e feel like say I don stay inside dis storm for too long now. We know say HE don set di time for our deliverance. As I dey type dis I dey feel di anointing. I don stop typing to pray in di spirit, I go continue dis typing another time, after I take authority over satan. If YAHUVEH really want to speak thru me again then HE will. I yield my hands to you YAHUSHUA and my mind, my spiritual ears and spiritual eyes.

Please speak to me now so I can give a word of encouragement to my younger brother. In your name YAHUSHUA I ask and by di power of di RUACH ha KODESH, thru di Blood of YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH of Calvary.  Is there a word wey you want me to speak to your people? If so RUACH ha KODESH anoint my hands now becos in di past three prophecies na dis unusual anointing YOU use take speak thru me. Becos YOU care about di people on di internet wey no get any other way to hear YOUR messages clearly, so dat they can understand, and confusion no go fit catch dem in satanic control. Di anointing dey come upon my hands now, and like before di voice of YAHUSHUA dey speak to me. Praise YAHUSHUA!

* * * * * * *

Tell dem MY child; tell dem say I no go any longer hold MY Father’s anger. I don try. I don call out for mercy on di people wey dey intentionally defile everything wey dey Holy; those wey no want even mention di word sin. Those wey dey for pulpit wey dey make yeye excuse for sin,  can even di best excuse sef cover di blackness of sin? And yet when I beg dem to repent, to turn away from sin, instead na disrespect na him I dey get, for dem to dey say YAHUVEH no mind, HE understand. And na dem dey tell MY true prophets and apostles to shut up and leave dem alone, dem go tell dem to keep their word to demselves. Dem no dey allow MY prophets and apostles to even speak out in di churches, so dey allow demonic occultic spirits to enter di churches so dat even a prophet no even dey safe when him dey pray. Dis evil spirits go dey wait becos dey know say MY prophets dey come to give MY warnings, so dem  go block MY Prophets and yes sometimes sef dem go harm MY prophet. Di greater di warning, di more fight di enemy go bring to MY Prophets.

Satan dey try hard to silence MY Prophets and Apostles and those wey I don tell to warn di people. Warn dem of di GOD wey dey for Nahum 1, a GOD wey dey speak in di storms and earthquakes.  Warn dem say YAHUVEH na jealous GOD and HE no go allow any other GOD before HIM. Warn dem say YAHUVEH anger no dey easy to calm down. WARN DEM! Still I YAHUSHUA dey send MY messengers to warn dem and as e take happen for Bible dem beat MY messengers and even kill some. I don talk about di satanic plants wey dey in di churches: but nobody dey listen.

only a very few people dey even try to expose dem. I don warn dem say satan dey inside di churches and he dey fight for false doctrine, spirits of rebellion, (dem dey do wetin Bible no teach), and to spread lie for di churches wey say sin no be sin. But I am a Holy GOD and I demand you to be Holy as I am Holy.  I don put MY spirit inside you so you can know wetin dey right and wetin dey wrong. Sin is black not be grey, but Holiness na no other color but white. Some people no go allow satan to come use wetin I just talk, take turn to racism. (racism say white people (oyibo) better pass black people). Stop it now, una know wetin I mean. Only red go wash dis sin from your minds, and dat na di Blood of YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH at Calvary.  I dey warn now, di reason why una nor dey feel MY presence as before na becos I dey feel very sad. I dey weep for wetin I must do very soon.

when I use dis MY Prophet take warn before e happen say China go taste MY anger thru earthquakes Dem listen? Di biggest one never happen yet but it dey come. Dem don kill many of MY children, tortured and put MY Children My messengers for prison. For this thing wey dem do, di government go pay mightily and di country go tear apart with earthquakes as dem dey try to divide MY people and to turn dem away from ME becos of fear to openly worshipping di GOD wey dem dey serve and now dem dey fear to openly serve ME. As dem take divide MY people na so I go take divide their land.

I dey protect those wey be MY OWN, and I know who be MY OWN. I don even shake di prison doors as I take do in di times of old, so dat di prisoners wey dem put for jail becos of di gospel wey dem preach and dat na their only crime, can break free. I dey come in a mighty way and dis year although, your local news stations no wan to admit di destruction and anger wey I don already display dis year. I go start to demonstrate in ways wey dem no go fit ignore any longer. Dem dey blame mother nature. There is only one Creator and na ME be di Father of all Creation. ‘I AM’ who ‘I AM’! There is no other. I no dey share MY Glory with no one especially a mother nature. I don send out warnings in television programs, and yes even di stones don cry out, but who dey listen, only a few, a very few. No think say I dey happy for wetin I must do becos I AM not, but I must, becos children nowadays say na dem be papa and mama.

A chain of volcanoes go go up at one time, na MY red hot lava go come out wey represent MY anger. How very few even try to be Holy anymore. Dem think say I go ignore sin. If dey will only just repent.  If dey will only just realize say I be GOD wey no dey change. I am di same yesterday, today and forever. You must change, not di great “I AM” who “I AM” and I no dey apologize for anything I do.

I no dey answer to anybody. Di great YAHUVEH is angry and even MY Son, di one wey I give to you as a savior no go fit calm MY anger too long. I am about to let out some of MY anger, I warn make una be careful all of una wey don mock ME (use GOD play) and di word of YAHUSHUA and silenced those wey get di anointing of MY messengers, abused, torture and also put dem inside prisons. I AM angry! I warn Sodom and Gomorrah and I warn you now once again. Di world of today na a new kind of Babylon, dis world. I AM a creator wey demand Holiness; I put for inside every body di desire to be holy and to have a relationship with their creator.

I no go only send di volcanoes wey go erupt in a chain reaction, but I go shake di earth as mama and papa take dey shake children wey no dey hear word. No be only one part of di world I go shake, but many parts of di world at one time. I go send out MY feet dat will stomp di ground in rage. Becos MY anger is great toward di rebellious wey dey continue to shake their fist in MY face, and say dem no go obey a book and rules dat was written many thousands years ago. For those wey dey use MY name in vain. For those wey dey mock MY Son Blood, dat was shed for dem at Calvary. I go send out hurricanes to take show di tears wey I don cry over MY Children, wey no gree repent and di tears wey I don cry over those wey I create wey supposed to be MY Children but no want to receive ME as a Father.

Those wey turn to unholiness and no even dey try to please ME or seek ME. Floods go come and go cover many part of di earth at once. All dis symbolize MY tears, as so many have Hell or Heaven. Those wey choose satan over YAHUSHUA. I go send out tornadoes and dat go represent MY fist wey dey send out di flying wind. I go demonstrate dis thing for different places, by di time you see many of dis thing together make you know say I am speaking and I am angry and MY anger no dey easy to calm down.

There have always been earthquakes, floods, tornadoes, hurricanes here and there but when you see dem happen like chain reaction, many at di same time, then you go know say dis na di time wey I warn you about. REPENT NOW, before It’s too late! I don dey hold back MY anger far too long now. For di sake of MY Son and HIS prayers wey HE dey pray for you di people, I  hold back MY wrath. But satan dey mock ME and taunt ME becos I never punish you. he dey use MY own creation to take mock ME and taunt ME. Di mouths wey I create. Di mouths wey I been anoint at one time. Yes, even in MY own churches I am mocked as dem dey continue to twist di Holy Word to conform into man’s image. And not a Holy GOD’s image. Dem dey teach say homosexuality is Godly, say no be sin, na YAHUVEH fault, na birth defect.

Dis lying and deceiving spirits dey come out from those wey look like say dem be Godly people but no Godliness inside of dem. I go personally deal with all dis evil shepherds in ways wey go show di people say I no be GOD wey dem dey use take joke. I no be GOD wey dey get easily angry. I go deal harshly and you go see dem drop down dead in front of pulpits, all those wey dey encourage dis things and abortion. I know each of una before you enter your mother’s belly. I created and formed and planned wetin your life go be. Na your choice whether you become wetin I been want you to become. No blame ME, becos I been only want di best for you. Even all una wey don suffer, and di life wey you get no look blessed, I go use you and I don use you for MY Glory, in your suffering you Glorify ME as people dey see, you go still praise ME. MY anointing dey pour out for una life, greater than those wey never really see too much problem for life. Your life no really receive the same blessings wey I give others, and no be becos say I no love you like di others, na becos just like YAHUSHUA, HE was put inside dis earth to suffer for others, na so you too, and great go be your reward for heaven if you remain faithful to di end.

Some of MY Children don become so angry becos of how dem dey see di heathen, those wey never ever bow their knees, talkless of give a prayer of thanks, and MY children dey say which kind of GOD be dis? I dey tell you say, make you no envy di rich people wey no care about ME, or di wicked. E look like say dem get every blessing wey dey dis life and dat be di only thing dem go ever get, and then eternal damnation, and eternal hell and torment. Dem choose to give up eternity in Heaven for short life on earth, where dey get di freedom to do all kind of evil, and especially di sin to believe say dem no need a savior.

But you yourself if you stay faithful you go see Heaven and just for small time for dis earth you go see suffer, people go hate you and use you and insult you, but no become angry, no turn away from ME. Make you turn towards ME instead. See di type of loving Father wey I be. I don warn you before e happen so dat when all dis things come to di earth you go don already get di warning, so dat you go fit repent and also warn others before MY anger go pour out. I dey send MY prophets first to go warn before I send di doom. But una wey dey faithfully loving, wey dey serve ME and don wash una self in di Blood of YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH so una remain Holy for MY eyes, una no get anything to fear when dis time come, you no go dey surprise when dis things happen 

I go protect everyone wey be MINE, and I know each of una hearts, and una souls dey MY hands becos  una give una life and soul to ME when una accept YAHUSHUA as Master and Savior. For MY Glory una don give una body as a living sacrifice. I no dey vex with una. I love you, and I go shelter and protect you. Yes, even when you see dis world go crazy in MY Rage, cry out to ME. I go dey there to comfort you.

Di reason why so many of una no dey feel MY presence right now, no be una fault. Yes even di one wey I dey use take speak all dis words, and She no know one word to di next of wetin She wan type and dey find am hard right now to feel MY presence, since I last use Her to take warn di people. I give Her dis unusual anointing wey go help Her get the mind of MY people dat she no get any other way to talk to, becos I scatter all MY Children all over the world. MY Prophets and MY Messengers go hear and come get spiritual ears and eyes  and a bold mouth to take warn di people wey no dey listen.

I dey tell una again MY Prophets and MY Children make una no become sorrowful, no think say I don forsake you, when you no dey feel ME by your side again. I no go anywhere, I still dey here; I just dey silent becos before di storm there is calm. I keep silent before I loose MY temper, becos I dey try to hold MYSELF back from MY great anger, but since di flood of Noah dis anger don dey build up again. I AM in sorrow as I dey see everything wey I don do even when I give MY only begotten Son as a sacrifice. Abraham use another sacrifice. But I give MY Son for your Savior. How be say na only few people receive am. I AM ANGRY! I gave HIS Body so dat you can be healed. How be say na only few even try to believe say there is healing becos of those lashes and stripes wey dem take wound HIM Body. I gave HIS Blood so dat you go become forgiven. HOW be say only few people accept dis gift at Calvary. I gave HIS Life so dat you go become saved, Oh this na why you no dey feel MY presence. Abe una wey be parent never experience how sometimes becos you dey vex with your children you no go want talk becos you want control your anger? You don ever become so sorrowful you just want to remain quiet or you dey vex well well and just not want talk? Becos you no want let out your anger becos of fear of wetin go happen. I dey dat place!

I no dey vex with those wey dey miss MY presence. I dey only vex with those wey no even notice say I dey silent, and no even miss MY Presence. For una wey dey feel say you dey miss MY presence and dey sorrowful becos of dat and dey repent and wonder say wetin you do wrong, now I dey tell you thru dis MY Woman Servant say you don do everything correct, na him make you take notice say I dey silent and no dey feel MY presence. I no dey talk to those wey dey live in sin and no even know ME talkless of miss ME to start with. You know who I dey talk about. Only MY Children go understand. For una wey use to be MY Children but come become lukewarm, come back now I dey beg you. Start to miss ME and desire to hear MY Voice again. No be ME leave o, na you leave.

Repent for wrong teaching we you dey teach. Repent for di teaching wey you dey teach say sin no be unholiness and to say sin no dey exist becos an all loving YAHUVEH go forgive you no matter wetin you do. And you no need to repent sef or to turn away from your sin. You no see say dat na lie of di devil? Di devil dey say “you no need a Savior, wey be MY Beloved Son YAHUSHUA”. You no see as I dey weep, when I think of di price wey MY Beloved don pay for una? If come say sin no really dey exist and to say YAHUVEH go accept everything wey you do becos I be GOD wey no care anymore of who or wetin you dey sleep with.

What innocent blood is shed? Even di baby wey still dey him mama belle, no be sin to kill dis babies as long say you no see dem. Even when you see dem die as long as dem dey use dis dead innocent babies wey dem abort take save other people life oh well ,dem no die for nothing. Dis na murder and dis na sin! Una wey be preachers go answer to ME personally becos you say you dey work for ME but instead you dey work against ME all dis time. Homosexuallity na SIN! , Abortion na SIN! Rebellion na SIN! Witchcraft na SIN ! You know wetin SIN be ! Read di 10 Commandments. Preachers, Apostles, Prophets, Teachers, Evangelists, return to preaching say sin na still sin. And na only di sinner wey repent from their sin go get forgiveness.

No more of close your eyes we no want embarrass anybody, so dey fit raise their hands to accept YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH as their Savior. You get any Idea how dat nonsense dey vex ME? Since when e be embarrassment to come to YAHUSHUA for di forgiveness of your sins. No salvation go fit happen if you no confess your sins to others. Confession na him dey lead to salvation. I tell una if you no confess ME before others, YAHUSHUA no go confess you before ME di Father. MY own Children, MY own Evangelist, Prophets, Pastors, Teachers and Apostles  don do dis thing.

Oh, di pain. Di sorrow wey I don bear for dis thing. How long you think say dis people wey dey shame to stand in front of people to confess say dem need a Savior go remain saved? Right away di enemy go steal di small seed wey dey grow inside dem. Una wey dey do dis thing REPENT! Openly make you never ever do dis thing again. Becos you go dey responsible for di lost souls wey for enter Heaven. Una wey don turn ME into a GOD wey dey deceive people, as you dey tell dem to raise their hands where people no go see dem and tell YAHUSHUA to come into their hearts, without teaching dem say dem  must first cry sorrowfully first and repent for their sins, and then turn away from their sins. Agree to put YAHUSHUA first for their life and to follow after Holiness not be unholiness. You go answer to ME personally also, and for all of una wey dey think say once saved na always saved, now we fit do anything wey  we wan do becos all of our sins are covered. You no teach dem wetin YAHUSHUA teach for Bible say ‘Why you dey say you love ME and no dey obey ME?’

una wey dey use di spirit of wayo take get people to raise their hands when everyone’s eyes dey closed only to make dem to come out to come stand in front of di people after you don already make dem believe say dem fit raise their hands in secret. You dey show dem say YAHUVEH na GOD of lie lie and wayo. I AM NOT! And becos of dis thing you go pay, if you no repent. Yes, before dis earth start to rock, I don even dey rock am and dey separate di GODly and di unGODly in wetin supposed be MY churches, MY Temples. I dey talk of di places where dem dey gather together now becos di true Church and Temples na MY People.

But inside di church buildings you go see wetin go happen to those people wey deceive MY Sheep. Or those wey want MY sheep to become goats, dis evil shepherds na wolf sent into MY sheep to destroy dem for lack of knowledge and discernment. I AM ANGRY! Inside di church building you go notice say di dividing don already start. I dey expose di enemy wey dey  inside your camp. Be careful, stop, look and listen to di voice of di RUACH ha KODESH. Again continue to call on ME and say I miss YOUR Presence for dis na di ones wey use to feel MY presence and use to hear MY Voice every day and now come notice di silence.

But I no go always remain silent MY beloved ones, na for only a short time before you go feel MY sorrow, and you must not go by your feelings becos dat na flesh. You must go with your faith becos dat na of di Spirit. On dis day I choose to speak thru MY woman servant, make una no dey argue with each other and say ‘Wetin go make YAHUVEH speak thru a woman or even anoint her hands.”  I leave una with dis, I choose to use who I choose to use, and I no dey answer to no man and if to say I anoint only her mouth as she dey use to and no come anoint her hands to take type, you go fit hear dis message wey I dey speak thru her today? You don answer your own question. 

Now please warn di people, remember say in di time of Noah most of di people no listen. Still make you no let di blood dey for your hands like Ezekiel 3:17-21 talk say “let not di blood be found on your hands.” WARN THE PEOPLE! Only a small amount of time remain, becos of MY Son na him make I have mercy for di people, but di time for punishment and judgment dey quickly draw near. Warn dem, and seek ME while I can still be found. Take note of today and watch closely wetin dey happen for dis world, 2/5/1997. I don forbid MY woman servant, Sherrie Elijah, make she no change one word wey I speak. Even though she know say no be everybody go receive wetin I speak today. 

Again, I dey warn those people wey dey pretend to be MY friend but dey be MY enemies, Judas I warn una, as you dey plan to harm dis Messenger you dey harm di ONE wey create her and anointed her. And you go be di first to feel MY Wrath and you go know MY presence in ways wey you wish say you no know. I AM ANGRY and you wey beg ME to speak don hear di Voice of love, reassurance, sorrow and great anger. You don hear di Voice of di Great YAHUVEH “I AM”, speak out of dis broken vessel of clay today. Pray for those wey you dey try to reach their heart and yet dem dey push ME away. Pray say make dem repent today becos tomorrow may be too late.

Dis prophesy was given to Rev Sherrie Elijah on 2/5/1997 

* * * * * * *

  Brother Noel, I just read dis prophecy to MY rebellious teenage son, and say people dey all over di world who go dey pray and seek YAHUVEH to see if wetin I write na from YAHUVEH. Na really YAHUVEH the Father thru di anointing of di RUACH ha KODESH speak thru ME? Many prophets, Pastors, teachers, evangelists go test and confirm all di prophetic messages wey YAHUVEH give ME dis year, now I ask you son of mine, was dis di voice of YAHUVEH dat speak out of me? And di best confirmation for me na when my son say to me “Yes.”

Praise YAHUSHUA! I tell am say there is hope for him yet. Becos even a rebellious youth can hear di Voice of YAHUVEH. Dis was di greatest test yet and I no get any doubt say YAHUVEH Himself spoke all dis words thru me to type on dis day. I beg make`una copy dis prophecy and send to every person wey di RUACH ha KODESH tell you to give to. Share dis message in your church, even if dem no go listen.

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