Prophecy 2

Di same way I dey take get angry! Na di same way I dey take dey Love!

Given to Rev. Sherrie Elijah on January 8, 1997

* * * * * * *

Dis na wetin di LORD GOD of Host talk, “ I go show say I dey reward di people wey dey serve me non stop. Test ME and you go see say dis na di year wey you don dey wait for. Make una join una self together around di world thru dis miracle wey dem dey call computer. Connect together and stand together and una go see a mighty raining down of MY RUACH HA KODESH (HOLY SPIRIT) as una never see before.

Una go stir up one another gift of di HOLY SPIRIT wey una no know say been dey inside una or di one wey una no know how to use fully. Together una go connect as one with no need to travel for aero plane, una go become one in ME and na thru di miracle of dis technology wey be computer and even though say satan dey use am for his own evil, I dey use am even more for MY praise, honor and Glory. My prophets go use dis computer take dey send MY message so make you dey listen carefully for dis year so you no go miss wetin go happen before dem happen. I go send out prophets to warn before I send MY Judgment.

Pray make I find say you dey truly seek MY face and loving ME and obeying MY Word. Make you no say you Love ME if you no dey obey ME. Even say di saving Blood don wash your sin make you no dey try ME.  Becos I know who really dey saved and those wey just dey pretend. 

Before I prophesy thru MY Prophetess to say judgment go begin for the House of YAHUVEH, Now dis day of January 8, 1997, judgment don start for MY House in a more mighty way than before. So make una open una eyes and ears down and be ready, make una watch ME as I clean out all dis churches like as MY Son take use clean am for Bible days, wetin happen before na sign of wetin go happen again. Evil and wicked pastors and even false prophets make una dey careful becos MY Mighty anger and Judgment dey come for una way dis year. Make una run now wey una go still fit run. Una don use MY Name take do things take hurt MY little sheep (My children) una don slaughter MY Children and sacrifice dem to satan and for dis thing you go pay. Una go clap for the evil but go dey discourage di righteous. For dis thing you go pay.  You say I dey speak thru you all your lies you say you dey see visions and yet you no even know ME. So now tell ME how you go take see ME or even take hear from ME when you no even know ME. Una don deceive many people and even use MY Holy Word take profit and gain your own glory.

Get ready to fight becos you no go only fight di ALMIGHTY GOD YAHUVEH but also MY new breed of RUACH ha KODESH (HOLY SPIRIT) filled anointed fighters. Hear their war cries. MY anger pour out of dem becos of di evil wey di enemy don do. Dem dey go after MY sheep wey di enemy don pursue commoth so dat dem go bring MY sheep to the feet of the only good shepherd YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH, (JESUS CHRIST) of Nazareth and Calvary. YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH na HIM Name and dat Name dey for for their mouth and for their foreheads ( wey be their minds) and also for their heart.

I dey pour MY power into MY five-fold ministry in di ways wey dem never know before and all di time dem go hear MY voice and even come see say di GOD wey dem dey serve na ALMIGHTY in war. MY Children una no get anything to fear, I know MY sheep and you know your shepherd. You no get anything to fear again I dey tell you look up, your salvation dey come closer. MY coming dey very closer than you can imagine and di enemy know dis so he try to hurry up evil.

Remember when di enemy come like a flood I go raise MY standard against dem wey dey no go fit pass. Una wey I call to stand behind pulpit to minister to MY sheep hear MY voice. I called you to be strong fighters for YAHUSHUA no be weak soldiers. Take back wetin di enemy don steal from you in MY Name. satan work na to steal, kill and destroy. No dey let am get dat chance . Again I say I anointed you to be MY strong fighters not to be weak soldiers.

No give di devil any place not give am any chance becos he not go fit find di chance wey you no give am. Today MY Church wey no mean di church building or di pastor but MY people wey I called by MY Name must rise up and say ‘We are warriors of YAHUSHUA and we know dat we are more than conquerors throughYAHUSHUA’s Name. The battle belongs to YAHUVEH and di Victory na our own for di praise, honor and glory of YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH andYAHUVEH’'. Last but not least you go see in every area I go separate wetin I no join together, you join am by yourself. Can an Ox and  rat pull a cart ? Even sef, can an Ox and ant pull a cart load of fruits? Pray to ME and MY RUACH ha KODESH will reveal where di ant or rat take join with you.Then make you accept however I choose or whoever I choose to remove from you.

You dey wonder why your prayers no dey get answer, na becos of di unequal yoke wey you join with in different ways. Dis include MY ministers and di ministers also with your personal life. Nobody go give up anything becos of ME wey I not go give am back at least double fold in dis life and in Heaven. Trust ME and dey willing as Abraham was and have faith, pray say “YAHUVEH whatever thing dey hinder me from becoming all I am called to be, and all I have been ordained to do, I offer up to you as a sacrifice, anything wey dey stand in the way of your perfect will to be done in MY life’’.

Offer everything wey you be up to ME and everything wey you no be and watch ME do a mighty delivering miracle in your life and for di lives of di people wey you love. Dis year I go give you di desire of your heart I know wetin your desire na di desires wey I give you.

A message from Rev. Sherrie:

Pray in the power of the RUACH HA KODESH tongues and especially for di gift to rise inside you. We wey be prophets also need to be prophesied over also. I dey minister to many people but nobody dey minister to me unless very few people maybe you go be one of dem.

Yes earthquake dey come America I dream many dreams and I see di state where I come from for Indiana almost in total destruction. Di earthquake go be 8.9 on the richterscale and on top of dat high earthquake also tornadoes and floods. e go hit 15 states and Indiana at di same time.

I hear GOD di Father say for inside dis my terrible dream as people dey clean up after di disaster, dem think say di disaster don over, “End of round 1, now round 2”. But praise YAHUSHUA, HE show me in dat same dream say even though some few houses go remain standing e go be like di time of Moses and those people wey dey worship YAHUSHUA in Spirit and in truth, their houses and lives go survive. 

The angel of death go pass over dem and he no go touch their lives or their houses. Abortion clinics go fall into huge sinkholes as di ground go open up and swallow dem. YAHUVEH HIMSELF go show wetin go happen to dis murderers of innocent babies wey still dey for their mama belle.

Homosexuality na perverted spirit no be birth problem but sin and na devil dey send am to take mock YAHUVEH’s union wey we know as marriage. But again ALMIGHTY YAHUVEH go take vengeance in ways wey go prove say HE no dey easily get mocked and woe unto di people wey dey do di mocking YAHUVEH no be just a merciful GOD but a GOD of wrath to HIS enemies.

Di nations and people don lose their fear of YAHUVEH for Most part of America and for all others wey no get fear of GOD YAHUVEH,  HE go give dem something to fear. But we wey be di bride of YAHUSHUA no get anything to fear, as long as we dey do di best we can to obey HIM, dey hear HIS voice and worshipping HIM in spirit and in truth. Warn others so di blood of Ezekiel 3:17-21 no go stain your hands woe unto di people wey dey hear but not dey do. Judgment go first start for di House of YAHUVEH after dat e go be sinners.

Di wealth and jobs of di wicked, YAHUVEH go give dem to YAHUSHUA’s true Children wey dey worship YAHUSHUA and dem get faith and dem dey fight to obey and serve YAHUSHUA dem dey also spread di gospel of YAHUSHUA for di salvation of souls. More millioniars wey plenty pass di ones wey dey before go rise up and dem go be YAHUVEH’S Children and na dem go get di wealthy airlines and shopping centers.

GOD also call me to plant churches and to be pastor of many churches. Dis work go need money wey I no get for now but I believe in faith for dis befor di end of dis year. I beg make una encourage our brother and sisters wey dey around di world tell dem say YAHUSHUA go defend HIS church in a greater way than before. Wait and see as all di enemies go fall. China go get a major earthquake and plagues with many disease wey man no fit cure. Dem go suffer like dis becos of di persecution wey dem do to YAHUSHUA Children. Again YAHUVEH go prove say HE no dey blind or deaf and HE dey hear all di cry wey HIS Children don cry. Una not see wetin di enemy dey talk he say our YAHUVEH not exist. But make you watch out satan becos deliverance for YAHUSHUA people dey on di way even as I dey type so.

Those wey persecute HIS true Christians dem go suffer now. Those wey send spirit of destruction power, hopelessness and death go be di people wey all dis evil spirits go backfire to their heads in a mighty way. All our enemies go perish if dem no repent befor YAHUVEH di Judge of everyone. All di riches go enter into di hands of the righteous and e don already begin thru YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH. E no go tey wey our YAHUSHUA go return and dis money na im we need to take gather in di harvest of souls.

Our YAHUSHUA dey come! First thing first HE go get HIS Church ready without spot or wrinkle and our spiritual leaders no get anything to do about dis one na by di power of di RUACH ha KODESH so dat no person go fit take YAHUSHUA’S Glory. Anointing power greater than ever before go come upon HIS chosen servants and great signs, wonders and miracles go come to those wey dey truly worship YAHUSHUA with their own eyes dem go see say YAHUSHUA still dey for di miracle business in a mighty way.

Given to Rev. Sherrie Elijah

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