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*** YAH’s prophets ***

Words and commands

Prophecy 24, part 1:
Noah did NOT doubt, neither should MY Prophets today. Yet so many do, even though I speak forth MY Words of fire and use their mouths to speak and hands to write and yet they dare to doubt and wonder if they are hearing from Heaven. Noah did not doubt, Jeremiah did not doubt, Jonah did not doubt, Elijah did not doubt, Ezekiel did not doubt, Daniel did not doubt, then why do MY Prophets today doubt ME? I will back up the words I say. Listen not to the mockers and scoffers as in the day of Noah and Lot and Moses so it shall be again. There is coming a rain but it is the Reign of MY Holy Terror of the GREAT GOD 'I AM's' wrath and Judgment.

The Prophets and Apostles' job is neither easy nor popular. MY Prophets get frustrated trying to get people to listen knowing these words are not their words. They give their own finances to preach forth the prophetic messages as I always have a remnant that will hear MY voice and obey. I always have a remnant that will desire to hear what the Prophets are speaking. Yet, how I grieve how few are willing to labor with MY Prophets by their sides, sharing their burdens. Does not MY Word say, "Believe a Prophet and so shall ye prosper," I now say unto you, "Reward a Prophet and you shall receive the same rewards as they do in the Kingdom of Heaven and on earth." When paper currency becomes worthless paper and has no value any longer, I will remember if you helped MY Prophets or let them go in need.

Satan especially hates the Prophets. The office of the Prophet is not easy. No one is a Prophet unless they are familiar with suffering. They have suffered for the anointing to prophesy.

Prophecy 26:
Their lives are in danger, but there has always been a great cost to speak MY Words without compromise. 1999 will be a year MY True Servants will stand and say to the world "I have decided to follow YAHUVEH, YAHUSHUA and the RUACH ha KODESH." Preaching the word in season and out of season, in lack or abundance, in truth with NO FEAR AND NO COMPROMISE!  

Prophecy 43:
This is why MY true apostles and prophets are being lulled into a deep sleep or intimidated or afraid of offending the flesh, this is why I am sending this handmaiden to wake up MY true apostles and prophets and to expose the wolves in sheep's clothing that seek to silence MY apostles and prophets in anyway they can. Making MY apostles and prophets think if they don't belong to a certain group or go to school to prophecy or if they don't speak in proper grammar then they dare not speak and they are not called. I call the educated and the uneducated to speak forth MY words in all languages using all ages.

Everyone who hears MY words and accepts them will hear what I want them to hear. Certain words will have dual meanings at least. Just as the bible does when you read and meditate on it more than once you will hear something by MY RUACH ha KODESH that you did not hear or see before. I am sickened as MY prophetic messages are edited to sound correct according to fleshly education. Who is to say what is proper grammar? Do all apostles and prophets only speak one language? Are they all the same age, race or gender? Are they all from the same nation? NO! I even speak out of the mouth of babes. Stop trying to put "I AM" in a box. Stop trying to say what I will do and what "I AM" won't do. I do what mankind least expects. No man nor woman can really know the mind of "I AM!"

Prophecy 54:
I tell you this, you must give others the opportunity to bless thee. How many do not know that you are in lack? How do you not know that I will not raise them up? There are those that I have used in the past. How would the widow of Zarephath know that Elijah of Old was hungry if I had not sent him to her to tell her. And the widow of Zarephath would not have been blessed. The widow of Zarephath and her son would not have lived. If I did not send MY prophet with a need so she could have the chance to supply it, so I could have a chance to prove that I AM YAHUVEH, the same GOD, yesterday, today and forever. It is not that you go to them and beg. It is a blessing to them to be able to receive the rewards that come to those who help this ministry. It is a curse upon their heads when I send you to them with your petitions and needs and they turn a deaf ear. It's them that one day will fear as they see no one is there in their hour of need. I've put it upon MY Daughter's heart and today you would not hear. But today now I speak it forth. The ones I tell you to tell. Even your sister Olga would have helped. None of them would let you be without a home. I ask you this, MY Children, when YAHUSHUA fed the 5,000, did HE not say, "What is there at hand?" And there was that little fisher boy. Did the disciples not have to go and ask that lad to share his lunch? And did He not use it to multiply to feed the 5,000 even more? So how much left over was left over?  

Prophecy 76:
Oh, MY Beloved Ring Maiden, you cry out to ME and say, "Who am I to release such a message, for I don't feel worthy to have this honor, who will believe this message is Heaven Sent?" But I say unto you MY Beloved, it is not whether you consider yourself worthy of speaking forth this message to the entire Bride. The only thing that matters is I have deemed you worthy and your opinion of yourself or what others say is of no importance, only that you obey and write and speak forth what I tell you to say. DO NOT edit ME in anyway. In the many years that you have served ME, you have felt the sting of the religious demons slander you with words and actions. But this new word will expose the demon of Jezebel in those that consider themselves Holy and yet have no Holiness in them. They will attack you and yet I, YAHUSHUA will protect you for you are MINE.

Elijah of Old had an anointing that killed the prophets of Baal as well as the enemies that pursued him and so to will you. The True Bride of YAHUSHUA will have that same anointing to call forth Fire from Heaven that will consume your enemies. You, the True Bride of YAHUSHUA will also fight against and win the war against the Jezebel demons. The fate of those who try and destroy MY True Prophets and Bride by trying to wear them out with the demonic Spirits of Jezebel and Ahab will suffer the same fate as the prophets of Baal, as well as Elijah of Old's enemies. You, the Bride of YAHUSHUA will do what Elijah of Old did and even more before you leave this earth and after you return from Heaven, you are endued with new powers with your Heavenly orders to be carried out as partly stated in Revelation 14. The rest is secret for now; we don't need to let the enemies know in advance. You, MY Beloved Bride, will sing a song like none other and I shall teach it to you MYSELF.

Prophecy 90:
None of you who condone this and lead people to believe this is not sin, are a true Holy Prophet, for you do not know the secrets reserved only for YAHUVEH's Prophets whom HE calls HIS friends. A True Prophet is one that is entrusted with the secrets of YAHUVEH. Be warned, all who follow after these false earthly gods and support them shall reap the same fate. Repent today before it is too late, if you are supporting any Ministry that is not warning of the danger of the one world religion, speaking out against sin, no matter what the price they have to pay, in this world. The majorities who claim to be Christians are in truth lukewarm and have compromised. The Pastors are a stench in MY nostrils and they chase anyone anointed, who warns them of this, right out the door of the Church.

I can hear the sigh of relief of those who recognize the truth and yet also acknowledge you are glad it was given to her to speak forth and not to you. However, now those who are grateful will have a greater desire to be a helper to this Ministry for you will realize how much more you are needed in all ways. By now you should realize this is no ordinary Ministry and no ordinary Prophet. Elisabeth is not a feel good Prophet, she does not prophesy only words you want to hear, or prophesy out of the flesh, daily words that anyone can write. True Holy Prophets are given secrets reserved for the friends of YAHUVEH, YAHUSHUA, and the one you call the RUACH ha KODESH. How do WE know WE can trust the Holy Prophets, because as it is written, they were already tested in Heaven?

(Jeremiah 1: 4-5 (Yirmeyahu) Now the word of YAHUVEH came to me, saying, "Before I formed you in the belly I knew you, and before you came out of the womb I did set you apart, I appointed you as a prophet to the nations.")  

Prophecy 102:
This Ministry lays everything down, every finance down, sacrifice upon sacrifice in ways you cannot begin to comprehend just to reach one soul in ways that none of you will know. How many of you have helped? How many of you have even given a widow's mite? How many can say they have a part of this Ministry? How many of you even come back to say, "Thank you"? It is no different as I healed ten lepers, only one came back to say, "Thank you." You see when I tell you to support this Ministry so it can continue to do what I've called it to do I don't do it just to be a blessing unto them, I do it because I want to bless you! You who read all this, you who listen, you've not had to sacrifice, you've not had to pay the price, for with every Prophecy spoken through Elisabeth there is a price to pay, for the greater the Anointing the greater the price is paid. True Prophets know what suffering is.

Prophecy 106:
I speak forth MY judgments through this Prophet. (Hosea 6:5) I speak forth MY love and MY guidance through this Prophet. I speak forth MY truths through this Ministry that carries neither the name of a man or a woman but only the Name of the Holy Trinity. I shall always have a mouthpiece. (Amos 3:7) I sent YAHUSHUA to this earth to be MY mouthpiece. The Prophet that is above all Prophets for YAHUSHUA your MASHIACH is the very Spirit of Prophecy.

For those of you who say you want to be a prophet. Are you willing to pay the price? Are you willing to pay the price for the anointing? Are you willing to pay the price to be called MY friend? For I tell MY secrets to the Prophets. Do you really want to know MY secrets? I will only tell MY secrets to the Holy.

Prophecy 107:
And as for anyone who calls these prophecies false. Just know this; you revealed who your true father is. How can you call this Prophet false when every word is preached Holiness and a rebuke to sin? It shows who you really belong too. It shows where you are destined to go too. By your actions I rip the mask off your face so all can see the rotten fruit within you. You use the name Jesus Christ and yet, you don't even know HIM. You boast that you're not a prophet. But what is a true Prophet? It is a friend of YAHUVEH who HE shares HIS secrets too. And you're right, you who call yourself holy and there is no holiness within, to ME you're no friend. You can only deceive a man or a woman. You can not deceive the Creator. You can not deceive the only MASHIACH. The truth be told there is no Holy Spirit within you.