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*** YAH’s prophets ***

IF you have gone lukewarm
put your hand back on the plow

Prophecy 16:
Satan is afraid of your prophetic gifts. But pray and I will speak forth words she will shout from the housetops and internet. Together you will take back MY Prophets that are being led astray, gagged, blinded, deafened, silenced, bound, discouraged and who have quit. I am sending this Prophet to speak forth MY Words and give you encouragement and bring you back to what I called you for. Multitudes will hear MY voice and have confirmation in their Spirits as I speak forth these words. Speak what I have given you. No longer be muzzled. For MY Glory speak up and sound the alarm. Whether they choose to listen or not, I call you back to the office of the Prophet. Unstop your ears, take your blindfolds off and take the gag out of your mouths. Unbind yourselves. Do the same for others. Nurture them as you will be nurtured. Comfort them, encourage them.

There is little time so warn the people.

In this end time the Prophet's mouths cannot be muzzled like a dog. They must be free to speak boldly and what I decree it shall come to pass.

I have anointed this Prophet I am speaking forth from now to call back MY Prophets that have been chased away, convinced they were a false prophet. But this day, who will you believe, man or Almighty GOD YAHUVEH? I have anointed her to bind up your wounds, let her minister unto you MY Love, Comfort and MY Truth. Come back, Oh warriors who I have anointed to speak forth with a loud voice and boldness. Allow this one who I have anointed to be like a mother to the young Prophets and the abused Prophets. I have called Sherrie to nurture, encourage, bind up your wounds, teach, love and war in your behalf as mother lion wars for her cubs in danger. I will put a roar in her mouth, MY roar, and the enemy shall go running in 7 different directions.

Come down off of the wall for no man or woman or devil. Don't fear their faces, don't fear their wrath, FEAR MY WRATH! For If you don't do what I am commanding you to do then you're in rebellion against the GOD you serve.

She has been attacked for as it has been prophesied, 500,000 mouthpieces of MINE shall rise up and all shout together. MY Prophets shall gather together and shout in unison and just like in the days of old it will be for MY Praise, Honor and Glory, a witness I am the same and do not change.

Prophecy 22:
Now satan fears this power for I have given you the anointing to pray. Why aren't you believing what you are praying? Do you think I am deaf? Do you think MY arms are too short to deliver you? Do you think MY Blood, NAME, Word and armor is NOT sufficient? You, MY Darling Beloved, have angered ME for not believing what I have spoken.

All of you get busy and feed MY Sheep and prepare MY Bride. Help her to be without spot of wrinkle by proclaiming that which makes satan shudder with fear.  

Prophecy 43:
This is why MY true apostles and prophets are being lulled into a deep sleep or intimidated or afraid of offending the flesh, this is why I am sending this handmaiden to wake up MY true apostles and prophets and to expose the wolves in sheep's clothing that seek to silence MY apostles and prophets in anyway they can. Making MY apostles and prophets think if they don't belong to a certain group or go to school to prophecy or if they don't speak in proper grammar then they dare not speak and they are not called. I call the educated and the uneducated to speak forth MY words in all languages using all ages.