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*** What to pray for ***

Pray to find out where your ark is.

Prophecy 55:
Tell them, "Get in the Ark." Find out where they're to be. Tell them to seek MY face. If they don't know where they're to be, fast and pray and wail and lament but find out where their Ark is. As long as they are aware of where they are supposed to be, as long as they are underneath the umbrella of MY safety, then they are in their Ark, no matter where they are in the world. But I tell you again MY Children, call forth the Apostles and Prophets to interpret the dream I gave Elisabeth. DEVASTATION IS COMING!

Prophecy 85:
As you see the prices go up on the fuel in America, you will see a fear come upon the people that they have not yet known. For you see, the oil companies say, 'It's you that they own" and they are going to crush you. How do you think your finances are going to be crushed? As you see the prices in everything go up. Only what you have done for YAHUSHUA will stand, this is the only way I, YAHUVEH will multiply your financial blessings. To those who put your faith in something called oil, black liquid gold instead of putting your faith in I, YAHUVEH in MY Son YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH's NAME, you will know fear like you have never known it before. I am speaking to those who call themselves Christians. You should have been praying and asking ME for protection. Instead, you put your faith to protect you in something called Homeland Security instead of believing in GOD YAHUVEH I will trust. Now, oh America, now, oh Canada, now you're only fit for ME to crush.

Prophecy 102:
I warn you now, seek ME, pray where your ark is. Pray when it's no longer safe for you to remain where you are, pray that I raise up a safe house for you, a safe sanctuary. I tell you ahead of time what the enemy plans to do.

It's only a matter of time. It's only a matter of time.